Overview of PG&E/CPUC emails on smart meters

SMARTtower100PG&E deployed over nine million utility “smart meters” on homes and businesses in California. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) supported the multi-billion dollar deployment despite lawsuits and complaints about overcharges, privacy and security risks, fires and explosions, and health problems from the electromagnetic radiation (RF) smart meters emit.

The CPUC is responsible for regulating the utilities to ensure safe and reliable utility service. Instead, they partnered with PG&E and marketing companies on a smart meter propaganda campaign. CPUC President Michael Peevey intentionally delayed the legal process for years so PG&E could complete their deployment, despite knowing smart meters were overcharging and harming customers.

Thousands of emails between PG&E and the CPUC made public this year, illustrate their collusion and corruption. Together they concocted a punitive pay to opt out program, and ignored substantive complaints. The CPUC must address these issues by holding safety hearings, and restoring analog meters without coercive fees.

READ THE REPORT:  http://emfsafetynetwork.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Overview-of-PGECPUC-emails-on-smart-meters.pdf

CPUC President doesn’t want to answer your g*dd*mn questions, now shut up!

President Michael R. PeeveyThe California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is responsible for protecting utility customers and ensuring safe and reliable utility service.

Michael Peevey, the President of the CPUC,  has been in charge of the decisions regarding smart meters.  He approved wireless smart meters without any safety review.  He approved smart meter opt-out fees without any legal review.

Peevey cussed out an attorney who’s asking questions at a public hearing.

Do you have questions about utility smart meters?  President Peevey can be reached at mp1@cpuc.ca.gov  He doesn’t want to hear from you!

Last Words

Bizarro-07-28-13-WEBLast Words, Sunday’s Bizarro by Dan Piraro is a hilarious cartoon on how our culture is so obsessed with cell phones.  He writes, “I have not one shred of doubt that this scene, or something quite like it, is playing out all over the world at this very moment.”