The EMF Safety Network has changed since the 2019-2021 pandemic shut down many of our activities. However this website will be maintained and updated. If you appreciate the information and want to help keep the website online please donate.  Paypal has a credit card option. Click on the Donate button. (Online donations are not tax deductible)

Here is a comment by a supporter:

I am so grateful for your hard work and organization. I have never participated in a government issue before, and you made it so easy to write and send my postcards, call my state legislators, and have talking points for conversations with neighbors. I could not have figured out how to express my voice without your support and guidance. Thank you!

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Thank you for all your support over the past 12 years!

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    30 years ago I bought an EMF Meter to study the the definite and consistent neurological effects (fried spinal nerves) and Power Frequency EMF. My sons’ Neurologist directed me to Tyler, who’s fried spinal nerves (Arthrogryposis) were similar to my sons. I suspected the transmission lines behind our house were the cause of my son’s problems. Notably, the ducks hatched next door had similar fried nerves/joint contractions. The transmission lines were reenergized twice a day as the current flow was reversed, generating a very strong heart stopping EMF pulse. Tyler’s mother worked operated an older X-Ray machine the generated a similar very strong EMF pulse every time it was used. Tyler’s mother found new employment and was delighted to introduce her new and healthy son.
    PRUDENT AVOIDANCE can save lives.

  2. First of all I am very sorry that I can’t donate to this safety network, as my financial condition is poor.
    I am from India and I you appreciate for the establishment of a wonderful group for preserving environment.
    I will donate soon to this eco-friendly organization.
    Thank you for your efforts on
    saving all lives on earth!
    Thank u all

  3. I just donated $50 and Thank you for your information.
    We are very fortunate to have the benefit of your valuable information.
    Thank you for sharing and your dedication to the protection of humanity.

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