Smart Meter Health Complaints

All around the world people are reporting wireless is affecting their health. We’ve collected many smart meter health complaints and posted them here. Utilities claim smart meters are safe, and compare them to cell phones.  However, cell phones, cell towers, wi-fi and other wireless devices can also affect your health.  Reducing your EMF exposure can benefit your overall health and wellness.  Learn more about how to reduce EMF’s.

Learn about the science:

The National Toxicology Program found DNA damage and clear evidence of cancer from exposure to cell phone frequencies.

In 2015, 220 scientists who had published in peer-reviewed journals from 41 nations signed the International Scientists Appeal. Their warnings included cell phones, infrastructure, Wi-Fi, ‘smart’ meter/grid technology, as well as devices like baby monitors and commercial broadcast uses.

The BioInitiative report, updated in 2012 contains nearly 2000 papers reviewed by 29 international scientists from over 20 countries on the health and environmental effects of electromagnetic fields. Their conclusions note that the continued rollout of wireless technologies jeopardizes global health and recommends stricter biologically based standards, lower exposure limits, and a more cautious, science-based approach.

The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies wireless radiation as a 2B carcinogen, based on studies linking cell phone radiation to brain tumors!

List of symptoms:

  • Sleep problems (insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, night waking, nightmares)
  • Stress, agitation, anxiety, irritability
  • Headaches, sharp pain or pressure in the head
  • Ringing in the ears, ear pain, high pitched ringing
  • Concentration, memory or learning problems
  • Fatigue, muscle or physical weakness
  • Disorientation, dizziness, or balance problems
  • Eye problems, including eye pain, pressure in the eyes,
  • Cardiac symptoms, heart palpitations, heart arrhythmias, chest pain
  • Leg cramps, or neuropathy
  • Arthritis, body pain, sharp, stabbing pains
  • Nausea, flu-like symptoms
  • Sinus problems, nose bleeds
  • Respiratory problems, cough, asthma
  • Skin rashes, facial flushing
  • Urinary problems
  • Endocrine disorders, thyroid problems, diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Changes in menstrual cycle
  • Hyperactivity or changes in children’s behavior
  • Seizures
  • Recurrence of cancer
  • Taken from EMF Safety Network Survey 2011
  • Symptoms after Exposure to Smart Meter Radiation By Dr. Ron Powell


I have been a cynical towards people who worry about smart meters for a couple years, even was an early adopter nearly 5 years ago. The last year I have been experiencing a chronic sore throat that my doctors can’t explain, my kids are developing learning disabilities, among other strange health issues. The more I read, the more I’m concerned about the microwave radiation the give off.



2/2014  The first ones installed on the side of my apartment building were just steps away from my apartment. I had lived in this apartment for 5 years with no problems. Suddenly I started having terrible problems sleeping. I tried everything I could think of and finally went to my doctor who gave me sleeping pills. For over a year I needed a pill every night, sometimes a half worked, but only for a few hours and soon I would be using the second half.

On Thursday, 4 days ago, newer and stronger meters we put in to replace the ones installed a little over a year ago. Now I cannot sleep, even with the sleeping pill and I am feeling so fatigued and muddle-brained that I can barely think straight and even have trouble standing up straight. I have literally done nothing since they have been put in and feel achy all over and disoriented, slightly dizzy.

Since I am in a rental, I am going to have to try to move, probably to another state, because I do not feel that California is going to do anything good on this matter to protect my health.

But I want you to know that in my opinion, making all of our technology communicable with wireless technology is going to bite us in the rear BIG TIME one day and we will be totally unprepared!


I am a systems engineer so I know very well how technology works. I am also an avid science fiction reader and I cannot even count on both hands the number of books I have read with scenarios where Earth is taken over and completely defenseless against invaders because we have WiFi’d ALL OF OUR EXISTENCE ON EARTH!

Anybody who knows anything about technology and physics knows this truth. ANY electrical signal retriever can catch these wireless messages floating through the air. This ANYONE is, say, ANYONE WITH A CELL PHONE!

In many of these science fiction stories, those using wireless technologies, (most were begun for POPULATION SURVEILLANCE!) were completely defenseless!

Think about it. And while you are at it take a look at the amount of equipment and hardware the US military forces are rushing to implement on every truck, tank, plane, bomb, etc., etc., EVERYTHING and ANYTHING can be made wirelessly communicate-able. –W.R. CA


8/13/2013 Hello, I live in an upstairs apartment, in Turlock, CA. I have been feeling sick since they installed 16 smart meters on a panel 6 feet away from my building. I have developed respiratory problems and insomnia and anxiety and pressure in my head. They have checked me for physical problems and Dr. says there is nothing wrong with me and they keep prescribing me anxiety meds to help me sleep at night that are messing with my heart and my head.

In a desperate attempt to figure out what is wrong with me, I came across a website that revealed a possibility that I may be exposed to the smart meter radiation. My husband has also developed asthma, coughing, bloody nose headaches.

Since then I have left my home and have been getting sicker because I cannot find anyone that believes me. Can you please help me find out how to even test for the exposure in my body?

If I stay away from the meters are my symptoms reversible mainly the insomnia and the anxiety. I have never experienced such a thing before. I am exhausted and I cannot find a doctor to help me. Most doctors are oblivious to what I am suggesting.


8/2013 I’ve been doing my own research for 8 months now, and have definitely concluded that Smart Meters are causing this horrible humming noise in my home. It is ruining my life and is violating my rights as a human being. I noticed it in the rental house I was living in for 7 months. I went to my parent’s house to see if I heard it there and sure enough I did. I finally moved to the country in Sonoma County and it’s horrible here too. Each place has Smart Meters. It’s not like a normal sound from a refrigerator, etc. It’s a low frequency humming sound that actually hurts my ears. I can’t get to sleep and have had to run a fan or some noise to try to drown it out. But, since it vibrates in my ear, that is hard to do. I’ve gone online and millions are complaining of this humming noise. This is INSANE! If you do the research, you will find out how harmful these meters are. What are they going to do to our children, who are sleeping in the rooms where they are connected? PGE lied to us, sneaked into our homes to put these in, have not done proper testing, and are causing health problems to millions. Some counties in CA have banned them and I really hope it continues. I will have to ask my landlord if he is willing to opt out, and I will pay whatever to get peace again. This is torture. And yes, there are electrosensitive people out there for the person who said there aren’t. Ignorance! Cell phones even hurt my ears. They have even linked heavy cell phone usage to brain tumors. Wake up everyone! It’s time to stand up to this bullshit.


2013 We had a Smart Meter installed on our home. I got sick and two weeks ago had a mini-stroke. We took the meter off our home after sending Central Hudson (our utility company) several sets of documents – detailing my illness and then my hospitalization – and they did nothing and did not even respond to our requests. After my stroke, we ordered an analog meter online and replaced their radiating meter. We video taped it and sent their meter back to them with a letter, along with all the other correspondence we had sent (return receipt and notarized).

The following Monday the electric company came to our home, with no notice nor explanation, and physically, right in front of me, cut our electric lines with a huge pair of clippers! — New York


5/2013 My family recently moved into a new home which has 4 smart meters, we had wifi also initially. I began feeling ill: symptoms included a sensation of electricity coursing through my body, headaches, my blood pressure soared, the sensation of my brain feeling like it was being squeezed, and a sensation of burning on my skin and eyes. I could not find relief anywhere in my home. The symptoms of my three sons are less than my own and more vague: headache, “feeling sick upon waking”, feeling a jolt type feeling sometimes.

I have purchased an RF meter but, even after much reading, still don’t understand the subject very well. I do know that my meter indicated that there are strong fields all over my home and very strong pulse points in four corners of my home from the smart meters. There is literally no place in my house that does not show high RF levels. I can’t escape from this feeling anywhere in my home and I even experience it where ever wifi is being used and even just near people using cell phones and near cell towers.

The effects that I feel from this exposure take a long to to subside even when I go to my father in laws where the meter shows no high levels of RF. I feel much, much better there but still have burning sensations on a much lower level. I have only been away from my home for about 12 hours now and can feel the symptoms greatly reduced.

I am afraid I am being caused permanent damage and most importantly that my young sons may be receiving damage from this exposure. They are only 7,7 (twins), and 10 years old. I am turning to you all for help because I am certain that I will not receive much help from the authorities. My own family cannot understand what is happening to me and to, I fear, my children. I am not crazy or imagining my symptoms. I hold a MA in Social Work, have a BA in psychology, have been employed in a professional setting for many years prior to the birth of my children. – Anon, Indiana, U.S.



4/29/2013 I am a 31 year old Female and I reside in Plantation, FL. I would say I started to notice major health concerns since the FPL Smart meter was put beside our bedroom window and it did me in. It gradually kept giving me headaches. Also, I have permanent retainers  from wearing braces, behind my bottom and top teeth. Anytime a wi-fi or cell signal passes me I get a metal taste in my mouth. My Smart Meter peak occurred when I was in a deep sleep around 6:00am and was awaken to massive pressure in my head. It felt like my brain was on fire and it wanted to explode all at the same time. I woke up  frantically  screaming . I was holding my head and I had my husband scared. I hurried out of the bedroom still holding my head.

We were up all morning trying to figure out what it was. I felt as if my brain had burned. I knew it was from the Smart Meter because I was feeling it a little more each day. I called to have the Smart meter removed. For the rest of the week I felt the left side of my head and face numb. I couldn’t speak properly or concentrate. Since then I have not been the same. I have a very difficult time concentrating. The newest thing that is occurring is that I feel my skin burning. I feel the top of my head burning as well.

Since the whole Smart meter incident we have removed our home wi-fi and we put our cell phones on airplane mode. What is killing me though is that our entire community not only has Smart Meters but our association just made a deal with AT&T and every house has U-verse. Each house has a wireless modem which transmits wi-fi and television. Even though we had our wi-fi turned off from the modem we also had the company run all the cable lines through the attic to the rooms for television. Our houses are so close together that our house gets both of our neighbors signals from each side.


2013/ I am the proud parent of six, of the six children we have four children who are under the age of six. In July of last year the LADWP placed on our home a RF meter, the RF meter was placed on the back of our home which is directly located about 25 to 30 feet away from the LADWP power pole that is located on our property. In July of last year our children started to exhibit health symptoms and health signs that alarmed myself and my husband. The children began to have fevers out of no where, essentially their bodies were boiling and their fevers would go from 101 to 104 and sometimes to 105.  My husband is a Clinical Partner at Cedar Sinai Hospital in the ICU so he is versed in the area of taking care of patients in extreme health decline, but he was not prepared to handle the weekly and monthly bouts that our smaller children began to have. Our children also began to have problems with the inability to control their bodily fluids, our five year old began peeing and pooping herself, our four year began to display the same problems, soon many of the smaller children were all displaying these symptoms and concerns. The children became depressed, and essentially we began to realize that our children were not the children who we cared for prior to the RF meter being placed on our property. We were the only family in our area to have this new meter so we do not have a frame of reference in our community to measure the health side effects against. Please help us, we are good honest people who have suffered for the past few months trying to put the pieces of this puzzle together.

[Admin’s note: The mother wrote that after the Smart Meter was removed in January the children’s symptoms “diminished greatly, they no longer get high fevers, or suffer from loss of their bodily function.”  Meanwhile LADWP has terminated their power.]


West Kelowna man claims Smart Meters are killing him”…an Okanagan man claims the meters may be interfering with an important medical device – his pacemaker.  Jerry Smith, 70, of West Kelowna is partially paralyzed as a result of the 10 strokes he’s had since last August….”



I am an engineer. I have used technology my entire adult life – cell phones, smart phones, wi-fi, laptops, you name it. I really enjoyed all of this and had no issues or fears related to technology.

Then, when a bank of smart meters were put next to our apartment, both my wife and I starting experiencing headaches, insomnia, heart palpitations and tinnitus. Within a couple weeks, I could no longer use a cell phone without the same symptoms. Within a month I could feel the microwave radiation from cell towers. I have had to completely change my life because of this.  Jeromy  [Testimony Jeromy  submitted to the CPUC]


“Is there a list of safe communities with no smart meters?  Our whole family is being sickened by the smart meters around us and we need to find a place to live quickly.”

“We are just miserable here. We can’t sleep at night, are dizzy, have headaches, ear pain, and more. We also own our home so it is not easy to just pick up and get away from the smart meters.” CA. 2013



Sick with palpitations, chest pain, insomnia, dizziness…

I managed to have smart meter installation delayed at my house, but suddenly became sick overnight with palpitations, chest pain, insomnia, dizziness, inability to concentrate and memory loss and fainting spells. AFTER becoming sick I found out that the day I became suddenly sick was the day the smart meter roll-out was completed in my area and the smart meters were remotely turned on from base.

I can no longer drive, I can’t work (I’m a doctor), I have to go and sleep at my mother in law’s place (there are no smart meters there yet).

My life is completely ruined and the energy companies and members of Victorian Parliament completely ignore me. Two doctors have confirmed my disability is entirely due to my sensitivity to smart meters’ radio transmission and I am 100% sure of that as I can always tell accurately if I am in a smart metered area or not.

We are now planning to move to South Australia to survive. What is happening in Victoria is a complete breakdown of democracy and an affront to social justice of enormous proportions and implications.

What if this is happening to an old lady living alone? Where can she go? We are all morally obliged to speak up and do something about it, if not for ourselves, for the vulnerable amongst us that, if affected, could not do anything about it.  Posted on Stop Smart Meters Australia


I had no idea that a smart meter would pose a hazard to my health when I agreed to let them install one on my home. Shortly after the smart meter was installed my health took a terrible downturn. I began having heart palpitations, trouble sleeping, unexplained anxiety attacks, dizzy spells, nausea and fatigue. I have been battling anxiety for months and I had no idea why. I’ve never had these types of symptoms plague me like this before. Then I found out that so many others have had the same reactions to smart meters in their homes and neighborhoods. Smart meters need to be outlawed and all of them must be removed at once. There are enough toxins in our food and the environment without this happening too. I hope I am able to get mine removed, but from what I’ve read Southern California Edison isn’t cooperating. H .M. Orange CA


Since the new Smart Meter has been installed my wife has had a ringing in her ears. The only time she has this is in our home. Outside of the house she does not have the problem. J. F. Sacramento CA


I was not asked permission to have the Smart Meter installed. In fact, when your representative/installer came to my door informing me he would be installing the meter, I specifically told him that I did not want it installed. He told me that I didn’t have a choice in the matter.

I am plagued with various health issues because of the Smart Meters, such as insomnia, constant headaches, blurred vision and ringing in my ears, and other various aches and pains. I understand that others are suffering from various health issues throughout the state and country as well.  I do not want this device on my home or in my neighborhood. I want the old analog meter re-installed. I also do not want the new digital meter installed. I specifically want the old analog back which worked just fine.  I want this Smart Meter removed now! A.S. Bakersfield CA


For the past year, I have been suffering health effects due to the installation of a Smart Meter at my home and the other homes in my neighborhood. I have experienced migraines, disrupted sleep, and electronic sensitivity so that I was unable to use a computer or my cellphone without immediate nausea and headache. I feel constant low-level anxiety when in my house which “magically” goes away every single time we have a power outage. My husband has developed migraines, disrupted sleep, and tinnitis. I am concerned for the long term health consequences on us and on my daughter who is almost 3.

I have called PG&E and they refuse to remove the Smart Meter from my house. Other electricians say that they cannot replace the meter with an analog variety because it would be illegal. This product is making me sick, and even with the money to pay for it, I am not allowed to have it removed.

I would like to see Smart Meters pulled from the market until thorough testing is done and they can be proved safe. It is the responsibility of our government to protect public health from polluting corporations. Charging for the right to “opt-out” is criminal because it subjects the poor to poisonous health effects, and also because people will still receive exposure from their neighbors’ properties, especially in urban population-dense environments.

PG&E cannot be relied upon to treat us fairly–my health just does not figure into their bottom line. Sometimes we need people with power to stand up for us.



I have been suffering since the installation of 3 meters in my complex (of 12 units) and from larger multi-unit complexes on both sides of where I live. This means that the radiation coming off all of these meters encroach on me, even though I have opted out and do not have one….Each day I awake with my head buzzing. I now have fatigue and headaches, nausea unexplained and nosebleeds at the oddest times for no other reason. I have lost so many days of working (I work from home) and now there is no place to go. Our entire county, once a pristine, safe and desirable place to call home is now a sea of massive radiation from the thousands of smart meters now installed.


We didn’t even know the meter was there when we moved in the house late April, 2011. We’d been feeling strong and well. Suddenly our health started deteriorating rapidly. It was until end of May that I saw the meter and red flags went off. I have been avoiding all types of radiation since the 80’s due to poor health…and here it was now permanently attached to my bedroom wall!! We had no place to go. Complaints and pleas to the utility companies were absolutely fruitless. We have removed it ourself.


I have been suffering horrible migraine headaches since a SmartMeter was installed on my home in the fall of 2010. The meter was installed without my permission. When the installer arrived unannounced, I happened to be home. I told him I did not want a Smartmeter. He responded by telling me I had no choice and walked right in my gate and installed it.

It took almost a year of 15-18 debilitating migraine level headaches before the cause was discovered. I saw doctors and had blood tests, MRI’s CT scans, took migraine medications all with no relief. I kept a headache journal as recommended by headache specialists at UCSF and found no connection to headache development and diet, activity, etc. Looking at every variable possible, it was finally discovered that when I am around Smartmeters, I get headaches. When I am not, I don’t get headaches.

I am a high school teacher and was able to go visit my Mom in a neighborhood that has no Smartmeters when school let out in June of 2011. For my 9 day visit with my mother, I had no headaches. When I returned home, the headaches resumed on my first day back. The Smartmeter was then suspected. I shielded the SM with simple aluminum shielding, and the migraine headache significantly reduced to a normal headache. When I remove the shield the intense migraines come back; replace the shield, they go away. The shielding is not 100% blockage. I need this meter completely off my home!!

I cannot walk my dog in my own neighborhood. All the buzz from my neighbors meters make me dizzy and don’t help my headaches!! I feel trapped. There aren’t many places to escape the horrible effects of these meters because they are everywhere. I love my job and I love where I live, but I feel I am being forced to leave. I cannot believe this is happening in this country!

The longer I am exposed to this SmartMeter, the more sensitive I am becoming. My doctor says I have developed electrical sensitivity. I am miserable and there are some days I wish someone would just shoot me. These SmartMeters and the technolgy they use have turned me from a happy and productive member of society, into a desperate and miserable person. Please help!!!!!!!!


I have been severely harmed by the installation of two smart meters on my family’s home where I reside with my elderly parents and nephew.

I was forced to go to the emergency room only three hours after the two meters where installed on our home (one for gas and one for electric)from severe nausea, heart palpitations and a severe headache.

After several days, with the help of several highly trained medical doctors and a PA at my personal doctor’s office, I finally found a medication that allowed me to stay home and assisted me in not having to continue to visit hospital services.

However, though the nausea was lessen by the mediation they gave me, which by the way is what they give to people who have radiation poisoning, it’s side affects where too severe (mild to severe constipation and cramping leading to the need for more medical treatments)to continue for more than a few weeks. I was lucky enough to find an Accupuncturist who helped with these symptoms so at least I can now manage my pain.

I also suffered severe headaches (one meter was right outside my room, only two feet from my bed) and I was forced to move from a private room in front of the family house into the back of the house where the pain is much less.

Now I live my life in our family’s den, always intruded upon by the need for my parents and other family members who reside here to work in the same area. I have lost all my privacy and I still suffer headaches every day now. I fear my health is also deteriorating as I keep getting colds. I have had one every month since the smart meters where installed. Even in the warm weather. My immune system is being affected negatively.

My only hold on my sanity is my friends and loving mother. Otherwise I would have given up on living months ago. I hold on though I doubt I can withstand a flu or other immune compromised illness. My final act is to stop smart meters here on this planet, if at all feasible.

As I already have fibermyalgia and acid reflex, this is probably the final nail in the coffin for my health.  Please stop all smart meter installations and try to get all the ones already installed off people’s homes and residences and businesses. I can’t hardly go anywhere now without an instant migraine from the fact they are installed everywhere. I hate to think what they are doing to everyone’s health in my community. It makes me ill thinking how it is harming our children and elderly right now.


A man who identified himself as working for PG&E, came to my door stating that he was here to install a Smart Meter on my home. I said, “No! Please don’t do that. I don’t want a Smart Meter.” I watched him walk out of our gated yard. But he had not left. Moments later, he entered our gated yard again and I heard pounding at the side of my home, where the 4 meters for our townhouse are located. I called out to him, and he came to the front door and told me that he was installing 3 Smart Meters for my neighbors–on MY HOUSE! I said, “No, please don’t do that this is my home.” He stated that he had his orders and he was installing them. He left a card on my door with a number to call. He did not work for PG&E but a private company–PG&E may have an easement to my property, but his company does not–I believe he was tresspassing when I denied access. I begged him to stop–telling him repeatedly that I was not well, and I was not giving my permission for Smart Meters to be installed on my home. He stated, It is my job, & went to the side of my house. I called the number he had given, spoke with a PG&E rep and the connection was lost. I called back and spoke to another rep, who stated that I wasn’t on the “list” and that he would place me on it. I explained why I was calling, then he had to speak to his supervisor. He came back and said , “Well I can tell you this, once they are installed, they aren’t coming off!” I explained that I could hear the pounding at that moment and that they were in the process of installation and still could be stopped. I was told that nothing could be done.

Since the installation, my heart has been in fibrolation daily & my heart rate & blood pressure are elevated. Our granddaughter’s bed in her room is on the same wall as the Smart Meters. She has suddenly developed insomnia & is doing poorly in school. Recently, staying at a hotel she had no trouble sleeping through the nights.

Since installation, our high-speed internet connection has slowed, been interrupted often, dialing out we have static on the phone lines, similar to taking a cordless phone too near a microwave oven in use. Even our Wii reception has been slower & multiple interupts during each episode of Netflix–not interrupted prior, all since the installation.


My family has suffered since moving to this house (our old house did not have a smart meter). We have trouble sleeping. Headaches. Our son experiences nosebleeds and attention problems. My Mother feels that her health has declined in many aspects since the installation of her meter (she lives next door). We all have noticed our immune systems are weaker.  The biggest complaint is difficulty sleeping.


When the SmartMeters were put in my neighborhood, I and others had sleep problems. We did not know that the SMeters were installed on the neighbors’ homes as we did not have any SMeters. I have had to sleep in a heavily shielded area to get more than a couple of hours of sleep. I have also had pain in my sinuses and pressure in my face, and increased bleeding episodes.

I do not want an SMeter of any kind. An injury 6 years ago left me hypersensitive to the electromagnetic fields these and other devices emit. I had a lot of pain when appliances with switching power supplies were plugged in (like my computer). A doctor suggested I buy filters for this. That worked.

Please help me and others. I have since looked into the research. This hypersensitivity is caused by over-exposure. Wireless and the high frequencies produced by switching power supplies affects many people. There are 1000’s of red flags in the research. Please help stop this criminal use of compulsory technology.


Within 5 hours of having a smart meter installed on my apartment building I developed a severe band-like headache. I did not know what a smart meter was when the man with the hard hat knocked on my door to tell me that my power would be turned off for about 10 minutes. I thought nothing of it. The headache persisted through the night and was unresponsive to medication. The next morning I also experienced nausea and began to think that I was coming down with the flu. However, when I left my apartment and went to another city (no meters) my symptoms cleared up. I was perplexed when they returned that evening after I returned home. This pattern continued for the next 3 days: headaches, nausea, some heart palpitations, and feelings of irritability and confusion — all of which resolved when I left Burbank and went into LA City. After 5 days I could no longer tolerate the symptoms and left my home of 23 years, to live out of my car and sleep in the homes of friends and family to avoid the unbearable health issues.

I am disabled and, try as I might, I have been unable to find subsidized housing in an area that is free of meters. I am exhausted and despair at what my future holds. I have told Burbank Water and Power about my problems. A board member told me to move out of Burbank. I contacted the CPUC and was told that they have no jurisdiction over my utility company and was instructed to contact my City Council. I have spoken several times at City Council meetings but the council members are relying on the information provided to them by the CPUC, the California Council of Science and Technology, and Burbank Water and Power.  It is the most of vicious of circles. There is no remedy. There is no advocacy.

Several of my neighbors are experiencing similar symptoms, complaining of insomnia, headaches, difficulty concentrating. The mesh network and the meters are a scourge, depriving us of our human rights and our civil rights.


I am writing to file a complaint against PG&E and CPUC due to the health hazards of installing a Smart Meter in our home without our consent. When we first discovered its installation in May of 2010, my husband called PG&E with the request to have it removed, and they refused. On July 31, 2010, I went into the living room, about 6 feet from the wall that holds the Smart Meters, and felt a sudden zap of energy that instantly had my chest and throat aching, sending my already delicate health into immune collapse. It took several days before the aching in my chest, and the intense fatigue and brain fog that accompanied it, abated. We hired an electrician to come to our home with his radiofrequency radiation meter, to determine the frequency and strength of the Smart Meter radiation in our home. At the time of his reading on Wednesday, August 4th, the meter was pulsing about 3 times a minute, and inside the house the radiation from the Smart Meter was definitely high in the living room.

This kind of radiation is not good for anyone’s health, and as someone with chronic health issues and immune dysfunction, to have a Smart Meter in our home is completely unacceptable. I am writing to request that the Smart Meters at our home be removed immediately, and that action is taken to remove these meters from our area.


We had requested by phone that the smart meter not be installed at our residence. A couple of weeks or so after that, we noticed that our old analog meter was gone and a smart meter had been installed.


Within 1 hour of having our smart meter installed my wife started getting heart palpitations, headaches, brain fog and trouble sleeping. I have had brain fog and trouble sleeping. When we leave our home for a day then our systems return back to normal. We went to visit our family away from our home for 2 days to celebrate Thanksgiving and again felt much better. When we returned so did the problems.

We have our own business and have to work out of our home. It seems that America was a country of freedom of choice and not a country where things can be shoved down our throats and when we ask for reasonable changes we are turned down. We should have the choice of what goes on our house that is reasonable and safe to our health.

If you are normal or of normal health than a smart meter may not effect you but to the percentage of people that have medical issues please do not discriminate or destroy their ability to function normally or lose productivity.


I find it deeply troubling that the utility did not offer me the option of a new meter. Things like this should ALWAYS be opt-in only. I am also deeply concerned about the health effects of the meters. This should be among the top priorities for our legislators, as exposure to electro magnetic radiation impacts children and the ill the most, but will also make healthy people ill. Meanwhile, doctors are not properly trained to diagnose or treat related illness.


Within a month or 2 of installation of my EvilMeter, aka SmartMeter, I noticed for the first time in my life that my heart was skipping beats. It occurred only in the front part of my house. After a few days I remembered the EvilMeter, and checked to see where it was located. It was on the outside of my living room wall, only 1-2 feet from my sofa, where I often used to sit. I tried taking my pulse many places, and my pulse was normal everywhere except in the front part of my house. My irregular heartbeat was worst when near the EvilMeter.

Over the months since then, I have tried to stay out of the front part of my house. But my kitchen, TV, phone and computer are there, so I couldn’t completely avoid it. I did spend as much time as I could in my bedroom, e.g., eating most of my meals there, not watching TV, bringing my computer into my bedroom to work on it, etc.

However, a month or two ago I noticed that my skipped heartbeats were getting worse — my heart would only beat 2-3 times, then skip a beat, beat 2-3 times, then skip a beat, etc. That would go on for hours. This was much worse than at first, when it would go back to normal within a short time of going into my bedroom or leaving the house.

So I went to an MD, who diagnosed me with PVC (premature ventricular contraction). It may cause me to have a stroke, a heart attack, or eventually heart failure. I think that is extremely Evil.

Please make PG&E (and other utilities who may be doing the same thing) stop installing EvilMeters, and make them leave the analog meters in place. And please make the utilities replace all installed EvilMeters with analog meters.


I am a retired school teacher who has served California well over the years. I am ill from the smart meters (two of them, one gas, one electric) on my property – one at each end of my home. The electric smart meter, the worst of the two, is located on my bedroom wall, right by the headboard of the bed. My head was less than a foot, about 8 inches or less, from the smart meter for six months, as I slept and read in bed, sitting up. I had no idea that the electric meter on my property was causing emissions, including high bursts of radiation, 24/7. I have had my home tested and there is also “dirty electricity” from emissions on the wiring in the bedroom. I developed numerous symptoms, including very shrill (painful) ringing in my ears, severe headaches, skin cancer, dizziness, nausea, sensitivity to rf radiation and more, all following the exposure to the smart meters. Finally my doctor told me about the dangers of smart meters and diagnosed me with radiation illness. I moved out of the bedroom, along with my husband. I now sleep (for the past year) in the living room (very uncomfortably) and he sleeps in another bedroom. The living room is far enough away to lower the headaches, the other bedroom is not. I cannot use 1/3 of my home and property now, due to the smart meters. Getting anywhere near the electric meter, especially, inside or outside, produces extreme illness that lasts for three or four days.

I wrote and called SDG&E and the CPUC many times. Neither one was helpful. They both incorrectly insisted that it was mandatory to have these horrible meters on my property. I wrote and called all elected officials. They have ignored me… This is the worst thing I have ever experienced or seen. America will be destroyed by these multinational companies and the politicians who cater to them, if we don’t take action to stop the smart grid.


I would like to have the SmartMeter removed from my home immediately. I was not asked permission prior to the SmartMeter device being installed on my home. My family was never consulted about the program, or even notified in advance of installation. I hereby demand that the SmartMeter device be removed from the premises.

Since the installation, I have had headaches, nausea, dizziness, confusion and memory loss. I now understand that there are health concerns related to the wireless network that the SmartMeters use, and I do not want this device on my home or in my neighborhood. My old analog meter worked just fine, and I do not want to risk the health of my family with this SmartMeter.


I live in Encinitas and the Smart Meter was installed in my home without even asking or considering the Health issues for myself and those living here. This is so outrageous and plain inconsiderate. I feel very resentful to the SDg&E! I have felt more tiredness,stress and aggitation since they were installed and I want them out of my home. Did no one do any research on the effects on Health before considering installing these on our homes. I cannot believe the ignorance of such an act!


I have had headaches and progressive MS symptoms since the smart meter was installed. My MS symptoms now have progressed to feelings of numbness in my hands, burning sensations in my left arm, weakness in my left arm and a sense of confusion and memory loss intermittently from week to week. I want these poisonous contraptions OFF my house ASAP!


Since about a month after the meter was installed on my home, I began experiencing hives all over my body and near constant ringing in my ears which gets very loud at times. Both symptoms disappeared immediately months later when I was able to leave my home for more than a day. They returned within 24 hours when I returned to my home.

When the installer came to change out my analogue meter which was working perfectly, I followed him out to the side of my house and told him I objected strongly to the meters because of the problems I’d been hearing about inaccurate readings. I had not heard about the health concerns at that point. My objections were ignored so the meter was installed. As stated above, my symptoms began about a month later and have continued non stop since…except when I was able to leave my home for more than 24 hours.

