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EMF Safety Network is a diverse collective of EMF aware, injured, and people with radiation sickness. These are people who care deeply about health and wellness, nature and the need to reduce EMF’s. We have served at the local, state, and national levels and have an international audience.

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Sidnee Cox is the director of the EMF Safety Network! Sidnee is upbeat and passionate about continuing the outreach for EMF safety. She can be reached at sidnee@sonic.net


Cindy Sage, MA:  Science and Public Policy Advisor: Co-Editor Bioinitiative Report


Jeffry Fawcett PhD: Public Policy Advisor: co-producer of “Your Own Health and Fitness” radio show, author and environmental economist http://www.yourownhealthandfitness.org/


Michael Neuert MA. BSME: Technical Advisor, Electromagnetic and Environmental Electrician  http://www.emfcenter.com


Joseph D. Henry MPH, University of Alabama at Birmingham, biologist.


Michele HertzMichele Hertz, State of New York representative,  Stop Smart Meters NY mhertz@emfsafetynetwork.org


Kiku Lani Iwata, M.A, Journalism, co-founder of Burbank ACTION, resident group advocating for a healthier world. Blog: burbankaction.wordpress.com  KIwata@emfsafetynetwork.org


Greg Krouse, BA Biology UCSD, MS, Zoololgy Ohio State, Molecular and Neurobiology background.  Mendocino County representative, Toxic Trespass Radio Show, KZYX.org Director of Refuse Smart Meters Mendocino

Vicki Sievers, BA, MA in Education EMF Safety Network Marin, Outreach Coordinator, retired public school educator.  vmarin@emfsafetynetwork.org


Judy Vick, M.S., L.M.F.T. San Luis Obispo County  Representative  venturemind@hotmail.com


Sandi Maurer, B.A. Founding Director of the EMF Safety Network. California Public Utilities Commission intervenor. Founder of the EMF Safety Coalition.


Speakers-WindheimEric Windheim BA Geography UCSB: Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS); representing Sacramento, SMUD area, founder of Sacramento Smart Meter Awareness and  Windheim EMF Solutions

This website is dedicated to the all the wonderful activists who worked closely with EMF Safety Network to protect people, children, nature, including those who have passed away: Marti Kheel, Wes Vaught, Deanne Thompson, Jolie Andritzakisand Deborah Wiseman. May they rest in peace.

Marti Kheel, Phd, author: Nature Ethics: An Ecofeminist Perspective.  Marti died of leukemia in November 2011. Her work with our movement is deeply appreciated and she will be remembered as a woman of great integrity, courage and compassion.  http://martikheel.com/

updated 12/28/2022

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  1. Hi

    is anyone aware of a portal/community forum where people can be connected to housing or community where EMF are low?

    We have a homestead that is without wifi and only corded. we have a space opening and want to call in renters that care about it, since its a rare and precious find to this of us that care about it.

    I wonder if there is a place I can post it that will reach the sensitive people that will value this?

  2. I have a top floor studio apartment located in Oakland, CA to rent for EMF Sensitive People.

    You can stay for as little as 3 months or as long as you want. It is 240 square feet, and it’s inside the top floor flat of my sunny, remodeled 2-story building in North Oakland (near Rockridge and the Berkeley border).

    Here is a link to a video walk-through of the apartment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydYEkydL3Cg

    You can reach out to us at fivestarrentals05@gmail.com

  3. I have a case in Port Charlotte, Florida, Encore RV Park Equity lifestyles of Chicago, Sam Zell, a publicly held company.
    It concerns the use of emp/EMF as a weapon to cause health damage.
    This attack is constant and reached a crescendo May 23rd, 2020. I was called by a patient (mother & daughter are disabled) who I advocate for.
    I met with a federal agent who insisted saying to get medical attention advising physician to corroborate symptoms of radiation poisoning. Using a phone app., I was able to see a large EMF SPIKE outside patients dwelling. This was in comparison to emf once leaving residence. The patient complained of what “5g free of California” listed as symptoms designated “Electromagnetic Sensitivity is a diagnosis approved under the Americans with Disabilities Act and is a term recognized by US Federal law.”
    She needs immediate help and I need physician as well & attorney assistance.

  4. Happy to have found this source of information. These trying times have led me here seeking truth. Any knowledge I obtain here will be shared to the best of my ability with as many non-likeminded, good people as possible. It is my life’s mission to empower good people to unite. I am a NY Bankruptcy Lawyer by trade, a certified yogini and a wife but my most important roles are Chief Empowerment Officer (of my tribe) and Grand Mother. I will pay the price to make sure we survive and THRIVE! I am looking forward to hearing from EMF in the future. Meantime, stay blessed and healthy.

