“What are EMFs?” brochures

“What are EMFs?” is an overview of EMF problems, science, solutions. These tri-fold brochures are a good primer to hand out to help others understand basic EMF problems and solutions.

*Please note this flyer contact info is being updated. 

You can print them, or have them printed. EMF_trifold_10-6-19_hi-res_PRINT

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  1. My dog was killed via 5g and so were other dogs in the neighborhood all died around the same time suddenly ill. Even housholds that had 2 dogs, BOTH had to be hospitalized due to mysterious sudden illnesses. People in building died suddenly and seemingly healthy males hospitalized for strokes, etc. There was 5g full deployment in the neighborhood and I have never felt worse in my life.

  2. Dear EMF Safety Network,

    I am grateful to have your EMF educational materials to help educate my family, colleagues, and clients. Your tri-fold brochure is the one I use the most. It has a lot of important information for people who are not aware of the different sources and symptoms of EMFs.

    I know first hand how dangerous these EMFs are. I was damaged by working in an office across the street from a building with a cell antenna mounted on its roof-line. I was fortunate to find out what was causing all my symptoms, so I could protect myself and heal over time.

    Thank you!

  3. Thank you for your website and your great idea to support information by offering flyers. I am concerned that teachers like Mr. Gridley are telling students to refer only to the American Cancer Society for info and to ignore info like this. I do think he instructs his students to think critically, by doing the math. That’s awesome! It would be great if you and Mr. Gridley could have a meeting over the phone to show him the scientific data and he can help explain his thoughts and calculations. I can tell Mr. Gridley loves teaching and his students, so we all have something in common – LOVE. and we care :). That is really heartwarming. I would love to see Mr. Gridley and you connect to determine the disconnects, because teachers are key in helping us educate and prevent harm. You are all amazing and thank you.

  4. Today, electromagnetic waves are omnipresent in the home. We truly need to be protecting ourselves from these waves as their long-term effects have yet to be studied. Self-protection requires learning how to protect oneself from electromagnetic waves, whatever their source. Many materials exist to get rid and/or block electromagnetic waves. Such materials allow individuals to achieve a healthy way of living free from electromagnetic waves. Most of the time, these products have been already tested by hospitals. The military also needs “faraday cages” type anti-wave shelters for their activity. More generally, all personnel exposed to these intense electromagnetic fields should be using EMF protection during their activities. http://emfprotectionusa.com/

  5. This is a big thank you to all of the people posting on here about the hazards of this new 5G Network. I am a former US Navy electronics technician with an associate’s degree in electronic engineering technology, and I have been researching about it and about the covid 19 scam they are using as cover for their technicians to install this equipment all over the planet… These insanely wealthy Network providers have essentially purchased new laws allowing them free rein to put their death towers and waveguide transmission antennas wherever they want. As others have said, people need to WAKE UP AND PAY ATTENTION. They now have the power to kill whoever they want with this technology and if we don’t drive the government nuts with our protests we will not be able to take it away from them…

  6. It is sad to read some of the comments here from disbelievers and naysayers. They have not read any scientific studies, published government publications or apparently done their homework because IF they did, they would come to the same conclusions as most everyone here. I am in the medical field and the Doctors I am affiliated with teach on this subject. Our patients suffer many injuries that have a direct correlation to EMF. Wake up people.

  7. Ionization or not, radiation is dangerous Steve and teacher! The vibrations from the waves can effect us lethally we are 70% water , lets just say this corporation isn’t lying to us and the percentages are accurate even though they used their own employees to provide these facts. One tower in each block will have a detrimental effect on us all! Now the energy that Tesla discovered was safe, he refused to expose his discovery because the government wanted to use it for war which would kill people, Tesla’s whole purpose for this work was to help people make life better for all, he wanted to give it to the world for free. We know the government can’t make money from nature. Of course after Mr. Tesla died they got their hands on his inventions! It has taken them this long to figure out how to make it ,put it together . I have a very strong feeling they can not completely understand nor explain how Tesla’s Inventions work much less have the complete understanding of the negative effects of such at certain levels, pulses, waves etc. I say this because these towers are not safe a man who has worked directly with these towers and these corporations has expressed this himself! These towers are for other purposes in the future, how to control the masses possibly? Watch the video 5g death towers ,whistle blower blows lid off 5g death towers, you tube. Also listen to the loved ones of people who have become ill with brain tumors, under what circumstances and what they believe is the cause of their loved ones death! Wake up America! Greed and corruption is what its about they dont care about us!!! If this guy and teacher feel so confident and these death tower creators put the towers up around your house in your front yard since they are harmless? Just my opinion, I have done much research from my understanding its all bad!!! There will be no significant speed with internet is what I found you will basically be paying to kill yourselves and your loved ones is what one investigator commented. I mean no disrespect to anyone, only out of concern and Love for my all, I am expressing these things. I have not made these things up from my own reasoning, search and you will find! There is both Pro and Con. Think logically, anyone directly involved with the benefits to these towers are more than likely to find favor for the product! Those who have documentation ,test research against the product with nothing to gain or lose ,with only trying to do the right thing , what America is really about. You decide. whatever the benefit to the people ,does it outweigh the risk ? why take a chance? We know what these owners of these towers will gain! They dont give a dam about us! Tesla could have sold his invention and became rich, instead his concern for the people was what he chose. He died broke! They waited til his death and stole his plans from Tesla’s family. Research, it all ties together!