Two and a half years ago, I had major surgery for cancer. It was removed and my follow up treatment worked. I was feeling very well just before the smartmeter was installed. When the hives and ear ringing began, my feelings of well being totally disappeared. My MD is VERY concerned and believes as I do that the Smartmeter is a threat to my health.


In the past year, without my consent, a smart meter was installed on my property. Between the time of installation and this writing, I have developed tinitus–a constant, faint, ringing in my ears that negatively affects my sleep and my overall quality of life. I had no idea why I developed this condition (I have suffered no head injury or severe illness this past year) until I learned today that tinitus has been associated with the emanations from these smart meters. My wife then attempted to contact PG&E and local electricians regarding the replacement of the smart meter with an analog meter. She was informed by the local electricians that it was illegal for them to remove the smart meter from our property. She was informed by PG&E that they would not remove the smart meter. This situation is intolerable. The idea that a private company is somehow entitled to place a device on my home that is harmful to me and to my family flies in the face of my understanding of property rights in this state and in this country. I would ask that you give rapid consideration to a method by which homeowners can opt out of having a smart meter. The longer this goes on, the greater the harm that will be suffered by the populace and the greater the damages that will ultimately be recovered against PG&E in the numerous lawsuits that will inevitably result. I own and operate a civil litigation law firm in Los Gatos (Abronson Law Offices). I have previously received inquiries regarding legal action against PG&E. Given my personal experience, I will be taking these more seriously in the future. I and numerous others in my community will also be watching to see how quickly and successfully this issue is addressed in considering how to vote in the next election.


I have called to have my smart meter removed 11/30/11 This was installed Jan. 12 2008. Since then I have experienced sleepless nights, anxiety, ringing in the ears and headaches, my children have as well.

When I called to have the smart meter removed I was informed that I will be charged to go back to the analog and will not longer be able to use the Time of Use plan (which I have been a part of before the smart meter…this is a cost saving program as to when the peak and off peak hours are for usage) Their reasoning is that a technichian will have to come out monthly to read meter. So I am curious why my NEW monthly tehnichian fee who will come out to read my meter will not be able to do the exact same service I had prior to the having the smart meter installed!


I have lived in my home in Santa Cruz for over 30 years. This last summer I was away for 5 weeks, when I returned to my home in mid September I began having sleepless nights. I would awake about midnight with my heart racing and be unable to go back to sleep at all. After a week of this I went to visit a friend and slept perfect at her house, that has no smart meter. When I returned the same sleeplessness happened. It finally dawned on me to check the meter which is on the outside wall of my bedroom. The smart meter had been installed against my opt out wishes.

I called PG&E and they have refused to take it off and gave me misinformation on the phone saying that the meter was not even working yet. When I pressed the representative about this, he changed his story. I need this meter off, I am missing work and my health is suffering from lack of sleep.


Since the SmartMeters have been installed on the condo building where I live, I started suffering from heart palpitations.

I happens especially during the night awakening me and keeping me awake, without being able to fall asleep again.

I also started suffering from Hypothyroidism, a problem I never had in my life until now (I am 41).

This is an intolerable decay in environmental quality. Since now, I have conducted a very healthy life style, rarely have I got sick form common things such as colds and flu.

How is that eating only organic foods, not smoking, having low stress level got me into an autoimmune disease?


Since Smart Meter has been installed, I am suffering from heart palpitations, unusually dry skin, and insomnia for months. My pregnant wife has had chronic headaches for months. I usually keep abreast of health dangers that most people are unaware of, but somehow I missed this one. I was personally violated when my Kafkaesque utilites company, PG&E, came and did this to me without informing me. They come and threaten my health and the health of my family like this. It’s an outrage but most folks, as usual, are still asleep to it. I had to spend 200 bucks on EMF shielding fabric for our bedroom, as the accursed “Smart” meter is directly opposite our bed. I’ve written, I’ve called, and as I fully expected, PG&E doesn’t give a damn about my family.


I would like to have my smart meter removed from my home immediately. I never gave my permission to install a smart meter on my home. One day a company representative showed up at my door and said he needed to replace my meter. I did not realize that it was going to be a totally different meter than what I already had. I was not given any information about the smart meter at all. I demand it be removed immediately!

Since the smart meter was installed i have been suffering from debilitating headaches. On some days it is so bad that I cannot function at all. I have also been having severe difficulty with sleeping. After doing research on my on I found out that there are considerable health concerns involved with smart meters. The problems that I have been having are among those health concerns. I demand that my smart meter be removed from my home immediately.

I have called my utility company, Georgia Power, and informed them of these problems and requested by old meter back. I was told that those meter were being phased out and I would not be able to get it back. I was told that I was going to have to deal with the smart meter. They were sorry that I was having problems but there was nothing that could be done. This is not satisfactory! My health and the health of my family are very important. I demand that my smart meter be removed immediately!


Since the installation of this new meter, we have both been experiencing ear ringing, headaches, problem sleeping. we would very much like to have our older type meter reinstalled. we don’t believe all this to be just a coincidence, because of the timing of it all.


Moved into my apartment complex back in November of 2010. The Smart Meter was already installed for our apartment.

Ten out of twenty apartments here have smart meters installed. Our apartment is about 90 ft. away from all of them, yet I still have not had a regular nights sleep since I have moved here. The past year has been pretty painful for me. On average I would normally wake up once through out the entire night. Now its 5-6 times a night if I can even fall asleep!

I don’t use wifi unless I have guests over. I keep my cell on speaker away from my head at all times and out of my room at night. obviously I am highly sensitive to electric fields. Not to mention my young indoor cats used to be very active and out in the open of the living room at all times. Here, they hide behind the couch or in the closest as if they are nearly always disturbed=(

The only change in our lives has been the SMART METERS. If all smart meters in my complex are not removed with in the next 3 months, I will have no choice but to move once my lease is up. It will have to be somewhere where they don’t allow them. Im sure I will be pushed into backwoods because all of this.


Since the installation, I have had bad headaches, and buzzing in my head as well as feeling of my inside is being cooked at night when I try to go to sleep. I have changed my bedroom twice, and now I am sleeping and living in my kitchen where it is the furthest from the SmartMeter. When I go to bed, I turn off the Main Switch to the house over night so that I can sleep. This constant switching on and off the power is making my husband crazy too. He cannot go to sleep until I go to sleep because I need the power off entirely in the house.

I have called my utility company, PG&E, multiple times about getting the SmartMeter removed, and they have told me they will not remove it. They told me there would be an opt out option in the future, but we cannot wait for finalization the opt out program. I do not feel it is fair that I have to suffer when I did not want the SmartMeter on my home in the first place. I am certain that the SmartMeter is causing other health issues for myself and my family because ever since the installation of the SmartMeters, I not only cannot sleep well but my back and leg hurts all the time. I do not want to wait remove this SmartMeter. I would like it removed now!


I learned of the dangers of ‘Smart’ meters shortly after it was installed on my home. Since this time, I have experienced a loud ringing in my ears when I am at home, and my toddler, whose bed is about 15 feet from the ‘Smart’ meter, has not yet slept a full night in our home since the new meter was installed. He sleeps fine at his grandparents house. He sleeps fine when we are staying elsewhere. He is generally awake and crying every 2-4 hours when we are at home.

Also, the month after my “Smart’ meter was installed, my electricity bill almost doubled. This was even after we put our home electronics on a power strip so that we could completely power everything down. We also have gas appliances, so when SCE told me that we were ‘probably running our dryer more than usual’, they were quite misstaken.

I am also very concerned about fires, as my house was built in 1913 and, while the wiring has been updated since then, there are still some areas of the house that may not have been. After hearing about the ’cause’ of fires in some peoples’ homes (that their wiring was not up to code), I am concerned that I will also be a victim of this fraud claim.

Had I been informed of the issues surrounding ‘smart’ meters, I would not have allowed one on my home, near my family.


Since moving into this partial basement apartment 2.5 years ago, I noticed an increase in my resistance to environmental sensitivities. I have always lived with cats, and upon moving in here I developed allergy symptoms (sneezing, wheezing and itchy eyes). I also found that whenever I needed to work at my desk, I became extremely lethargic within minutes of sitting down. Soon I discovered information about the negative affects SmartMeters can have on people sensitive to electro-magnetic frequencies. The next time I was doing laundry (which is located in a room directly on the other side of the wall of my living room and desk) I noticed 4 SmartMeters. Four! They are located in a row about 7 – 9 meters away from where I sit at my desk, or couch!

I’d like to mention here that I only found out about the issues surrounding SmartMeters in the last couple of months. Up until now I have spent thousands of dollars in doctors visits, allergy testing and different remedies, diet changes and medication to help get back to health.

So when I saw these SMs ticking away at such a close distance, I went to the internet to figure out a quick-fix barrier to use until I can get these meters switched out to the analogue meters. I discovered that a decent barrier is tin foil and I have since covered the meters with the foil. I noticed an improvement immediately. I have not had allergy symptoms for the past month, and I am able to sustain normal focus while working at my desk. I do not think this is any coincidence.

It is my desire that the KW Hydro company replace these Smart Meters with the analogue meters as soon as possible.


This afternoon, my doorbell rang. A very large, intimidating man was standing there, and informed me that he was going to turn my power off for 20 seconds to install a new Smart Meter on my house. I had never heard of a Smart Meter, and told him I didn’t want it. He said it was required by the power company. I wanted more time to research it, so I told him to opt us out until I was able to make a more informed decision. He said there was no opt out option and that we had no choice in the matter. He said he would leave a pamphlet on the door and then proceeded to change the box regardless of my objections. I then called the power company and they refused to do anything about it. I am very upset because we were never told about the smart meter, or that there was a delay option. We certainly would have called had we known!


Being around Smart Meters gives me nausea, headaches and heart palpitations within minutes. Fortunately my neighborhood has not been completely installed with the meters yet. I no longer can go for walks around town because I can feel the stabbing of the electrical impulses. Same when driving through neighborhoods where they have been installed. Please stop the madness. I notice DDT and lead are now banned in this country. Since the wireless industry has been totally unregulated so far, it seems that it will just be a matter of time before the health impacts become too great to be ignored any more. I see no reason not to be able to keep the analog meter. PG&E can save money by leaving it there! Meter reading is already included in our rates as is the rollout of the Smart Meters.


Since the smart meter was installed on my home I have been plagued by Tinnitus, very loud and consider staying in my home toxic. I also have leg twitching and my whole body convulses like I am shocked. This is torture. I find when I am away from my home the Tinnitus subsides to none at all.

Overall I feel my health is downgrading, also having heart palpitations. I am considering taking this meter off of my home since phone calls to the utility company don’t bring them out to replace it with the analog meter. I am also considering a class action suit. This is unconscionable with this device being imposed and infliction of its microwave propagation upon us. My ability to think degraded and I am trying to focus above the noise in my head. My rights to enjoy the quiet peace and privacy of my home has been invaded and violated. I will be contacting attorneys.

The actions of the CPUC, SCE and lack of prompt redress is criminal. None of Californians or Americans should have to withstand this.


I would like to have the SmartMeter removed from my home immediately. I was not asked permission prior to the SmartMeter device being installed on my home. I was never consulted about the program. I hereby demand it’s removal.

Since the installation, I have had headaches, problems sleeping and humming in my ears. I now understand that there are health concerns related to the wireless network that the SmartMeters use, and I do not want this device on my home or in my neighborhood. My old analog meter worked just fine, and I do not want to risk the health of my family with this SmartMeter.


I am requesting the immediate removal of the Smart Meter at my home. I am having severe health issues: headaches, nervousness, inability to sleep, a lowering of my immune system so that I am frequently sick with head colds and cough.

I have called several times and have sent a letter from my Doctor to PG&E with absolutely no response. My telephone conversations were met with no understanding that my request to remove the Smart Meter was valid and important. I was given the PG&E policy line by rote, and my complaint duly set aside.


I am writing to request for a zero cost Opt-Out Smart Meter Program. I would like the smart meter to be removed from my home immediately as possible and replaced with an analog meter. All data shows the only benefit for these meters is to PGE. To date PGE is unresponsive as to why my bill is outrageously high when it is only myself and my wife in our home. There is no care, concern or response as to what health effects we might be suffering. To date we are experiencing short term memory issues, sleeplessness issues, headaches.

We did not authorize this meter and were never consulted or given a choice to have it. We are extremely conservative in our power use. I am extremely concerned about the health effects of the smart meter and what they might be doing to us both and our neighbors. It is a travesty that the CPUC could appoint themselves approvers of the PGE smart meter rollout without any actual health, economic studies and actually mandate them without actual legislation homeowner approval. This is a non-legislated private corporate/government deal. I thought that could not happen, but here we are today.

There is actually ZERO PROOF that smart meters are benefiting households or the energy grid regardless of the sales and marketing pitch. There is however considerable research and anecdotal data in the form of studies and many reports demonstrating ill health effects, extreme RF radiation levels and effects, and alleged fraud on the part of PGE – and NO ONE IS BEING HELD TO ACCOUNT! THe CPUC is now widely considered a corrupt committee.

Official action is needed now to allow a no cost opt-out program. The meters costs have been illegally passed on to the unwitting consumer with out our consent and PGE consumer billing costs are skyrocketing when the promise was savings! Please hold all accountable for foisting these “smart meters” on the public at our expense without public permission. Restore faith in the rule of law in California. Please act now start with a Zero Cost Opt-Out Program for all Californians.


We were never informed a new meter would be installed, we don’t even know when it was installed, we just happened to notice it had been changed sometime in the last year. Also in the last year, I have been suffering from dibilitating headaches, which have been diagnosed as “Primary Stabbing Headaches” I suffer from these headaches on a daily basis now.

We request that the meter be replaced with the original analog meter.


Florida Power and Light notified us by mail in early September 2011 concerning a change in our electrical metering. They stated that they had completed installation an electrical smart meter on our residence.

Since that period of time my family has noticed an abnormal increase in health related issues. These health issues include non-restful sleep periods, fatigue, nausea, headaches, unexplained stomach discomfort, ringing in the ears, etc. Health professionals have been contacted, but no explanation for the abnormal issues have been found.

We have contacted Florida Power and Light to request the removal and replacement of the digital electrical meter, with a conventional analog electrical meter. Up to this point, we have had little response from FPL.


My wife has a lifetime history of seizures. She is extremely sensitive to electrical and magnetic fields. Just sitting in front of a computer for too long causes her to have pre-seizure symptoms. For this reason we do not use portable phones and other RF technology. Now PG&E has forced these powerful RF Smart Meters on our neighbors and my wife’s seizure symptoms increased almost immediately. So far PG&E has not installed these dangerous devices on our house because we have a locked gate…We are also well aware of the large volume of research that makes it clear exposure to these meters and other RF devices causes cancer. It seems to us that PG&E is determined to kill everyone with these lethal, cancer causing devices.


Since a mass “deployment” of Smart Meters in my neighborhood, unbeknowst to my neighbors, our family has suffered health issues. I personally have begun to have ringing in my ears. My daughter has also suffered health issues. I am also concerned because I am aware that this “deployment” was done against the will of my neighbors and without prior notification of the health, invasion of privacy issues.


I had my smart meter removed because I was experiencing dizziness, headaches and was unable to sleep and a constant ringing, humming in my ears especially at night. to resolve the problem I had my old analog meter reinstalled. which cost me money plus the opt out fee…. Blackmail… Because l live in a park of about 200 or more homes and because of the high frequency volume, I am still having symptoms to the meters,because most in the park have the smartmeters. I am experincing headaches on a daily bases and I can not tell you when I’ve had a good nights sleep. and the constant humming,I am constantly up through out the night… just as if I was plugged in… my heath care provider is aware of my conditions and is concerned as well..I was not aware that there were side affects to these meters, but my body is telling me different. when I called and told CMP they minimized it and said it was no different then a cell phone I don’t believe it for a moment. I have NEVER had this experience with my cell phone.and I have never had problems with falling to sleep and staying asleep.


My complaint is about my neighbor’s Smart Meters as well as about the Smart Meter equipment that was installed on the utility poles along the road in my area. My sleep and the general health of my immune system have increasingly deteriorated over the past two years or so since the amount of Smart Meters and Smart Meter equipment has gradually, but steadily, increased in my area. I have spent thousands in medical bills to try and figure out my health problems, but physicians have been unable to find a diagnosis and are left trying to alleviate the symptoms. My doctor agrees that I am adversely affected by radiofrequency, but does not feel qualified to test for this factor.

Communities need to establish safe zones where people can live free from excessive radiofrequency from Smart Meters (and other sources as well). I am forced to try to locate such an area and then move there as the only way to escape the daily assault from PG&E’s Smart Meters. Harming citizens in this way is criminal and should be illegal. The fact that the World Health Organization has now classified radiofrequency as a Class 2B Carcinogen clearly illustrates the far-reaching health effects of microwave radiofrequency radiation from Smart Meters. And scientific research has demonstrated that radiofrequency radiation causes many adverse biological effects on the human body long before cancer is induced.


I was sitting in my home office when a PG&E employee installed a “SmartMeter” upon my house without knocking on my door first. He did it very quickly and was gone because I went outside when the electricity went out and there was a hugh hammer sound. There I found a notice of what was done.

This is my situation. I moved to the country surrounded by forest several years ago due to extreme sensitivity to electric-magnetic pollution , radiation, and other health issues such as chemical sensitivity. You can imagine how violated I must feel to have this “SmartMeter” installed against my will. The stress of this was tremendous, and as of yet I can not get it removed. I try to just put it out of my mind however, my physical body is experiencing rapid heart beat and head-ache. I realize that Wi-Fi is in the world now but please let my home remain my sanctuary for healing.

I can document my health challenges and their worsening due to the installation of “SmartMeter” on my home.

I will continue to pursue the removal of this health hazard device until it is removed.


I live in an apartment building with seven units. When I heard about smart meters I called PG&E and was put on the delayed list. This did not make me very happy because I didn’t want one period. Our meters are in a location about 40 feet from my apartment and right next to the building. When I went down recently to look, some of the meters already had smart meters on them. Even though three of us don’t, we are still getting the EMF’s from the others. I am 74 years old and have lived in this location for more than 20 years. I have been getting headaches lately and I believe it is due to the smart meters. I don’t want one and I don’t think it’s right for us apartment dwellers to be subjected to the smart meters that you installed outside our building next to my meter.


Since the smart meter was installed on my home (without choice, just DONE) I have been having ringing in my ears, fatigue and my husband gets severe headaches. The meter is installed outside the wall of the family room where we watch tv and where I’m sitting now at my computer. It’s 12 feet away.

I now have called SDGE about getting the SmartMeter removed, and they have told me they will not remove it. One lady told me it was California Law that I have it on my house.

I do not feel it is fair that I am required to wait up to a year to have my SmartMeter removed when I did not want the SmartMeter on my home in the first place. I am also concerned that the SmartMeter may be causing sleep problems and other health issues for myself and my family. I do not want to wait months to remove this SmartMeter. I would like it removed now!


Two Smart Meters were installed at our house – gas meter directly behind our kitchen sink – less than 1 foot away, and electric meter – 3 feet from our kitchen/dining room table. I began to develop a host of health problems following this: Intense Tinnitus, trembling, confusion, dizziness and bad abdominal pains, loss of appetite, moodiness and tremendous sleeping problems. I also began to drop things and break out in hives. This has never happend to me before. I am a very healthy, active person. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen cooking, which I love to do – not realizing what was going on. I knew that I felt much better when I left the house, though was still foggy and out of it when I was around the neighborhood. Our house is approx. 18 feet from our neighbors on one side, and 15 feet from the other side. I can feel all these meters. I talked to my Dr. to see what was going on and had bloodwork done. My liver enzymes were elevated – 2x their normal rate – something caused by toxicity. I became scared. When I called PG&E to complain, they spoke to me in a condescending way saying ” Do you own a microwave? It’s no different than a microwave. As long as you are 6ft away from it/them, it’s no problem”. This is a complete lie. They are extremely powerful. We bought a meter and measured it and it goes to extremely high levels of RF in spikes every few seconds, and is transmitting 24 hours a day. I called again and was told there was nothing they could or would do for me. This is when I joined the Stop Smart Meter organization and realized that I was not alone. I have worked in the wireless industry in the past and know that corporateions lie (the manufacturers, the utility, etc. to save money and hide the lack of actual research that has been done. I have seen it firsthand.)

I was getting so sick, we fled to Santa Cruz for a few months – before they were installed there – and I felt fine. All my symptoms went away. PG&E then announced they were going to bulldoze into Santa Cruz county, even though there was a moratorium on the meters until further research was done. What an outrage! We finally left CA and are now living in the midwest where there are no meters. This was extremely upsetting and stressful for both my husband and myself.


In mid-October 2011 because of noise from neighbors in the back bedroom, I moved my mattress to the front room of my house. That room is directly over our electric smart meter and our gas smart meter. I couldn’t sleep. Usually I do meditation every night, and sleep easily, but now I cannot do this. I just cannot sleep, night after night. No peace in my heart. I feel my heart jumping for several seconds in a row.

I have no energy. I usually exercise and do stretching. I have exercises I do for my back that I learned from physical therapy, but I cant do them. My ear has noise in it. Its like the noise of my neighbors TV thru the wall, but it is in my ear. I have perfect hearing. Its like a low whishing sound. Since then, I also lost weight for no reason10 pounds. I have nausea and have lost my appetite.

I called the doctor on Oct. 26, and he gave me 100 Lorazepam (2/d) pills and 15 sleeping pills (zolpidem, just before bed).

I took the Lorazepam, everyday but I stopped after a few days. It wasnt helping me to sleep. The sleeping pills did help me to sleep. But I cant take it every night, I am not supposed to according to the information with the pills [effect wears off in 2 wks].

Its about 1 1/2 months now. I am afraid I will have a heart attack or a stroke. I am a sensitive person.  I did not know anything about smart meters, I didn’t know when they put them in. I called now to find out. PG&E says I am now on a waiting list to have the radio turned off in the smart meter, but they cannot say how long that will be.


I have NEVER had headaches in my life but now find myself with one everytime I spend time in the room next to where my smart meter was installed. I want this thing out and my old meter returned.


One day I got a notice in the mail that “Smart Metetrs” were being deployed in my neighborhood in Long Beach weather I liked it or not. I found it interesting that they use a military term to describe this intervention. Since the meter was installed I have had problems with my heart racing for no apparent reason while I am in bed. The meter is on the other side of my bedroom wall. I am in my 60s and everyone I have talked to at Southern California Edison claims the meters are not the problem and no more dangerous than a cell phone. However the phone I can shut off. It has even affected my pets. I have two old dogs and two young cats. Since the meter installation I have noticed that they are panting more and at times seem to have trouble breathing. I do not believe these meters have been studied long enough as to long term effects on humans or animals. I would really like my analog back and have no desire to watch the meter on my computer to see how much energy I’m using. I have no air conditioner; dish washer;clothes washer or dryer. Nor do I have central heating, extra refrigerators or freezers. I use a power strip for my computer and shut it off when not in use. I don’t need this big brother utility dictating my energy use. It is an invasion of privacy and it puts meter readers out of work. Higher unemployment rates in this state are NOT needed.


I am a health practitioner concerned about the effects of Smart Meters I have seen in my patients. Many previously healthy people are having symptoms dating from the installation of their Smart Meters or shortly thereafter. Some patients already health-compromised, have gotten worse since their Smart Meters were installed. Some are affected more than others. Some have become disabled from their symptoms.

I feel strongly that installation of Smart Meter’s with their potential health hazards is a violation of the personal rights and freedom of myself and others.

I have refused a Smart Meter and want the right to continue to do so to protect my health.


On October 22nd of 2011, my life changed forever. I was sitting writing a letter to my daughter, and I began to get stinging, shooting pains in my jaw and ear area, my sinuses starting filling up and my head felt like it was full of paint. That night I was unable to sleep because of a very alarming case of acute tinnitus, unlike anything I had ever experienced before, and chest pains. The next night I was awakened from a dead sleep at 1:30 in the morning with vacuum-cleaner like tinnitus and an alternating two-tone noise that sounded like notes from an electric keyboard. It was so loud that I opened the window to see if it was coming from outside. I had to put on street clothes and walk away from our apartment in search of relief. A couple of blocks away, the tinnitus diminished greatly. When I came back I had to lie on the couch in the living room and turn on the TV and heater to help mitigate the white noise in my head to try to sleep. Staying asleep was another battle. This nightmare went on for a couple of more nights.

I stayed away from the apartment during the day, and it was patently obvious that the symptoms abated away from the 11 “Smart” meters installed in our building a couple of months prior. As I already had fibromyalgia, missing deep sleep cycles affected my health all day long. My ten year old son and I had to start finding different places to sleep. I soon began to realize that some of the symptoms he had been having disappeared away from the apartment – chest pains so alarming I had to take him to a pediatric cardiologist, “stinging” headaches, and bouts of fatigue.

My son and I have now been homeless since early December, when I was finally able to get us all the way out of our apartment in spite of debilitating symptoms, including head aches, diarrhea, nausea, hand numbness, chest pains, neck pains, and extremely upsetting cognitive impairment. We are having to move into a van and are currently searching for a place to park/live where we can remain relatively healthy – at least functional. I have had to cut down on the hours I can work, and usually have to work under very difficult conditions, in terms of symptoms. There is utterly no mystery here in terms of causation – most symptoms diminish the further away my son and I get from electro-smog sources. After a big exposure, though, it takes some time to recover to the usual level (of discomfort!)

The CPUC has allowed PG&E to ruin my son’s and my health, and that of many, many others, and we have had no recourse but to take the brunt of it with no official help – even doctors at this point are generally ignorant of the EHS phenomenon (in this country). So where’s the accountability? This travesty is indefensible and unconscionable. PG&E needs to stop this madness immediately, and the CPUC needs to make them stop. And we victims of this outrageous breach of public trust need to be compensated.  Anon, CA.


For over a year my parents have been waiting to have their smart meter replaced with an analog meter for health reasons. PGE has been unresponsive and neglected my parents health and their request to have the smart meter removed.

As soon as the smart meter was put onto my sisters home  last year, her family began experiencing ringing in their ears, headaches and malfunctioning of electrical devices such as their cell phones, laptop and baby monitor. PGE refused to take off their smart meter. They had to move out of the city because of the health problems they experienced once the smart meter was installed.

During the year that my parents have been living with smart meters their health has deteriorated. In the past year my mother has lost much of her ability to speak clearly and walk without assistance. My father, who was diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease approximately fifteen years ago, yet had improved after a new Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) procedure in 2009, has also experienced increased problems with balance and speech.

We are concerned that the two smartmeters on their residence are interfering with the functioning of his DBS implant, a pacemaker-like device that sends electric signals into his brain to stimulate dopamine production. The device’s use manual warns against exposure to EMF and RF radiation. We called the engineer hotline for the company that manufactures the DBS device, Medtronics, and the staff recommended having the smartmeter removed. We have learned that no studies have been conducted concerning the risk of a smartmeter affecting the health of a person with a DBS. We notified PGE, however they ignored our request to have the smartmeter replaced with an analog meter.

PGE is obligated to comply with the federal Fair Housing Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the California Unruh Civil Rights Act, as well as other state and federal laws, mandating that you make changes to rules, policies, or practices, or services that may be necessary to allow a person with a disability the equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling. Please be advised that my father and mother, are deemed disabled by the Social Security Administration and, therefore, are people with a handicap under the relevant anti-discrimination laws. This letter places you on notice of our need and request for a reasonable accommodation in the form of immediate re-installing analog meters on his dwelling.  (Anon Family, Alameda County CA)


I am doing all the research I can to fight the Northwestern Energy Co’s illegal installation of a smart reader.  Since the installation took place in March, 2011, my 14 year old cat has developed a bad eye infection and is now going blind in one eye. Rabbits I recently purchased and put in my barn due to cold weather have given birth to still born or highly deformed litters (the barn is much closer to the smart reader than my house)

One of my goats had twins, one was normal, the other about 1/3 the size of a normal kid and died within 3 days despite being bottle fed (mother rejected her) .

My mother suffers from seizures and immediately started having bad ones after the installation of the smart meter. She is 93 and has recently moved into my house. I am 65 and have had a lot of joint pain since the installation, the ring finger of my left hand started becoming paralyzed during the night in the spring—sometimes it takes several hours in the morning for me to be able to flex my hand and use it properly. Prior to the installation, I had no problems with that hand. Sudden fatigue is becoming a problem as are severe sleep disturbances.

Sincerely, Eunice Farmilant Plains MT

PS.  I also wanted to add that my land line causes my dog a lot of distress–even after removing my cordless phone.. As soon as the phone rings and I begin talking, she starts barking and runs to the door to be let out. I experience a high pitch ringing which is intermittent. I did buy a radio frequency meter and took readings off the digital meter. The exact same signals are given out by my laptop computer while it is on. The signals only stop after the computer is turned off at the surge protector.

I get the same readings from my land line and the television—so it is apparent the frequencies are being carried by both the electrical wiring in the house and the telephone. I have to turn off the television also at the surge controller to stop the frequencies….so now both the computer and television are on for only limited times during the day. I am also going to use a speaker phone so I do not have to hold the receiver near my ear/head.

Part of the problem may be due to the proximity of the meter which sits in front of the electric box in my yard being mounted on the same 6 x 6 post as my telephone connection and my satellite receiver for the television. I wonder if other people have encountered this problem?

The only way I can sleep (nothing is plugged into any electric outlets in the bedroom where I sleep) lately is by taking melatonin.

My bedroom is approximately 40 feet from the digital meter which is free standing. I have procured several microwave ovens and plan to mount the doors from them to both the front and back of the meter as I have read they have an embedded screen which blocks radiation.  I am also in the process of buying various forms of screening and grounding devices.


I am writing in regards to Smart Meters that I have to deal with on a daily basis. Over the past 6-7 months I have recently developed Tinnitus, Migraines and Blurred sensitive vision. The only change in my life has been the SMART METERS. I have to sit within about a 6-10 ft radius of a smart meter at my work and My neighborhood has been flooded with them. I have called Pg&e but of course they say nothing can be done. At this point I am just looking for help on how to approach this matter.  A.M.C Santa Cruz


I do not have a SmartMeter on my house and most of my neighbors don’t. But as the meters have increased nearby the ringing in our ears is near constant here and sometimes intolerable. Sleeping can be difficult, I have suffered unexplained hair loss, my appetite has gone down and my digestion has suddenly gotten more difficult. Further, I have suddenly become lackluster about things and other health issues have spiked. I feel better now when I am away from home but it is getting increasingly difficult to find places where I can not feel restless or spacey. R.H. Santa Cruz


I was switched on to a Smart Meter without my consent. ( a notice was sent out only) Since that time, I’ve had issues with severe anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, headaches, buzzing and ringing in my ears…I couldn’t account as to why I was feeling this way, until I finally read about the smart meters and what they are doing to some of the population….I called my utility co.(salt river project in az.) and asked to speak to a supervisor about this matter. He (Ben Celleck) said that they don’t cause these problems and that it’s SRP’s property and they will deem what they will use. I told him “I’m the customer and I pay SRP for the service and they should use what I request, not the other way around!”…..I kept insisting to have it changed out and stating it was my right as a customer to have this request..but he keep telling me…”No, they will not change out the meter, but we will come out and check it for any leakage of power.”….”I said I’m very sensitive with the EMF that it produces and is causing my health problems.” I said. ” I don’t want SRP to just come out and check it, I just want it to be replaced with the analog meter not the smart meter”…..He kept to his same story….”We will not replace with the analog”…..When I got back home (11/2/11) from work, I had received a notice from SRP that they had been out there to inspect my meter and stated they had found nothing wrong with my meter. D.M. Arizona


Since the smart meters were installed, I have difficulty breathing, have headaches which I never had, sleep problems, balance problems, physical weakness, nausea, anxiety, depression, and worsening of health conditions. I would like the analog meter back so I can feel normal again. D.D. Santa Cruz


I am having serious health issues since the meter was installed. And, not prior. My home has become toxic.  I want this meter removed immediately. I can not wait. This is an emergency. Either the utility company comes out immediately and takes it off or I will resort to other measures. This is oppressive tyranny and an assault to my mental and physical well being. M.C. Riverside CA


My family and I have been experiencing negative health effects since the smart meter was installed. I have had ringing in my ears and my son has not slept a whole night since the meter was installed. He sleeps fine at his daycare (analog meter) and he sleeps all night at his grandparent’s house (also analog meter).