  5. Per the article I just read on your website re: the NCUC’s decision, the only documentation I need to provide is a notarized statement from my Dr, as stated by NCUC. I have provided that to DEC. DEC received my Drs. notarized statement. I have now received copies of my Drs statement, which DEC received, plus specific DEC forms, which my Dr would have to complete, AGAIN! Is my Drs notarized statement, on the medical clinic letterhead not proof enough? I am disabled. Please advise and thank you in advance for your response.

  6. Health and medical freedom should be recognized part of the us and state constitutions.

    Increased health risks without a knowing and intelligent waiver should be forbidden.
    In my work our insurance company prepares a document listing risks and having people give permission for treatment. ( lasers 532nm and above for targeting tattoo inks in the skin to fade or remove tattoos)

    We should have a choice in the risks we are exposed to. If someone dies not want x-ray risks at airport security they can choose to drive or ask fir manual exam.

    After reading both sides of the following i believe the system does not want people to know about the increased health risks of
    Fluoride, cell phones, emf, wireless, emf, so called smart water and electric meters, wireless devices, dental and medical tests ( risk must be balanced with need) and more.

    I wish there were independent non profit oriented places that accurately examine the claims and effectiveness of products designed to reduce or eliminate some of the risk of harm of the above. ( water filters excluded).

    The emerging science of epigenetics ( how a persons nutritional/health choices may effect their future offspring) or makes this more relevant and important to some of the harms you are exposing.

    Im not a nut, just educated. The more i learn about health effects of the common dangers – the more sense it makes to choose wiser. Information is needed to make the best decision.

    I believe, quackwatch is phony and set up to destroy deligitimacize doctors and others who challenge the status quo of drug based medicine- to a large degree.
    There are quacks and unethical people of all kinds Much of my knowledge came from intelligent doctors who were not happy with the results of their medical school training and they went on to study science nutrition and more to find better ways of helping people. Some wrote of how their honest attempts were failures and caused one or a few people to die. (Ie. Linus Pauling how large amounts of vitamin C suddenly killed so many cancer cells that the persons body could not get rid of the dead cancer cells fast enough – and advocated a more gradual approach to avoid the problem. Read his books before attempting.

    Whether is is the chernobile csuser red forest or Fukishama we Americans deserve the honest truth from our government and I include the media’s responsibility to inform the public if both sides of any health issue.

    A smart person dies not want to wait 30- 60 years before x y or z id proven harmful. Educate yourself and think for yourself.

    Some years ago i helped a very old very sick person to reverse his heart disease diabetes and most of his osteoarthritis pain by optimizing his nutrition in a very intensive program with the assistance of 2 integrative MD’s. One alopathic MD said if what i stated is true it should be published in the medical journals and millions of heart patients can benefit. – he was not trained inintegrative or naturopathic medicine and did not know the information is out there.

    My favorite saying is “ if you want to have better health than the average American ask yourself “ what am i going to do differently.

  7. Hi. Your work on this subject so appreciated and vital. I would like to get permission from the artist “Shelly ” who created the 5g concern poster to be able to reprint and supply without limit to health food shops throughout the UK. Is this possible? Can you provide that or can you put me in contact with the artist?

  8. Is there a liability letter to utility companies for power line radiating magnetic fields in our neighborhood?

    I got deathly Ill with leukemia markers off with my blood and with very high inflammation. Continuously in hospital until I stayed away from my home by going to family and once returned to my home it started up all over again.
    Left again and immune has practically fully restored.
    Neighbors are also very sick and lost my next door neighbor that died.

    I have a meter and have measured and they did an EMF survey twice with no action taken.

    Any examples or templates available?

    Lost my health and income and three years and numerous calls to electric company and would not reconfigure the lines to address and keep making excuses that they don’t see order with delays.

    The last phone call I was so upset and told them I was going to televise on news…

    I would appreciate any help!

  9. trying to locate lucinda grant, previously of prescott arizona..im ehs from colorado/utah we had emailed years before but apparently contacts are now not working..could you forward this request for her or return her email…
    gary duncan
    smart shelter network (ehs/mcs 25 years non profit/pubs)


  10. Hi there. Thank you for putting all this info out there. I am motivated to bring awareness of 5G to my community here in Asheville, NC. I was wondering how to get Shelly Master’s artwork in a higher resolution file. I tried to find the website emfsafe at sonic .net but should not. Can you further direct me?

