Santa Clara County MD warns: Internet and Wi-Fi in schools can affect learning

Cindy Lee Russell, M.D., Vice President of Community Health, Santa Clara County Medical Association wrote an article warning about the health risks of technology in schools:  Shallow Minds: How the Internet and Wi–Fi in Schools Can Affect Learning

Dr. Russell writes: “There are a host of concerns with classroom technology, and the virtual world it creates, that have not been explored in the rush to “modernize” education and prevent our kids from becoming “computer illiterate,” despite the fact that computers are designed for ease of use.  These issues range from distraction in the classroom, impairment of cognitive development and long-term memory, deficiency in learning social skills, Internet addiction, cyber bullying, access to inappropriate content, eye fatigue,and security risks to online learning networks. In addition, the sheer cost of computers and continuous upgrades is likely to break many school budgets. We have not mentioned the issue of toxic e-waste, another growing public health problem.”

“We will not get rid of the Internet or computers. We should not ignore, however, the enlarging body of science that points to real threats to public health and, especially, our children’s safety and well-being. The best approach is precautionary. Reduce the risk by reducing the microwave emissions. It is our obligation as physicians and parents to protect our children. They are the future and our legacy.”

Dr. Russell recommends:

  1. Remove wireless devices (white boards and routers) in schools in favor of wired connections and fiberoptic.
  2. If there is Wi-Fi, then give teachers the authority to turn it off when not in use or if they feel it is not necessary.
  3. Ban cell towers near or on schools.
  4. Limit screen time on computers.
  5. Limit or ban cell phone use in the class
  6. Limit or ban cell phone use at home
  7. Do not allow laptops to be placed on laps
  8. Undertake independent scientific studies on Wi-Fi and computer use that look at acute and long-term health effects.
  9. Train teachers how to recognize symptoms of EMF reactions.
  10. Conduct meetings with parents and teachers to address this issue in each school.

Dr. Russel cites the science, international actions, and provides a reference list. This is an excellent paper to give to school principals and administrators.

One thought on “Santa Clara County MD warns: Internet and Wi-Fi in schools can affect learning”

  1. How many scientists, experts, medical professionals, government agencies, activists, researchers, teachers, etc. will have to testify to this deconstruction and destruction of our kids and future generations before people do something about this. school boards are sociopathic and care only that they are keeping up with other schools and making the telecoms rich in spite of the fact that there is not one study that confirms that this technology benefits anybody but the companies that create the hardware and soft ware. it should be obvious that this is entirely corporate driven and that we will become totally dependent on curriculum that is created to require the hardware. we are enslaved by this genocidal technology and perhaps we are getting what we deserve. Make no mistake, this is all by design and there is more of an agenda that meets the eye. Depopulation via sterilization of kids with lap tops and ipads is too obvious. They know of the capabilities that this technology has with regards to the biological effects. They know our kids are becoming stupified and “digitally dumbed down” as there are now many studies that decry the stunting of brain development. They no longer teach cursive writing in schools. That is direct hand, eye brain development. Why do they want our kids dumb??? It’s all about control, surveillance and marketing as well as population control. Homogenous creation of a mass culture that has lost basic skills and needs a cell phone to complete them.

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