I would like permission to have my analog meter replaced at no cost to me or my family. L.S. Los Angeles CA


Ever since the Smart Meter has been installed in my house I have suffered insomnia, constant headaches and am forced to listen to the sound of electrical humming outside my bedroom. Do not ignore the fact that some people are more sensitive to electricity than others.  L.M. Santa Cruz


In May of 2010 they installed a RF Smart Meter. Between then and June 2011, I had made four trips to an ER for heart palpitations, tinnitus, extreme fatigue with mental confusion and inability to sleep. On top of being able to accomplish damn little due to the symptoms, the electric bills topped $200 per month when we didn’t add an appliance or use more of what we had.

In each ambulance ride, the symptoms went away after 30 minutes out of this Smart Meter Neighborhood. Then the symptoms returned within a day.

June 2011, I demanded they remove the smart meter because I was being over-charged. They replaced the RF Smart Meter with a hardwired digital Smart Meter in an attempt to placate me. And I am still being overcharged.  The symptoms are a little less severe, but they still exist and are very hard to accommodate in any capacity. Especially the headaches that I’ve never had until a Smart Meter was installed. John N., New Mexico _____________________________________

My name is Donald Newsom. I have an account with PG&E in my home. My desk is on the other side of the wall from the smart meter.

I am 42 and in excellent health. However, since this was put on our home without any permission I have had severe headaches and my right eye is twitching now uncontrollably. This doesn’t happen when I am away from my home (although now the problems are severe enough they are becoming constant). I believe it’s the smart meter. I have phoned them twice to have someone remove it but they will not.

On 10/18/2011 I called PG&E and they transferred me to Angel in Sacramento with the Smart Meter Department. I told Angel that my eye is twitching badly and that my headaches are getting severe. He took my information down and said he’d have someone get in touch with me. I told him I tried this once before, where PG&E said they would have a supervisor call me back, but when they did call 5 days later they hung up immediately after I picked up the receiver – which was 2 rings in. I saw it was PG&E via my caller ID. They did not call back. Thus, Angel told me he would have someone get in touch with me over the next week. I hope so… as I am now demanding this be removed.

I would like to have this smart meter removed. I have 3 adults living here and 4 children all under 13 years of age. PG&E did not allow us to opt out and put the meter on our home while we were away. It seemed to us very sneaky. How can a company put something on my home that may harm me and my children, and then not remove it when I tell them the harm it is now causing? I am hoping someone needs to come out and remove this from our home and put back the old style meter, or turns off the transmitter I am so sensitive to.

My body is now feeling very sick, I have headaches constantly and my eye may need surgery to stop the twitching. Further, we work where we live and home school our kids … so we are getting much exposure to the RF Transmissions and would like it to stop.

How can we accomplish this?

Donald Newsom, Butte County CA


I have very disturbing symptoms after living for a year and a half sandwiched between 30 gas smart meters on one side and 30 electric smart meters on the other side. I also have wi-fi router and wi-fi radio which are probably part of the problem.

I am toasted by inability to sleep more than 4-5 hours and even those hours occur randomly so as to say my sleep patterns schedules are all out of whack. I have intermitant vertigo. I think I am getting cooked by meters in my location because I get unexplainable, VERY uncomfortable sweats that come upon me out of nowhere feeling like I am being heated up from the inside out, they make me feel very unbalanced and really mad as I usually evacuate my apt and go outside before I take a shower to try to feel good.   My facial skin also has dried and aged and wrinkled beyond recognition. Most replies to my inquiries say I must move from this apt a.s.a.p. That is not an easy job.

Where am I going to be safe?

NO wi-fi recommended or maybe wi-fi will invade another neighborhood after I relocate there. Also getting away from the stupid smart meters they are everywhere here now. I know moving off the grid and living with solar power is ideal but that is not likely at this time.  I cannot really start living in my car and spend my time at the park or whatever others report such as staying away from their homes as much as possible. MS. Humboldt County


Edison installed a new smart meter yesterday. I did not sleep last night. There is something going on in my head and body. I have ringing in my ears at a very high pitch. Like a dog whistle or crystal in some electronic device whistling. It is creating some sort of electric waves from my ear area to my body that is very uncomfortable. It is making me sick. It is like a chill but not quit. I am having a hard time describing it.

I called Edison right away and they tell me there is nothing they can do for me. But they say things like we care and have a nice day while I tell them I am being harmed as we speak.   The people at the Edison company are not trained in electromagnetic radiation or electronics and challenge me that I am not having the reaction that I am having. I begged them to remove the meter and it is still whistling away in my head. No concern to Edison that it is killing me. It makes it hard to think. My brain is slowly shutting down.

It is a real wake up call to me since I have worked in the electronic field (Research and development for Hughes aircraft, Semens etc.)  I know about EMF and have heard of these things happening but it was always on an intellectual level since I had no personal reaction in the past. At least not like this. Now I know! It is real bad and I am considering getting an ice chest and just turning off the electricity to the house but this produces many other problems I don’t know how to get around.  I want to change to another electric company but Edison says you can’t do that now.  What can I do. I can’t take this for very long.

Is there a class action suit against the smart meter yet?   Allan B., So. CA


I have had severe headaches since a Smart Meter was installed on my house. When I leave to visit my Mom in a place where there are no Smart Meters, my headaches subside. As soon as I come home, the headaches return. I have been getting 15 – 18 severe headaches per month for approximately a year now. The days the headache is not severe, it is still present. This is severely affecting the quality of my life and my ability to work. I am barely hanging in there. I don’t know how much more I can take.

When the subcontractor working for PG&E came to install the meter, I told him I did not want one. He said I had no choice in the matter and installed the meter anyway.

Despite my health complaints, PG&E will not comply with my request to remove the meter. My request to purchase my own anolog meter, have it installed by an electrician, and return their meter to them was also denied.

I cannot believe this is happening in this country!! This is absolutely criminal!!

Lisa Miller, Novato CA


This is becoming such a critical issue all over the globe, including my soon-to-be “former home” of 23 years: the city of Burbank, CA. I am being forced to leave the city that I have loved living in, where I have friends and family and community ties. The place that I thought of as a safe and friendly haven.

I began to experience severe health affects within 5 hours of the installation of 4 GE Trilliant smart meters on my small apartment complex on 7/28/2011. Headaches, nausea, insomnia, feelings of agitation and irritability, and difficulty concentrating have made it necessary for me to leave my home. My symptoms resolve within about 30 minutes going to a meterless area. I have been living out of my car since 8/2/2011, stopping in the evenings at the homes of people who are able to let me sleep for the night. My life has been turned upside down. I knew nothing of smart meters until the onset of my symptoms, but I do know for sure that the effects are real. Five out five residents who were polled in my complex (out of 6 total residents who live here full time) have shared that they are having similar physical symptoms. A woman in the building next door has reported that she is unable to sleep in her bedroom. She didn’t know she had a bank of 8 meters installed in the basement directly below her bedroom.

I have sought remedy through contacting Burbank Water and Power. Initially I was told it would be too expensive to restore my analog meter by Ron Davis, Chairman of BWP. Another board member suggested I just move out of Burbank. In a bizarre twist, I received a phone call from BWP a month after I spoke about the problem offering me a new refrigerator (free) to replace my “old” refrigerator. This is peculiar, given that my refrigerator is only one year old. I then received another call from BWP suggesting that I might have a problem with a carbon monoxide leak. Given that my carbon monoxide meter reads zero and given that I feel ill in other people’s homes in Burbank, I hardly think that this is feasible. BWP employees have suggested that I am reacting to my neighbors’ WIFI. While this may be true, I have lived quite comfortably with my neighbors’ WIFI until the day the meters were installed. They also suggested that I might be having a problem with the new paint in my apartment (it’s a year old) or the new carpet (it’s 15 years old). Other helpful suggestions included the idea that something new is in bloom and/or there might be some construction going on around me.

I contacted Judge Yip-Kikugawa, telling her of my plight. I received a terse message back from one of her assistants stating that the CPUC has “zero authority” over BWP and a suggestion that I present my complaints to my City Council. I took the suggestion and tearfully told the Mayor of Burbank and the Council at a meeting in early August. The response was underwhelming, save for that of Dr. David Gordon. After public comments were made, Ron Davis was allowed to take the floor for several minutes, during which he stated that the meters are “safer than safe” and that BWP is working with each concerned citizen to resolve their issues. I do not feel that BWP’s effort with me come close to solving my problem. I am losing my home and they are offering me a new refrigerator.

I am desperately saddened by the situation and am seeking a place to go that is not too far distant from my elderly mother and from the community I have lived in all my life…

This must be STOPPED. Civil rights, human rights, and the future of the planet could very well turn on this issue. Dramatic?  Yes!   True?  Absolutely.  SG, Burbank CA


Since PG&E put in their ‘smartmeter’ (oxymoron), I wake up with a headache every day and I am always tired no matter how much sleep I get. I have been depressed, lethargic and forgetful. I have so much trouble thinking clearly, it interferes with my daily functioning. I have gone to several doctors about the symptoms, but nothing has helped. I didn’t realize how much the meter had been affecting me until I went away for a vacation and all of my ‘illnesses’ were gone. Now that I am home, all of my “symptoms” are back. On top of everything, SMUD came out to try to install one of the meters, too. I told them I didn’t want one. As the men were leaving, I heard one of them say, “She is going to get one anyway.” This is absolutely criminal!

Michelle, Sacramento


From Dec 2010 to April 2011 four ‘smart meters’ were installed within 20 feet of our bed. Since that time we’ve experienced headaches, ringing in the ears, heart palpitations and insomnia, ONLY when we sleep in our bed in this house. We’ve had SDG&E out on several occasions and have requested to opt-out of the ‘smart meters’ and return to analog. The SDG&E reps say that there is NO alternative to the ‘smart meters’! Also our city block’s main grid ‘smart meter’ is located in front of our home, so short of moving, we don’t know what to do! Friends in Northern Calif. tell us that PG&E offers an ‘opt out’ program for their customers. Plus many cities there have chosen not to have ‘smart meters’ at all. Why can’t SDG&E give us that same option in Southern Calif?

At least with cell phones, microwave ovens and computers, we have the choice to buy them or not, and when to turn them off. What about all the families with small children who live in apartments or condos with hundreds of ‘smart meters’ in banks of adjoining bedroom walls? We should all have a choice with our metering system, especially since so many are having health issues with the ‘smart meters’, and the long term effects of microwave exposure are still unknown.

Not long ago we were told that high tension power lines were safe, but over time statistics have shown that the incidence of several types of illnesses, including cancer, is much higher for people living beneath those wires. We can all only hope that you, (our California Public Utilities Commission) will step in and create a state wide free opt-out program soon, or maybe this is something to be put on the ballot and let the residents of California decide for ourselves?  Vicki, San Diego


I live in Perris CA in an apartment complex that also has swap the old analog meters for smart meters. The meters are directly outside of my bedroom wall. Eversince these smart meters were installed every night while trying to sleep I can hear this buzzing, humming sound that gives me horrible migraine headaches n heart palpitations. I wake up feeling tired, nauseas and not well rested whatsoever due to all the disturbance this smart meter brings upon not only myself but also my little four year old daughter that sleeps with me every night. I know that these smart meters are a big health risk because of all the symptoms my daughter and I have been experiencing since they were installed. I really wish that this issue can be seriously investigated because I know that I’am not the only person experiencing the same issues and our electric company should be held accountable. I hope this matter gets resolved quickly before people become more seriously ill. We need our old analog meters back!!!!!

Julie Reynoso


I currently have a 4 bedroom house that I can only use two bedrooms of due to the radiation being emitted from your smart meters. My daughter had the classic symptoms from having slept in the room adjacent to the meter for 9 months before I realized that her problems coincided with the installation of the meters. I have had the radiation levels measured in her room and she was getting dosed with high levels of MW radiation every couple of minutes all night long for nine months. I need my home to be a safe haven, my daughter needs her room back, give me the option to protect my family from microwave radiation. electrosmog21 on youtube.  Paul, CA


“My health has been effected since my neighborhood had smart meters installed. I have trouble sleeping, often only sleeping a couple of hours each night. I feel this is a giant experiment on the population.” Anon.


An open letter to SDG&E,  Smart Meter Complaint Department

I have made three prior telephone requests advising SDGE of the serious side effects concerning my health since the installation of the smart meter device at my home. Three different individuals came out to my house on three separate occasions, all armed with the same propaganda, the same zero concern for my health or the safety of my home.

I was told, “I don’t know. You are the only one that has complained.” (A false statement.) I was also told, “The smart meter is not causing any problems to your home.” (Another false statement.)

I am a 49-year-old woman and I have never before experienced any of these problems in either this home, or any other home that I have lived in, prior to the smart meter installation.

I came home one day after work, and they had just finished installing my smart meter. I did not think anything of it. I had received a notice a few weeks prior, indicating that a smart meter was going to be installed.

That same evening I awoke between 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning, with ringing in my ears, dizziness, tingling at the upper part of my head that turned into a headache and then nausea. There was also a horrible feeling of uneasiness that I had never experienced before and that prevents me from going back to sleep at night — every night.

One of my dogs awoke at the same time, wandering the hallways whining and crying. This dog refuses to sleep inside at night now, as the pulsed radiation also makes him sick. This dog had slept at the foot of my bed since the day I brought him home until the night the smart meter was installed. I have numerous friends and family who will testify to this, if called to do so.

The same scenario occurs whenever I sleep in my home, a home that I worked six or seven days a week for most of my life to be able to afford, and now you, the utility company, is FORCING PULSED RADIATION where I live and sleep, which if you do your homework and read the numerous articles that have been published by scientists who were not paid off by a utility company, you will see that radiation causes cancer and I will not stand for a cancer causing device to be attached to my home.

I was gone for two weeks on two occasions over the summer, and I sleep fine whenever I am away from my home. I was in Peru for two weeks without these problems and also in Alaska, where I had no trouble sleeping, no trouble concentrating, no dizziness, no ringing in my ears, no tingling at the upper part of my head that turned into headaches.

I also have noticed a strange humming and buzzing in my home around the appliances, coming from the computer, and around all the intercom panels in my home. I’ve had three people out from SDGE and they all heard the humming and buzzing and told me to turn the intercom down all the way and then I would not hear it.

I asked them, “How do you explain this? This humming and buzzing was not ever here before the smart meter installation? My kitchen appliances never hummed and buzzed before the smart meter installation.” I told them, “I don’t think my house is safe. This is not normal.”

And I just got the blank stare, the “I don’t know what to tell you, “ and the “No, I cannot remove the smart meter.” I begged them to return my house and home which I loved back to normal, to please, please remove the smart meter and install the old analog meter that worked just fine and that I never had a problem with. The blank stare and the, “No, I cannot do that,” was the only answer I could get out of these people.

I asked one of the gentlemen what his job was at SDGE, as it appeared he had no training as an electrician and was not capable of answering any of my questions. He told me, “Well, my job is to handle questions from people like you.” I then replied, “I thought you said I was the only one that complained.” Of course, he quickly departed after that. We all know that if he had told me anything different, he would have lost his job.

I want the same remedy that Northern Californians have received. I pay my utility bills just like they do and I want to be treated with the same remedy that [they] received: IMMEDIATE REMOVAL OF MY SMART METER AND REMOVAL OF SMART METERS SURROUNDING MY HOME.

How can the utility commission and the utility companies treat Southern Californians who are being made sick by smart meters any different than customers in Northern California? They cannot. This is a formal request for removal of the smart meter illegally attached to my home and to the homes around me.

Copies of this letter are going out to as many people, organizations, and government agencies as I can send it to, so you can’t drop this one in the trash and say you never got my letter.


Richard and Diane XXXXXXXXXXX


The following letter was sent to the CPUC judge overseeing the ‘Smart’ Meter proceeding:

Your Honor,

I am writing from the city of Burbank, in Southern California.  On July 28, 2011 Burbank Water and Power, the municipal utility company that “serves” my home city, installed a bank of four GE/Trilliant smart meters on the side of the small fourplex in which I live.

Approximately four hours after the installation was complete I developed a band-like headache that was unresponsive to medication. The next morning I awoke with the headache and slight nausea. I thought I might be coming down with the flu. However, after I was away from my apartment, I noticed that these symptoms resolved — only to return when I was back in my apartment for about 4 hours. This pattern continued for the next three days. I began to have trouble sleeping and difficulty concentrating. I also experienced some transient heart palpitations.

Prior to this I knew nothing about smart meters and had no idea that they could impact human health.  I am devastated by these developments.

My current residence has been a haven for me — until the meters went in. In an almost nightmarish scenario the place that I call home is now off-limits for me. This is particularly problematic because I am disabled and rely upon Section 8 rental subsidies in order to survive. I cannot move within my home city because every building is slated to receive the meters by the end of 2011.

I have spent the past 22 days living out of my car, finding shelter at various friends’ homes in the evening. The temperatures in Southern California have been in the high 90s and over. I am exhausted, frightened, and do not know where to turn.

I have spoken to the board of BWP at a public meeting. The best they could come up with is the suggestion that I move into another city. This is problematic because the closest city to me is Los Angeles. To transfer my housing voucher to Los Angeles is a Sysephian task. The housing authority in Los Angeles (HACLA) is a poorly-run, huge bureaucracy that has been known to cause tenants to lose their housing vouchers through mismanagement. I have called five different telephone numbers to try to get some guidelines about transferring — all to no avail. Meanwhile I struggle to keep my health and my life together. I take anti-seizure medication and my medication schedule has been disrupted by the random and brutal way I am living right now.

This is so very wrong. I have been displaced from my home of 23 years due to the installation of the meters. To be sure, I am currently in the minority of people who are known as electrosensitive but I do not believe that I should not I be subjected to the suffering and losses that are my current reality. If I were physically challenged and needed a wheelchair would I be thrown out of my home? I think not — there are laws that protect against this. Why, then, should I be denied the fundamental right of a home — a home that I have been healthy and happy in until the meters were foisted upon me?

Where can I go? My 84-year-old mother lives 10 minutes from me and I believe that it is my duty and right to remain close to her in the event that she needs to call upon me for assistance. As a disabled woman (I’ve had four brain surgeries), life is difficult enough without being displaced by a technology that I have neither asked for nor consented to. I consider myself to be a resourceful and strong person, but I am feeling overwhelmed by what I am facing: illness and homelessness. I am college-educated and have a middle-class background but even this does not equip me to deal with my current challenges caused directly by the smart meters.

I believe that the utility companies have relied upon poorly-designed studies conducted by organizations (CCST and EPRI) that have ties to the communications industry, the utility companies, and that have financial interests in the smart grid infrastructure. I do not think that a thoroughgoing study into health consequences has been performed by either of these entities. The non-thermal effects of non-ionizing radiation (especially pulsed RF) has NOT been studied by these so-called “impartial” organizations. I think it is an outrageous and tragic turn of events that is affecting me and many other people. I have heard three of my neighbors (young people with no history of electrosensitivity) complain of headaches and insomnia since the meters were installed — and they weren’t even aware that they had received them! I am absolutely sure I am not alone in my suffering.

Your Honor, I ask you to take into account my situation when you consider what is being perpetrated upon the citizens of California. This cannot continue. I may be collateral damage — it’s too late for me. But, please, think about the population and countless numbers of people who are having their lives upset and threatened by these dangerous devices.

I am not a believer in conspiracy theories, but I do believe what my body is telling me. This is real, this is true, and it should not be allowed to continue.

Thank you for consideration.


Ms. Shane Gregory, Burbank, CA


from: July 26, 2010

Dear Barbara Boxer:

I’m currently living in a corner of my house the size of a single bed surrounded by aluminum foil. This blocks the Wi-Fi from my neighbors’ houses and ambient EMF.

The Wi-Fi fields and other EMF make me sick. I’ve spent the last eight months extremely ill and spend much of my days in state parks where there is no Wi-Fi or electricity. I’ve had to stop working.

There have been nights at 10:30 pm, when I’ve been driving around, looking for a place I could sleep with no Wi-Fi, and there was no place to go. If Smart Meters are not stopped, there’ll be no place for me to be.

European countries have standards for health for EMF safety. America does not. I may be a canary in a gold mine but I’m an early warning sign for everybody else.

All our bodies are delicate, organic bioelectrical systems and not made to be constantly bathed in the electrical frequencies that Wi-Fi and Smart Meters put out. It’s so toxic, and this needs to be addressed so that I can come out from behind the foil screen. There’s been no place to turn. Society has had nothing to offer me in terms of help.

This is an urgent and life-threatening issue. Please act on behalf of the well-being of your constituents.

Sincerely,  J

One year later, Aug. 19, 2011:  Recently I tried to spend the night in a neighborhood that had Smart Meters, in a home that was on the delay list and did not have one. After 8 hours, I was so ill I had to drive out of there at 2:30 in the morning. If I had stayed for another 10 hours, I would have been vomiting and convulsing. An opt-out plan is not a viable solution for health concerns.  Smart Meters should not be put in until the health issues are resolved. J


Driven Out by Power Line (PLC) Signals

Jack (not his real name) has been sensitive to wireless transmitters for well over a decade. For that reason he stays away from the cities. He and his girlfriend spend their winters in Arizona, and the summers in eastern Washington State.

In the spring of 2011, they traveled to their rented house in eastern Washington. When he arrived, he could immediately feel something had changed. It was as if a cell tower had been erected nearby, but he could not find one. It was unlikely to be the neighbors, since they lived on a large lot and he could still feel it when he drove some distance away. It seemed to be everywhere.  Jack’s girlfriend stayed in the house while Jack drove back down to Arizona.

After asking around, they found out that the local utility had swapped out all of the electrical meters over the winter. The new smart meters communicate with the utility’s computers by sending signals through the power line back to the substation. This is called power line communication (PLC) and is mostly used in rural areas.

The specific system used is called TWACS. This system works by transmitting pulses 120 times a second. Each pulse contains a brief signal of higher frequencies. Since all meters share a common wire, only one meter in the area can transmit at a time. Each household meter can transmit for only a few minutes each day, or even only once for several days.

The pulses travel for many miles and back feed into all houses on the grid. It makes no difference whether it is the meter on one’s own house that transmits, or one on another house. There is a constant stream of pulses on all wires throughout the house. The household wiring, as well as the power lines along the streets, are all turned into unintentional antennas. The signal is not very powerful, but the antennas are huge and everywhere.

Jack came back up to eastern Washington a month later, but he had to camp in the back yard. The pulses bother him even fifty feet (15 meters) from the house, with the power line 150 feet (50 meters) on the other side of the house.

The house is rented. The couple decided not to bother complaining to the landlord and the utility company. Even if they got the old meter back it would not help. There is no way to stop the pulses coming from the outside. Instead, the couple will soon move away to an area without his menace.  [Anon.]


My name is Diane Nagby and I and my pets are also a victim of the Smart Meter. Dizziness, ringing in my ears, insomnia, nausea, rapid heart beat. I had none of these problems prior to the installation of the Smart Meter. I came home from work and they had just finished installing the Smart Meter. That very night my animals started acting agitated. There is a constant feeling of uneasiness in my household now and at night a loud buzzing/humming noise takes place, which was never present prior to the installation of the Smart Meter. It is just plain old common sense that should tell us any amount of radiation in our household is NOT going to be good for us. A friend of mine that lives in Upland, California experienced a stroke just days after her Smart Meter was installed. How many people have to die, have their homes burned down (because the Smart Meter has been proven to be a fire hazard in some houses), get sick, watch their animals suffer, as I have, before we stand up and say ENOUGH is ENOUGH.


Until moving to the current rental I did not have the problems I am getting. I work from home and did not get constant exposure to a Smart Meter, as I did not permit one to be installed on my own property, and then after it was sold I lived in an apartment building that refused the installation of Smart Meters.

Frankly when the electrical shocks in my body began at random I didn’t connect the dots to a smart Meter issue. When my vision, recently corrected with a new eye glass prescription began to not focus at random times I didn’t connect it to Smart Meters. Even without my glasses at random times I am unable to clear my vision, as if I just woke from a very deep sleep and am still groggy or am drugged…nope, no drugs either.

The fogginess and random electrical shocks go away when I am away from this house. I just learned this morning that there is a ‘stupid’ meter installed on my bedroom wall. I say stupid because proper studies were not done to assure the safety of the equipment…made where…China! and we know how safety conscious that is.

My body is very sensitive to electrical fields, and I demand that CA which normally is so environmentally conscious, take responsibility for these meters and put a stop to them. Make the electric companies and their investors swallow the cost and not allowed to pass it on to customers. We didn’t ask for this fake improvement. Carol Church, Placer County CA


On Dec. 31st, 2010, approx. 22 smart meters were installed in our building. They are directly under our apartment. On Jan. 26, 2011, my husband, while sleeping, suffered a tonic clonic seizure. All tests came out ok. But he is now on seizure medication. However, I notice that his hands twitch at night when he is asleep. Then more slowly, I began to feel a buzz in my feet that went up my legs and then twitching developed. Never in my life have I had this sensation. While I am away and at work during the day, it goes away and I don’t have these symptoms. Also while in our apartment, especially the bedroom, I get ringing in my ears which I never before have had here. I used to be able to completely relax in my bedroom but now always feel like I’m laying in an electric magnetic field .

I was awakened at 3:30 am this morning because of the tingling in my left foot and leg was so strong also I had a racing heart. This is a feeling of something from the outside coming in. When I get up and walk around a little it seems to be a little better but laying down in the bedroom causes the feeling to return.

Also in the bedroom I experience the brain fog and can hardly complete a sentence. It’s a very strange sensation. I have none of this at work — only at home and especially in my bedroom.  I know we need to move.   M. Dawson, Marin County, CA


“This is a health issue,” Pauline Holeton said. “I’m sensitive to electromagnetic fields. I got a smart meter put on my house in November and got it taken out in January. I told them I would take a chainsaw and rip it off if they didn’t come out and get it. I now have the old analog meter.” Michigan News story


After having a smart meter installed on our home, with out any one ever asking if we wanted one or not, I have terrible headaches every single day. I was never the type who got them. But now it’s a constant. And incidentally every time I’m away from my home for a few hours they go away. More    importantly my husband has developed a tumor on the side of his head, on his temple. Upon the Dr. ordering the CT scan they also found a cyst in the posterior portion of his brain. I also fear for my toddler because her room is closest to the smart meter. What effects will or does it have on her?  This has to stop. Does body remember the issues with people and PG&E near Bakersfield and Kettlemen City? How many people suffered at PG&E’s hands. They are not a forthright company! I will do everything I can to get this meter removed from my home. Wish me luck. ~ Placer County, Ca.


I am so sick & dying from the smart meters.  I was sick before I moved here & became way worse.  Several hospital trips  and two hospital stays. One in oncology & 1 in trauma dept.  I have mercury poisoning from having a lot of silver MERCURY dental fillings (nightmare story) & have had more than my share of radiation for a life time starting 30 years ago when I had Hodgkins disease & then all the years after from EMF exposure.  So I could not wait to get out of last building where I fought Sac. city council to stop 6 cell tower panels being put on roof but lost that battle.

I learned there were 8 smart meters on my bedroom wall & 20 across the sidewalk plus right out my door is the spa & pool– we knew why I was throwing up blood, heard surging & ringing noises & literally felt & feel like I am being electrocuted.  This is the most horrifying nightmare journey I could ever imagined.

I fight for my life literally everyday. I am on section 8 for the 1st time & only get SSI which is being cut again. I was told from apt. complex & SHRA that I need a doctors note to be able to move & to get out of here but cannot find a doctor who is educated on this & your regular doctors think your crazy.  My lease is up & out of retaliation they want me to pay $150 more to live in this place that is killing me.

I am very sick, sad and very ticked off. If someone can tell me who could write me or give me something saying the PGE meters made me really sick & are killing me …Where do people go to get diagnosed & I have no car & no where to run or hide but I wish someone was doing my story of my journey for years now but especially now in case I die I wanted people to be educated on what I have had to learn the hard way full circle 1st hand so they do not have to get sick & die & not know the truth of their illnesses & or death and just handed a pill or poison or cut on unnecessarily…I have no EMF protection yet since I am so poor.  Belva, Sacramento CA


I have recently moved to a place with a smart meter.

Since I have moved I have experienced, headaches, agitation, dizziness, upset, acid reflux, and ringing at certain periods. I am sure it is the smart meter. I am not sleeping well and do not feel refreshed, the headaches are constant when in or near the home, but gone immediately upon my leaving.