  11. We have a smart meter at our home we did not give permission to have one put here they put it here about 5 years ago and ever since it’s been here we have had all kind of health problems anxiety depression panic attack ringing in the ears headaches heart palpitations irregular heartbeat heart out of rhythm as in and out of the hospital my wife just had to have a peacemaker put in her heart because of is smart meter if anybody can help us get on analog meter back please let me know we are through EMEPA. Meridian Mississippi please let me know if somebody can help us get our analog meter put back in thank you very much

  12. Hello, I am searching for Hoosiers concerned with the safety hazards associated with smart meters to join in the effort of re-establishing the National Government of the State of Indiana.
    All are welcome to declare residency and help re-establish their respective National State Governments. The National Government of the State of California is well on its way with the Interim Governor Jason Perez.
    The National Assembly Meeting is open to the public, via phone or computer Monday evenings 8pm EST. For more information contact mail2018@generalpostoffice.org.

  13. while all your info about how awful smart meters and cell towers and all the emf dangers validates all i have experienced, i cannot find ONE WORD about how to make my home safe and how to repair my health. I had written a letter to Centerpoint Energy-owned and run by Dick Cheney people saying no smart meters for me-and ever since it has been hell–9-11 style. Caught installer who had broken into my back yard installing-when i told him he was trespassing and i could not handle smart meters-and that i was calling the police if he did not stop-he physically assaulted me-a 65 year old woman at the time and knocked me to the ground and dared me to call the cops saying they were on ‘THEIR SIDE” and he guaranteed if i gave him any more trouble that I would be the one going to jail. Things have not improved since. I sleep four feet from two smart meters and just to spite me they also planted a huge electric bomb in my front yard-and a huge electric system for the whole Johnson Space Center in my neighbors yard-15 feet from my bed. Now i can barely stand or walk-five years later-can’t sleep, keep getting sicker, keep having electric outlets exploding in my house, can’t find honorable repair guys, and can’t afford to move-though their new attack involves trying to steal my house-demanding hundreds of thousands for a mortgage i never had with anyone of the hundreds of european banks now claiming to own my house. BEYOND A NIGHTMARE…but where are the solutions???? Is there not any info on equipment to mediate these demonic attacks? Are there no organizations standing up for us people? …or are psychopathic reptiles the only ones allowed on planet earth these days? Inquiry minds want to know!!!!

  14. Someone has used emf on my daughter and myself. I believe there is pictures and videos with bad alterations to facial features to cover up the abuse. We are victims of identity theft as well plz help. They took everything from me and hurt me beyond repair

  15. I replied to you via email. If anyone wants this, send an email to me at emfsafe (at) sonic.net

  16. Thank you for all of the information you provide. I am wondering if anyone is free to reproduce the amazing art piece “Wireless Radiation Damages DNA” in your last newsletter (June 2018)? It’s beautiful and I think would be very effective in raising awareness. I’d like to get some printed.

  17. The inverter and any wi-fi installed on solar panels will likely be the worst EMF exposure.

  18. Thank you for all the info you share for us !

    Do you have a source to check out the effects of using solar
    panels on our car port?

    Thank you for your assistance.

  19. My health situation is getting worse everyday my brain wants to explode from the high frequencies permeating my home. Are there any Hero lawyers in Texas willing to take on smart meters it will be the new asbestos . My number is 210 552 3142 If anyone has any suggestions please contact me I’m desperate .

  20. i am looking for an emf specialist who can come to my home in corte madera regarding cutting back on emfs, including wiring my home for more safety. do you have recommendations?

  21. Smart meters were installed in my neighborhood last week.

    The card attached to my door says…

    “Dear Customer…Be assured that the smart meter technology being implemented has been rigorously tested and proven by manufacturers to be accurate, safe and secure in systems throughout the country.”

    Radio frequency radiation, of the type used in modern data communication, has not been “proven” to be safe.

    I think we should become especially concerned when an untruth is propagated to support this agenda.

  22. Not sure why the link to his paper is down. The article not hosted on this website, but I will let the author know you would like it.