  8. my last reply got censored but the point was that the teacher is right and you are all wrong.

  9. Everyone –especially people who have, or are working with, young children: Please see the many links provided below on 5G and EMF exposure on human stress and health.
    John Gridley: Yes, please do your research before telling people to ignore this website. YOU ARE NOT A DOCTOR NOR A SCIENTIST. The health effects are well documented and very serious, although obscured by Big-Tech’s money interests. Try the World Health Organization’s website, or looking up the moratorium on 5G that is called for by a minimum of 261 specialized scientists and researchers. Or read any of the below-posted peer-reviewed independent scientific research articles on possible damage to EMF exposure. Have you heard of 5G yet? It is a whole different ballgame, buddy. Thankfully, my teachers do research before trying to teach their students, and others, outdated and incomplete information that can potentially harm them. Furthermore, Scientific American has just posted an article on the serious health risks of 5G wireless. Please see that article below. A moratorium has been called for by scientists who specialize in that field and other scientists as well, 261 of them to date.
    Here are some other older references as well. Please keep in mind that much scientific research suggests in the end that more research is necessary to fully understand the health risks to humans, ecosystems, and especially to children.














    Children are exceptionally vulnerable. Please do research and help save us from this monstrous human experiment.
    This is a personal post and is not affiliated with any agency or organization.

  10. It is possible to protect your home from 5G. You have to turn your home into a Faraday cage.

  11. John Gridley, first of all more cancer is beneficial to the American Cancer Society. Sick people pay money for treatments that do not cure them. The ACS has been around for decades and has yet to cure one case of cancer. They aren’t trying to, it’s too profitable.
    Second, you are a teacher, not a scientist or a doctor, many of whom have voiced their opposition to 5G and have backed it up with studies that prove the damage microwave technology can do. Additionally, schools in quite a few nations-notably not ours-are removing all wifi and replacing it with fiber optics which do not emit these deadly waves. What about yours? Does your school care that wifi is damaging the brains of its students?
    Third, why is the FCC imposing this on the people of this country with legislation that prohibits the states, counties, cities and people of this nation from rejecting this unsafe technology and filing law suits against those that do? When did the FCC acquire this much power? They are seriously overstepping their authority and we are supposed to just shut up and take it? Other nations are opposing this genocide and have the support of their governments in doing so. Why are our rights being trampled just to promote “the internet of things”? What about the lives of the people who use the internet of things? What is more important here?

  12. “They” do not want or care if you survive. Low-income people are considered useless eaters to expensive to keep. But God, one of my favorite expressions, but God does love you and thinks that you are the best ever James. Ps118. YOU will live and not die. Yes, there is science to prove cell phone type waves are dangerous & can and do cause cancer. Thank you for this site.

  13. I am a teacher and we instruct our students to ignore pages like this. This is “pseudo-science.” Consult the American Cancer Society page on cell phones & wireless technology. The waves that are being used are 100,000 less energetic than the color violet…I can show you the math behind this as well using 2 equations I teach my students. The equations are c=wavelength * frequency & E = Plank’s constant * frequency to determine the energy of the waves. Cell phone towers and waves are NON-Ionizing. Ionizing waves you should not overexpose yourself to, but these cell phone waves are non-ionizing. Please ignore this web-site.

  14. I live in downtown Indianapolis in a section 8 apartment building. I noticed about a month ago, funny looking electronic equipment I was unfamiliar with on telephone poles. There is one on each street on either side of the building. I took a long walk around downtown, and could only find one other building with this equipment near it. Guess what? They are right next to another low income housing building! So I’m guessing they are going to use us poor people as guinea pigs, before subjecting expensive apartment buildings, and their trust fund baby residents to it. I’m really pissed off because I have heart disease and I’m afraid I won’t survive this.

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  16. Yes, if someone was to print it the second page needs to be reversed. I posted it this way (2nd page reversed) last time and people commented that they couldn’t read it upside-down!

  17. hi
    In regard to the What are EMFs brochure, helpful if the 2nd page is reversed, as it is the 2nd page appears upside down so cannot be used as a tri fold brochure.
    Any chance of correcting that? saves the confusion of printing pg 1 then manually doing pg2. Thanks.

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