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Sandi Maurer, B.A. EMF Safety Network Director, website administrator. California Public Utilities Commission intervenor.   emfsafe@sonic.net


Cindy Sage, MA:  Science and Public Policy Advisor: Owner Sage Associates, Co-Editor Bioinitiative Report


Jeffry Fawcett PhD: Public Policy Advisor: co-producer of “Your Own Health and Fitness” radio show, author and environmental economist http://www.yourownhealthandfitness.org/

Michael Neuert MA. BSME: Technical Advisor, Electromagnetic and Environmental Electrician  http://www.emfcenter.com

Kate Bernier: Alameda County Representative  healthyberkeley@yahoo.com

Doyon.Photo.2011Paul Doyon (M.A.T., M.A.) Lake County Representative, Founder and list owner: EMF Refugee Yahoo Group, and The Microwave Factor Ccontact:emfrefugee@gmail.com

Joseph D. Henry MPH, University of Alabama at Birmingham, biologist,  joe.henry@rocketmail.com


Michele HertzMichele Hertz, State of New York representative,  Stop Smart Meters NY mhertz@emfsafetynetwork.org


Kiku Lani Iwata, M.A, Journalism, co-founder of Burbank ACTION, resident group advocating for a healthier world. Blog: burbankaction.wordpress.com  KIwata@emfsafetynetwork.org

Marti Kheel, Phd, author: Nature Ethics: An Ecofeminist Perspective.  Marti died of leukemia in November 2011. Her work with our movement is deeply appreciated and she will be remembered as a woman of great integrity, courage and compassion.  http://martikheel.com/

Greg Krouse, BA Biology UCSD, MS, Zoololgy Ohio State, Molecular and Neurobiology background.  Mendocino County representative, Toxic Trespass Radio Show, KZYX.org Director of Refuse Smart Meters Mendocino, email: refusesmartmetersmendo@saber.net

Terry Siemens, J.D., M.B.A. representing Coachella Valley including Riverside and Imperial Counties, Coachella Valley Residents Opposed to Smart Meters

Vicki Sievers, BA, MA in Education Marin Outreach Coordinator, retired public school educator.  vmarin@emfsafetynetwork.org


Judy Vick, M.S., L.M.F.T. San Luis Obispo County  Representative  venturemind@hotmail.com


Melissa Weaver, B.S.,  EMF Safety Network founding member, environmental health educator and consultant: melissa@emfsafetynetwork.org


Speakers-WindheimEric Windheim BA Geography UCSB: Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS); representing Sacramento, SMUD area Sacramento Smart Meter Awareness   Windheim EMF Solutions

EMF Safety Network

PO BOX 1016

Sebastopol, California USA, 95473


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  1. My name is Demeeko Williams and i am the Chief Director of the Detroit Water Brigade. We are a volunteer led organization that provides water and emergency services to residents in the city of Detroit that have their water shutoff. we also advocate with people dealing with high water bills.

    i was referred to your website by reaching out to this organization.we are dealing with an SOS situation here in the city of Detroit with our local water department using a new campaign to install smartmeters
    we need help very quickly as this is urgent.

    it has always been said “water is used as the 1st tatic of war” and war has been waged on detroit residents through abuse and neglect of our public water system by the detroit water and sewerage department. increased water rates and infastructure concerns have plagued our city into a financial mess of destruction that now residents have to fork up by paying the sins of the big corporations having the most chunk of delinquent debt.
    now they are using tatics of intimidation, fear and even threats of water shutoffs if residents dont get the new
    smartmeters installed. we have recieved calls from residents receiving letters from the water department
    and unexpected visits to their homes forcing them to
    install the smartmeters and pay for the extra charges
    associated with installation.

    i am reaching out to you because we need resources, advice and strategy here on how to fight back for our city against smartmeters and installation of them. i also need information about how to fight back and pledge support from this organization. it would totally be an honor cause detroit has suffered enough abuse and prolonged insult to injury.

    The Detroit Water Brigade was formed in June of last year to provide water, accessories and other supplies to residents faced with a water shutoff. we also are #1 trusted grassroots organization among detroit citizens. we been to dublin ireland as of last december to warn them about privatization and helped them fight back against their water charges.

    i would be interested in speaking with you more details about my inquiry to reach out and work with you if possible. please give me a call 313 915-7089 id be looking forward to hearing back from you. thank you very much for reading my email

    Demeeko Williams
    Chief Director
    Detroit Water Brigade

  2. My name is Gloria, I’m emailing you for my friend, Carolyn Bonner. Carolyn has been severely damaged from emf exposures and is in desperate need of safe housing.

    Another friend of ours told us about your site and thought maybe you could give Carolyn some suggestions on locating a place to live to recover.

    Do you have any leads and/or suggestions?

    Thank you,
    Gloria/for Carolyn

  3. Can I have Your Company’s email and phone contacts?
    I have so much to discuss with You Please.
    Gleann Odeh.

  4. I called the electric company to opt out of the smart meter program. I was told no matter what even if i do their replacing my analog meter, but instead put a non transmitting meter instead of a transmitting meter. I was told if i secure my meter with a cage or stop it in any way, that i am comitting a felony for tampering with dte property and that they can cut my power. I have the agents name and #, and i need to know if this is correct. Could someone please contact me at jeffmoldowan@gmail.com thank you

  5. Who is responsible to look at the power signature of the power company and assure they are providing safe 60 hz 220v power to a dwelling before installing a solar system?

    If the power provider is out of safety tolerance and then new solar installs the lack safety factors are increased dramatically.

    Who do we talk to about getting safety first as these systems are installed?

    Solar systems amplify the wifi smart meter exponential.

  6. Question about corded/cordless combo phones
    If the cordless is not used, are there EMF’s from the corded ?

  7. Utilities have done this and are still doing this. Is it legal? You’ll need to ask a lawyer, or contact your state’s public advocate.

  8. I live in Santa Rosa, CA. We have a Smart Meter which has caused us great health problems. I’m in the midst of deciding whether to go down the route of calling PGE and having them put in an analog meter or the route with the documents and doing it myself. Can you tell me if PG&E actually have a pure analog meter or will they simply put in another hybrid smart meter? If I go the route of sending the legal letters and doing it myself, how long is “reasonable” before I put in a new analog meter? thanks so much. 214.418.6860 cell number

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