Global EMF Websites

5G Crisis

Agir pour L’Environment/ France

Anti-cell tower lawyers USA:

Arthur Firstenberg: The Largest Biological Experiment Ever:

Artists Against Wi-fi Facebook

Association for Electrosensitives and People Affected by Radiation/ Germany:

Association for Environmental and Chronic Toxic Injury/ Italy:

Association for the Prevention of and Fight Against Electrosmog/ Italy:

Association Romande Alert:


Baby Safe Project:

Between a Rock and a Hard Place:

Bioinitiative Report:

Blake Levitt:

Burk Action/ California:

Burgerwelle: Germany:

California Alliance for Safer Tecnology:

California Brain Tumor Association

Canadians for Safe Technology:

Cell Phone Radiation USA:

Cell Slayer:

Cell Phone Task Force

Center for Electrosmog Prevention:

Center for Humane Technology:

Center for Safer Wireless:

CFL Impact:

Chronic Exposure:

Citizens for a Radiation Free Community:

Clear Light Ventures:

Collaborative on Health and the Environment CHE EMF:

Committee on Radiation Protection Denmark:

Consumers for Safe Phones:

Coeurs d’EHS

Detect and Protect: Preventative healthcare for the wireless world:

Dr. Magda Havas

Dr. Marc Arazi:

Dr. Sam Milham:

Ecological Options Network: California

Ecologists in Action:


EHS The Organization for electrohypersensitivity (Danish):

EHS Idaho:

EI Wellspring:


Electrical Pollution Solutions:

Electric Sense:

Electrosensitivity UK:

ElektroSMOG News:

Electromagnetic Health:

Electromagnetic Health Alliance of BC:

Electromagnetic Pollution Illnesses Canada Foundation:

Electromagnetic Radiation Safety

Electromagnetic Safe Planet:

Electromagnetic Sense Ireland:

Electronic Silent Spring:


Electrosensitive Society:

Electrosensitivity UK:

Elektrosmog Info:

Elektrosmog News:

EM Radiation Research Trust UK:

EM Watch:

EMF Analysis:

EMF Damage:

EMF Experts:

EMF Facts Consultancy Australia

EMF Healthy:

EMF Help Center:

EMF Journal

EMF Omega News:

EMF Refugee:

EMF Research:

EMF Safe Home Vancouver Canada:

EMF Safety Network:

EMF Scientist:

EMF Services Florida:

EMF Solutions Canada:

EMF South Africa:

EMF Wise:

EMR Australia:

EMR Aware:

EMR Safety:

EMR Surveys:

Environment Health and Safety Online:

Environmental Health Trust:

Environmental Illness Netherlands:

FEB Sweden Electrosensitivity:

Fist Do No Harm:

Forum Mobilkommunikation/ Austria:

Generation Zapped movie:

Global Microwave:

Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space:

Golden Gate Neighbors Against Cell Antennas:

Grassroots Environmental Education:

Health Ambition:

Healthy Housing Research Institute:

Human Ecological Social Economical Project (HESE):

Independent Expert group on Mobile phones UK:

International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety:

International MCS/EMS Awareness:

International Institute for Building-Biology & Ecology:

Italian Association for Environmental and Chronic Toxic Injury (AMICA):

Italian Association for the Electrosensitive:

Jolie Talks:

Likely Mountain Lookout:

Manhattan Neighbors for Safer Telecommunications

Mast Action UK discussion forum:

Microwave news- Dr. Louis Slesin:


Neuert Electromagnetic Services CA USA: http:/

Next-Up News of the World France:

No Antennaes here/ Portugal:

No Marinwood Tower:

Nordic Society for Radiation Protection:

Norwegian Association for the Electro-Hypersensitive:

Ouruhia, Christ Church, NZ:

People’s Initiative Foundation: Santa Monica CA:

Power Watch Alasdair Phillips UK:

Radiation Research Trust Canada:

Robin Des Toits

Safe Living Technologies Inc. Canada:

Scientists for Wired Technology

Silencing the Fields-Ed Leeper:

SNAFU: San Francisco California USA:

Stetzer Electric RF filters:

Stop UMTS!:

Teletruth: Alliance for Customer Telecommunications Rights:

Tetra Watch! UK:

The EMF Community

WEEP Initiative Canada:

Why Fry?

Wi-Fi in Schools UK:

Wi-fi in Schools

Wired Child UK:

For global smart meter websites see:

Special thanks to Microwave News for many website links.

Updated 6/5/2021

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  1. Hi, I am a member of in Germany and since a few weeks there is a new ripstop available in Germany from a company called nasafes.

    I think the website would be a good addition to make the list up complete.

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