I work outside on ranches in rural areas. When I am in these areas I do not experience these side effects. I want this device removed from the side of my home and any within my neighborhood as well. They are not UL approved, they are known to be dangerous and this is illegal and a crime, I will do everything in my power to educate people about this and to stop the installation of these torture devices. D.Holden. CA


I suffer from EMF sensitivity and although my husband and I were able to prevent PG&E from installing a smart meter (oxymoron) at our home, we are already feeling the ill effects from our neighbors’ “SM” which was installed within 10 feet of our house. My husband and I are both having intermittent heart palpitations and I am suffering from nausea and have intermittent headaches and eye lid spasms that are only on the right side of my head (which happens to be where most of my implanted metal is, including my titanium jaw). I have attached an image to help you understand. I feel so violated, especially when I KNOW they (EMFs) are dangerous. My husband and I have taken every measure we can to at least have a home that we feel can be a sanctuary, and have taken every measure short of installing a faraday cage throughout our house. We have no WIFI in our house, nor do we have cell phones or cordless phones and I have never even owned a microwave oven. We have Stetzer filters on the outlets in every room and we sleep with all electronics unplugged. It is bad enough that I can’t go to many public places without physically suffering from unhealthy levels of EMF enhanced by negative ramifications from WIFI. Peer-reviewed science exists warning of the dangers of SMs, yet PG&E continues to sell the story that serves them. Their short-sighted and greedy “fix” to their past blunders will have long term ramifications that will cripple our already suffering medical system. I’m at a loss, perhaps the masses are ingesting so much fluoride from the toxic water Marin Municipal gives us that the world of WALL-E is closer than we think… “say it ain’t so…”

Caroline Kim Jonsson, San Anselmo, CA


I am EMF sensitive, use to live under cell phone tower, had to run away from it. Now the worse nightmare had come true again, the smart meter just right out side and in our living space, in the front, on the back yard and everywhere around us. Try to escape but don’t know where to go, My vertigo is getting worse everyday, not even mention that awful nausea, leg cramp and so on.I work in a commercial kitchen because it is lined with mental walls, I swear to God, every time the radiation come through the wire and lights, it felt like a radiation chamber, we are being slowly cooked, I know people do not want to face it, it is inconvenience truth, but who know among my co-workers many of them whom had prior health concern is now been told need surgery and such, make me wonder how they going to recover from our radiated home, those female co-worker having more emotional break-down and don’t know why, can we make a connection here! Or we are going to pay a huge price for it.  Robert Bucher,  Sonoma


The smart meter was installed in my neighborhood about a week ago, after it was installed my dogs started going crazy. I have not had a good night sleep since. I tried to figure out anything that could be causing their change in behavior, but the only thing different was the smart meter. They act just like they do when there is a thunder storm or fireworks going off. They are constantly jumping up and down on me acting very nervous and never lying at rest. They act like they hear something and it is very upsetting to them. Can this be possible? Any other complaints from dog owners? PG&E left a flyer saying it has not been activated as of yet???  Would that make a difference to the high frequency? Any help would be appreciated and I will do all I can to help stop this process. M.R. Sonoma County

PS. I realized that I also had a problem with my garage door opener.  I had my garage open on two different occasions…I was very alarmed and upset because my side door is always opened for the dogs. I heard a loud roar and I couldn’t figure out what it was and upon opening the back door, I saw my garage door was up……lucky my dogs didn’t get out………I didn’t even think of the smart meter until now. This happened twice. I had to unplug it.  I now believe the coffee pot was crackling from the electric outlet and not on………….I can’t be sure of the coffee pot because I can’t remember if I saw the green light on or not…but to be awakened in the middle of the night to popping sounds was very unusual.

ADMIN note: This person’s meter was removed the very next day after they called PG&E. This is unusual, the majority of people who have complaints are unable to get them removed.


I have been living with a smart meter for only 3 weeks and have been suffering nausea, anxiety, depression and a low grade head ache. Prior to moving into a smart meter vicinity I had none of these symptoms. Smart meters emit pulsed microwave radiation which has been found by numerous studies to be health damaging. I want my smart meter removed but have been told by P G and E that I have no choice in this. I will continue protesting until my meter is removed and the longer I have to wait the more I will spread the word about P G and Es invasion of my privacy, installation of a health damaging device and refusal to remove it. I.W. Menlo Park CA


I cannot explain nor rationalize what I have experienced in the past few months since PG&E installed a smart meter at my residence. Since February 2012 I have had experienced the following: My Labrador Retriever had a case of old dog vestibular “vertigo”, both my Schipperkes have been diagnosed with diabetes, one now has Cushing’s disease, I myself spent a day in the emergency room with vertigo and almost 3 weeks not being able to work due to the vertigo “ I still have symptoms” and now one of my dogs has an unexplained infection? I have been a licensed electrical contractor since 2004 and have been in the trades since 1993, I have never heard of anything like this nor would I believe a silly device on a pole 15’ from my home could cause such effects. It’s just, could it cause them? I do not see that the device at my home is UL Listed? Has it been tested? I called PG&E and asked to have it removed they said that there would be a fee to remove it and that the power I used from that day on would be charged at the highest rate? How can that be? Why have the PUC if they do not regulate the utility companies? M. F. Sonoma County


I have been experiencing ringing in my ears at home for the last 5-6 days. I read an article last night about these smart meters causing tinnitus and I realized the ringing began the same time the meter was installed. I did a test today and while I was gone from my home for a few hours I did not have the ringing, yet after I was home for 1 hour my ears began to ring. How do we protect ourselves from this? No one asked if we wanted it, and If I can no longer deal with this problems where am I supposed to go if they are being erected all over the state of Ca? Maybe one by itself is not a problem, but think of how many neighbors you have all around you. That amount of EMF’s have got to become problematic. J.B. ____________________________________________

I have been trying to figure out why my daughter and I have had such intense headaches and now I know. I want my Smart Meter removed. I am the owner of this home and I should have the right to have or not have a unit that puts out so much radiation. I do not and have not ever had wireless internet or any wireless in my home and yet I have it stuck to my wall without knowing it.  I’m very electrically sensitive. Since having it installed I have had very intense headaches that nothing helps as well as heart palpitations.

I called PG&E today to ask that it be removed and they refused. I also filed a complaint with the CPUC today. We’ll see what happens. E.B. Stockton CA


While my landlord and housemate and I have temporarily succeeded in preventing PG&E from removing our analog electric meter in favor of a wireless smart meter, my next door neighbor’s landlord thought it would be a fabulous idea to have one installed. This happened about a year back prior to the massive deployment now underway.

Soon after the install, I began experiencing piercingly loud high-frequency ringing in my ears and noticeable cognitive impairment. I’ve also become unusually tired whether working at my home office desk, reading, or doing virtually any activity in this house, regardless of having had enough sleep. At first I thought these three symptoms were due to increased doses of Warfarin (generic version of Coumadin), a blood thinner I must take which precisely regulates blood viscosity to support optimum functionality of a mechanical mitral valve embedded in my heart. But, after Judy clued me in on the many dangers of smart meters and told me of the symptoms, I put two and two together and deduced the problems are most likely as a result of the smart meter on my neighbor’s home approximately 25-feet from my living quarters. She has also experienced cognitive impairment since she moved in. Unfortunately for her and her five-year-old son, the meter is outside the wall to the living room area. A. P., Los Osos, CA


I have been disabled by electrosensitivity for about 5 years, but not to RF, just to ELF (power lines, motors, etc — magnetic fields). But since June of 2010 the area I have been in was thoroughly smart metered, so they have been all around me but not on the house I spend the most time in because we put up No Smart Meter signs. On one side of our house is a parking lot, and on the other was an abandoned house, which is now almost completely remodeled, and this is where the electric smart meter was installed, two weeks ago, just 10 feet away across the driveway, facing our home.

I had some hope that I might be able to “live with” a smart meter — after all, so many people are seemingly unaffected. However, when I went to move the trash bins (which sit about 10 feet from it), the first thing I noticed was a headache and stiff neck, and a building up of an awful feeling that included nausea and dizziness.

As the days went on, I noticed that it was hard to breathe well, like there was a weight on my chest, and tightness in my chest. I also noticed my heartbeat felt different. There was a feeling of panic, wanting to flee but nowhere to go. The nausea/dizzy feeling remained low-level, with some disorientation and balance problems, flu like symptoms. There were pains to the head that came on like strokes of pain from a whip, being laid deep into my brain.

The smart meter seems to be transmitting two different qualities. One is a widespread field that attacks and drains you, and the other is the head pain that comes in sporadic waves and builds up along with a stiff neck and contributes to the draining effect. The pain I believe is from the pulses, which are completely unpredictable and can come several times a minute or there might be 20 minutes with none. The general field has a distinct character of its own, a very NASTY and aggressive character, that creates a sensation so bad that the effect over time is as if there are microscopic teeth constantly gnawing away at you. It is as if, at the most minute level, the cells of your body are being attacked. You become exhausted — you feel like you are under constant siege. The best description I could think of is that when you get away from it and are able to catch your breath and assess how you feel, it is like you have been taking a constant beating at the cellular level. You feel debilitated.

I have a piece of very effective shielding cloth and that is really the only thing that made it possible for me to be in the house at all. I have one square-meter of this, which I folded over into a triangle and wore as a head-wrap. I contemplate getting enough of this shielding fabric to make a burka and/or drape over a small tent for a refuge.

So I wanted to try to describe what it is like, the “smart meter air”: the air is filled with a kind of jangling, a very, very fine but nasty kind of shredding, grinding dissonance.

A.C Alameda County


A year ago I developed trigeminal neurolgia along with dizziness and weakness. Now I have peripheral neuropathy which includes burning, tingling and numbness. After reading the article in the LA Times about Smart Meters I called SCE to find out when they installed them here. They said May of 2010, a year ago, which coincides with my neuropathy. There are 8 condo’s utilities up against my bedroom wall. There are 8 more in the building close to my only other outside wall. I live in 500 sq. ft. There is no place to get away from being zapped. Please help. A.F. Orange County


About a month after PG&E installed the smartmeters, my husband and I both started  getting headaches, some so severe that sometimes I was getting blurred vision. We both had very loud piercing sounds in our ears. Finally my husband said it sounds like a telephone poll or something buzzing outside all night long.

Last Easter, my sister offered to let us stay with her at the Horse Ranch for 2 weeks. First day the headaches went away, and that loud piercing sound in our ears went away overnight. Our sleep went back to normal. The entire time there, we both felt so refreshed from 3 months of agony.

Not less than 2 days after we came back, it all started up again. Now I was nervous and my heart also started racing all of a sudden at times. From what all heard, it almost resembled an anxiety attack! Just that weekend at the PG&E office was people gathered about the smartmeters. I was curious and decided to listen in.

Well, I was shocked! I just remembered that our smartmeters had been in for 4 months, and two of them were outside our bedroom wall. We immediately decided to switch the bedroom with the living room. In fact, sometimes if my husband leaves the bedroom door open, the whole house becomes infected with that piercing hiss and a pain at the back of your head.  We looked for another apartment without a smartmeter, and found one in Santa Cruz. Since then, the only small hiss I heard of the marvelous ocean waves instead of that nagging piercing sounds.  How on this precious earth can something so monsterous be allowed to continue??????  Posted by Ruth on EMF Safety Network


I’m already electrically sensitive. I immediately feel very sick when I try to use a cell phone (and have for years). I feel dizzy in a home that has WiFi and also in banks, airports and places with a lot of radiation. Given this, I do not want (and will vehemently fight the installation of) a smartmeter. My 34 yr old daughter became immediately ill right after a smartmeter was installed on the house she was living in. Her symptoms were all the ones I’ve read about – strange headaches, pain in the ears, dizziness, heart stress and insomnia. She had to move from this house after a few months as she just couldn’t sleep! I cannot express strongly enough how criminal it feels to me that the CPUC has mandated 24/7 radiation into my home without my approval and without proper research on long term health effects. Why should I have to prove that EMF is harmful to me? The CPUC should have to prove that it’s not harmful. I have never seen such violation of our civil liberties and rights!!!! I demand that I have the right to keep my present analog meter with no additional cost! J. S. Lake County


I am going to take on PG&E starting tomorrow for damaging my health due to the installation of 4 smart meters right outside my bedroom window, and since then my health has been continuously deteriorating. I have insomnia, nightmares, headaches like an ice pick is being jammed in my head, fogginess, blurred vision (and getting worse by the week), tinnitus, and heart palpitations, all of which never existed until the installation of the 4 smart meters last Summer, and gradually getting worse.  I moved my bedroom into the living room, of which reduced the effects by half, but that’s not good enough when something that is killing you is still in your home!    All of my symptoms are documented by my physician, but he said they are vague and cannot be evidenced as produced by smartmeters.   I was a trained Naturopathic Doctor and absolutely know my own body, and every time I leave the house for extended periods of time, all the symptoms miraculously vanish! It has been a 5 month ordeal calling countless times, PG&E, the Smart Meter reps, both of which tell me there is nothing I can do since they claim they cannot remove the smartmeters… PERIOD!  In retaliation, last month I gave them a decision to remove the smart meters in 10 days or I would remove them myself.  A man called me from the Smart meter office and said the moment I remove even one of the meters, the police will be called and I will be put to jail.  So, the only decision they gave me was to sit at home and die. Seriously… I think I have only a few months to live if they leave these meters outside my bedroom window.  I spoke to 2 supervisors from Smart Meter company and both told me there is nothing they can do, and that there was going to be a public hearing about other complaints, but don’t know when, said it’s going to be a while… and couldn’t give me any date as to when I can expect a public hearing on the matter.  Both confirmed to me on the phone that there is no reported adverse affects due to the smartmeters, and started trying to convince my body on how safe they are!  However, because I know all too well here, one supervisor recommended that if I’m not happy where I live that I should just move out!   I can’t afford to move out, and why would I want to if I’m very happy here apart from the damaging health due to the meters. This weekend I have finally had enough!  I decided to take PG&E to court in a lawsuit.  I am in process of locating the attorney as I write this.   I am going tomorrow into the office of PG&E and giving them 10 days to remove the smart meters so it will be recorded on my account since jail or death is my only option at this point! So, my constitutional right to health is being outright violated by ELF Wave poisoning with Big Brother in complete control as someone who is slowly torturing and murdering me! PLEASE HELP, in any way you can, and QUICKLY!  Please help do something about this before I am murdered by the PG&E company!  I feel like my brain is exploding in my head and it’s getting worse by the day!

A.S. Sonoma County


I have read in horror the testimonials on this website. My SM was installed at the end of October 2010. Since that time I have developed tinnitus, which is incredibly irritating, bordering on painful.  The head of my bed was located on the opposite side of the wall on which the SM is located. I have moved my bed to the other side of the room, but I’m scared to death that it will get worse and that I will experience other symptoms, such as cardiac arrhythmia’s, which would be a disaster as there is a history of an inherited disease, Hypertrophhic Cardiomyopathy, in my family and my sister died of Sudden Cardiac Arrest last year, a common cause of death when you have this disease.  I called PG&E in panic, but they are all inculcated with the corporate line that there is no research to support the claims of health problems. If this is true, why are so many of the people writing these testimonials talking about developing tinnitus?  Where is the point organization that can fight this monster?  Margery Entwisle Mill Valley, CA


Smart Meters were installed in my neighborhood on April 15, 2011. Since then I have had constant ringing in my ears. Smart Meters violate my constitutional right to be safe and secure in my home, 4th Amendment. Smart Meters violate my privacy and my health. This is a KILLER and you know it. S.B. Orange County CA


I’ve had the Smart Meter installed in my home several years ago. I am now wondering if the Smart Meter was the cause of my sudden onset chronic headaches and dizziness, vertigo, that has left me about 25% functional to this day. G.T. Sacramento


I am VERY ill from the Smart Meters! And I am just putting together all the ways this equipment is ruining my health. This needs to stop NOW!  W.T. San Mateo County


I am (was) a very healthy individual, and have all the past medical information to prove it. In the last year I have been suffering illness that I feel is direclty related to the Smart Meter on my home. The electromagnetic currents are so strong I can feel them and hear them in my home. I now wake with headahces, I have dizzy spells, I’m getting skin rashes and more. I have repeatedly placed complaints with the CPUC and PG&E, to no avail. I have no alternative but to move to a house outside of the PG &E territory. Removing my meter alone won’t solve the problem. My house is at the hub, the terminal, for the neighborhood distrubution and the adjacent neighbor’s meters are on my side of their houses, putting me in direct line of currect for three homes. I want these things removed so I can resume my life, which is on hold. C.L. Yolo County


As an older adult who has been treated with radiation for lymphoma I am opposed to “smart” meters. I also cannot afford an expensive opt out plan. In fact I believe it is discriminatory to impose such fees on people who have legitimate health concerns. B.R. Marin County


Since December I have been experiencing a terrible condition called Tinnitus. I hear sound in my head 24/7 which at times has left me unable to work or sleep and coincides with the installation of new smart meters on my home. Tinnitus is something I would never wish on anyone, it can drive one crazy. it has affected my work and my life. I want my life back. I demand more research done on health impacts of smart meters before installing them on anyone elses home! H.K. Alameda


Yes, I got big headaches, depress, and weak every night until early morning  on my bed near smart meter. I can’ think straight out because of smart meter. I don’t feel like to eat because of sick every day.  I went to Los Angeles, CA for visiting my sister and feel clear up my mind and restore my heath but I have to go back to my home and come back to sick again.  Donna Avent, Taft, CA (Kern County)


Though I never was electrically sensitive before, an extreme exposure to Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs) from just one of PG&E’s digital SmartMeters, (from 10/31/09 to 3/3/10), left me as an electrically sensitive person. Along the way, the experience of dealing with PG&E to take the SmartMeter out was truly creepy. Now, a year after the SmartMeter was removed, 30% of the symptoms still rule my life.

Here is the sequence of events: In early December 2009, I began experiencing nights of fitful sleeplessness. I soon had less and less energy in the day time. I began having localized headaches and worried why I was constantly a bit dizzy. In January the dizziness became worse and I began feeling very oddly ‘spaced out’. I began having strange strong cramps in my legs at night that woke me up. My eyes were constantly extremely itchy and incredibly light sensitive, often with strong pains in my right eye. My normal mild tinnitus was far far worse. Also my familiar chest pressure and pains were far more pronounced and far more often. I had no idea these things were related. At first I just felt guilty I had allowed myself to get so out-of-shape that I could not find a solution to the horrible insomnia. By January I had such serious memory problems I often could not remember what I was doing from one minute to the next. I would find myself standing still, staring into space, and vaguely realizing that something must be wrong with me. By February, when speaking, hard as I tried, I could not remember the most common words, and was spelling words phonetically. Also, the stutter I had as a child began to return.

By the end of February I realized I was becoming more and more dizzy as the days went by. One day I was so dizzy, I literally could not walk and was actually staggering. Also, by then, I frequently saw in the mirror that my face was Bright Bright Red. And since I had no feeling of being hot, I finally knew something was really very wrong and that the cause was not insomnia. But I had absolutely no idea what the cause could be. It is only because of two purely chance incidents that I discovered the cause was just one SmartMeter seven feet below my bed.

In January and again in February a friend using my garage as a theater rehearsal space, twice came upstairs to the apartment to tell me that as a person who rarely got headaches, he could not figure out why lately whenever he was in the garage he would get horrific headaches. But, as it turns out, he had been sitting and standing about ten feet from the SmartMeter.

Through this whole experience, there were two ambulance trips to the emergency room for racing heart. Both times at the onset I was in no stress whatever. When the pills that are supposed to slow the heart rate down did not work, I had no choice but to call an ambulance. Both times, at the hospital, my heart checked out just fine. The first time was before the SmartMeter was taken out. The second ambulance trip to the ER was one morning 6 weeks after the SmartMeter was taken out. I had been sitting for a few hours at my desk 25 feet from a power pole. This was the day I realized that even though the SmartMeter had been taken out, it had left me as an electrically sensitive person and I could no longer use that office or enjoy that roof garden as I had for the past 30 years.

For this whole past year since the SmartMeter was taken out, I have had to completely interrupt my cultural-exchange business and personal life to only focus on finding ways to shield myself from EMFs. Every day is a fight. It is serious stress. I am on constant overwhelm. Lately the symptoms are worse again. The strange leg muscle cramps are waking me up again at night. In this past year I have lost half of my hair. The tinnitus is worse and worse in just the last few weeks. There are fewer and fewer places I can go, out of the house, to avoid EMFs that do not make the Tinnitus worse. I worry a lot about cancer and the health of my neighbor’s children. And I know there is no where to escape to. Maya Cain,  SF CA


I have developed nodules on my thyroid , dizzy spells, difficulty swallowing, and petite seizures, since the smart meters were put in. I have never in my life had anything like this, and I am so upset. I have always been in good health. I am looking for some help, on how to save my life.L. M. Pacifica CA


Since the December 4, 2010 installation of PGE Smart Meter in my apartment building, I have been a Smart Meter refugee. December 30th I fled my apartment with severe symptoms and only the clothes on my back to Marin General ER. After 3 months, even though I have been with friends (11 moves), I am now homeless.  To date, I have exhausted: the landlord, Legal Aid, Fair Housing, District Attorney, Sacramento, trying to get an atty, Marin Housing Authority, many, many of my doctors, Jared Huffman/Supervisor’s office, Health Dept., Environmental Dept., and still cannot get any help. I have forwarded the recent March CPUC document with “opt-out option” to my landlord, and she still does not think there is a “problem”on the property. Cannot move out b/c of symptoms when on property, cannot pay 3 months rent to transition out, and exhausted and depressed from this battle w/o any disability rights protecting me.

Like many with the symptoms, I am on my last and giving up… exhausted from trying to get help, afraid of my health, depressed, crying all the time, difficult to work, cannot get the proper sleep…I Don’t know how much more I can tolerate w/o major support.  All I want is my life back. ZEENA QUINN,  Marin


This past year I have become electro-sensitive due to the many wireless communication bands in the air. I cannot even go into coffee shops anymore without getting ‘burned’, a feeling of intense sunburn. This is one of the many symptoms I now suffer. Recently, my wife has been getting intense headaches for no apparent reason. I myself have recently suffered symptoms of a heart attack. I had to go through extensive testing that hit hard financially. We just discovered that the smart meter had been installed here without our permission, which coincided with our physical problems. We are so upset about this that we are now considering legal options, at the very least to cover the cost of our medical expenses .KB, San Mateo County


I woke up this morning to a SMUD employee knocking on my door letting me know they were installing smart meters in the neighborhood he replaced my old meter and went on his way. After he left I noticed my scalp tingling and it just wouldn’t stop the unit was place on my wall outside my Kitchen I was sitting in the living room most of the morning. Not only did my scalp tingle but I felt a little dizzy. I left and went on a bike ride and felt fine as soon as I got back I felt dizzy again and my scalp started tingling again. These were both abnormal I never feel dizzy and my scalp rarely tingles. I called SMUD and asked them to take the meter off the guy still has the old equipment and is right down the street I passed by him on my way back from the bike ride through much resistance they agreed to call him and have him put back in the old meter. Within minutes after him leaving with the old meter installed again my head stopped tingling and I no longer felt dizzy. This is proof enough for me there’s something wrong with those things. If there is any way I can help in signing some sort of petition or something I will. Please let me know this is a complete home invasion where can you go to relax and feel comfortable if you can’t go home to do that. S.L. Sacramento CA


About two months ago, after sitting in my living room for several hours, I took my pulse; it was wildly irregular, skipping a beat every 3-7 beats. My pulse had never done that before. I then took my pulse in a number of places inside and away from my house. My living room is basically the only place my pulse skips beats. The irregularities occasionally occurred in a milder form in the dining room, which is at one end of the living room. When my daughter was visiting, we sat in the living room for 20 or 30 minutes, then took our pulses. Both our pulses skipped a beat after 10 to 11 beats. Why was my heart pumping irregularly only in my living room? At some point I remembered that a SmartMeter had been installed a few months earlier on the outside of my living room wall, directly behind my sofa.  From what I have read, an irregular heartbeat can be dangerous. I told PG&;E about my experience, but they refused to remove my SmartMeter, so now I don’t go in my living room.  A.H. Monterey County


The following letter is from a prominent doctor in Napa:
“I have a patient who is being injured from the SmartMeter. She has a history of Cardiomyopathy from infection and was doing well until the SmartMeter went in last fall. She is now back in Atrial Fibrillation and needs meds she does not tolerate well. It is all a result of the extra EMF. I will send you copies of articles about how EMF effects patient’s heart rate. Is there are special complaint form I could send off to the SmartMeter company that you use? I was going to dictate something for my patient and reference the EMF and heart rate issue”.


They installed our Smart Meter about 3 months ago and I have been extremely sick from the day it was installed. My husband who never has headaches, now has one 24 hrs. a day. I have been extremely sensitive to RF/EMF since 2005 when a neighbor had 2 Sprint cell towers installed next door and we were forced to sell and move.

We are trying to move now, but you have put Smart Meters on every house that might work for me. How come you don’t have a contingency plan for RF sensitive people? You have made my life a living hell and won’t even give me an option to have my old meter reinstalled even with a Drs. note saying how sick I am. J.M. Riverside


URGENT!! HEART CONDITION- SMART METERS MUST BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY!!! A bank of Smart Meters, that emit radiation 24 hours a day, were installed on the wall of my home, and I have been severely affected with heart palpitations, non-stop ringing in the ears, shortness of breath, insomnia, and sleep interruption, and more. I posted signs not to install smart meters, which is a legal action, but PGE/Wellington Energy illegally trespassed and ignored the signs.

I have a heart condition, and am EMF sensitive, and yet despite many very futile calls to PG &E, they have not removed the meters, nor have they replaced them with the non-wireless analog meters that have worked perfectly for decades. I have been an excellent ratepayer for decades, I am low-income and cannot afford to move. This is unjust discrimination, and gross negligence not to allow an “opt-out” of any kind. And even worse, with PG & E being fully aware that I have a heart condition, they have added more smart meters on the wall of my home, and they are threatening to add double the meters to my home in the next days, or weeks. How can a utility demand that our health, and the health of our families, and pets be exposed to 24 hour radiation, with no ability to say “NO”?   Anon, Sonoma


For the past few months, I’ve been having more problems than ever, including difficulty sleeping, fatigue, headaches, and a level of ‘brain fog’ that I have never experienced previously. I did not correlate this to SmartMeters, because I had heard that our unincorporated Sleepy Hollow area of Marin was going to be among the last areas to get SmartMeters installed. Recently, I called the PG&E hotline to be placed on their Do Not Install list, which the courteous rep did. I then went outside to look at my meter, which I had NOT done since August. To my shock, a Smartmeter had ALREADY been installed. ***(No notice was given after the fact, either.)

I called PG&E back, and another rep told me, “It’s not hooked up.” I called back again, got another rep who told me, “Oh yes it is. It’s been hooked up for months!****I don’t know why the other rep said it wasn’t.” He also told me it ‘only transmits in the dead of night for about 40 seconds.” Both reps confirmed that our conversation was being recorded. I would suggest to anyone who calls the PG&E hotline to record the conversation themselves as well. I wish I had!

*** My health issues correlate directly with the date that the SmartMeter was installed on my property.

I pointed out to him that this contradicted PG&E’s rationale for continuous monitoring. Then I hung up. I have since spoken with several neighbors, who also received PG&E’s ‘notice to install’ two weeks ago, yet they, too, discovered that SmarMeters were ALREADY installed on their property. That’s either incompetence in coordinating installation schedulings and mailings, or intentional deception.  Steven Halpern, Marin County


I am extremely sensitive to EMF and RF signals since 2005 when a neighbor had 2 cell towers installed about 400′ from our home. We moved from that house and I got better as long as I am not in any contact with any signals. Then we got our SM installed about 9 weeks ago and I have been extremely ill every since. My husband has sent letters to all of SCE mangement and the CPUC and they all ignored us. He finally got an SCE EMF engineer to reply back and they sent out 2 EMF “specialists” to measure the signals twice, and both times they said our SM meter was OK. My husband has his own meter and showed the specialists that the meter is showing dangereous spiking every 15 seconds. SCE’s meter did not show the spikes. My huband got the made and model number of their meters and talked to the company that makes them… apparently the meters they use only averge the signals and the 15 second spikes do not show up, so of course they are telling every body that complains they are within the “approved” range. My husband also measured their cell phones and the smart meter signals were about 5 times stronger then their cell phones. We have covered our meter with Heavy duty aluminum foil and a thick metal bucket. We have also lined our garage with it. It does cut our signal a little, but we still have all the other neighbor’s signals blasting towards our house. The SM’s use a repeater signal that sends the signals from one meter to the next.. they constantly “talk” to each other all day long and send data the same way. It’s so bad in our neighborhood that I can’t take our dog out for walks anymore. I feel it as soon as I walk out the front door. Jana, anon


Two weeks ago they installed smart meters on our row of townhouses.  A few days later i felt dizzy; this changed to heart beat very strong – occasional racing – and now ringing in ears and pressure in chest as well. Dizziness subsided but have been waking up at 4 am and can’

t get back to sleep.  There are also about 20 meters about 75 feet from my house; i look at them in a line of sight.

I seem to have been way more affected when they actually installed them in our block of 7 townhomes even though i am slightly further away from this meter box collection. it’s like it comes in through the wires.

Those other ones were installed in Nov. or Oct. and i remember feeling nausea and more migraines from those. A few times a day we get this awful screeching too. I have been in a panic wondering where I can move?  if it’s gov’t mandated then does it matter if we complain?

I also heard that PGandE could have installed all kinds of meters like cabled ones instead.

I never knew anything about smart meters until it happened to me. where can we go to escape, this is so scary.  Anon


I have six smart meters right outside my bedroom and kitchen since they were put in i have been having headache’s ringing in my ears and nausea. i know it’s due to the radiation but it’s hard to get people to believe me is there any help out there? i would welcome any advice or if anyone is going throu this please contact me. my together we could fight pg&e and have these things removed before they cause permante damage to me & my children or to anyone else…. Daniel G, unknown


Smart meters were installed at my house about a year ago and soon after I experienced ringing/buzzing in my ears that keeps me awake at night. I thought my clock radio was on so turned everything off (including computer, vcr…etc) but still heard the noise. Remembered the smart meter install and now see many other people with the same symptoms. More recently my ears have a burning sensation. Is there any way to block the transmission into the house? I feel like the inside of my head is hot.  Thank you for the site. How can this experiment be legal? E. C. CA


Since I had the SmartMeter placed on my home (master bedroom wall by headboard of my bed) by SDG&E about 3-4 months ago, I have developed increasingly severe reactions to EMF (electromagnetic fields). I have constant ringing in my ears, getting louder and very distracting; headache, sinus pain, feeling of heaviness in chest, disorientation, mental confusion, difficulty concentrating and with calculation and driving, nausea, and very hard to use computer, phones, etc. Can’t sleep well, insomnia, though improved with change of bedroom. My doctor wrote a letter demanding under the ADA that SDG&E remove the SmartMeter, the reply was that SM’s don’t impact health,and that my doctor is wrong that the ADA covers this, and they essentially refuse to remove the SM. Needless to say, I am shocked, horrified, and will take further steps. This is an example of Big Brother in our lives worse than anything I have seen in America in 60 years. They can harm and kill us legally now, in our own country. S.B. San Diego


Since the “smart” meter installation I’ve been suffering from headaches, losing sleep, and hearing high pitched ringing from time to time.  I’ve already called PG&E to complain and requested they remove the meters…they said someone from their “smart” meter escalation department will be contacting me soon. Would appreciate any suggestions or advice you may have on how to get them off my home. I am very sensitive to RF signals. (Two weeks later…) PG&E is still refusing to remove my “smart” meter even though It makes me ill. I will be forced to sell my home and move if wireless smart aren’t removed from my home and neighborhood. PG&E may have an easement to put a meter on my home…but a meter on my home that shoots RF in to my home and in to me, my partner and my child’s bodies? As a Realtor it seems to me like that should be overstepping the limits of their easement. M.H. Humboldt County CA


“One month ago I moved into a house that has a smart meter installed on the same side of the house as my bedroom. I have been having sleep problems including insomnia, nightmares and restless sleep. I am epileptic and sleep deprivation is very dangerous for me. I have also been experiencing unexplained anxiety and irritability. I live in Oakland. I’m also having strange interference on my phone line.”

