Use Corded Landlines!

hCorded landlines provide a clear, reliable connection, and they work even if the power goes out.

Cordless DECT phones constantly transmit electromagnetic radiation from the base and when you talk on it.  Cell phones also transmit, even when you aren’t using them.  The World Health Organization classifies wireless radiation as a possible carcinogen, in the same category as DDT, lead and engine exhaust. WHO Press release, May 2011 

This radiation creates a toxic environment for your family and your neighbors as the radiation transmits for a long distance, even through walls.

Studies show children’s brains absorb more radiation than adults’. Above photo shows brain scans of radiation absorption at different ages. Reprinted from O. Gandhi et al., IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory & Techniques, 1996.

California Department of Public Health (CDPH) 2014 guidance on How to reduce Exposure includes:

  •  “Cell phones, like other electronic devices, emit a kind of energy called radiofrequency EMFs (electromagnetic fields). Health officials are concerned about possible health effects from cell phone EMFs because some recent studies suggest that long-term cell phone use may increase the risk of brain cancer and other health problems.” 
  • What about cell phone EMFs and children?EMFs can pass deeper into a child’s brain than an adult’s. Also, the brain is still developing through the teen years, which may make children and teens more sensitive to EMF exposures. For these reasons, parents may want to limit their child’s cell phone use to texting, important calls, and emergencies. Pregnant women, children, and teens can also follow the tips for reducing exposure listed above.”
  • The CDPH recommends:  Increase the distance between you and your phone by: Using the speaker phone, sending text messages, keep your phone away from your body, limit your cell phone use when reception is weak, reduce the amount of time spent talking on a cell phone, keep cell phone calls short, even when using a wireless or wired headset. AND Do not rely on devices that claim to shield or neutralize EMFs from cell phones.

The American Medical Association (AMA) highlights harmful effects of screen time in youth See following screen shot:

NO-smartphone-sign-colour-smallIt’s very important to protect children as their brains absorb more radiation than adults.  Use corded landline phones. Unplug and remove cordless phones, and use cell phones for emergencies only.

  • Keep your cellphone in airplane mode and only turn it on to send or receive messages. 
  • Do not wear or carry a cell phone “ON” your body.
  • Use a speakerphone or wired earpiece (hollow tube).
  • Do not talk or text while driving or in a car.
  • Turn cell phones off in public places and put them out of sight. 

More Information

Medical warnings needed on DECT cordless phone use  Don Maisch, EMFacts Consultancy exposes the hazards of DECT cordless phones that constantly emit wireless radiation from the telephone base.  These phones are widely in use in homes and businesses.

Use of mobile phones and cordless phones is associated with increased risk for glioma and acoustic neuroma: Study by L. Hardell

can gameChildren:  The Russian National Committee on Non Ionizing Radiation Protection advises against cell phones for 18 years and under and warns of the following health risks to children: disruption of memory, decline of attention, sleep problems, diminished learning and cognitive abilities, increased irritability, stress and epileptic readiness. RNCNIRP Flier A Swedish study found that young adults who use cell or cordless phones before age 20 have five times the risk of brain tumors.

Second hand exposures: Swiss researchers measured cell phone radiation exposure during car, bus and train trips. Their study published in the Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology identified secondhand exposure to cell phone radiation from other people’s cell phones can be considerable while traveling on buses and trains. Second hand radiation

At a health food store in Mendocino CA customers are asked to not use cell phones
At a health food store in Mendocino CA customers are asked to not use cell phones

History: Cellular telephone Russian Roulette  is a historical and scientific perspective on cell phone technology by Robert C. Kane, PhD.

Public Health: University of Pittsburg’s Cancer Institute Dr. Ron Herberman’s memo faculty to staff, Important Precautionary Advice Regarding Cell Phone

Cindy Sage, co editor of the BioInitiative Report Plain Talk on Cell Phone Safety

Find science abstracts on wireless cell and cordless radiation Shortcut to Science

Dr. Christine Aschermann writes about her personal observations made in her medical practice, that “there has been an increased occurrence of cognitive and psychological disorders with exposure to telecommunications.” Personality changes caused by mobile telecommunications

Disconnect-Cell Phones- Devra Davis  (news coverage) This is an excellent primer on cell phone safety, what the cell phone manual says, how the safety standards were developed, what the science says, conflicts in science, etc.

Teléfonos Celulares y Salud por Dr. Joel Moskowitz The Green Gazette, Sept/Oct 2013 Espanol:

California Brain Tumor Association (CABTA)

If you are wondering if protection devices will really protect you read this commentary by Dr. Louis Slesin: Scams Galore

Updated 6/5/2021

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  1. This is a subject I am still exploring. I am investigating a Uniden fp1200 which has LCD visual display, but I haven’t managed to measure it for RF or EMF yet. The Uniden people tell me it does not radiate RF but I don’t trust them, cause it seems to me that if a screen is digital it has to radiate something but how much would be my question…….Further back in these comments/questions someone mentioned a Panasonic KX series corded speaker phone, I will check that out. I will also be mindful to only use the speaker device and I will stay away from the ear/mouth piece.

  2. I want to purchase a corded land line phone run off ethernet..I was told to get a speaker phone corded phone. I noticed some have LCD or LED visual displays or ringers and some have caller ID. I Wanted to know which have zero or lowest emf radiation.

  3. Corded phones often have Bluetooth and will still be beaming radiation! I have a meter and it reads at the highest spike near bluetooth CORDED phones, so buyer beware! Avoid phones with Bluetooth!