  23. Hi,
    Do you have a list of the cell facility/tower placements that are being challenged by local residents? If so, please add ours to the list: San Bernardino Diocese, St Anne of the Mountains Church & Retreat Center, Running Springs, CA 92382, with Verizon vs Smiley Park Country Club HOA and lower Live Oak / Enchanted Forest neighborhoods. Contact Paul Bender benderpt@yahoo.com, 909-324-4080 We’ve spoken to the Diocese twice and they keep waving the FCC Limits report and Verizon power point handout and has closed their eyes and ears to the truth about the dangers to humans and wildlife, the impact on this historic mountain area and devaluation of property values. We’re trying to get the word out –

  24. I recently finished work I started in 2010 and want to donate it to your organization. Using the link below you can view or download. Its 270 pages so depending on your connection it may load and or download slowly. I begin explaining my understanding of wireless “smart” technology and how its framework for a control process today – out to America 2050.

    I began with that because I consider the timing of that understanding of utmost importance. Its crucial today for as many people as possible to understand wireless technology is simply another step in a process that has taken over the whole direction of the United States since the 1960’s. This introduction is followed with the essay to hopefully answer all the readers’ questions explaining multigenerational hidden truths. https://www.docdroid.net/0JUBw8E/how-a-genetic-economic-political-crisis-is-being-forced-onto-humanity-2017.docx

  25. We are trying to locate a testing site to determine if a person has EMF sensitivity in the Philadelphia/Delaware Valley area.

  26. Thank you for posting your experience. Glad you found the information- and that you have found safety.

  27. I have read enough of the comments to know that I am not alone with regard to the health issues I experienced. I believe the utility companies and certain other governing bodies want to claim this is a psychological problem before they will ever accept that their product is causing consumers bodily harm. 1. Eliminating a meter reader saves them money. 2. They have invested millions in this product.

    I, too, began having anxiety, heart palpitations, pain and pressure in my ears, sinus issues, allergies, skin irritations, et cetera. Having no earthly idea what was happening to me, I had my condo inspected for carbon monoxide poisoning, mold, and leaks in cable signals. All cleared. I even called authorities to see if a resident could be cooking narcotics causing me to be affected by second-hand chemicals. I was told there would be a foul smell if drugs were being cooked up in the condo. Every avenue I tried to turn onto let me to a dead-end.

    In January 2016, I contacted our utility company and asked if they could send an employee out to check the voltage or frequency in the meter room which was wall to wall with my condo because I was experiencing electrical shock and pain in my ears. I further explained that my laptop was malfunctioning and when e-mails would come through on my desktop, there would be a firecracker popping sound in the background that I never noticed before. My smoke alarm, that had not sounded in the sixteen years I’d lived there, went off for no reason at three o’clock one morning. I was told they read the meters remotely. Still, I was in the dark and getting nowhere pinpointing the problem. Meanwhile, I was becoming physically worse.

    I complained to the Board of Directors and told them the problem was worse when I would near the meter room wall, that I would feel a microwave energy in my ear. One condo board member shone a flashlight into my eyes and said, “Your pupils don’t look dilated.” I was furious. This individual upon leaving, turned to me and said, “You’ll figure it out.”

    I sure did. A neighbor, also having some but not all of the health issues I was experiencing, Googled meter rooms. There we stumbled upon Smart Meters and read about the health effects. I had no idea the analogs had replaced the digital meters and that I was basically sharing my living room with a bank of eleven Smart Meters along with a count of fifty-five more in the building housed in the meter rooms below me. The timeline of their installation matched the timeline to when my health issues began.

    I brought this to the Board’s attention. It fell on deaf ears. I had to vacate my home of sixteen years and live with my brother in order to survive. Thank God, I was able to buy a stand-alone home and move. I have not taken an allergy pill since I relocated. My sensitivity to WiFi is much, much better now. I am off an anti-anxiety pill that was prescribed for me after the installation of Smart Meters.

    It’s hard for me to fathom that this is being forced upon us, especially in the home of “the free and the brave.”

    This problem has SERIOUSLY GOT TO BECOME WIDELY RECOGNIZED as causing harm to consumers. I live in Alabama, and I truly believe I am probably not the first case in my state, but the first case in my state to figure out what was causing my health issues. It’s not psychological, people. It’s INSANITY to try to claim that it is.

    We need to be more than soloists posting on social media. We need to form an orchestra and carry our voices and songs of concerns all the way to Washington, D.C.

  28. Hello, I am a PA resident. They ( first energy ) recently sent a letter telling me they will install smart meter, they arrived, I refused it. Now people are calling telling me it’s mandatory and I need to allow them to install or my electricity will be shut off. What are my options here? Is there a group specific to Pennsylvania that can help me? I have 3 children under 9 and I feel it’s a violation of my constitutional rights. Please let me know if you have any answers, all I can find is, no there’s no help for PA residents. Thank you for your time.