(Update) ” I have now been living with a smart meter for nearly 4 months. My sleep has deteriorated. I often only get 4-5 hours which is a serious threat to my health as an epileptic. My request to have the meter removed has been denied. I cannot afford to move, and anywhere I move to in this area will likely have the same problems. Past seizures have caused me to suffer brain injuries, and many neurologists believe that seizures cause permanent damage to the brain. PG&E is putting me at risk of major injury and even death, since seizures can be fatal”

.A.L.M. Alameda County CA


I am disabled from a spinal injury and neurological damage from a severe case of Encephalitis. I moved into a small apt attached to my Mother’s house three months ago. Both my mother and her husband are also disabled. We all have serious health problems. They were not aware a smart meter was installed a year ago, right behind my bedroom wall. Everyone in the house has been having similar issues since it was installed, exhaustion, stomach issues, ear aches, ringing the ears, dizziness and skin issues. My health issues are complicated already and I cannot move again. I want to know what I can do to get this thing removed. Nobody asked, they just did it. I have signed petitions, I have written letters. What else can I do? My Mom has had 22 surgeries, Cancer, RSD, Interstitial Cystitis and much more. Just the fear that it may be adding to our health problems is unhealthy. She grew up under power poles and has always believed that played a role in her health issues. Although she knows now, I was afraid to even tell her it was there.

I believe we as humans have not had time to adapt to the barge EMF from such devices and we need choices and a voice in the decision processes when it comes to technology such as Smart Meters. There are also privacy and other issues at play here that make me very much against Smart Meters.

T.R. Aptos CA


“I have been in the ER overnight three times this week, with unexplained sickness. I have had a CT Scan of the brain, Stress Test, CTA, EKGs, Ultra Sounds, Blood work and still no definite answer. We recently had a Smart Meter installed and these symptoms began about a week after: Extreme Stress, diagnosed TIAs, dizziness, headaches, nausea and fainting. I mentioned this to a doctor and he suggested that the Smart Meters may have something to do with it because the hospital has had quite a rise in illness of this kind reporting to the ER. “J.W. (anon)


My family lives very simply, we do not own a tv, do not have a computer in our home or microwave and do not use cell phones at home, we keep them in the car for emergency only. We also watch our energy usage and do not keep appliances plugged in. Within days after our smart meter was installed I experienced a very painful miscarriage. After the miscarriage I started experiencing mysterious pain throughout my body that could not be explained. My two children who are diagnosed autistic regressed in their autism after much work with behavioral therapy and other interventions. I sadly watched my father’s health decline since last fall he became very fatigued and weak and unexpectedly passed away in October 2010 of a heart arrhythmia. I believe the smart meter played a role in his health because he was very healthy until it was installed on their house last fall. T.M. Anon


I was unaware that a smart meter has been on our home for over 18 months, until I called to be on the delay list only to be told that I had a smart meter installed in 2009. I never got a knock on the door or a notice of installation, but during that time I had a series of strange health issues including a pressure in my ears for which I went to two doctors, irritability, insomnia, and general nervousness and extreme debilitating fatigue. I am not saying my health was perfect before, but I never had the consistent excitement which I thought was overdose of computer use, even when I used my computer at home for work sometimes 10 hours a day. Now, I hear a buzzing and feel hyper and we have discontinued our use of wireless internet and installed a land phone line so we minimize use of our cell phones as well. We no longer have wireless Internet, but so many of our neighbors do, that we feel like we live in a hyper anxious space. We are moving soon because I survived cancer, I want to stay healthy, and I feel better away from these wireless smart meters and other forms of EMF and RF. We moved to a neighborhood in a forest in West Marin that didn’t have Smart Meters. Less than a week after we closed on our home, the Wellington truck was at the bottom of my driveway, installing smart meters on this rural road in the forest trailhead. We did not get a smart meter because I put us on the delay list for this home, and told the installer not to install. I also had a No Smart Meter Sign. M. G-K Marin County CA


” My husband has brain cancer attributed to the radiation from his cell phone. Shortly after installation of the smart meters on our home I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I never had the symptoms prior to the installation of the smart meters- fatigue, depression, joint pain, heart racing, and weight gain. I also suffer from atypical trigeminal neuralgia- a very painful nerve disease in the face that causes electrical jolts within my face and head. It worsened with the smart meters.

Denise Alexander of PG&E did have my meters removed when I notified her of my husband’s illness. I never mentioned my problems as his alone are reason enough to not be subjected involuntarily to the very thing that is killing him.  Shortly after the removal of the meters I received a hand signed letter from Mr. Devereaux that the meters will be going back on. I just received a recorded call from PG&E stated they will be here to put them back on within 30 days.  I cannot and will not allow this to happen.” E. M. Contra Costa County CA


“I purchased a condo in Rocklin CA. I have probably 20 smart meters in the room next to my bedroom (the electrical room wall). My 2 daughters and I all have headaches and there is a buzzing sound. One of my daughters is constantly fatigued. How do I prove that the smart meters are causing these symptoms? ” D.O. Rocklin, CA


“I have been having headaches, heart palpitations, horrible ringing in my ears, dizziness and some nausea, and a burning of my facial skin for 8 months, since PG&E installed a Smart Meter at my house. These symptoms began gradually in the first weeks after the Smart Meter was installed and have increased in intensity over the months. For the two weeks I was in New Zealand in October, the problems lessened or disappeared completely . Home again and it all started again. I want this Smart Meter taken off of my home. I am sick because of it!!!” L.H. Sonoma County


Smart Meter destroying my sleep.  Since the Smart Meter was put in my home, I have not had been able to sleep through the night. The Smart meter was installed just a foot from the head of our bed (on the outside of our bedroom wall). Before it was installed, I could easily sleep through the night. Bill Beckham Fresno, CA


We recently had our smart meters installed, three of which our on our wall, for the three units on our lot. I have a super healthy routine and was drastically improving my health and wellness. I am Vegan, non smoker, non drinker, I record all of my food intake, exercise avidly and slept regularly from 10 pm until 7am. I began to get unexplainable huge rashes on my face. My doctor freaked out and couldn’t believe the photos and ordered labs immediately, he was sure I had Lupus or Rheumatory Athritis. He sent me to a Rheumatologist ASAP, It then started with the aches and pains, the super dry lips and a loud squealing in my right ear. Even my teeth hurt. Then the buzzing sound intermittently mixes with the high pitch squealing noise in my ear, followed by extreme exhaustion or fatigue in random parts of the day or evening, to where I couldn’t even stand. The headaches make me feel like I want to die. I can’t sleep until 5 or 6 am and pop back up at 7 am. I am nauseas, and my ear in is extreme pain. I have feelings as if the ground or furniture is moving or being bumped. I get dizzy and have problems orientating myself when I go from standing to sitting or vice versa. My 1200 calorie diet that I record every meal has turned into a 300 calorie diet because I’m too sick to eat. I am having to drink meal replacements because the more I cook in the kitchen the worse I get. My husband complained of feeling sick, back pain, headaches and an electric-like pulse or shock-like feeling that darts up his body through his brain. When it happens he jumps. It has happened three times now. The downstair neighbor moved because of her sudden onset of symptoms that began at the same time. Our DVD player now cannot reach a signal on the TV (says no signal) despite the player actually being a part of the TV, all in one piece. My eyes burn and weep full of tears with a mental cloud I can’t shake. My stomach turns upside down it feels and  I feel a burning sensation on parts of my body. I have missed about 80% of my work schedule and am rapidly deteriorating. I just kept saying, “something is wrong with the air.”  I didn’t know what exactly I meant, it was just a feeling I had. Then someone else said the same thing out of the blue. Then the other evening, I couldn’t walk. I was crying profusely from the pain and symptoms. Everyday its worse….I am going to request mine be removed but the neighbors still have them, still posing a threat since they’re everywhere around us. …These meters not only quadrupled our electric bill but also my health that I’ve worked so hard to achieve came to a complete halt, the same exact day as the meters were installed and everyday since then. … This isn’t fair. I don’t want a smart meter. We weren’t surveyed our asked. We never got informed until the knock on the door saying “SDGE, were here to install your smart meter.” Then we were handed a little piece of paper which didn’t disclose much. Now we have a super high electric bill that is way to much for our tiny two bedroom beach apartment and a super ill husband and wife who were otherwise healthy and active until the day of the meter installation.  Amy Evans San Diego CA  28 yrs old


Last year I lived in Livermore CA. The meters were changed in Livermore last year. It wasn’t until I just saw a news story where I have now put 2 and 2 together. Starting in Oct. 09 I have been experiencing terrible ringing in the ears. A hi-pitch hissing/buzzing noise. It’s been driving me crazy. I have been to so many doctors since trying to find out what is causing this terrible problem. Doctors cannot find anything wrong. But what I have noticed is this, when I have traveled away from the city to the mountain such as to go camping, the hissing and buzzing go away. But as soon as I get back home the noise starts back up again. NR Tracy CA


I live in San Diego in a small apartment building with 3 apartments. SDGE installed 3 Smart Meters on 9/29/10 and I have been sick as a dog ever since, even to the point of missing work. The Meters are located below my apartment, just below my bathroom wall (I am on the second floor). Using my Entech Meter I tested the outlet in my bathroom and the signal was so distorted I could pick up a radio signal! My Gauss Meter also picked up Hot Spots that never existed before.

I suffered from severe joint pains on the day it was installed to the point where I couldn’t move my wrist without agonizing pain. I have been in pain ever since and also got a very bad cold. I also developed an odd problem called Phantosmia, in which you can smell something that isn’t there (in my case cigarette smoke which I am allergic to). I am EMF sensitive but I have never felt as ill as I do now. I was completely functioning before, whereas after these Meters were installed I just feel awful all the time.  S.G. San Diego CA


Last week our power company in NE Arizona put a new digital meter on our house.  The meter was supposed to remain in a silent mode and not transmit unless someone sent a signal to it from the highway to activate it and get the reading.

Over the next 6 hours I gradually got very sick from the meter. The symptoms were a vise grip headache, nervousness, horrible brain fog (after 3 days I was unable to complete a sentence), total insomnia, stomach rolling and nausea. The meter seemed to run in on the current and I began to have reactions to my electric stove and other electrical appliances that I had not been bothered by before.

After a couple of plea’s from my husband, the power company made a decision to return our meter to analog. I had immediate relief in some symptoms, but others took several hours to go away. Due to a weekend and Monday holiday, it took a week to get the meter removed. I was so sick by then I was worried it would leave me highly sensitive to emf’s. After 24 hours I seemed to be ok, however. These meters are not safe! Anonymous in Arizona


In July 2010, SDG&E installed Smart Meters in my condo complex. I own a townhouse that is situated in clusters: 8 units per cluster. Therefore 16 Smart Meters were installed in the utilites shed outside my kitchen/bedroom walls, ten feet away.

I began having symptoms of head burning and pressure on my chest within a few days. As time progressed the symtoms worsened. I had severe burning in my head and headaches of a new type. I starting having palpitations, arrythmias and flutter. I called SDG& E. Three people including an engineer and the director of the Smart Meter program came to my home, spent an hour talking and photgraphing the meters. They took no measurements of the radiation, though they said they would on the phone. The next day SDG&E informed me that they would not be replacing the meters with the analogue meters. They assured me that they are concerned about people’s health.

By six weeks in, my cardiac symptoms were so severe and erratic that I had to move out. I rented an apartment, which turned out to be unsafe as well. The Smart Meters are everywhere. With the intensification of my symptoms, I have become EMF/RF sensitive and now have the above problems around cell towers, Wi-Fi and other sources, accompanied by skin rashes and burning.

I am being evaluated by a cardiologist. I have always had a strong, healthy heart, even told so by doctors. The cardiologist has sent me for an evaluation by a neurologist as well.

Five people have reported symptoms in my home: My father has experienced headaches and visual migraines. My mother reported having pressure on the upper part of her chest and palpitations. One neighbor exposed to these 16 cluster meters is experiencing headaches and chest tightness. Another neighbor has difficulty opening her eyes in the mornings after 8 hours by the meters. Her ophthalmologist could find no explanation. She said she uses her fingers to open her lids. All of the above symptoms have occurred since the smart meter installations. The symptoms are worsening for everyone.

I am running scared living this nightmare. I don’t know where to live and fear for my well-being. I already have a prior immune disability and I thought I would be legally protected by the ADA. I don’t know where it is safe for me to live. In addition, the financial impact of this disaster compounds. I pay my monthly mortgage and rented a place, which due to symptoms, I cannot stay in. I am not sure that I can rent or sell my condo in good conscience. I am seeking medical care including treatments not covered by any insurance. My out of pocket costs continue to grow.

R.H., San Diego CA


We live in Berkeley and recently had a smart meter installed without our knowledge. Since that time, my husband and I have been having increasingly painful headaches around our ears, along with other symptoms. My father, who has Parkinson’s and a Deep Brain Stimulator with two leads, also lives with us. I also have a two year old and a five month old. My two year old is no longer sleeping well and is waking up all night. We strongly feel that the smart meter is unhealthy for our family and want to get it removed. (Anon, Alameda County CA)


Since the meters were installed, I am experiencing continuous severe ringing in my ears in my home, which does not happen when I am at work in Marin in an area where the smart meter have not been installed. Family members are also experiencing headaches and one family member, who did not know the smart meters had been installed was working unloading boxes for 1/2 an hour about 5 or 6 feet form the meters. He became very dizzy, had very rapid heart beat and lost consciousness and fell. We are very concerned about the short term and long term effect of the smart meters. We are in the process of trying to move to Fairfax hoping they will be able to keep the smart meters out. As PG&E has refused to move them we were forced into selling our house. This seems extremely unfair. (Anon. SF Bay Area)


” I am chemically and electrically sensitive but have gotten much better.  I am finding that since they installed our smart meter, I am getting unexplained exzema and rash.  I have tried to heal leaky gut and all the things you do to stop it and am still struggling with it.  I know that I can’t use a cell phone unless it’s on speaker phone, and then only a second.  I get very ill with continued wi fi exposure.  I wanted to ask you if you know how much radiation these smart meters are putting out.  I am really pissed about this, I rent and don’t own so I feel stuck. ” (Anon, Alameda County)


After the installation, I started hearing high-pitched frequencies that lasted about 20 seconds…

I called PG&E and told the lady there about hearing high-pitched noises in my house. It’s not coming from a specific appliance but rather I’d hear it for 20 seconds or so (kind of like those hearing tests when we were kids) and then it would go away. I heard it in the kitchen, the dining room, and my bedroom. The PG&E rep had never heard of anything like this and forwarded me to the Smartmeter Division. (Anon, Berkeley CA)

This meter was eventually removed.


Since the new meter start-up a few weeks ago … Family members’ new or exacerbated symptoms have coincided with the meter start-up. Myself, I hear … high-pitched buzzing now within our house, absent before.  I often go to the clock to check the timing of the microwave hearing, and it most often corresponds exactly to the minutes when our microwave meter picked up the signal, so I have no doubt about the source of this brain penetration.  I know of another EHS-er who apparently has a urinary bladder reflex activated by the meters.  Note that the frequency range is long known to be among the best for brain penetration. (Anon, Canada)


If you are wondering why you have a nagging headache, insomnia, fatigue, etc.–start doing your research on PG&E’s Smart Meters… I have a relay Node on the telephone pole in font of my house [installed May 2010] and the 4 people who now live here have the subject symptoms.


Gas meter installation was installed in our property on 3/18.  The Smart Meter was causing us headaches, achy/watery eyes and loss of sleep; effectively blocking out half of our house.  We called PG&E on 3/19 and meter was removed on 3/20.  However, because of neighborhood deployment of Smart Meters, we are getting constant light headaches since then, even after the removal of the meters from our property.  .. We consider this unnecessary bombardment with radiation an invasion of privacy, disturbance of domestic peace, and potentially a health hazard.

At the initial call on 3/19, PG&E agreed on the removal of the meter, which occurred on 3/20.  On 3/27 we received a letter notifying us (again), of a pending Smart Meter install. We called PG&E on the same day, where we were informed that Smart Meter installation is eventually unavoidable per PUC mandate.  They also mentioned that research was done and proved that Smart Meter did not cause problems.  In our mind, this research should be void and not provide sufficient proof, since we are a living proof that Smart Meter is causing us problems.

I should add that I’ve been also been sensitive to other devices, such as bluetooth headsets and WiFi.  We don’t have WiFi at home, and no bluetooth, of course. In the case of WiFi or similar, I consider this as voluntary exposure.  In the case of the SmartMeters, it is non-voluntary exposure.  Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t go outside and turn off the meter. ..  Putting corporate greed on top of public health is an outrageous disregard for society. (G.K. Santa Clara County CA)


I choose not to have a cell phone, computer, or use other wireless devices in my home. I’m not interested in having “smart” appliances there either. I avoid exposure to cell phone towers and public places that are “hot spots” for wireless use. This is because I experience headaches, a sensation of pressure in my head, increased heart rate, a sensation of dizziness, and other disturbing symptoms when I am around wireless frequency emissions. Regardless of what others may think, the symptoms are experienced by me, and I DO NOT want to have any wireless devices ON my home, where I cannot get away from them. I have owned this home for 25 years, and plan to stay there. I demand an opt-out option, and refuse to have a Smart Meter on my home.


My husband has had an intense electrical/EMF sensitivity for the past 10 years. It has obviously had a great impact on our family. He had to quit his job a few years ago because of the work environment, and as new cell antennas and towers have gone up, we’ve often worried that we’d have to move. So far, we’ve managed to be able to stay in the Bay Area where we’ve lived our entire lives.

Installation of Smart meters began on our block two days ago. We declined, as did many people on our block, but our immediate neighbors both accepted (one of them did so only because he felt it was inevitable even though he was opposed). Since installation, our baby monitor (that we keep in a remote corner of the house) regularly becomes staticy to the point of  not functioning, so clearly the microwave radiation is interfering. My husband has developed the same symptoms that he feels when he is near things like cell towers and speed limit monitors (intense pressure in his head and a headache, and agitation), symptoms he feels before he even sees the offending source. And I’ve been feeling nauseous and agitated with tension in my head, which honestly could very well be from anxiety.

We need to convince PG and E that we can never have a Smart meter installed on our property. And, we NEED to have our neighbors go back to the old kind of meter if we are to able to stay living here. (Anon, Alameda County CA)


..What is happening in America is happening in my state of Queensland.

We had solar panels put onto the roof of our home, and then the power company came along and installed smart metres in our mains power box. There are three mains power boxes, so therefore there are three smart metres transmitting 24/7. My health has deterioated so much, that I feel that I can’t last.

Our state government has just gone ahead and made it mandatory even though the first state to install them, Victoria, is now finding real serious problems.

All I know is that we have 120 units in our complex, which means in a four acre block we have 120 smart metres. I have also found that the radiation from these smart metres are also being piggybacked into our home via the electrical wiring and causing further torment. (Australia)


She came home the other day and instantly became very sick:   Migraine, heart palpitations, dizziness, depression, nausea, vomiting, intense thirst, parched lips, neuropathy, teeth pressure and buzzing, etc.  Her husband had recently done some electric work on the house and went out to check to see if he wired something the wrong way.  He came back in and reported that a Smart Meter had been installed by PGE.  She called PGE and reported her symptoms, demanded they remove it, and replace w old meter, which they did. She’s feeling better after the removal and replacement of old meter.” (Anon, SF CA)


“I highly suspect the smart meters as being the cause behind my sudden menstrual irregularity…In early December, a guy knocks on our door saying they’re putting a new meter on our home and they’re turning off the power – Meanwhile starting in December  – I had been having more headaches and difficulty staying on the computer for very long because of them – I thinking to myself, “what is causing this???”

A light bulb goes on finally – I make the connection, it all makes sense now – meters = headaches?

About the time I figure out what is causing the headaches is about the time my period decides to make it’s second appearance this month. …Then I start monitoring my blood pressure for whatever reason, only to find that it has gone up – from usually 125/82 to now reading 148/95″  (Anon, Kern County CA)


I was just told today by my PG&E reader that there would be a “smart meter” installed on each gas and each electric unit, totaling 14 for my yard! For some reason I was under the impression that there would be one meter for the grouping. That was bad enough but fourteen is absolutely terrifying.

Has there been any comment or discussion on the additional hazards of so many units in one place? My bedroom is about 10 feet from the units. Do I have any recourse at all, that you know of, due to these special circumstances? My next door neighbor, on one side, is already coping with a seizure disorder, I have Lyme disease and there are health issues on the other side of my unit as well. Are there any attorneys around who are taking on this issue? (Anon, Sonoma County CA)


I have severe Electrical Hypersensitivity (EHS).  I also have severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.  I have been essentially homeless and searching for housing for 3 years.  I was doing ok in my temporary spots in Marin, where Smart Meters had not yet been installed.  I had to move to Berkeley, because I could not find another temporary place in Marin, and I’ve been here for 4 months.  My electrosmog sensitivity has gotten worse here, and I was finally clued in to the Smart Meter issue.  There are 2 Smart Meters 10 feet from my current bed (for this property) and 1 Smart Meter 30 feet from my bed (for the property next door

I am trying to move out of the East Bay, because the Smart Meters seem to be most fully installed here…

I’m very frightened, for my housing situation, because it was already so difficult to find safe-enough housing, with my chemical and electrical sensitivities, but now the Smart Meters make it feel nearly impossible.  I went all the way to Petaluma yesterday, by bus (I don’t own a car), and I found a chemically safe-enough rental, but that neighborhood already has Smart Meters installed on every house.  The houses are much smaller and closer together, than in Berkeley, so I think the radiation per house is higher there.  I was very discouraged to discover this. (S.B., SF bay area CA)


A woman, who requested to remain anonymous, called today and let me know she was able to have her Smart Meter removed. She called the PG&E Smart Meter line and told them it was urgent, and insisted they remove it. She also had a prescription letter from her doctor stating that she should not have a smart meter now or in the future. PG&E removed it. (Web Admin)


On January 15th PG&E installed the new Smart Meter on our home in Aptos.

I was not home at the time and had no idea it was installed.

I arrived home from a great workout at the gym feeling like the peak of health.

As soon as I got back home I started to feel horrible and had no idea why.

The first thing I noticed was the worst pressure in my head and ears ever.

Then my heart started to beat really fast and then my brain felt wired.

Within 15 minutes I started to get really dizzy, nauseous and weak.

Within 20 minutes my whole body began to ache like nothing I had ever experienced before.

When I got on my computer my whole face and hands started to burn and hurt.

My husband arrived home 30 minutes later and asked how I was and I said the worst ever.

He then said he was going to check the work out the electrician did and saw PG&E installed The new Smart Meters.

I then called PG&E in a panic since i was feeling so awful and filed a complaint and asked them to take it off right away since it was making me so sick.

Santa Cruz is not scheduled until July to get these Meters.

We left and went out of town and I felt better in 30 minutes.

When we arrived home Sunday I felt horrible again and could not sleep that night. I called PG&E first thing Monday morning and pleaded to have it taken off right away since I felt so sick form it all.

Monday night at 8pm a PG&E installer came and took it off and put an old meter back on. Within 15-20 minutes I felt 90% better.

I have been electrical sensitive now for 4 years and these form of radiation was the worst that I ever felt in my life.  T.D. Santa Cruz County CA


“I have lived in my home in San Leandro since November 2003, and have had two smart meters on my home (1 on gas, 1 on electric meters) since October 2008; and they are throughout my neighborhood since about that same time. I/we are now surrounded by a mesh network of pulsing extremely low emf (ELEMF). In May 2010, I had the signals measured by a local technician who had also checked my home in spring 2008 for possible EMF exposure that I suspected was causing me symptoms of vertigo and anxiety. I can provide a detailed report of his recent measurements showing the pulsing measurements and ranges of EMFs. Contrary to what PG&E has told me that these meters emit below the acceptable tolerable range of exposure, it’s the pulsing ELEMF that can interact with our body’s pulsing ELEMF and interfere with cellular communication. I believe I am having ill affects due to this technology being used, and have been seeking medical attention for symptoms of vertigo, the sound of my blood pulsing through my ears all the time while I’

m at home, hyper-arousal/ADHD leading to inability to focus or relax, interrupted sleep, pressure in my head between my ears, increased headaches; and less frequently, heart-racing anxiety, nausea, and shakes. I take really good care of myself, and do not believe that this noticeable decline in my health is due to me getting older.

I truly feel like I am in a microwave and slowly being cooked. Even my previously healthy houseplants have either died or have big brown spots, like burns. These strange effects have been occurring now for over a year, and it’s finally beginning to make sense.”

A.C. Bay area, CA


I personally experienced a smartmeter when PGE installed one on my neighbor’s home 25 ft away on May 7th, 2010. I did not expect to notice anything from one gas meter at that distance. However, I felt increasingly bad as the days wore on, with palpitations, irregular heartbeat, headaches, slight dizziness/weakness, emotional distress, anxiety and inner agitation, especially when on that side of our house. When I would leave to go for a walk out in the country, my headache would go away and I would feel better overall, but symptoms would come back upon return home.

I began to wonder if that one smartmeter could possibly be causing my symptoms, and even asked my neighbor if they had recently purchased any new electronic equipment (I wondered if it might be a DECT phone), but she said no.

Finally, in desperation, on May 22nd, I put a metal wheelbarrow over the meter (I had heard that metal stops much of the radio frequency (RF) radiation). My symptoms began to subside, and I was feeling better on May 23rd and 24th.

On May 24th, I was gone much of the day. Upon return home in the evening, I was feeling fine, and then worked for 2 hours in my office on that side of the house. All of the previously mentioned symptoms reappeared, and I was feeling despondent, even crying, as I went to bed. The next morning I learned that my neighbors had removed the wheelbarrow the day before while I had been gone, because PG&E had finally agreed to come out and deactivate the RF transmitter. That morning, May 25, 2010, a PG&E technician disabled the radio transmitter on the gas meter. I gradually began feeling better since then, although my heartbeat is still quite irregular much of the time. I am no longer getting headaches at home, and do not feel the emotional distress, dizziness or weakness.

I should mention that I am constantly exposed to some level of RF, since I live within 800 or 900 feet of the Sebastopol downtown cell tower, and can pick up 4 or 5 wifi signals in my home. Plus numerous nearby neighbors have “smart”phones or cellphones. We no longer have wireless of any kind in our home (since January 2010). Nor do we have fluorescent light bulbs or a microwave oven. I keep a cellphone in my car, switched OFF, and use it once or twice a month on speaker-phone for extremely brief intervals. I avoid places with lots of cellphones. None of these previous exposures prepared me for the onslaught of the smartmeter operating 24/7 next door, and I was very surprised at it’s strength.

For this reason I know that I cannot live in a neighborhood with smartmeters, whether or not they let me “opt out”. I am obviously more sensitive to RF radiation than most, but I am sure many others will be similarly affected. And many will have symptoms caused by the meters that they don’t understand or correlate to the meters. N.H. Sonoma County


In about late September I began to notice I was having some odd symptoms, including the following:

*Agitation*Memory loss*Inability to concentrate*Nervousness*Inability to get my work done,*Interrupted sleep, I felt as if I were becoming unhinged.

During the time between September and earlier this month my husband and son seemed agitated too. My husbandʼs blood pressure rose and he had to begin taking blood pressure medication. He was also experiencing sleep disruptions.

On February 25th and 26th there was a huge snowstorm here. During the storm I spent many hours in my living room, near my fireplace, about five feet away from the electric meter, which is installed outside my living room window. My right ear was facing the meter. My husband was traveling and my son was not at home for the same length of time that I was. The electricity went on and off several times during those two days. At one point I heard a piercing sound along with pressure in my ears. Along with the symptoms I had previously experienced, I began to develop worse symptoms, including the following: *Heart palpitations,*A buzzing-pulsing sound, especially in my right ear,*Agitation,*Interrupted sleep with nightmares of being attacked,*Accelerated heartbeat.  I was afraid that I would have a heart attack.

The symptoms would lessen when I went outside. It seemed that there was something wrong inside my home, perhaps with the electricity. Through research and talking to electricians, I began to realize that my symptoms might be traceable to something relating to the meters. They were the only recently installed appliances in our home with radio frequencies.

After many desperate phone calls to Con Edison, it removed the digital meters, but only after I presented a note from my doctor, upon which Con Edison insisted. In place of the electric meter Con Edison installed another electric, digital meter that it assured me emitted NO radio frequency…

Con Edison also told me that I would need in the future to provide it with meter readings. Con Edison told me that both my doctor and I would be receiving a follow up communication from its health department, which we never did.

Whether the people at Con Edison lied or did not know what they were talking about is a question that needs to be answered. This meter also had a radio frequency … I realized this when my symptoms got worse. I was truly afraid that I would have a heart attack. I became terrified in my own home and could not find a comfortable place to sleep, because the buzzing pulsing sound in my ear was so disturbing. Before all of this started I was a healthy 51 year old.

Again, after making many more calls to Con Edison, on March 4 they removed that meter from my house and replaced it with an analog meter (this is the same type of meter Con Edison had initially removed in June 2009).

My immediate responses were so remarkable that I recorded them.*Tingling in arms,*Legs felt very heavy,*The buzzing-pulsing became quieter.*I felt as if my body was weighted down with exhaustion.  Within hours I began feeling better. The loud buzzing-pulsing sound quieted down and my thoughts were less scrambled.

But my difficulties continued. In our home we have lived with wireless appliances, cell phones and fluorescent light bulbs for at least three years, and to my knowledge they have never been a problem for me. Now I cannot be near any of these things because I get a buzzing in my ears and my heart starts to race. The only possible cause for this change is that Con Edison placed meters emitting radio frequencies on and in my home in June.

Since Con Edison removed the digital meters and replaced them with an analog meter I am feeling better, but some of the symptoms have not gone away completely.

When I asked the Con Edison “Meter Relations”department (212-460-4111) if I could see a copy of the test results for human exposure to the frequencies in the meters, I was told that I must obtain a subpoena to acquire that information.

Con Edison also told me that the FCC had approved the meters. When I called the FCC, I was told that it does not address human health issues, but only with regulating frequencies, and the person with whom I was speaking hung up on me….

This could be a very dangerous situation. These meters are being used across New York State and the country. People might become sick from them and not know what is happening to them.

I am requesting that the meter replacement program be stopped immediately and that home owners be given the right to opt-out of receiving these meters if they do not want them, until further testing is done to learn the effects of the frequencies they emit, especially in combination with other frequencies to which we are already being exposed.

Thank you.

