Global EMF Websites

Abracecel: Brazil:

Arthur Firstenberg: The Largest Biological Experiment Ever:

Associated Bioelectromagnetics Technologists:

Australian Centre for RF Bioeffects Research:

Ban the Tower: New Zealand:

Bioinitiative Report:

Burgerwelle: Germany:

Cell Phone Lies:

Cell Phone Task Force

Cell Slayer:

Cellular Towers, EMR, and Health Effects: Towers – science facts and a mother’s fight.pdf

CFL Impact:

Citizens Against Unsafe Emissions:

Citizens for Safe Technology

Coalition for Local Oversight of Utility Technologies CLOUT:

Coalition to Regulate Antennae Siting USA:

Coghill Research Lab UK:

Canyon Area Residents for the Environment Colorado USA:

Collaborative on Health and the Environment CHE EMF:

Council on Wireless Technology Impacts California USA:

Detect and Protect: Preventative healthcare for the wireless world:

Dirty Electricity:

Dr. Andrew Marino:

Dr. Devra Davis: 

Dr. George Carlo USA:

Dr. Vini Kharuna-brain surgeon Austrailia:

Dr. Magda Havas

Dr. Neil Cherry: New Zealand:  

Danish Association of Electrosensitives:

Dutch EHS Foundation:

Ecological Options Network: California 

Ecopolitan-Eco Health Network:

Electrical Pollution Solutions:

Electrical Sensitivity/Yahoo group:

Electrical Sensitivity and Electrical Pollution Information:

ElectroSensitivity Support ESS USA:

Electrosensitivity UK:

ElektroSMOG News:

Electromagnetic Health:

Electromagnetism & Life: Dr. Robert Becker and Dr. Andrew Marino:

EM Radiation Research Trust UK:

EMF Damage:

EMF Effects Consulting:

EMF Effects on Kids: Effects/index.html

EMF Facts Consultancy Australia

EMF Health Report:

EMF Information: Colonel Joe:

EMF Journal


EMF Safe Home Vancouver Canada:

EMF Sensitivity International:

EMF Services Florida:


EMF Solutions Canada:

EMR Australia:

EMR Effects New Zealand: 

EMR Policy Institute  VT USA:

The EMR Network VT USA:

EMR Surveys:

Environment Health and Safety Online:

Environmental Illness Netherlands:

ES Help:

Expel Cell Towers: No Towers at School

FEB Sweden Electrosensitivity:

Fight the Tower Camp Meeker CA USA:

Forum Mobilkommunikation/ Austria:

Glendale (CA) Organized Against Cell Towers GOACT:

Guinea Pigs R US: USA:

Glastonbury England Why Wi-Fi Campaign: 

H.E.S.E. Project:

Independent Expert group on Mobile phones UK:

Institute for Inquiry:

International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety (ICEMS):

International Coalition for an Electromagnetic Safe Planet:

International MCS/EMS Awareness:

Italian Association for the Electrosensitive:

Jersey Mobile Mast Concern Group: UK

Korean EMF Pages:

Life Energies EMF mitigation and education:

Likely Mountain Lookout:

Marin Project: Are Wireless technologies Making Us Sick?:

Mast Action UK

Mast Sanity UK: discussion forum:

Microwave news- Dr. Louis Slesin:

Mission Viejo Cell Out CA USA:

Mobile Impact: Brandon New Jersey:

Mobile Mast Action Group:

MOBILEFUNK-Initiative: Austria:


Neuert Electromagnetic Services CA USA: http:/

Next-Up News of the World France:

No Antennaes here/ Portugal:

No Marinwood Tower:

No Masts:

No More Towers:

Nordic Society for Radiation Protection: 

Norwegian Association for the Electro-Hypersensitive:

Ouruhia, Christ Church, NZ:

Overcoming Electrical Sensitivity:

Pendle Residents Against Insensitive Siting of Masts:

People’s Initiative Foundation: Santa Monica CA:

Powerline EMF and Human Health:

Power Watch Alasdair Phillips UK:

Radiation Research Trust Canada:

Robin Des Toits (National Association for Safe Technologies) France:

Rule of Law Defenders/Canada:

Safe Living Technologies Inc. Canada:

Sage EMF Design, environmental consulting CA USA:

Science and Public Policy Institute USA:

Silencing the Fields-Ed Leeper:

SNAFU: San Francisco California USA:

Stetzer Electric RF filters:

Stop Cell Towers:

Stop Transmission lines Over People: Canada:

Stop UMTS!:


Teletruth: Alliance for Customer Telecommunications Rights:

Tetra Watch! UK:

Those With Chemical Sensitivities and Electrical Sensitiviy Build New Lives:

Valdemar Gisli Valdemarsson /Iceland:

Wave-Guide EMF RFR Bio effects and Public policy:

WAVR Wave Analysis and Verification Research

WEEP Initiative Canada:

Wi-Fi in Schools UK:

Wi-fi in Schools

Wired Child UK:

Wireless Victims Lawyer | Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Great Britain, Spain, USA:

Wireless Watch Blog:

Your Own Health and Fitness:

In addition:

Next-Up List of 100 Global EMF Web Sites:







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  1. Hi, I am a member of in Germany and since a few weeks there is a new ripstop available in Germany from a company called nasafes.

    I think the website would be a good addition to make the list up complete.

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