CPUC President Peevey “There really are people who feel pain related to EMF”

In April 2010 the EMF Safety Network filed a CPUC application on smart meters. We asked for a moratorium, an independent technical review, evidentiary hearings on health and safety, and the right to opt out.

In December 2010 CPUC President Michael Peevey approved PG&E’s motion to dismiss our application.  He stated “I believe that relying on the FCC in this case is reasonable, prudent and fully consistent with our responsibilities to provide safe and reliable electric service to ratepayers.” He concluded his statements by stating, “You should take these concerns to the FCC, it’s the proper body.”

Nearly five years later 65,000 emails between PG&E and the CPUC have been publicly released. Emails reveal the collusion between CPUC and PG&E. They discussed the smart meter problems privately, violating their own rules of procedure.

In September 2010 Peevey emailed PG&E’s Brian Cherry on smart meters.  He did not say he thought we should take the issue to the FCC.

Peevey believed people were suffering from smart meters.  He believed PG&E should do something about it. However, instead of regulating the utility to ensure public safety,  he deferred his lawful responsibility to PG&E.


CPUC President Michael Peevey, “There really are people who feel pain, etc., related to EMF”

Michael Peevey wrote, “One thought for the company: If it were my decision I would let anyone who wants to keep their old meter keep it, if they claim they suffer from EMF and/or related electronic-related illnesses and they can produce a doctor’s letter saying so (or expressing concern about the likelihood of suffering same). I would institute such a policy quietly and solely on an individual basis. There really are people who feel pain, etc., related to EMF,etc., and rather than have them becoming hysterical, etc., I would quietly leave them alone. Kick it around. And, it sounds like the company may already have taken this step, based on a couple of the comments at yesterday’s public hearing.

He writes, “If it were my decision”.  As the Commissioner assigned to the proceeding- it was HIS decision. Yet, Peevey defers his lawful duty to PG&E.  And he delayed on this case for years.

Peevey wanted PG&E to keep it quiet- didn’t want other customers, or the rest of the world to know there’s a problem with smart meters causing customers pain, etc.

You can find this email/quote here: ftp://ftp2.cpuc.ca.gov/PG&E20150130ResponseToA1312012Ruling/2010/09/SB_GT&S_0000529.pdf

Stay tuned for more EMAIL exposé! Yet to come: emails showing CPUC and PGE discussing alternatives to smart meters, including a phone line option. Email showing the CPUC stopped PG&E from giving small businesses an analog meter option, AND MORE!

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UCSD doctor launches new survey for EMF injured

Dr. Beatrice Golomb

Dr. Beatrice Golomb, of UC San Diego is conducting a study of people injured by EMF’s. The survey is well written, and asks appropriate questions.

If you have been injured by EMF’s, please take the survey and pass it along to others.

The following link provides access to the survey:

View Dr. Golomb’s Curriculum Vitae: http://cnl.salk.edu/~bgolomb/

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Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe- EMR, Health and Children

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Making technology safer in schools- Petition to sign


Will you sign this petition? Click here:


My comments on the above petition:
Wireless computers and routers at school transmit microwave and radar frequencies (EMR).  Studies show EMR disrupts cellular communication, damages immune and nervous systems, desynchonises brain and heart rhythms, and causes headaches, sleep problems, tinnitus, anxiety and other health effects. The WHO IARC classifies EMR as a 2B carcinogen, in the same category as DDT and lead.

Children are more vulnerable to EMR because their skulls are thinner and bodies are still growing.  Health authorities are calling for reduced screen time, for elementary and junior high ages: less than one hour a day. For high school age,  less than two hours a day.

Using technology responsibly would require schools to:
1) Remove wireless routers, and wireless phone systems from schools.
2) Use only hardwired computers with wireless turned off, and wired phones.
3) Screen time should be limited to one hour a day.
4) Homework on the computer must be optional.
5) Failing the above steps, schools should, at the very least: a) notify parents they are using EMR, b) measure exposure levels in the school and make the info public; and c) provide a map as to the locations of all routers and wireless infrastructure; and d) Teachers notify parents of children’s screen time.

Sandi Maurer, EMF Safety Network

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Toxic smart meters hurt people

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Supreme Court ruling on cell towers and local rights

In February of 2010 T-mobile wanted to erect a 108 ft cell tower in the City of Roswell Georgia.  The City held a meeting, and voted to deny the application. They sent T mobile the denial, and later sent the reasons for denial  in the form of minutes of that meeting.  T-Mobile sued claiming they were not given substantial reasons for denial. On January 14, 2015, The Supreme Court agreed with T-mobile that adequate written response must be given.

In the video below Georgia State University constitutional law professor Eric Segall states this case is important.”The question is: Did Congress and can Congress as a matter of federal law require local towns and cities to give reasons for its denial of these kinds of permits? That raises the question of federalism, which is the appropriate relationship between the state and federal governments. We all have a stake in what that relationship is.”

“There’s a real significant question at the bottom of this case, which is both should and can Congress dictate to local towns and cities how they go about their business?” Georgia State University constitutional law professor Eric Segall

In his dissenting opinion, Chief Justice Roberts remarks that
“cell service providers are not Mom and Pop operations,” “a
telecommunications company is no babe in the legal woods,” and “[T-Mobile
is] a sophisticated, well-lawyered company” (Roberts thinks the Court went
too far in requiring a local government to issue the reasons for its
written denial of a cell tower contemporaneously with that written

Justice Alito writes in a concurring opinion that “Nothing we say today
should be read to suggest that when a locality has erred, the inevitable
remedy is that a tower must be built.”

Is it reaching too far to infer that the Supreme Court Justices might not
look too kindly on a cell tower being place in their own back yards?

Watch the video and find the link to the Supreme Court Decision http://www.11alive.com/story/news/nation-now/2014/11/18/roswellcourt/19258259/

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