Michele Hertz

New York


I am Toril Jelter, a board certified pediatrician specializing in medical and environmental aspects of autism related illness. I have health concerns regarding the unbridled roll out of wireless technologies without adequate health studies before hand. Dear FDA/FCC, I request a moratorium on the Smart Meter roll out ASAP until a proper assessment of health effects has been conducted. Here are a few patient stories for your review: A 2 year old child can’t sleep at night. He screams inconsolably for hours. When the mother takes the child away from the SF Bay area to a remote area with poor cell phone reception the child sleeps well every night and naps as a normal 2 year old would during the day. A 40 year old man with MS & EHS (multiple sclerosis and electrohypersensitivity) requests no Smart Meter. His doctor writes a letter to support this request. It is granted BUT only temporarily! His 4 neighbors get a Smart Meter and he develops such severe ringing in the ears (tinnitus) that he is no longer able to sleep indoors. He discovers that the only way he can sleep is to sleep outdoors. (This could be explained by the cumulative effect of EMF in his home + the Smart Meters next door.) A 45 year old woman with MS has been stable for several years. After installment of a Smart Meter she goes down hill rapidly. Depression,flu-like symptoms and severe fatigue. Another woman with MS 50 years old improving. Gets a Smart Meter. Gets worse balance, worsening depression. Falls breaks 2 ribs and punctures a lung. A 10 year old child with high functioning autism gets a Smart Meter. His handwriting deteriorates. He seems more fatigued. He gets flu like symptoms frequently. Looses his appetite. Stops gaining weight. A 65 year old woman gets a Smart Meter, actually 4 at the head of her bed. (condo)She develops severe tinnitus, sleep disturbance, intermittent confusion, memory problems, heart palpitations and diabetes. PLEASE HAVE AT LEAST ONE PERSON READ AND UNDERSTAND


For anyone who wishes to fight the installation of a Smart Meter on their  home for medical reasons, I would like to share my own successful experience. I live in the San Diego area –most of us in California live very close to our neighbors homes, and unfortunately there is nothing to date we can do to stop installation of their meters.  However, nothing in The Telecommunications Act of 1996 prohibits us from complaining about health when installing a Smart Meter on our own homes. A “Smart Meter” is NOT a “wireless facility” [thus exempted from health concerns] and many of us will be/are being harmed by the unwelcome radiation in our homes. Do not let your electric company tell you otherwise. Tell them to very carefully read Section 704 of The Telecommunications Act of 1996 and ask how they would define a Smart Meter as a wireless facility – i.e. are cell phones wireless facilities? Of course not. It defies logic.  But be prepared, because that excuse may be attempted by your electric company. SDG&E tried it –unsuccessfully. Bottom Line: You do have a right to complain about health concerns, but be prepared to offer solid proof by way of a physician’s documentation.

When I heard SDG&E was going to install Smart Meters in Rancho Santa Fe, CA I did the following to prevent installation of a Smart Meter on my home.:1) I called and followed-up in writing with SDG&E corporate office,informing them that I had a heart condition that could be adversely affected by RF radiation. Anyone who is known to be electro-sensitive should have the same rights as those of us who have heart-related issues.

2) I got a letter from my cardiologist explaining that RF radiation has been known to alter heart rhythms. (But first I had to educate my cardiologist as to what a Smart Meter is and does. I am attaching two documents I took to my cardiologist.)

* Int Arch Occup Environ Health. 1997 ;70 (1):9-21 9258703

<> Exposure to extremely-low-frequency

electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation: cardiovascular effects

in humans. [My paper] <,JR> J R Jauchem

* The 2002 letter from Norbert Hankin of the US Environmental

Protection Agency to Janet New of (then) The EMR Network [she is now head of

the EMR Policy Institute]. [My paper]Norbert Hankin’s revealing letter

indicates standards set by the US government in 1996 do not apply to

non-thermal effects of RF radiation. In other words, we are not living in a

world of protection; the non-thermal effects of RF radiation were not taken

into account when the regulations were established. “Safety standards”

were never set. “Safety” is a false assumption.

3) I made an appointment to see Gunnar Heuser, MD, PhD., in the Los

Angeles area. Dr. Heuser has long specialized in neuro-toxicology and is

widely recognized as an one of the top medical experts in this arena. Dr.

Heuser can objectively test a patient to document electro-sensitivity, and

if they are found to be electro-sensitive, he can write a medial report that

can unequivocally state one’ s health may be harmed by exposure to RF

radiation from a Smart Meter. I fell into this electro-sensitive category,

as have many others. Dr. Heuser is seeing more and more patients adversely

affected by Smart Meters. He can be reached at: (310) 500-0041. Dr. Heuser’ s address:

P. O. Box 2730, Agoura Hills, CA 91376.

4) I then sent letters from my cardiologist and Dr. Heuser to SDG&E’s

corporate office. I told them they could not place a Smart Meter on my home

due to health concerns. Additionally, I stated I would hold SDG&E legally

responsible if my health was further impaired by a Smart Meter.

5) The result? SDG&E did not install a Smart Meter on my home.

Susan Foster

Rancho Santa Fe CA


January 4, 2010

Ms. Susan Crane

Director, Meter to Bill Process

We Energies

231 W. Michigan Street

Milwaukee, WI 53203

Dear Ms. Crane:

My patients, Shivani Arjuna and her husband Dan Small, have asked me to write to you with regard to how Shivani is affected by exposure to communication frequencies and “dirty electricity”

frequencies. They are deeply concerned that placement of one of We Energies’ new, radio-broadcasting meters on their property would be harmful to their health, especially to Shivani’s. I share their concern.

People who are aware of experiencing symptoms as soon as they are exposed to radio (RF) and microwave (MW) frequencies are currently termed “electrically hypersensitive,”

or EHS. Shivani is electrically hypersensitive. However, these individuals are by no means the only people actually being affected by such exposure, as ample, rigorous research done over a period of several decades shows chronic exposure causes health damage to people who note no immediate symptoms. Please see, for example, the bibliography of reported biological phenomena associated with radio-frequency and microwave radiation compiled by the US Navy Medical Research Institute in 1971, with over 2,000 references., at: Also, please see the summary of EMF effects at: with 62 more recent references.

The immense proliferation of wireless technologies in the past few years has given rise to health problems that cannot be successfully treated medically, as medicine cannot remove the underlying cause, the exposure to radiation.

Safety regulations of various nations vary widely regarding what level of exposure is supposedly safe. Unfortunately, most countries’ regulations are still based on the old, inaccurate assumption that non-ionizing radiation is not harmful unless it actually heats body tissues. The fact that a given technology adheres to the present standards is meaningless in terms of its actual biological effects. Even an EPA spokesperson has stated that present U.S. standards are not protecting citizens from harmful radiation. Research shows harmful effects at levels far below what is presently allowed.

Years of research also reveal a broad range of symptoms and diseases caused by RF exposure. This is hardly surprising, as the human body functions electrically from the cellular level on. Attached you will find a list of conditions caused by exposure to RF and therefore termed “radio wave sickness.”

There are probably more mechanisms underlying the damage done to health by manmade electromagnetic frequencies than we are presently aware of. (To date, the mechanism by which smoking tobacco causes cancer is unknown.)

However, here is brief information regarding a few known mechanisms:

o It is established from multiple, independent studies that EMR from ELF to RF/MW reduces melatonin in animals and human beings. Melatonin is not only vital for healthy sleep, it is the most potent, naturally produced antioxidant that helps to protect cells from genetic damage that leads to cancer, neurological, cardiac and reproductive damage, illness and death.

o Exposure to intensities and field strengths that are extremely low cause a biological effect called calcium ion efflux. Calcium ion alteration of cells by EMR is linked to neurological degeneration, to cancer and many other health effects. The heart is also an electromagnetic organ, with an electric pulse initiating a cascade of calcium ions that cause the cells in the heart to contract and produce a heartbeat. Exogenous electromagnetic signals can interfere with this regular, electrical pulse leading to heart disease and heart attack of the arrhythmic kind.

o Physiological changes that are bedrock indicators of allergic response and inflammatory conditions that are stimulated by EMF exposures include: overreaction of the immune system; morphological alterations of immune cells; profound increases in mast cells in the upper skin layers, increased degranulation of mast cells and larger size of mast cells in EHS individuals; presence of biological markers for inflammation that are sensitive to EMF exposure at non-thermal levels; changes in lymphocyte viability; decreased count of NK cells; decreased count of T-lymphocytes; negative effects on pregnancy (uteroplacental circulatory disturbances and placental dysfunction); suppressed or impaired immune function; and inflammatory responses that can result in cellular, tissue and organ damage if exposure occurs on a continuing basis over time. Mast cells are also found in the brain and heart, and this might account for some of the other symptoms commonly reported: headache, sensitivity to light, arrhythmias and other cardiac symptoms.

o Many studies have shown that RF/MW radiation and ELF fields cause increased DNA strand breakage and chromosome aberrations.

As was concluded by the authors of the Bioiniative Report ( ), it is unwise from a public health perspective to continue “business-as-usual,”

deploying new technologies that increase RF exposures, particularly involuntary exposures.

Any company or industry whose products or operational methodologies cause involuntary exposure to RF radiation would do well to become more informed about these and other effects of such exposure, both to protect the public and to protect themselves from future liability suits.

Though it is no longer possible in today’s world to completely avoid exposure to communications frequencies, EHS individuals such as Shivani, need to live in a personal environment as clear of RF/MW as possible. This is recognized in Sweden, where the government creates safe working and living spaces for such individuals. In the U.S., EHS individuals have to do what they can to create their own safe living spaces. Certainly, these safe havens, on their own property, should not be denied them.

I have been Shivani Arjuna’s physician since 2002 and have noted how her specific symptoms and overall health have corresponded directly to her exposure to RF/MW radiation. Initially, she was experiencing incapacitating and life-threatening symptoms related to such exposure. At present, she is able to remain free of RF/MW exposure-induced symptoms as long as she remains in the safe home space that she and her husband have gone to considerable effort and expense to create. That she remains EHS is clear from how she responds to exposures when not in that safe environment.

It is my opinion that the placement of an RF-broadcasting device connected to the wiring on this property would be extremely detrimental to Shivani’s health and that it must not be allowed.

Such a device connected to their wiring, whether at or away from their house, would cause RF to be broadcast from the wiring throughout their home. I suggest the alternative of asking them to take regular meter readings from their present meter and call or mail these to you, with a We Energies employee checking the meter annually or semi-annually to ensure accuracy.

I look forward to your response and hope you will agree to this solution to ensure that Shivani’s health be respected and protected.


Roy D. Ozanne, MD, HMD


352 thoughts on “Smart Meter Health Complaints”

  1. I been having allot of symptoms since I moved into my new home I really didn’t think about it , I just wonder if it was old age but I believe it’s the meters my dog hasn’t been the same since I moved in and I been feeling dizzy and headache and I can’t sleep at nights . My dog gets really anxious at nights and I worried he was getting sick , I have tries all kinds of medication on him and on myself but nothing seems to help I have ringing in my ears and I believe my dog has it worst then me, can someone plz help me get these smart meters taken off my home I am desperate to have them removed asap it will help me and my dogs I am afraid it will kill my dog and I don’t want that. How can I have someone come have them removed from my home.

  2. MIA NONY. Could you contact me please? You do seem super knowledgeable and I need your advice please.
    Yes, it is about the smart meter and a sime tamer.

    I’ll be waiting for the email

  3. I’m a firm believer these smart meters cause significant health issues! My mother in law moved and not king after they changed the meter on her house she’s had headaches, dizziness, balance issues and shortness of breath. She also cannot sleep through the night. She went to rehab and was getting better but a day after being home she became more weak and all the same headaches etc started up again. PEOPLE WE NEED TO STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR OUR SAFETY!!!!

  4. When seeking protection against the potentially harmful radiation emitted by Smart Meters, the only smart meter cover, smart meter shield, or smart meter guard, available with true Published Laboratory Tested Data is the RF Meter Shield. A copy of the published Attenuation Data can be found at

  5. We got a new meter put in about a week ago and now I have nothing but headaches I stay awake all night and sleep most of the day it’s like my body switch till I get 3rd Shift schedule my head hurts so much that I’m taking a lot of ibuprofen just to try to get it to stop hurting so bad like this headache is the type of headache that makes you want to vomit your head pounding it’s like a migraine on steroids it hurts so bad and it’s happened ever since we got this new smart meter and then adding the 5G Wi-Fi isn’t helping either I don’t think that were using to 5G cuz we also have the lake to G I think I’m not really sure how the 5G is going on with our cable service but right now I have the worst headache ever as I’m trying to speak text this comment but I’m not liking this new meter I know we live in government subsidized housing but we weren’t asked if we wanted this new meter we weren’t warned about what would happen if I getting this new meter just all the sudden out of nowhere one day I was watching TV and my parents were asleep and the power went out and then came back on because I think they had installed the new meter and ever since then I just feel so sick and I spent some time away from my home on a date with another person and I did not feel crappy the way that I do now now that I am home from the date I just feel so crappy and I’m not sure exactly what to do or how to handle the situation but this headache is seriously severe and I hate that I’ve been feeling like this ever since that day a week ago getting this new meter and it’s 2020

  6. The only smart meter cover, smart meter shield, or smart meter guard, that I could find with true Published Laboratory Tested Data is the RF Meter Shield. A copy of the published Attenuation Data can be found at Not only is the price very reasonable, it is also easy to install (no tools required).

    Luke DeLuke

  7. The only smart meter cover, smart meter shield, or smart meter guard, that I could find with true Published Laboratory Tested Data is the RF Meter Shield. A copy of the published Attenuation Data can be found at Not only is the price very reasonable, it is also easy to install (no tools required).


  8. I moved to a condo two months ago. During my stay here, I’ve experienced severe bouts of insomnia, fatigue, brain fog, high blood pressure, achy joints, numbness in my hands and feet, and anxiety. I felt that I was falling apart, even though I was walking about 4 miles a day and watching my diet.

    A few weeks ago, I went to the emergency room with chest pains and my blood pressure was sky high. Fortunately, my chest x-ray was fine and I received more medicine for my blood pressure. I have high blood pressure, however, I’m maintained it with diet and exercise. I noticed that what I did in terms of exercising, dieting and taking my medication didn’t work. My blood pressure remained high.

    Last week, I resolved that something in the condo was making me very ill. I suddenly got a revelation that the cluster of about 10 smart meters outside of my bedroom window were the culprit.

    I did my research and immediately found a quick way to get some relief from the exposure. I lined the wall and window with aluminum foil and needless to say, I’m able to get sound sleep, the pain in my joints went away and my blood pressure was lowered. I try not to spend a lot of time in the bedroom.

    Fortunately, I’m not stuck in a year’s lease. I’m subleasing the condo for three months, however, I’m planning to move soon as a result of the meters.

  9. Several years ago, I started to not be able to get a sound sleep or even relaxing midday nap. I noticed a sort of vibrating sensation in the back of my neck. At first I thought it must be psychological and that I was stressed out or something was bothering me emotionally. But after this continued for probably six to nine months, I started thinking about what could possibly be causing this irritation.

    After crossing off every explanation, one day I went to look at the outside of the wall behind my bedroom headboard. And then I realized that the PG&E Smartmeter was almost directly behind my headboard on the other side of the bedroom wall. I had heard of EMF and other types of harmful radiation from a radio program on the Berkeley, CA, radio station.

    I then immediately called PG&E to remove my Smartmeter and replace it with an analog version. As soon as they removed the Smartmeter, my sleep returned to normal. The vibration in the back of my neck disappeared! Btw, I also had PG&E replace the Smartmeter for my gas too!

    This stuff about the Smartmeter radiation is for real!

  10. Springfield MO.

    Months ago when the local utility announced upcoming installations of Smart-Meters, I called in and left a voice message expressing my opposition to installation of a smart meter in my home. The utility company ignored my preferences and never acknowledged receipt of my message.

    The local utility installed “smart meter” for electricity on my house (exterior wall of master bedroom) on 3/13/2020. Ever since, I hear very loud high-pitched whining noise to the point I have to turn up the TV (normally volume level 8 to 10, now to 12+ in order to hear above the whine), have headaches, trouble concentrating.
    – When I leave the house, the whining stops and concentration returns.
    – When I return home, the whining is instantly very noticeable and headaches return almost immediately.

    Today I googled “ringing in the ears and smart meters”; had no idea this was a common and prevalent problem.

    With corona virus “recommendations” that everyone stay home for two weeks, this is quickly becoming a serious issue for me.

    The local utility provides this informational website:

    What if I don’t want an Advanced Meter?

    City Utilities would request you contact us at our AMI phone number (417-831-8800) to discuss your concerns and options. We want to ensure you have the best possible information prior to making this decision.

    City Utilities does have a mechanism to allow customers to Opt Out of the Advanced Metering program, under certain circumstances. Customers choosing this option will forego all the benefits associated with this technology, including valuable usage information, automatic outage notification, no longer having CU meter readers on your property, better utility problem resolution, etc.

    There will be no initial charge for opting out of this program. However, in the years to come, when most other meters are read electronically, charges may be assessed due to the operating costs incurred with manually reading meters.

  11. Just had smart meter installed at my duplex apartment yesterday. Woke up this morning and I hear this very high pitch tone. I left the house to do errands and it went away but soon as I got home it started again. Very annoying. I contacted the Utility company City Utilities in Springfield MO and no reply from them. What can we do. Even if they agree to put my analog meter back, my neighbors in the duplex have one as well. I try white noise , fans and TV but I can still hear it. Even with ear plugs. Its like that high tone radiating straight into my auditory cells. Ugh so frustrated.

  12. Please if anyone has done anything that really works to block the emfs please let me no. Thank u

  13. unknowingly 3 months ago I bought a condo. I found out the wall in my kitchen is the same wall where 21 electric smart meters are located. The EMFs and RF radiation coming thru are WAY ABOVE
    SAFETY levels. I called Puget Sound Energy and asked to have my kitchen be tested for radiation. They totally declined. Since I moved here my Postherpetic neuralgia pain has doubled, I suffer from depression, tiredness, heart palpitations. Who is responsible to put a metal barrier between my kitchen and the meters? Can the admin please help me? I don’t know who to turn to. I live on social security, thus my finances are pretty low.

  14. Google this phrase;
    “PG&E prohibits new meters on exterior walls adjacent to bedrooms or bedroom closets.”
    its in thhbuilding code of a LOT of districts.
    Why is it there?
    Could it be that PGE thinks EMF might be harmful?
    Is this an admission of guilt?

  15. I was not previously concerned about what I perceived to be small.amount of radiation from cellular devices or in home routers, stuff like that, but it seems there is a great deal more of harmful/evil radiation due to the frequencies and strength of devices as well as the presence of other e.m.f. field applications; PG&E Solar and Solar City Homes definitely make this list; Particles and negative ions from e.m.f. have been visible and lioe sparks in the air at time, kind of like static electricity but more like the inside of a microwave when it is breaking or a fork or spoon is left in it right before it catches on fire, ringing in the ears, headaches, the feel of a gritty like affect which I believe is a “carcinogen” and cancer causing, toes going numb when the particles get too close and the high pitched reverberation sound continuing even after I flipped the solar PVC switch to reduce some radiation by the panel energy step down process because there was a phase that was causing a tremendous amount of problems with my heart when the current was seing like it was inter playing with the wireless signal or pulse from the smart meter or inverter or both, overall the solar and the power company have provided horrible shielded products and do not seem interested in regatds to changing that; The home is apx 30 years old and it seems like the system has been creating a microwave inside the house due to whatever it has been doing with the wiring, even with devices unplugged, it as if general wireless combined with electrically charged wiring has created dangerous electromagnetic microwave fields

  16. Duke power just installed their murder meter…. I had no ideal about all the problems. Now, I have non stop headaches, pulsating, pressure and no escape, no peace. I was hoping for a few days of peace so I could rest, but no. I can no longer feel any peace. We are made to think it is terribly wrong to use tobacco, but what about the honeybees, and birds dropping dead. This smart meter and dirty electricity may be slowly killing everything. If I had my way all creation would not be sickened like this in the name of money. I hope they enjoy every penny while they can. I did like the tinfoil idea that the lady mentioned because it is both cheap and easy. Thank you. I will let as many people know as possible. In meantime, I think I may die from this headache. Trying to get the pain under control. The signed physician statement has to be notarized. Then, a doctor has to clear me before that doctor will see me. I am not a person that even uses a doctor. I guess they plan to kill all the poor and old first.

  17. there is a ton of information on how to protect yourself from emf and wifi , how to remove it also how some lawyers are legally getting them removed. consider supporting them as they are trying to get the word out on how much of a health hazard this is

  18. I have been dreading the day for many years now. I live in far Northern Mo. and we are getting a Smart Meter this month. My opt out/extortion charge is like $60.00. I found for that price I cannot keep my old analog meter. They give me another digital Smart Meter.
    So my best fix is that my electric service comes from underground. Down from a telephone pole across the back alley of my home like a good 150 ft or more away. I am paying an electrician to move my meter off the house. And just put a junction box where it was feeding into my house. He will move the electrical meter itself to the pole off the alley (for $1,000.00).
    Then to remedy the dirty electric coming from the Smart Meter. I am buying a new whole house “Power Perfect” box to install inside near the breaker box. I already bought a Greenwave EMI dirty electric meter. My house had readings over 1,000 to a low of like 90 in our bedroom. Readings under 25 are preferred, and any over 80 are best remedied. All in all I will have over $2,000.00 of my own money spent. Just to be safe from that POS Stupid Meter!

  19. Since ouf house was built 4 yrs ago and a smart meter was put on a 5 ft pole about 2 ft ftom house, I have now about 75% of the health problems listed. The ringing in my head is getting worse, louder and pulsing, driving me nuts, high blood pressure , heart palpitations are 24/7 very exhausting, no energy, loss of interest in things I usd to love doing, body pain on and on the list goes. Husband has sleep problems plus many other health problems now also. Was shocked to learn they should be 40 ft from any home.

  20. Hi my name is Suzanne
    I learned Thursday at a planning commission meeting that PG&E is putting smart meters on the telephone polls right in front of homes.
    The meeting was about the small cell antennas and the aesthetics of different styles of cell antennas that they want to put in front of some homes.

    The CBR rep was explaining about the different boxes that would go on the polls and he talked about PG&E’s smart meter that would be there as well. So people who opted out of the smart meters are led to believe that PG&E is going around checking meters. People also paid to have them removed and also are paying something every month. The people also believe that they are preventing EMF’S and surveillance that invades their homes with a smart meter. PG&E is being sued for some of the fires here California. Now they are going to put cell towers and smart meters on the polls. They are going to make people pay for their negligent and mistakes by raising our monthly bills. Thank you very much just thought everyone should know.

  21. Military- person said Bio hackers information “grinder thugs” might be in in Wisconsin trying to steal from people using mind reading and trying to get rid of certain people by harassing them with implants, so they can get their property, land and homes or money or revenge situation!~!I don’t know if it’s true that would be for F.B.I. to look into~!I wonder if that had anything to do fake smart meters up someone read about…
    (Check your smart meters for reverse or extra tracking like signals !)a like situation was happening up north, there was an article in the paper about it found out that was why people are getting odd sounds and humming in their area, and also because of electric inlet tiny box and phone line, computer hacking! Friend found out from real police name was withheld .. person from Illinois told me about this!

  22. I too have been affected by insomnia, high anxiety, depression, tinnitus since the meter was put on our outside bedroom wall. Some friends don’t believe me! They want me to get on medication. I am struggling psychologically with anxiety. My whole world has been turned upside down. I
    Have had 3 concussions, which makes a person more susceptible to these symptoms. Since this is a world wide problem, there must be something that can be done to stop this insanity! If 5G goes through, people are going to suffer even worse. I feel hopeless and helpless.

  23. I have been afflicted by the smart meter on my utility pole since April 2018 ( I have had this meter since 2015). Not sure what they changed or connected but all of the sudden I experienced high frequency noise, humming, sleep disruptions, electric pulses, eye twitching and constant flu like symptoms. After much time and money in trying to shield myself, I was able to locate it to the smart meter causing RF’s to come through the wiring of my home (even with the power disconnected it was still come through because the meter still runs even with the electric off at the breakers). I have documented this and posted videos to Youtube. For a year I notified Oncor, the utility company in Texas, and they just ignored me. June 15, 2019 I sent a formal complaint, along with a notice of liability by certified mail, to both Oncor and the Texas public utility commission. My health has been severely effected, I have aged in the 15 months that this has been going on. I feel old, tired, worn out, when I used to be a vital full of energy person. I recommend that people document what they feel the meter is doing to them, video record the readings, the frequencies and have documented proof. Send certified letter complaints. In the meantime, I have lost not only my health, but it has ruined my finances. A nightmare that I am battling to have stopped. It is electronic harassment and torture (documented also by video on Youtube). I also made copies of these videos and documentation and put it in a secure location. My advice to everyone is do not take this sitting down, fight for your life, your family’s lives, and the environment as a whole.

  24. I install smart meters for a living, if everyone who I moaning actually read their meters there’s wouldn’t be a need for us to install them.

  25. Isn’t there a Moderator associated with this forum, because the comments of the person identifying themselves as ‘Diane Luchetrhand’ are concerning, both because this individual believes s/he is being spied on – and, there isn’t anything in either comment about SmartMeters anyway – and because it is this level of comment that makes it impossible to be believed.

  26. Have you heard about something called a Far·a·day cage
    noun: Faraday cage; plural noun: Faraday cages

    a grounded metal screen surrounding a piece of equipment to exclude electrostatic and electromagnetic influences.

    I know someone who installed this because of smart meter symptoms effecting people inside and outdoor chickens. After the faraday cage was installed, the symptoms disappeared within a day or so.
    It’s a piece of hardware cloth a bit bigger than the meter, installed on the wall in back of it. Then a wire goes from that screen down to the round prong in a three prong plug. I can’t explain it very well, but it’s simple and seems to work with the meters.

  27. I have contacted my doctor my local MPs two of them my local mayor my city mayor my local paper I was getting pulsing in my brain 24/7 in my home with high pitched and low pitch tones I thought said it one day I don’t care if I get electrocuted so I went to my smart metre I took the top components of which had a SIM card in since then I’ve had no problems whatsoever who was going to help us if our own people don’t give a toss what can we do

  28. How can I protect myself from 5 G, I am doing online classes and my arms, hands and legs are vibrating. My wrist also hurts so bad and my eyes cannot focus when I am on the computer. I am taking online classes and it has become difficult to use my computer. HELP!!!

  29. Who can start a recall on this? Smart Meters should be banned. I have had maybe 80% of my nights interupted by hissing ringing in my ears. This is a home we moved to and my bedroom is near the smart meter. Ive been trying ti figure out whats going on as I get woken up by this sound everynight. And then the ringing hissing in my ears continues until I leave my room and especially gone when I’m away from my home in naure – a park or the beach.

  30. I am concerned that smart meter emissions high frequency humming especially in the bedroom are affecting my health. There are two banks of about twenty smart meters located one floor beneath me in the apartment building. I suspect sitting at my personal computer when it is on, located in the bedroom is problematic as well.

    Could recommendation be provided for where I can rent or borrow an RD reader to measure the strength of these toxic influences? Or where can one buy such an item at the best price, I wonder??

    Thank you

  31. I have been living, if it can be called that, with EMS since 2007. April 2014 I learned what it was I was experiencing. Since that time I’ve kept a daily journal of what’s happening to me including weather conditions. For me I believe the weather plays a role in what I’m experiencing. From the list of symptoms, I’ve experienced most all of them. I’ve spent a lot of money on a lot of remedies, which none of them have worked for me, including Stetzerizer filters to name one.

    Recently I’ve begun to notice that my symptoms worsen around the time I would be receiving my utility statements and my symptoms also worsen before and during a change in weather, like rain, snow, etc.

    Using any remote, my mouse, my keyboard my fingers and hands are burned. Not an outwardly burn but the sensation of burning.

    During the time the Stetzerizer filter were plugged in bright pink spots developed mostly on my hands and arms. The spots weren’t painful, nor did they itch or anything and after I removed the filters the spots gradually disappeared.

    Here is excerpt from my journal:
    April 23, 2014, 10:41 a.m. – The last couple of days I had this roaring in my head and my blood pressure was higher than is normal for me and I lost hearing in my right ear. Today the roaring is gone. It’s raining. I feel pretty good today so far. I wanted to go out and sit on the patio and put my feet in the grass but it’s been raining. Maybe it will stop and I can still do it. I’m being shocked (burned) by my mouse — all day today — when I was at my computer, keyboard, too. Guy working on gas meter – 1 p.m. or thereabout, says regular maintenance. (I questioned that later.) Terrible, miserable evening. By the Weather Underground records it rained/thunderstorm today or rain/thunderstorm was predicted.

    I contacted the gas company requesting the current meter be replaced with the old meter. THEY REFUSED. Back then I didn’t know there was a procedure to follow to have a meter removed or replace even though those procedures don’t seem to work.

    So currently I’m faced with the electric company notifying me of the installation of a smart meter or I guess what they’re now calling them electronic utility meters.

    I know for a certainty I am affected by electronic utility meters as I spent two weeks at one of my children’s home, a home with a smart meter!

    I haven’t slept in my bed since April 2014 or thereabout, waking one time stiff as a board from being shocked. I’ve been sleeping in one of my recliners, which isn’t all that bad, because the shocking is less than the bed.

    I’m very discouraged because my life has been a living hell and I’m sure everyone commenting here can understand that.

    I could go on about my horrible experiences but enough is enough, right?

  32. Even since my smart meter was installed my health has declined. I am on six blood pressure pills a day just trying to keep from having a stroke, but my blood pressure still stays dangerously high.
    Balance? I don’t even know what that is anymore. I have leg cramps, migraines, shooting pains in the back of my head. The ringing in my ears has almost taken all of my hearing and its so hard to understand people when they talk. I’ve had both ear drums to rupture on the same day.
    I continue to have chest pains all the time even though have had all kinds of tests run on my heart and nothing was found.
    Sleep? I can’t hardly sleep anymore, I get between one a four hours sleep and I use to not have any problems with sleeping.
    I have experienced almost every symptom that has been listed since they replaced my meter years ago. The problem is most people won’t believe you, even friends that have known you for years and know how you really are. Then the drs want to start saying its all mental instead of trying to find out what the real problem is.
    We should be allowed to choose if we want a smart meter around us or not!

  33. I have been living, if it can be called that, with EMS since 2007. April 2014 I learned what it was I was experiencing. Since that time I’ve kept a daily journal of what’s happening to me including weather conditions. For me I believe the weather plays a role in what I’m experiencing. From the list of symptoms, I’ve experienced most all of them. I’ve spent a lot of money on a lot of remedies, which none of them have worked for me, including Stetzerizer filters to name one.

    Recently I’ve begun to notice that my symptoms worsen around the time I would be receiving my utility statements and my symptoms also worsen before and during a change in weather, like rain, snow, etc.

    Using any remote, my mouse, my keyboard my fingers and hands are burned. Not an outwardly burn but the sensation of burning.

    During the time the Stetzerizer filter were plugged in bright pink spots developed mostly on my hands and arms. The spots weren’t painful, nor did they itch or anything and after I removed the filters the spots gradually disappeared.

    Here is excerpt from my journal:
    April 23, 2014, 10:41 a.m. – The last couple of days I had this roaring in my head and my blood pressure was higher than is normal for me and I lost hearing in my right ear. Today the roaring is gone. It’s raining. I feel pretty good today so far. I wanted to go out and sit on the patio and put my feet in the grass but it’s been raining. Maybe it will stop and I can still do it. I’m being shocked (burned) by my mouse — all day today — when I was at my computer, keyboard, too. Guy working on gas meter – 1 p.m. or thereabout, says regular maintenance. (I questioned that later.) Terrible, miserable evening. By the Weather Underground records it rained/thunderstorm today or rain/thunderstorm was predicted.