  4. How about (although it’s a rare occurrence) those people who have ventricular-peritoneal shunts for hydrocephalus implanted?
    The valves that control the rate of speed at which the fluid from the brain is flowing through it, can re-adjust itself, if the valves were manufactured before 1985. They weren’t properly shielded against radio-frequency waves, which is what cell phones operate from.
    The design has changed, but for those who were implanted before 1985, there is a risk of the valves re-adjusting themselves, without the patient’s knowledge, and this can cause severe complications.

  5. Best to turn the wireless off on the router, if not then buy a Signal Tamer (a protective fabric cover to fit over your home router) to reduce your wireless signal, and if possible unplug it at night.

  6. Hello, I need to know if something like Vonage would have less EMFs? If we use a corded phone hooked up by ethernet cable to the modem, even if the modem is running off a wireless router, would that be safe?

  7. That’s where prudent avoidance is helpful. It means being cautious, sensible and reducing or avoiding EMFs when and where you can.

  8. What about the really old retro rotary dial phones like Grandma and Grandpa used to have back in the 1920’s and 30’s? Are they safe? What about our laptops and pc’s, do they also give out dangerous levels of radiation? Are they ways left to communicate without an increased cancer risk? The thought occurs to me that even if we all went back to communicating with smoke signals we would still be increasing our cancer risk by breathing in the smoke. So how can you win?

  9. I recently bought a Uniden DECT 2145 + 1 corded phone which is paired with a cordless phone. Is there any harmful radiation emanating from the corded phone? Is it constantly transmitting signals to and from the cordless phone? Is the corded phone in this circumstance as harmful as the cordless? I had hoped the corded phone would be as safe as a corded phone which is not paired with a cordless, and to only use the cordless for emergencies. But my research so far suggests that this is not the case. I would appreciate an urgent response.

  10. I have been trying to activate the copper land line at my home ( old home, but new to me). The phone company says I have to convert to ficeroptic cable, but it will be wired to my existing phone jacks. Does anyone know if I should be concerned about this. Is fiberoptic cable less safe than copper wire? Thank you!

  11. Yes, having problems using a corded phone. Anyone know of a low EMF corded phone, perhaps one with speaker? I wonder if one of the old style phones would work.

  12. I measured a brand new corded phone straight out of the box, and the handset measures live on my EMF meter, giving off a very strong signal, and the centre of the cradle for the handset does also, even before I even plug it in, and even when the handset is not connected to the base unit. My last corded phone, 15 years old, does just the same, even one week after it has been unplugged and the handset disconnected from the base unit, and presumably this new phone has been in it’s packing box for many months, so does anyone know please exactly what is giving off these signals?

    I had thought that there might be some kind of batteries in the unit to keep it from losing stored information in the event of a power cut, but my old model only has the facility for inserting actual batteries in the base unit alone for this reason, yet it, just like my new phone (which does not have any facility for batteries to be inserted for this reason) shows the same high reading on my EMF meter, also, the handsets on both models are completely sealed, and do not allow batteries to be inserted. Even when the batteries have been removed from the base unit of my old phone, the handset and base unit, both disconnected from each other as well as from the power source, still emit signals.

    Maybe they put infinite life atomic batteries in these things or something methinks, unless the EMF meter itself is creating some feedback loop and providing the energy from itself which is then fed back into the EMF meter, providing a false reading, but no other electric device that I possess does this. Puzzled.

  13. Hi there,
    does anyone know about the U-verse optical fiber phone transmission vs. the old telephone dsl transmission for phone and internet…is one less emf emission than the other? I distrust any major thrust of ATT to get us all over to U-verse.

    Thank you.

  14. Avoid putting any phone, even corded to your head. Refer to EIA-504-1983 to understand the unlimited magnetic field US phones, even corded, emit.
    Contrast this to the Canadian EIA-504A-1998 which drops the minimum magetic field by 10 db, since US manufacturers jack up the minimum magnetic field by 10 db to insure the whole production line passes a very poorly crafted specification that is so stupid it took the US FCC 16 yrs to put it in the FCC code, over objections from industry and health organizations, and after retracting the recommendation in 1991 thanks to a letter from the State of CA concerning potential health problems. Better to use a corded phone with a good speakerphone. A panasonic KX series corded speaker phone is probably the cheapest, ($30 by order through a big box store or over the internet). Dont use the kind of phone pictured in this site’s graphic if you want to avoid magnetic fields to the head.

  15. As a California Electrical Contractor I appreciate your website. The National Electrical Code accepts recommendations for code changes from all sources. It takes some time but anyone can precipitate changes there. Transient surges, EMF’s, and
    microwave radio waves pose significant dangers. Right now, after studying the real conditions of our world, our government, and the forces of control I believe the only possible way to help must come from educating people person to person. So keep up the good work!

  16. I am trying to find some information on the blue tooth headsets. some people are saying they are safer than using the phone against your ear but some advice states that the frequency of the headset is as bad if not worse? can you help with this one thanks.

  17. Hi there,
    Anyone know where i can get a device to measure radiation from cell+cordless phones and wifi, and are they exspensive. Thanks.

  18. Hey Safety Network

    Great information, I’m curious about two things. I’ve read that you should not use the cell phones in enclosed metal spaces such as vehicles or elevators. Also that you shouldn’t make a call when the signal strength is one bar or less. Are those statements true? Last I felt the Ep2 pendant was the best emf protection device that i tried. Do you have any opinion on that product?


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