  29. Cell towers, cell phones, wi-fi emit “non-ionizing” radiation. Independent peer-reviewed published science links “non-ionizing” radiation, aka wireless to the risk of adverse health impacts, including cancer.

    The National Toxicology Program found an increase in brain tumors from exposure to cell phone radiation. http://ntp.niehs.nih.gov/results/areas/cellphones/index.html

    The BioInitiative Report reviewed 2000 peer reviewed published studies and found an increased risk of brain cancer from cell and cordless phone radiation. http://www.bioinitiative.org

    Independent scientists who have published peer-reviewed studies warn about the safety risks of cell phones, cell towers and other devices that emit radiation. http://www.emfscientist.org

  30. One of my friends recently said that cell phone towers emit ionizing radiation. I think he is wrong. As far as I know, the cell phone towers emit non-ionizing radiation, but at a high enough amplitude so that it is still very dangerous. He also insisted that WiFi must be safe because it is installed and used in all the Universities, including his, Berkeley, CA. I disagreed with that statement as well.

    Thanks for helping us clear this up. He claims to be an environmentalist and he does have influence, so I would like to authoritatively correct him if he is wrong.

  31. IEEE scientific report October 9, 2016,
    how do I get a copy?
    I was challenged at a SDG&E forum – prove it!
    this is a senior Mira Mar Mobile Community park in Oceanside, CA
    FCC using 1992 IEEE guidelines…
    the Itron OpenWay technology ‘Smart’ meter
    operate in two ranges – 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz band,
    WHO and the International EMF Project of 1996
    ‘microwaves are radio waves with frequencies in the
    range of 300 MHz and 2.4 GHz’
    SDG&E categorizes senior citizens, age 62 and over
    with an impairment such as a compromised immune
    system or life threatening illness that would limit or
    impair ones life activities is a concern and should never have been targeted for this project…the whole park needs to opt out, not forced to relocate

  32. Hey I have a specific issue regarding a large repeater tower very close to my apartment at 1413 San Bruno ave. in San Francisco.

    It is even closer to other houses and I would love to get moving on having it removed.

  33. Dear Sir/Madam
    How many percentages, you have success in your way of healing people ?

    Did You do measurement of the energy field of the person Before and After your treatment ?

    Which capacity you have for accepting new Clients daily, weekly and monthly ?

    How many treatments are averagely needed for improving person’s condition and how much one treatment cost ?

    I’m interested for cooperation with you and that’s why I’m looking for Your Answers.

    With full respect
    Your Well – wishing
    Tatjana P.S.

  34. thank you! what you say makes sense. I have heard alot about the prius and what it emits.


  35. Hi There,

    I have a question that I have not been able to find an answer for. I live in Boston – this week they are dismantling the tolls on our turnpike and now you either use the highway transponders or you pay more and pay by plate. I am sure you have heard of this system.

    My question is; do you get exposed to EMFs but having a transponder in your car or do you get the EMFs already just by driving by the stations that look for your transponder? What is someone to do? I don’t know if it reduces my EMFs buy paying more and having the state just take a picture of my plate and send me a bill. I am not concerned about privacy – just cost and health.

    One more separate questions for a friend. Are there any EMFs from the batteries in electric cars? Is there a resource to look this up ? Does it not matter anymore as cars contain so much computer components than ever before.

    I am aware of any health effects personally – but I just want to be healthy.

    Thank you much for answering these questions.


  36. I received a flyer in the mail today . announcing Beltone Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless Technology. I have been an activist against WIFI Smart meters here in Michigan since 2009. I am now EMF Senstive forever thanks to ITRON, Inc. six meters put on our quadraplex .
    I am not in need of a hearing aid, but when I saw this flyer and thought “oh my, who would put a 2.4 GHz WIFI in someones ear for 12 hours a day!” They could end up with Brain Cancer . SO I called the the hearing aid place . Dan and Jean Fletcher owners Flint (810)275-9363 Owosso (989)472-5235. I began to teach , the owners were not there . I got hung up on…..So went to Beltone’s site , read it for yourselves
    Imagine enjoying a hands-free phone conversation and hearing it right in your hearing aids–even when your phone is put away. Think about easily hearing your favorite TV show in a room full of chatting people.