    I contacted the gas company requesting the current meter be replaced with the old meter. THEY REFUSED. Back then I didn’t know there was a procedure to follow to have a meter removed or replaced even though those procedures don’t seem to work.

    So currently I’m faced with the electric company notifying me of the installation of a smart meter or I guess what they’re now calling them electronic utility meters.

    I know for a certainty I am affected by electronic utility meters as I spent two weeks at one of my children’s home, a home with a smart meter!

    I haven’t slept in my bed since April 2014 or thereabout, waking one time stiff as a board from being shocked. I’ve been sleeping in one of my recliners, which isn’t all that bad, because the shocking is less than the bed.

    I’m very discouraged because my life has been a living hell and I’m sure everyone commenting here can understand that.

    I could go on about my horrible experiences but enough is enough, right?

    No finger pointing just information to research on your own!
    This is the place to read and might be some of the stuff that is happening !
    I know a person is snooping on me right now trying to set someone one up , I am not stupid stuff has been reported to the government and the real F.B.I.!!

  35. We have a signal interruption system situation blocking internet and unauthorized Spying possibilities in surrounding clark county and “Monkey wrenching” for free electric/TV or computer criminal copy or entrapment like activities with reversed signaling for harassment type satiation to “force” moving ad quit job also and cause health problems towards certain pets and people? somewhere between spencer, chili, and granton, Wisconsin copy catting war like activity! or a small electric ground electric leakage problem from tornado and down hill land earth quake waves creep through hi wires, telephone lines leaving small cuts for electric ground leakage by the water way!!, You figure it out please! or ID thievery?

  36. its just like the jetsons no wheel cars coming up in future also just like the song killing me softly

  37. I stopped my studies because the boosters in every classroom at university in the Netherlands gave me headaches, difficulties in concentrating and a general feeling of being unwell. My anxiety attacks started at that time too. Next, I did some supply teaching, at first in an old school building which was fine, next a slightly more modern one which I could stand as long as I didn’t work a full day (note: 4 kids in a school with 550 pupils had brain tumours!) Finally, they wanted me to transfer to a brand new building, where everything was digital. LED lighting, security devices, ID card entry and wifi boosters everywhere. I couldn’t be in that building for more than a few hours before feeling sick.

    So I decided to work from home. The first two years seemed ok, but now all my neighbours have smart meters. My dog doesn’t want to be indoors any more. My cats are sick. I wake up at 2.45 am every night. I get a burning sensation in my extremities, sometimes on my chest. A band of debilitating headache. Eyesight deteriorated: I now have to hold my book close to my nose. My husband has developed cataracts and a mysterious disease that causes him to walk like a drunkard. I am going the same way: feels as if the floors are sloping. My wrists and ankles are swollen. I feel extreme thirst at night although I drink enough during the day and don’t eat salty food. We explode in arguments over nothing, and our sex life is now non existent. But when we take a weekend break in the countryside we are fine: we sleep again, we walk better and we are at peace together. Thanks to this website I now know what the major cause is: not just the chemtrails or the pollution or the cell tower visible in the distance but mainly the DUMB meters installed by our neighbours. And the so-called sleeping meter in our meter cupboard.
    Tip: large doses of vitamin C can take the edge off radiation sickness. Check out Dr Suzanne Humphries on YouTube. And drink enough, especially water with a pinch of (Celtic) salt. Radiation dries out your cells. Sugar intake makes it worse, I have found. That’s a hard one, because I seem to have developed a sugar addiction. So has my husband, who never cared for it before. But best of all: move if you can. And take your mobile solar energy powered generator with you.


  39. My name is William Eric Hamilton I lived in Florence mississippi I now live in Brookhaven mississippi I want you to know that Florence police department Richland police department Rankin county sheriff department and the Rankin County courthouse are a family of freemasons and in the late 60s the government give the right for the public to use a satilite its a hobby and fcc liecened members use it you know who most liecened fcc members are fireman policeman judges are all members to hold their jobs and all know about satilite use and what it is capable of and they can target you something else you might not know freemasons are mostly fireman policeman judges and attorneys is that something we all need to be concerned with yes it is these people work for the government and all are salt of the earth they will not ever get in trouble for their wrong doing just read the saying on their vehicles IN GOD WE TRUST not all are that way but I know for a fact in Rankin county mississippi official stand behind those words to and those same type of people in mississippi hung people by ropes and went to church the next day stand behind the bible and get away with all kinds of sins they don’t believe their going to be punished in the after life I have lost my faith in God because I have been targeted by these people these people protect their own and that is the freemasons organisation my family members are freemasons my mom is a eastern star i have not talk to her in about eight years and before anyone jugdes me read up on the freemasons I didnt really think about it growing up I was nieeve but my eyes were open by the conduct of these people i lost 250000 dollars in property and belongings and a 65000 dollar cashiers check a freemason now owns my home in this story i loss everything that i worked hard for lost my job of eight years my bosses were freemason lost my freedom and jailed for no reason and put in a mental hospital I wouldn’t blame anyone if they didn’t believe my story but I lived it and I wouldn’t lie for these people it’s all about getting the word out I have told the fcc about this I also told the doj just remember I don’t know If this people that install these devices but it could be more creapper than you think keep in mind you can accomplish a lot of weird things with these frequencies like hearing you talk hearing voices and seeing things and it could be people that are perves that you think you could trust and until the fcc monitors these activities we all need to be concerned i dont want to hide from the truth my email is

  40. For a while now the use of Solar panels happen to be named a natural energy resource and
    along with other initiatives, free us from our extremely high consumption of coal and oil.
    More exotic systems use solar heating to own the end of a heat pump chiller; this uses a solar collector as being a heat box to get hot an operating fluid to
    operate exactly like an air conditioner. – Next you need in order to connect the blades to
    a shaft which, subsequently, connects for the motor.

  41. I am in an argument about a smart meter recently fitted in my house in the UK. I live in an ancient house with 3 foot thick walls. The smart meter did not work (mobiles don’t work well in the house), and so has never been commissioned. They say it is in ‘non smart mode’. I did not realise (DUH) that a smart meter used RF radiation on a continual basis, before consenting to it being fitted. They are saying because it has not been commissioned it is not emitting any waves. I hired an acousticom 2 Electrosmog detector, turned off all wifi and mobile phones and dect phones nearby and seem to be getting some worrying signals, on a pulsing basis, up to the detector’s maximum reading of 6.00 V/m. What can I say to the smart meter people to get them to remove the device. Am I right, that even though it has never worked in a ‘smart’ way, it is still emitting radiation?

  42. An Amish (?) like person, who does not live here anymore not sure what his name was, he said pass this on… saw person with tiny little explosives and they were exploding them with a hand held button device and we had a mail box down on heath road over by chili that looked like an exploded mail box, but they claimed it was baseball bat.. it was all torn up and there was some other unexplained deals that we think is like terroristic or gang like copy catting going on in that areas and we tried to talk to the police but with no help! also dogs missing and being poisoned And another group was seen driving through with automatic guns shooting them in air as they drove by a few years back, this is frightening people in chili surrounding area and we don’t feel like we get any type of police surveillance because they are so far away in all directions! and now we heard someone went through and bugged our homes so they know when your gone and tracking sounds are coming through the television sets! A person wonder if they are trying to get people to move out for the woods or something? These gas lines/high towers/smart meters are what scare me, we keep seeing unknown people hanging around them and they are not gas line workers or hunters and they don’t like you asking why your there or why don’t you have a name professional line workers name tag excetra! I also took a photo of the one vehicle no identification on it! ID or information thieves or “electric Communication set up artists” in the area this is what I am wondering?

  43. Come home to a REAL fire!! These smart meter internal breakers are a definite fire hazard. One was retrieved by a Fire Officer (who also inspected my workplace every few months), and that smart meter was identified as the definite cause of a fire that was brought under control. That smart meter was a blackened melted ‘blob’. The possibilities of RF problems and the body are not my area of know how, but fire prevention is something that I am experienced in. Loose ‘high resistance’ connections under heavy load cause more electrical fires than any other electrical ‘fault’. The heat developed by a contact ‘fault’ resistance of only 1 Ohms with 30 Amps passing will develop 900 Watts of pure heat at the small point of the ‘fault’ resistance. The temperature at that point will quickly rocket to over 1000 Centigrade (white heat), setting fire to anything flammable, and then causing arcing through the conductive flames across the incoming supply, multiplying the generated heat 100 times (explosion). The voltage drop across this 1 Ohm ‘fault’ will be only around 30 Volts out of 240 Volts, so would not be very noticeable by the user as a ‘warning’ something is wrong, David Hine

  44. I am an engineer, worked in several disciplines in industries, including
    power, hospitals…. I know where the smart meter ‘bodies’ are buried and have insured my continued breathing is insured by more that 32 disks distributed to non family and non close friends. This real problem is a bit more complex as related below.

    There are carrot and soft political stick solutions…First understand the political, technical and costs landscape below. Then Petition to Congress et. al. Other legal and ethical motivational means are called for and are outlined below. We need to be able to opt out or choose cable internet meters without bad frequency generation ‘chips.’ My research shows that timers to limit digital traffic and frequencies limited to good frequencies, on the boards and internet cables, would still work. NO cell phone, SATALITTE TRANSCEIVER smart meters.

    1. The power company upper management and meter people are being threatened to keep their mouths shut due to ‘national security’ related to current radiological warfare and the meter people are generally are loosing their jobs due to automation by smart meters. National security, cow droppings!!!…..millions of people outside the USA, knowing have been treated with the good version of frequency equipment, it ain’t a secret.

    Also, check and see who supplies software, graphs etc to your power company, follow the cow droppings if politicians do not take constructive actions.

    2. Pavlop won the Nobel prize (1904) for showing that THE FREQUENCIES emitted are more important than the power emitted, see below. (Still, do not stick you head in a high power mircrowave oven or two way transceiver microwave dish.).

    3. Pavlop first worked for the Russia Czar and then for the mass murder communist-socialist Stalin, in efforts to control the citizens of Russia and later Hitler’s Henchmen, with specific frequency radio waves.

    Pavlop affected them but the AM radio wave generation then has limited number of specific frequencies; AM radio version was minimally effective. Research has continued to this day to find ADDITIONAL controlling and damaging frequencies by China, Iran, Russia and certain people in Venezuela and other places like the USA.. Some of these frequencies were used to deafen our US personal in the Embassy in Cuba.

    I am pro military, but a limited numbers of politically motivated USA Military Industrial subcontractors geeks are also involved……dum..di..dum…One of our previous Presidents told henchmen who you see in the news, hay we can win elections with this stuff, as it is getting more and more effective.

    California, Chicago, NY, Mass, Colorado, Maryland, South Florida and other areas have ZOMBIE VOTERS AND SMART METERS. Trump is slowly finding out what the morons in power, have been doing since the USSR created riots of the 1960’s and helped one party in power and Trump is not happy.

    4. At the same time as Pavlof was doing evil, Dr. Royal Rife (San Diego CA) found GOOD FREQUENCIES which killed pathogens.

    5. Additional researchers, about 30,000 medical professionals, have found more that 10,000 good frequencies which HEAL MANY PARTS OF THE BODY AND BRAIN. You can call this ANTI-AGING FREQUENCY MEDICINE, which old Congressmen and women and powerful rich people love to hear about. The current GOOD FREQUENCY systems are used by a number of people in power, mainly overseas, who were terrorified by the morons.

    When talking with powerful people, tell them truly that the smart meters, with low power, have certain special carrier wave et al frequencies which can travel thousands of miles AND THE CARRIED FREQUENCIES CAN THEN MASSIVELY REDUCE THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE ANTIAGING SYSTEMS WHICH CONGRESS AND THE RICH CAN USE TO EXTEND THEIR LIVES.


    7. So set of a petition on this site which will sent something like the above information to all of your elected officials, especially Congress, President Trump, state elected officials, sheriffs, prosecuting attorneys et al, as they have these smart meters on their houses and offices.

  45. The Smart Meter was installed a month ago. 9/18 The meter is directly on the outside wall of the kitchen where I wash dishes and cook. I’ve been experiencing persistent dizziness, nausea and an odd sensation in my head in the last 3 weeks. Other than back problems, I have always felt well and healthy. These symptoms are new. I attribute it to the Smart Meter radiation because it started a week after it was installed.

  46. We have a reverse electric signal I believe spying or listening, tracking You can hear it with a AM- FM radio on a non music station! Electric Company recorded it and they say it is interference, but from where unknown! Called the F.B.I. nothing came from that! And our neighbor was seen running on his A.T.V. with an antenna of some sort and would not say what that was for and he was not hunting! If someone is found dead( Unexplained…) or being stalked hunted, tracked or internally home infiltrated for stealing information ,even stalked at their job and not warranted by court with police or top authority there will be inquiry for court procedure of trespassing and intrusion and privacy or stealing opened in respect of possible unlawful criminal, activity!

  47. Yes it could be the smart meter and in combination with sleeping near the electric panel and perhaps other EMF he is exposed to. Please move him sleeping area far away from the meter/electric panel. Have your house tested, or test your house for EMFs and reduce them. See safety tips and links to meters here:

  48. My son sleeps in the room where the smart meter is, the meter was installed 3-4 years ago. Since then my son was diagnosed in January 2018 with Stage 4 Level B Hodgkins Lymphoma. It does not run in my family this is something that is totally new to our family. Is it a possibility that this could have been caused from the Smart Meter and the RF Radiation.

  49. Yes you can use the Narelle cartoons on the website. I’m not sure if they are in the “public domain”, or if any of the other cartoons posted on the website are. We’ve paid to have some created, gotten direct permission for some, and some not. Since you are using them for activism and for the public good, go ahead and use them. However, if someone asks you to stop using them, then stop.

  50. Attn. site owners – can you please let me know if the cartoons featured on your site, such as by Narelle, are public domain? Can i make multiple copies of to distribute in my locale & enlighten people? Thanks.

  51. Spoofing(?) happening here in Clark County over by Chili..and audio voice electric sounds made to sound like voices and Blasting from somewhere near or in the area and or are trying to ruin speakers and or TV sets and radio! one and reversing electricity through smart meter or it is picking up the interference of hacking through the small inlet box on your home were the TV antennae is or Phone Or internet wires are connected to your house to the telephone poles or underground telephone line and they are nasty suckers and causing pain! Is this microwaving people also???

    There was what I read on Fort McCoy’s or military topics site legal to read through topics….. a machine that was stolen a few years back..with same capabilities !!

  52. “Electric harassment” ma&ter- baiters are trying to bait to steal from people in certain in areas for free anything and make drivable or signal covert talk connections for their illegal activity through woods excetra so not to be caught or arrested and using force with threats and covertly and unacknowledged by law or military…and abusing by using illegally electric, Smart meters, high tower, phone and internet companies power source!! And we think it’s happening in Clark County,WI
    Someone told people this I wonder if it is true?

  53. I heard the criminals and gang groups.. something like that are implanting people with audio harassment (teeth and gum) covert talk implants to try to force them by covert talk systems and mind reading and are trying to abuse certain people to take their land away from them steal retirement money and force through harassment to tell a lie because of threats of every kind form the abuser and it is happening in Wisconsin now like it was in California and Milwaukee areas and it is happening all over the world they will even hurt you if you don’t eventually gibe in to the demands? Police are unaware of this activity due you know about this and can you comment on how to know ac bout the system and if your a victums? Fake smart meters might be part of the activity and it might also be fraud scamming and ID theft!

  54. Those seeking help. Due to Chemical Sensitivities I had to go to
    the Environmental Health Center of Dallas Tx. There were many people there (2000) from all over the US and the world and many
    had issues with EMF and the like. I saw people who would go into seizures when a light switch was turned on. The clinic is knowledgeable and equip to address these issues. For all of you
    I would recommend contacting them. I will be doing so myself because a smart meter was recently installed on my home-before I knew of them or their consequences. Good Luck to All!

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  56. I am in the UK, I live is a house converted to flats, so its 4 flats per house. I have no Smart meters, the other 3 residents do have all gas and elec smart meters, also neighbours in flats to the side. Talk about a nightmare, sleep only happens when others sleep, if only one is awake I am awake, because they leave things on all night at time, the smart meter knows this and constantly sends out signals…. I lay awake, sweating, stomach churning, like I am being cooked, its a terrible way to live, and have thought many times about giving up… but I am strong willed and plod on, I don’t know how, but I do, even though my ;life is miserable… Winter is far worse because of gas smart meters being on constantly to drive the heating, but I am now finding my stomach churns, and I sweat throughout the night on electric smart meters now, which I don’t think I had experienced before. I have painted this room in ysheild paint and can attest that it knocks down wifi signals quite a lot, but I am so sensitive, its just not enough. I am glad I am 52 and getting older, because if i was a teen, or a younger person I would despair for my longevity on this earth… I have lived my life and am prepared to die, sort of, I do keep trying new things, and feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel, but despair, depression and little hope is how most of my days feel… When I do actually get sleep, I feel positive, I just wish it was more often.

  57. I never though about the meter before, but am suspicious about smart phones which may be even worse if I carry it in my pocket as many people do.

  58. Angel, my understanding is that you cannot opt out in PA. Not even for medical reasons. I am trying to figure out how to get rid of these awful meters as well. If you learn something, would you please post about it here?

  59. Where can I find a doctor who knows about electrical sensitivity?
    Try the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) referral search for a doctor in your area. See left side bar.
    AAEM has taken a strong stand against smart meters. See the following posts:
    Print these out and bring with you to the doctor visit.

  60. How can I get a diagnosis of EMF sensitivity from a doctor? I know that I have it, but I’ve filed a formal complaint with the PUC in an attempt to opt out of smart meter installation at our house. I feel a doctor’s diagnosis might be helpful. In PA.

  61. I live in an apartment building and I opted out of having a smart meter. As a result the gas company stopped sending me paperbills and starting charging “estimates” of what my bill should be. I’ve lived here for 15 plus years and my bill was $10-12 and maybe $24 in the “heating” winter month or two. I look back at the past year and I was charged $30, $45, and even $60. Some of those months I was out of town. When I called, the employee was very hostile and was unwilling to compensate for the overcharge. Now I got a notice today that if I don’t go to the actual office tomorrow to pay they will cut off my power. Why suddenly have they become so hostile!? Also I was never told that I had to pay $5 for their guy to come check the meter which he hasn’t done in over a year. I don’t mind paying the extra money to protect the environment and people from intense radiation. A lot of people have no idea of the harm they cause. The gas employee said there’s no radiation and only uses a small battery. Such lies!

  62. There was a small white truck Datsun? with (A) frame topper with two men in Clark County,WI changing smart meters back around 2015 -16 saying they had to do this , ours was brand new, how-ever since they did we found out they might be ID thieves (Up north in Wisconsin?) trying to get money and information, I had the electric company come out and they said it was their meter but had a sound like a radar heard coming from it and through the TV /internet inlet box but it’s through the smart meter, we have a copy of the signal coming form it they investigated ….They still don’t know where that signal is originating from but I noticed the excel gas line has a something new on it that might be keeping track of gas line movement? Any idea. The signal is being picked up through our TV/DVR set using a radio on a non music station clear of any communication just a shusssshh sound! The sound goes off sometimes but mostly keeps running! Could this possibly be someone spying on us or hacking possibility?

  63. Why do I feel like I live in Russia? The North Little Rock Electric Department came to my house right before Christmas and told me they were going to put this smart meter on my house or they were going to cut my electricity off! ( I had just paid my bill) I told them I don’t want anything on my home that causes harm to my family! There is documented evidence, by world renowned doctors, these HF microwave radiation machines do cause cancer and a host of many other health problems…I told them they couldn’t get in my backyard I’ve got dogs! The one guy threatened me and even said he would call the animal shelter to pick up my dogs (which was very disturbing) and he proceeded to call the police on me, on my own property!!!! The police arrived and I went inside and they left. This morning 1-10-18 they were back. I was on the phone trying to get a better healthcare plan ( ours skyrocketed to over 1,000.00 month with $5,000 deductible!) so couldn’t go to the door I wasn’t even dressed yet! They kept continuously ringing my door bell as my dogs were going nuts! The next thing I knew…they actually climbed over my backyard gate, with a “No Trespassing” and “Beware of dog” on my gates! My older dog Rosco,as can see in this video, not much of a guard dog. Thank goodness Biff wasn’t out or he would have torn him up, that’s his yard ! I started to let him out but was afraid they would hurt him. I have tried to keep this matter quiet don’t like to cause trouble but feel strongly people should have a choice to opt out like other cities have. Most people don’t even know they have one on their house! When they first started putting them on about three years ago they came out one day and told me they were just upgrading the meter so I let them put it on our house, out of ignorance For three months I was not able to sleep and my heart would race at night. I had no idea until I did research on UN Obama smart meters and began connecting the dots. I called the electric department and told them I was having health issues and they did come out and put the older digital meter back on. It still wasn’t the good old analog, But at least it wasn’t the HF radioactive radiation and my symptoms stopped after they removed it! My bedroom window is right next to this smart meter…from what I’ve been told we were the only house out of 30,000 that didn’t have it and they are in the final phase now ! People should have a choice whether they want this on their home, which is suppose to be our sanctuary and place to rest and recuperate! My husband and I have been citizens of this great city all our life and business owners for 35 years. We are all about progress, growth and productivity but there has to be a balance and there has to be priorities! If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything! I’ve heard some say these aren’t any more than a cell phone, from what I’ve read they are 160 times more radiation! One thing I’ve already noticed after they installed this dumb meter today, my dog Roscoe started running around in circles and barking continuously! I’m also concerned about what this harmful radiation is doing to nature and our birds and bees we need to pollinate our food! Just wonder how much long term research has really gone into these before they slapped them on our homes? Oh by the way, forgot to mention those first batch were recalled, hope they found the 200 they were still looking for! Has it crossed anyone’s mind, if they are so safe, like they say…then why are they being so forceful to the point of using Gestapo tactics? There needs to be a lot more research and safety regulations on this long term radiation exposure that is slowing cooking us and killing our DNA! Maybe they are doing research, on us? Maybe, if we can get enough concerned people together we could get legislature to pass and add an op out Bill to install our safe old analog meter back on! I’m sure gonna check out these Sine tamers too, thanks Mia!

  64. It took a lot of physical suffering for far too long before I figured out why and how all this can be avoided.
    Maybe people know or maybe they don’t but a smart meter has no grounding and no suppressor.
    That is because huge profits can only be made by removing the suppression and allowing pulses and surges to make money – whether you get sick or not seems irrelevant to the corporate bottom line.
    I guess ordinary customers did not know that voltage can be regulated and, more importantly, that pulses and surges can be eliminated.
    Someone on here referred to a way to stop this, It took us ages to realize that a smart meter can be tamed.
    Turns out that for decades industry has used specifically designed devices to counter power surges that are otherwise damaging to their equipment. These are not to be confused with an ordinary suppressor. As a rule industry is not concerned with health but with profits so an industrial grade device is used to save money.
    The reason many in industry invest in a sine wave taming device (it’s called a sine tamer) is that this device saves industry a lot of money by cleaning up their wiring, money that would otherwise end up spent on replacing frequent LED burnout ( on gym equipment, for instance), or on LED monitoring screens, as well as other damages, etc..
    If the smart grid generates total distortion anduses pulses and surges to override 60 hertz electrical circuitry, just imagine what the grid and smart meters do to bioelectrical circuitry in your highly sensitive body.
    As it happens, industry defeats the damage from surges by buying and having installed in their service panels a small but very effective sine wave tracking device which tracks all fluctuations and attenuates these dirty pulses and surges which are well known to damage equipment. The pulses and surges are money makers in several ways because they track behavioural habits for sale to third parties, as well as refining tracking of micro usage, and one perk is that pulses and surges also can make power and water and gas bills go sky high.
    This frequency interference stops after the sine wave tracking device attenuates the frequencies once it has been installed in the circuit box/service panel.
    We finally got one for our home and one for our vacation home.
    Granted they are not cheap. However, the reality is that if anyone has a smart meter their bills drop back down, so there is definitely a payback in doing this as well as a health perk. Before and after radiation readings were taken of our home. Not only do we feel better but this proved that there are definite measurable health benefits.
    When all is said and done, a smart meter is simply an unsafe electrical device which it is perfectly legal to tame and regulate the pulses and surges from, in order to make one’s home safe once again.
    We found that the sine tamer is a case of good electronics designed to defeat bad electronics.
    Even though our story is only anecdotal, for what it is worth we have measured the drastic radiation reduction in both of our residences and based on getting a home assessment done in each location, we think that this device is legit, plus the sine tamer comes with a twenty year warranty while it protects and regulates wireless by neutralizing it.
    It significantly lowers smart meter bills because the money made by the utility is based on the ability to generate as well as to measure pulses and surges, all kinds, those generated by the smart grid and those generated by the smart meter, as well as by cell towers.
    Again, we have two homes, we bought two sine tamers.
    First, though, before we got the sine tamers installed, we got rid of all wireless devices, portable phones, wireless modems, and made everything in the home hard wired.
    The sine wave attenuations from this sine tamer really do work. We could not be more relieved. No more sleeplessness, no more anxiety, no more symptoms.
    Pulses and surges damage your body, and harm all biology. It is nothing short of criminal that utilities are getting away with this eco disaster while calling a smart meter “green”.
    Besides, even those who do not feel the effects have identical lab tests, which just makes sense since we are 98% water, and microwaves use water to slow cook, in this case, you. Microwaves harm everyone, not just those who can feel it.
    As a cancer conqueror who succeeded using only natural healing, and as someone who does not allow myself to be pushed around, I am glad we used a perfectly legitimate means to neutralize the callously imposed harm of a smart meter. No way was I about to allow a greed driven utility to harm me for profit or take mored of our hard earned savings than they are entitled to.
    PS: It cleans up any random pulses from off grid solar pure sine wave inverters, too.

  65. I have experienced high levels of anxiety and depression since I was a teenager when we got a smart meter and wifi installed. I am sensitive to EMF radiation and it has robbed me of enjoying my youth fully. I am now 25, unemployed, trying to study but find it extremely difficult in an environment where I feel bombarded with harmful radiation that manifests in my body as lethargy, fatigue, nausea, anxiety, depression, irritability, rage, insomnia and brain fog. I am unable to think clearly at home but when I am most other places I feel so much better. It is frustrating because for years my family have mocked me and don’t believe me when I tell them. They just think I am imagining these symptoms and vehemently refuse to turn the wifi off at night or remove the smart meter (they are not mandatory here). They are so violently against my opinions on this it is extremely difficult to live with. I have tried orgonite to protect myself from EMFs but it would be so much better if I could get them removed completely.

  66. My city put in a smart meter even though I opted out, the city spied on me till I took off for an hour one day, came home to my clock blinking, but at that time I thought it was a quick power outage. 3 months later I started getting a rash all over my body and my doctor asked if I had a smart meter and told him no, but when I got home and looked, sure enough I had a smart meter and was told that could be my problem. I have never been sick and have always had perfect skin, but now it’s going on 3 years after the smart meter was put in, still have the rash and also have really bad sinus problems which I’m very sick from every day, ringing in my ears, can’t sleep, bad nerve problem through my whole body, bad cough that won’t go away, blurry eyes which I have perfect site, joint pains which my joints are fine, can’t remember things, dizzy problems, have no energy and also just started losing my hair which I have always had long thick hair within the last month my hair has gotten very thin. I used to be full of energy, I body built and would walk at least 4 miles a day and work out, the last 2 years I have been so sick its harder each day for me to even get out of bed. Funny how I was in perfect health ti that damn meter was put in and now I feel like I’m dying. Have been after the city to take the meter off which I did not agree to be put on my house in the first place and they will not do it. Also lost 2 very healthy cats out of no where and my other cat is now sick. These smart meters need to go!

  67. December 12, 2016

    Dear emfsafetynetwork,
    I am an attorney who has been asked to represent someone in this matter. I am calling to ask if you could refer me to a scientist, doctor or other expert who has conducted a study and published results, written in scientific journals or taught at a credited university on this subject. I can be reached at 610-889-9351.
    J. Michael Considine, Jr.

  68. GIA Wellness has been tremendous in designing products that protect against EMF. The company genuinely and compassionately cares to protect our health against harmful EMF. Until we improve the electrical standards, there are products out there to help protect us. GIA’s two newest products are a protective cell phone case and a smart meter defender. Here are links to both.

  69. Admin please help me pass this on.
    I have lived a very terrified life the past 12 years due to the steady distraction caused by tinnitus. I hear a steady, offensive and unending buzzing sound on my left ear, which made me deaf. I worked in a factory for 28 years and i was really much exposed to loud noise, since i retired 15 years ago i have been faced with this, infact it made me deaf. I was fortunate enough to get a medicine from Dr. Joseph that put a final stop to the sound and it has never returned since then. Most doctors might tell you there is no cure to tinnitus but as a survivor of this i will tell you it is curable. To get the medicine for yourself just reach him personally on also for advise and information too.

  70. waw,Live in an art deco apartment block of 8 where we had a switchboard upgrade mid 2014. Now, in October and then January blood tests have detected raised lymphocyte and B cell levels. The haematologist says I have a 1-2% chance of developing leukaemia. I know leukaemia is connected with radiation and so i started to look around my home. Nine smart metres are in a galvanised iron box 2.6 metres from my bedroom window. Inside a brick wall, there are switchboards for four of the units – all busily emitting radiation and even closer than the smart metres. Of course, I have all the usual things in my bedroom to add to my toxic exposure – mobile phone, wireless VOIP phone that runs on a modem, a laptop, two lights, a fan and a fan heater. I’m moving into the back bedroom away from the smart metres and keeping laptop, mobile etc in the lounge room. So scary.
    Technology is developing so rapidly, it’s mathematically impossible to mitigate the new hazards that change brings.

  71. Complain to whatever agency you can- they pass on the responsibility- FDA is likely, but FCC also. Try any and all.

  72. We are in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, USA. We also hear high pitch noise for the past many years. We complained to many authorities about it and there were no help or not even a response from them. What is this all about? From our analysis, it may very well be coming from low orbiting weather satellites as the noise becomes more prevalent whenever there is an impending storm or inclement weather. Even otherwise, we hear this high pitch noise at a low tonal strength or volume, especially, at night causing sleep deprivation. We were able to record this noise using a software and it is not something we hear out of nothing or inside the ear Some class mates of our daughter who live in this town mentioned to her that they also hear high pitch noise. In essence, the entire community may be helpless in resolving the high pitch noise. What is more irritable about this noise nuisance is that it causes sleep deprivation.

    Is there any federal agency we could contact to complain about this noise disturbance as this is a nuisance not only to us but also the people living in the community.

    If we can’t anticipate help from federal agencies to stop this nuisance, how do we stop it with some method? We used tin foil in our bedroom and it stopped for some time but it became ineffective after sometime. We then used tin foil and Mylar type insulators and it stopped for some time. It is not effective any longer. This is why I searched Google to find some help to stop this high pitch noise nuisance from now on and came across this site. We may say that our privacy is also compromised by these abusers of the satellite mounted sonar radars. This must STOP.

