Activist Support

This page has been written for people who want to do something about the electrical pollution, for example when a community is facing a new cell tower or wi-fi proposal.  For specific info on opposing 5G: For info on opposing smart utility meters go here:

Engage the community

Educate. Talk to people. Use a brochure or make and handout flyers. When people don’t know about an issue a flyer is the best tool for educating.

Start an email contact list and keep people informed. If needed, consider using a social media platform like Constant Contact.

Start a petition, collect signatures on paper and circulate the petition online. I recommend because it allows you to email signers and keep them informed.  Starting a petition in a school setting might not be advised however.

Write a letter to the editor and include the link to the online petition. Also post to local online bulletin boards or discussion lists.

Educate doctors and others in the health care field. Share this with them so they can learn about and better understand EHS: EMF Health Effects 2019 Survey.

Consider a protest or demonstration. Ashby McGowan from Scotland shares her thoughts about the importance of protests. Taking Action Against Mobile Phone Transmitters

Even two people can make a big difference and as you put the word out more people will join.

Start your own blog- I recommend using wordpress. Twitter and Facebook can be good tools to educate.  It does not have to take a lot of time.

Tips for educating a council or board

  •  Sign up ten people to speak at the council or board meeting when topic is on meeting agenda, including doctors. (Asking by phone call is more effective than email.)
  •  Create your main talking points, and document every claim you make. Back it up with peer reviewed published science.
  • Send via email, give them hard copies and speak about it.
  •  They need to feel good about their choice- help them to feel good about it!
  •  Meet individually with council or board members.
  •  Be respectful, focus on education.
  • For a general overview of planning issues read: ElectroSmog-What Price Convenience?

Suggested documents for opposing a cell tower or antennae

Suggested documents for opposing/educating about wi-fi

updated 9/22//2021