    The Beltone Direct Line accessory suite features industry-leading 2.4 GHz wireless technology. Sound streams at the highest speed possible, with amazing fidelity. Hearing is believing. Ask your Beltone Hearing Care Professional for a demonstration today.
    Beltone 1-866-530-9145, 1-800-235-8663,1-847-832-3300>
    also Beltone complaint ….https://beltone.pissedconsumer.com/
    I know that the Federal Gov. has passed a law saying that they can increase the limits of WIFI TV’s , Laptops, Cellphone Towers, Cellphones. to 2.4GHz .I spoke out against it to US Rep.Marsha Blackburn but to no avail..This could cause brain cancers for the elderly and the deaf I can not believe how utterly stupid our gov is in helping companies make money with a total disregard to the research. Lets get this word out and try to get it repealed.

  37. I live in Santa Rosa, CA. We have a Smart Meter which has caused us great health problems. I’m in the midst of deciding whether to go down the route of calling PGE and having them put in an analog meter or the route with the documents and doing it myself. Can you tell me if PG&E actually have a pure analog meter or will they simply put in another hybrid smart meter? If I go the route of sending the legal letters and doing it myself, how long is “reasonable” before I put in a new analog meter? thanks so much. 214.418.6860 cell number

  38. Utilities have done this and are still doing this. Is it legal? You’ll need to ask a lawyer, or contact your state’s public advocate.

  39. Question about corded/cordless combo phones
    If the cordless is not used, are there EMF’s from the corded ?

  40. Who is responsible to look at the power signature of the power company and assure they are providing safe 60 hz 220v power to a dwelling before installing a solar system?

    If the power provider is out of safety tolerance and then new solar installs the lack safety factors are increased dramatically.

    Who do we talk to about getting safety first as these systems are installed?

    Solar systems amplify the wifi smart meter exponential.

  41. I called the electric company to opt out of the smart meter program. I was told no matter what even if i do their replacing my analog meter, but instead put a non transmitting meter instead of a transmitting meter. I was told if i secure my meter with a cage or stop it in any way, that i am comitting a felony for tampering with dte property and that they can cut my power. I have the agents name and #, and i need to know if this is correct. Could someone please contact me at jeffmoldowan@gmail.com thank you

  42. Can I have Your Company’s email and phone contacts?
    I have so much to discuss with You Please.
    Gleann Odeh.

  43. My name is Gloria, I’m emailing you for my friend, Carolyn Bonner. Carolyn has been severely damaged from emf exposures and is in desperate need of safe housing.

    Another friend of ours told us about your site and thought maybe you could give Carolyn some suggestions on locating a place to live to recover.

    Do you have any leads and/or suggestions?

    Thank you,
    Gloria/for Carolyn

  44. My name is Demeeko Williams and i am the Chief Director of the Detroit Water Brigade. We are a volunteer led organization that provides water and emergency services to residents in the city of Detroit that have their water shutoff. we also advocate with people dealing with high water bills.

    i was referred to your website by reaching out to this organization.we are dealing with an SOS situation here in the city of Detroit with our local water department using a new campaign to install smartmeters
    we need help very quickly as this is urgent.

    it has always been said “water is used as the 1st tatic of war” and war has been waged on detroit residents through abuse and neglect of our public water system by the detroit water and sewerage department. increased water rates and infastructure concerns have plagued our city into a financial mess of destruction that now residents have to fork up by paying the sins of the big corporations having the most chunk of delinquent debt.
    now they are using tatics of intimidation, fear and even threats of water shutoffs if residents dont get the new
    smartmeters installed. we have recieved calls from residents receiving letters from the water department
    and unexpected visits to their homes forcing them to
    install the smartmeters and pay for the extra charges
    associated with installation.

    i am reaching out to you because we need resources, advice and strategy here on how to fight back for our city against smartmeters and installation of them. i also need information about how to fight back and pledge support from this organization. it would totally be an honor cause detroit has suffered enough abuse and prolonged insult to injury.

    The Detroit Water Brigade was formed in June of last year to provide water, accessories and other supplies to residents faced with a water shutoff. we also are #1 trusted grassroots organization among detroit citizens. we been to dublin ireland as of last december to warn them about privatization and helped them fight back against their water charges.

    i would be interested in speaking with you more details about my inquiry to reach out and work with you if possible. please give me a call 313 915-7089 id be looking forward to hearing back from you. thank you very much for reading my email

    Demeeko Williams
    Chief Director
    Detroit Water Brigade

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