  73. Question (thought!)of the day on this one!
    The smart meters are inter-grading signals with Nano medical implants and brain tooth /gum cell phone communication implants and this is what is attacking people and we are being mind hacked or electrical harassment targeting and possibly system attacked from hackers around the world! The electrical grid is all screwed up and is crossing electrical signals( Not intentionally!) into internal body implants and we a feeling the ground electric the same way cows do from electrical runoff!

  74. I moved into a home with 3 smart meters installed just a few meters away from where i was sleeping. i know how dangerous they are, so it was a priority to get them removed. i didn’t realise how quickly they would make me sick! in the room i felt really hot, irritable & wld forget what i was doing. i wld start to get a migraine & tinnitus. within a couple of weeks i was so ill i cldnt get out of bed. i literally never get sick, i am super healthy. i have put radiation protection fabric over them until i can get them removed. i still have tinnitus remaining.

  75. Wireless Wake-Up Call

    I have to say this: I would like to but so far I just do not understand any kind of first response to the smart meter when it takes the form of passive masochism as a reaction to a threat of this size, rather than, for instance, being someone motivated to locate inner resolve and access the determination to solve this problem – now. Smart meters are not an insurmountable threat. They are just plastic computers with no ground wires and no suppressors. They turn YOU into the ground, you and all your loved ones and appliances. NO ground wire is how the smart grid makes money. And sickens you slowly while it potentially kills you.
    Is this unconscionable?
    Of course.
    Is there any point to being indignant but not doing anything to solve this home invasion?
    Of course not.
    Anyone who is a parent is duty bound to not let their own children suffer.
    Any pet lover should be motivated not to let this continue.
    I especially do not understand what seems like almost an epidemic of passivity. Way too many humans are acting like pushovers, seemed overwhelmed by this assault on our bodies, our private properties, our minds, our lives and our private homes.
    Aren’t you angry enough to get even?
    It is all perfectly legal.
    Take back your lives.
    Use what is available, what has already been used by industry for decades, what is used by anyone electrically and electronically cognizant, a perfectly legal way to sabotage the node of the smart grid on the side of your home and which can be used to regain peace, quiet, sleep, health.
    Nearly everyone has a home computer, right?
    Are its wireless features shut off, blue tooth, off, airplane mode on?
    Nearly everyone has wifi, right? Is it a hard wired modem?
    I can only hope that those affected by smart meters already have all the other forms of domestic wireless shut off? And hopefully do not use cell phones or worse still, portable home phones?
    Are those who are angry about smart meters part of the problem or part of the solution?
    Are they at very least already hard wired in their homes?
    Are they already practicing safe tech in their lives, cars, anywhere possible?
    Have they got an Electrosmog monitor to use to monitor sources of rf and radar and microwave harm inside the home or to show others at the office?
    Do those who have demonized the smart meter as if it is all powerful happen to recall that any computer is extremely vulnerable to interference, to failures, to glitches, as well as unable to overcome total suppression of its wireless features?
    Well, all a smart meter is is a computer.
    And a very vulnerable, cheap one, at that.
    It is SO dead easy to stop these frequencies.
    Unless you think for some reason that you deserve to suffer?
    Get active, make friends with your neighbour. He and./or she will listen to how to do this, too, once you tell him or her that this will drop the cost of his and/or her utility bills.
    Just appeal to self interest, it works every time.
    Imagine if a whole neighbourhood- and then the next one, and the next one, spread the word around that there is a solution to smart meter invasion.
    Imagine the impact exponentially, if area after area were to all decide to stop suffering, and get even by suppressing the frequencies in the privacy of their own homes.
    What if the entire area all ordered, bought and had installed in their circuit box (sharing two 15 amp circuits is fine, these things do not carry any juice), the right kind of purposefully designed smart meter suppressor, which already exists and is perfectly legal to own and use.
    Then the Wide Area Network single harmonic distortion that is damaging everyone would cease inside the home.
    The smart meter over billing would cease, because the pulses and surges would cease inside each home.
    The privacy would return because the frequency graphing would be inaccessible, because the fire starting, privacy robbing, health damaging, hackable pulses and surges would cease inside your home.
    Instead, for some reason, while complaints have increased exponentially, the smart meter has become mythologized into being impossible to overcome, as if it were a giant invader, a monster, which simply is not true. It is a cheap device, easily neutralized, legally.
    I am trying to appeal here to any residual sense of initiative of the majority to counter this system, to undermine, legally sabotage and otherwise practice self defence against this radar system.
    I want to locate the the “don’t get mad, just get even” response one would expect when everyone has been invaded to this degree, in every possible way.
    For some reason, faced with an invasion every bit as real as any other, it seems as if far too many people are using learned helplessness to “comply”, to “submit” , to allow themselves to be harmed, damaged, robbed, invaded, homes burned down, and each one is getting picked off, one at a time.
    Why continue with endless appeals to “higher authorities” to “do something about this”?
    Authorities? Almost all of them are the same authorities who initiated the global smart grid in the first place, it is a top down initiative, and your life and privacy and safety do not matter.
    But? Surely these things do matter to you, right?
    Well then stop the smart meter and smart grid frequencies form at least entering your home.
    And shut off the power to all bedrooms.
    Do you really want to be divided and ruled?
    Why? Particularly when it is so easy to undermine a smart meter?
    Just get a specialized device, a sine wave tracking frequency attenuator (no not an ordinary household lightning suppressor), a sine tamer.
    Get an industrial grade sine wave tamer that is also a suppressor used by industry everywhere to save a ton of money on wireless induced premature failure or burn out, etc.
    A sine tamer (sine wave tamer) is what will address this smart meter invasion and is even able to neutralize wireless frequencies piggy backing onto your household wiring system (unless you live right beside a cell tower, maybe not then.
    Anyway, that is what will make a major difference to the quality of your lives and recover your health so that you can make level headed decision to walk away from a system that is so corrupt it has in place plans to hack you into the dark and cold, on purpose, for a very very long time, possibly years.
    No we don’t sell them. We just have one, and sleep and live well, in our hard wired home.
    We bought and had installed a sine tamer, because we were and are single minded about overcoming this issue and we were determined not to become irreversibly chronically disabled with EHS.
    Health is wealth.
    Protect it or lose it.
    We had an electrician take about 15 minutes to install that sine tamer which has a 25 year warranty.
    And that, as they say, was the end of that problem in our home.
    We even had our house given a base line reading beforehand, read by a bau biologist, both before and then again after.
    Sine wave tracking frequency attenuators are out there, not hard to find one designed to stop a smart meter from the harm and hazard it was intended to cause.
    You just need the ones designed for weak emfs with variable clamping, and electronic detection of the slightest pulse or surge.
    Best part is the keep you safe if and when you go off grid, which should be your very next stop since this grid is not going to remain reliable or affordable or insurable.
    Stop suffering, please?
    TAKE BACK YOU POWER, as Josh Del Sol entitled his smart meter movie.
    Get a Sine Tamer or equivalent.
    Surely this will be the best investment you will ever make for getting back your home and protecting your loved ones, your private property, your own inviolate sanctuary.
    Just do it, it is soooooo worth it.

  76. I’m currently experiencing the ringing ears. I live in SOUTHERN, CALIFORNIA. I HOPE THEY CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS MENACE SOON!!!!!

  77. Live in an art deco apartment block of 8 where we had a switchboard upgrade mid 2014. Now, in October and then January blood tests have detected raised lymphocyte and B cell levels. The haematologist says I have a 1-2% chance of developing leukaemia. I know leukaemia is connected with radiation and so i started to look around my home. Nine smart metres are in a galvanised iron box 2.6 metres from my bedroom window. Inside a brick wall, there are switchboards for four of the units – all busily emitting radiation and even closer than the smart metres. Of course, I have all the usual things in my bedroom to add to my toxic exposure – mobile phone, wireless VOIP phone that runs on a modem, a laptop, two lights, a fan and a fan heater. I’m moving into the back bedroom away from the smart metres and keeping laptop, mobile etc in the lounge room. So scary.
    Technology is developing so rapidly, it’s mathematically impossible to mitigate the new hazards that change brings.

  78. People do not realize that everything is controlled and leading to world government, so they cant contact their congressmen and expect it to do anything. Unless they are already good friends with someone on the inside who can help, then there is no reason to do that. What they need to do is realize that Take Back Your Power is controlled opposition. They give you great information, but a horrible solution that wont work. Such as trying to legally fight utilities, unless your judge is a patriot, it wont happen, many judges are bought off for agenda21 and even the fair ones will rule that the smart meter is the property of the electric utility company and home owners who entered into contract with them do not have the right to mess with them. So I saw people protecting their homes inside them with emf shielding, if that works, good for them, eventually appliances that do not emit emf will be phased out and companies will only be making ones that do, and then in order to get safe appliances, we would need inventors who know what they are doing to compete with the evil appliance companies. I know I had an energy star freezer and it emit very high emf that bothered me and I was sitting 8 feet away, but an old Westinghouse refrigerator does not bother me, not even if I put my head up against it. So again to reiterate, there are three solutions, not proposed by the movie which is controlled opp, always looking to protesting your government to fix your problem when thhe government is in bed with them too. You need to form your own government on your block, start there, and get families together to say no. One family in a sea of families who don’t care wont work. It was their evil idea to creat the nuclear family competition, families are strong if they work together, but separate, they are weak. Form your own electric utility, install solar panels on your block, put your minds together to find some other way to get power. As an entire block, get the next block, get the whole town to march to city hall and demand change, remove the people there from power if they refuse. This must be done locally. A few angry parents at a town council meeting will get ignored. Again you cannot stop them from installing it by putting a note or lock on their property. If you cant do any of this, move to a town that is not moving forward with agenda21 and bide your time.

  79. People talk about how they did not give the electrical company permission to install them. I think these people are all acting like children. The moment you signed up for electricity, you gave them permission to do whatever they wanted, and you don’t have permission to touch their property, that’s why they sometimes bring police to help them install the meters and prevent you from interfering. If you want to have electricity without smart meters, find another utility, form your own utility, or turn off power in your home and use solar panels. Stop trying to write your utility and convince them not to do it. They are taking orders from higher ups the powers that be, and they are not going to listen to your demands. What you need is not a grassroots organization that tries to lobby congress but one that takes matters into its own hands and forms its own community supported power. This is all part of Agenda 21 and it is world wide so wake up people wake up. Ted Gunderson was talking about it in the 1990s.

  80. was driving through millburn new jersey residential area in september 2013 and I felt my head pounding to the point I thought i was going to die. I also saw white PSE&G trucks around and think they were putting in smart gas meters around there. The emf rf shielded coat I wore next time and the headband did not work to stop the effects the next time I went so now I go another route when traveling through milburn the shopping center area does not have these meters installed, yet. Hope they won’t put them there. see stop smartmeters new jersey blog for more. smart meters are so much more dangerous than cell phones and cannot be shielded because it’s a web and it all communicates with your appliances which will all eventually be smart, and every smart meter communicates with each other, so it’s like there is no escape from this earthly hell.

  81. My Tinnitus is driving me crazy! Ever since the new electric digital meter was installed outside the bedroom window where just below that window lies my head every night, I’ve had this problem. Also have weird headaches, sleeplessness, irritability, memory problems. I’m not alone, my husband has most of the same problems, except for the headaches and Tinnitus. We had no choice but made to install it. If we didn’t want it the electric co. would charge us a fee and our bill would increase monthly. I’m so sick of it! I am going to do research to find out what I can do to maybe block the signals from coming into our house!

  82. Sleeplessness, tingling and head feels like a balloon and other strange sensations. Thought is was my job and so quit, losing out on the year end bonuses of few thousand dollars and took a job at half the pay which barely gets me by. Symptoms continued and came across this site and realized the sleepless nights and funny pressure in the head began a week or so after the smart meters had been installed last month. Ridiculous and treasonous.

  83. We had a meter installed (against our wishes) about 6-8 weeks ago. We have been experiencing sleepless nights, severe muscle calf cramps during the night, tin flavored saliva, joint pains, ringing in the ears, blurred vision on occasion, dizziness, joint pains, continual nausea, headaches. Even our 4 cats have been behaving “differently.” Did not want this NOR did we approval of the installation!! Visit the doctor and the answer is medications….NO, we have been healthy and take good care of ourselves!! It is BS!!

  84. I had a smart meter installed under protest on my bedroom wall. Two weeks later I felt terrible, my head felt so strange. I had to go overseas and the feeling left me. On my return, the second night in that room and the awful head feeling came back. I changed bedrooms and it was gone. Then went overseas for three months, no problems. On return slept in that room and second night strange sick feeling back. Slept in another room. Went overseas and on my first night at a motel this awful strange feeling came back with waves going through me. It lasted while away and continued on my return for months. Some said I had parasites, but no evidence of them. Every six weeks, the feeling would be back for two weeks and then go again. Felt good for a few months. Two weeks ago it was back with a vengeance, waves through my body at night, palpitations and my right leg would not walk properly. The doctor was concerned about a stroke. Since then have felt terrible for two weeks, but last week good again. Interesting that every Monday I am terrible for exercise class, but right all week. What happens Sunday night that is different? Am told every tenth house has a ‘mother meter’ that acts on behalf of the other nine houses. Don’t know what it does differently. Until I can get total protection of all radiation in my house, I believe the symptoms will continue and perhaps get worse. Looking into the best and cheapest protection at present.

  85. Man you guys are a few sandwiches short of a picnic! I hate the utility companies and will usually back any fight against the thieves but I cannot get behind this hair brain idea. How many of the people claiming health problems are just looking for a lawsuit so they can sit on their fat @ss? How many of you own more then 2 cats (in general… Multi cat owners tend areto be eccentric or in lala land. If these meters suddenly started causing you problems then why did your problems not start when wifi and cell phones became common place. Walk/Ride down the road with a smart phone and see how many wifi networks you walk/ridr through. Besides you can beech all you want… The utility companies employ the best of the best lawyers just to deal with you nuts on a regular basis.

  86. I got a golf ball size tumor on my leg right where it sits next to my computer tower. I also found out that the 8 SMART METERS on the other side of my wall ARE WIRED right under my desk creating another big surge of EMF. Double whammy for me. i had it cut off 2 weeks ago and it was malignant Melanoma. I got a EMF detector and got very HIGH in the danger zone, readings where the meters are wired. I have a friend who cant walk anymore so I went to see whats up and when i knocked on her door there was 9 SMART meters on the wall next to the door. just inside where she sits all day, very high readings and she puts her feet on the floor where its wired. She is in BAD shape
    What you cant see CAN definitely HARM you

  87. Been sick for over a month now not sure if they are smart meters, but can not sleep in bedroom…my head thumps everynight, have fast pulse day and night…so tired , can get no sleep..sore throat also once a year..doc can’t figure this all out, but I think I have…How do you know it s a smart meter??? There are at least 24 meters on my bedroom wall in this complex..I am sick… and the big thing with high volage is outside my bedroom window also Joyce

  88. I am electrically sensitive and have been very concerned about smart meters as well. I found out this week though that my symptoms are not from my smart meter but from the COLLECTOR routers around my city. They are mounted on utility poles every mile or so. When I drive by or am exposed to the radiation from these COLLECTOR devices I get immediate symptoms which last for hours. I was then paranoid my smart meter was making me feel sick. I wanted people to know that the smart meter is just part of the whole system your electrical utility is using and there are other parts which are probably worse than the smart meter itself. So find out where the collectors are located and do your best to avoid them.

  89. Easy way to TEST if you’re susceptible to all this WiFi stuff:
    – VACATION on an UNINHABITED island, a large forrest or somewhere high-up in the mountains. (As long as there’s nothing there).

    Vacationing in true nature for a few weeks will let you easily find out if you got sick/have symotoms from the ‘WiFi BEFORE’ and ‘AFTER’.

    You’ll be sure to notice a clear difference. 🙂

    Pluck the day,

  90. I tried to delay this for as long as I could. The meter went in today and I am in fear for my life. I am already feeling the symptoms that so many of you describe. We all need to flood the lines and call your congressman and bitch like hell every day.

  91. What is difficult to understand is why these “smart” meters need to give off any undue radiation (except the 50 or 60 Hertz “buzz” that comes with the electricity as such). The “smart” is not about sending WiFi or microwave signals to “outer space” continuously. Even if a smart meter were to be read from outside the building to save time and be independent of people being at home when they are read (although they should transmit this information through other channels anyhow), then they need not radiate continuously but only once a meter reader approaches the building and sends an activation signal, after which it would send out a data packet and switch its sender off again.

  92. The smart meter is a nightmare! my bill is terribly and I have many many health problems that I’ve never had in my life! I want it removed,it is killing me and my pet! OG&E has not replied…. I believe my bill is triple what it should be

  93. I know a couple who feel that they literally saved their own lives, attest that they reclaimed the full use of their minds because of the installation of a very high quality industry grade whole house suppressor. They had it installed either between the meter and the service panel or right in the service panel, not sure which, but it was one with emf filters built in too, and LED lights to let them know about any power surges, its status, etc
    Apparently these suppressors get rid of not only electrical transients from incorrect wiring but wireless induced total harmonic distortions and noise which is making so many so ill. I know they had to ascertain that the one they had installed was well grounded.
    Has anyone else out there had success with use of any industry grade, emf filter enabled, whole house suppressor? I don’t mean the regular hardware store variety which apparently can give a false sense of assurance since you are usually unaware when or if they fail.
    I refer to the really top end skookum kind which industry uses to prevent damage to electronics,one that saves LED displays, wiring, and inflated bills, installed to save a ton of money. Anyone?
    I mean the kind which smooths out the artificial “smart” sine wave and eliminates those wretched transients emitted by every aspect of every node in the entire wireless grid and especially the harmonics and transients emitted by the smart “meter”‘s SMPS?
    Worth researching, wouldn’t it be? If the claims from industry are what they seem to be claiming, world wide,then if I understand this, the good suppressors are designed to filter everything from lightning to the smallest frequencies.
    I know they are not cheap.
    Also this type of suppressor has full replacement warranty and is said to protect against frequency graphing and activity data analysis and capture (privacy)- as well as frequency interference with bioelectrical human and animal systems (health)- as well as to save money (over billing, gouging)

  94. Most smart meters are transmitting at least a couple times a minute, and even can transmit 2-3 X a second.(and more as the appliances join in)

  95. What I would do is hire one or two companies to come out and read the radiation levels in several different areas of your home. If you want to start cheap, I found this… But what you have to remember is that the goal here is to bring the utility company into litigation, and once you have proof from a company that knows how to measure radiation, any lawyer should take your case pro-bono, after all your under attack. You will have to find out exactly what time your meters upload data cause what I’m reading is they only do it for 90 seconds between 3-4 am in the morning. For such a short time of radiation, it would have to be a whopper to be affecting people the way that I’m reading on here. It’s to my understanding these meters only upload data once a day.

    The only thing I have ever suffered from was cell radiation back about 2000. It was my first cell phone and I started to have problems with my eyes twitching. I lived in a rural area which means my cell would be automatically switched to max output to hold contact with the tower. The eye problem persisted and eventually got worse, and I went to an eye doctor and they told me they would give me a steroid shot in the eye, and I said screw that. Soon I developed heart attack symptoms, I would double over, hard to breath, and rush to the window trying to get fresh air. I thought it was carbon monoxide and bought testers that proved me wrong. In a weird stroke of luck I had stopped using the phone for two weeks, and soon realized that all the symptoms went away. Weeks later my wife needed a cell so we could move to Spokane and look for property, and I warned her what it did to me. She hooked it up, and used it for a few days and her eyes started to twitch like mine had.

    Keep in mind that cell output is suppose to be the same as those wireless meters, the problem with a cell is your holding it right up to your head. Depending on how far away you are from a meter, the power would drop exponentially.

    Call the utility company and ask them what time yours uploads data. Get a professional to verify what parts of your home is getting hit the hardest and how hard. Do some research to try to compare the results to say a CAT scan, or an MRI, or an X-ray. If you can establish it’s severe enough in comparison, you probably have a case. I don’t think the judge would like to hear that your being exposed to the equivellant of an X-RAY every day. And if he tries to down play it, ask him if he would volunteer to having an X-RAY every day for the total amount of time you have been exposed.

  96. Lynelle –

    Though shields will reduce exposure, they won’t eliminate it. People have had symptoms return over time. Your symptoms are very serious, and symptoms tend to increase with increased exposure. For instance, if you have wireless internet in the house or use cell phones, you are increasing your exposure, and may notice symptoms you didn’t have before when using them. This is in addition to the continued Smart Meter radiation.

    Take Back Your Power is a great movie with information on the many problems with Smart Meters, including electrical fire danger, surveillance aspects, and the risks of hacking. Inviting your neighbors for a movie night, many may decide to give the utility company an ultimatum to remove the Smart Meters or you will replace them yourselves.

    Jerry Day has these videos, one talks about removing and replacing Smart Meters and he has forms to send to the utility company.

  97. I have a solution!!!!! (read on…)

    I was relieved to see I am not the only one with these strange symptoms. I can’t believe how many posts are on here. It’s phenomenal!

    I just happened to see a post about Smart Meters on Facebook last week (Apr 13, 2014)–a youtube video called “* DANGER* Smart meters being installed by global utilities….UN Agenda 21 * DANGER*” and another called “The Dark Side of Smart Meters.” VERY enlightening! I went down stairs from my 2nd story home office, and checked the meter on our house to see if it was one of these Smart Meters. It’s located just under my home-office desk outside the garage wall. It was. Didn’t think anything more about it.

    I had talked to a M.D. at urgent care a few weeks earlier because of frequent and recurrent arrhythmia, palpitations and chest pains. I didn’t connect the extreme DIZZINESS, balance problems, malaise, trouble forming words, fatigue, pain behind my eyes, irritability, endocrine problems, learning problems, and head pain to the heart problems, however. It was a week after viewing the videos, that I sat down at my computer and within 10 minutes began getting that dizzy feeling again…and exhaustion. I had woken up that morning feeling energetic and motivated–ready to tackle the office and the world! But that all got flushed when I sat at my desk to begin work–and felt awful in short order. It was then I had a lightbulb moment.

    I searched for that youtube video and after re-viewing the video, called the electrical co and learned they would change it out for a mere $10, but then would also FINE ME $5/mo for not having it. What?!!? So I wrote letters and also called the California Public Utilities Commission and was directed to a Smart Meter Hotline…where all I could do was leave a message. My complaint was that I was NOT going to pay a FINE for NOT having something I never gave permission to install anyway! It’s been on my home since Dec 5, 2011. 🙁

    I talked it over with a couple friends. One found a DIY solution on youtube. “DIY Smart Meter Shield: light-duty, temporary, portable”
    I told my husband about it, and we decided to try it. The ready made covers are $100-200, and besides, I wanted something RIGHT AWAY! So we went to Lowe’s that night, got the materials covered the wall behind the meter inside the garage and I crafted a cover for it and slipped it on before bed. In the morning, I felt so much better! And I felt great all day for the first time in years. My husband said, “I like this new woman I’m married to!” Why? Because I am now witty, bubbly, energetic, productive, even tempered and rested.

    We also ordered a tri-meter to test the change in output. I plan to go to all the neighbors and alert them to this hazard. I will MAKE the little covers for them and offer them at a reasonable cost, just to reduce the EMF’s surrounding me from these hazardous little radiation producing body-roasters.

  98. Thank God I finally figured this out.
    For the last 2 years I have been trying to figure out what’s wrong with me. I was living in Los Angeles and Ojai. In LA, I felt fine. When in Ojai, I woke up all night, headaches, brain explosions in my sleep, (very scary and had never knew those existed) balance problems, facial flushing, depression, confusion, hard time finding words when talking, etc. After 8 doctors, MRI’s, blood tests, getting tokd I could have cancer, etc., my neighbor helped me figure it all out. Reading these posts confirms it. It was this horrible Smart Meter.
    The Smart Meter was removed 4 days ago. Already feeling better. Not back to normal yet but headaches went away right away, facial redness all better right away, eye sight no longer blurry, no numb hands when waking up. No pain in elbows. Sleeping well again.
    There’s is something that needs to be done about these Smart Meters. Most people have no clue how bad they are for us. I’m thankful for all of these posts. I hope something will be done for those people in states that won’t take out these meters.

  99. Smart meters, two of them, were recently installed on the rear of my daughter’s home in Michigan. My grandson started having grand mal seizures, we believe as a result. He had been living at another location with no problems but as soon as he moved in to where he is now, he started having grand mal seizures. My daughter, his mother, is having daily debilitating headaches, as well. She is paying to having to pay to have the smart meters replaced with analog. Another problem is, the next door neighbor’s smart meter is facing my daughter’s home right where my grandson’s bedroom is, maybe twenty feet away if not closer!! He was getting pulsed with three meters, simultaneously, one for gas the other for electric!! I’m sure the whole neighborhood is alive pulsating with these waves. He will have to move. His life is in danger from having the grand mal seizures. He stopped breathing with one of them and unresponsive another recent time, each time going to the ER and even staying in the hospital for a couple of days. The medication destroys the liver. This is a horrible situation!!

  100. Do you want to defeat the smart meter without vandalizing the box ! It will drive the utility company nuts. As they will not be able to read the box anymore. Not will you get hit with pulsed radiation….Wrap it in foil. Yes ordinary kitchen foil. You are effectively building a faraday cage which shall block all electic magnetic radiation emission.

    Another solution is a medal trash can. But everyone has foil, it is cheap and does not damage th meter.

    I would not recommend this for electrical boxes unless you are very careful. But gas, it works perfectly.

    If they will not remove it, wrap it up… Goodbye problem. From your local computer engineer…


  101. Some building are “sick” with EMF’s from bad wiring. It may be electrical fields, and magnetic fields in addition to wireless. You might consider getting a Trifield meter and a cornet RF meter and measure any new possible place, before you move.

  102. Moved to South Carolina from the UK in late 2011 and rented an apartment in a nice complex. I do not know if smart meters are installed but I suspect they may be. Moreover, every apartment, and there are about 300 of varying sizes, have wireless internet access. There’s a cell tower that I can see from my living room window. The local airport is about 3-4 miles distant but the aircraft noise isn’t that bad.

    I considered myself to be a pretty healthy person. I watch what I eat and drink and all that good stuff. I’m able to work from home a few days a week but I’ve been avoiding that. I started to develop problems with my concentration and became easily fatigued. My sleep is frequently disturbed and I’m getting vague aches and pains all over my body. I have started to feel quite lethargic and have lost interest in things that I formerly found pleasurable. It is quite categorically not depression for when I leave the building for any length of time, the symptoms markedly recede and I feel much better.

    I’m moving away next month to a more rural environment which I hope will be beneficial but the only thing that I attribute my symptoms to is exposure to massive doses of EMF.

  103. In Florida FPL is threatening me with a letter saying i will have to pay $250+ a year extra if i keep my Analog meter and don’t exchange for Smartmeter! -( by March 30,2014) It’s getting crazy! Fascist Dictatorship – Comply or PAY!

  104. I was looking at a 2013 book by David Icke, 61, “The Perception Deception”, and he talks about wifi smart meters (and C.F.L. lightbulbs, etc.) in his book and how negatively they affect (at least some) people’s health globally – There are many people in the world, including scientists, who think that wifi smart meters are (very) harmful to (at least some) humans – You would think that would be enough to ban wifi smart meters globally, but only time will tell

  105. Following on from the previous message.

    If you intend to use LEDs instead of a lamp, ensure that you use two in parallel and facing opposite directions, because a single LED has a finite reverse voltage, two LEDs clamp the voltage low. Even with this precaution, they can be cooked much easier from too much power. I suggest greater wattage heatsinked ones but still no guarentees.

    an alternate link to the previous video shows the making of the lamp antenna:

    here is a link about another handmade dipole antenna including the simple formula:

    The WIFI function of the meter is likly to control in-house things (for example Google’s ‘smart thermostat’), therefore both transponders would be active. And perhaps is the motivation for charging people 9% more for their power for keeping their old meter.

    Some recent computer processors (yes, CPUs) come with a 3G transponder for security (anti-theft) and possible remote activated system updates (since Jan 2011, although not all of them, and im still not sure if you can trust the CPUs that are “fine”). the public is only aware of Intel products, AMD is not known. I am not sure when it gets used.

    Finally, about fires: For all we know, these house burnings are deliberate – that is, remote controlled. If you had a firecracker attached to your house, what would you do to protect your investment if it were to ignite? But when i read about these, there isnt any information about the current going through them at the time. If excessive and prolonged then sure it might burn (it may even be the fault of the installer), if all you have is a fridge running then it could be more sinister, because these things are supposed to be rated for high current (the conductors are supposed to be large), and with a singular bad connection, the large conductors should heatsink the heat.

    You can tell a very bad connection by doing this. measure the AC voltage using an RMS meter designed for mains AC (cheap meters have a warning to not use on mains and are not RMS), then have your wife cook. measure the voltage again and that would be your voltage drop. If your cooktop has 600W elements that would be 600W/110VRMS=5.45A. you see a 16VRMS drop then 87W is being lost somewhere (and assuming power factor = 1). If you are in a rural area far from anyone, by yourself on your own power pole transformer then this will not work as well unless you have a number of other loads occuring in the building. Better is access to the Grid side (because the transformer windings have a finite resistance).
    If it burns after your test (which found perhaps only a 5W loss) then it may not be good news for anyone.

    If it uses a solid state relay for disconnecting you then thats an additional problem, the voltage will drop from being turned “on” will consume 1-2% of the energy intended for the load (SSRs have a 1.1-1.6V drop, in addition to a resistance that increases with heat, in other words, the possibility of thermal runaway). Some sources recommend “semiconductor” fuses to protect SSRs in the event of a load short circuit. if you have the normal filament type of fuse (rather than circuit breakers) used with older meters, then it’s of little surprise the meter burned out instead of the fuse. Therefore a possible reason for the fires is previously the fuses only get warm. Upgrade to circuit breakers. If the conductors were poorly connected to the SSR then there is an increased possibility of a fire. I dont think a bad power factor would contribute to a fire (provided there is not much other load) but may (likely) contribute to your bill (not sure if it would be called your “peak power consumption”).

    “SCR-output devices can be expected to fail short at high temperature, while MOSFET-output devices can be expected to fail open.” Here, “short” means the load remains powered. The latter can fail part conducting (can heat further).

    SSRs are said to produce EMI but i assume this only occurs when switching, because i cant find anything.

  106. Yes, radio waves do effect amalgums. In WW2 the radar personell had to replace theirs every couple of months. mercury is also loosened when you visit the MRI.

    I am trying to think of possible solutions to this radiowave problem, i sympathise with all of you (i too am severely sensitive to a specific type of radio wave that i dont often come accross… mobile phones do not effect me much and i dont have smart meters in my area). Im not a professional with radiowaves but have a little electronics experience.

    We know that microwaves heat water. Therefore water absorbs microwaves. Install few fish tanks into the room you cannot use. (No fish please). Build a strong wooden structure to hold them (see next about risks of metal bolts). Although i feel it may not work that well. Adding salt should cause the wave to conduct through (bad).

    Next is antannas. There is an invention called “chaff”, this confuses radar when the bits of foil are dropped from a plane, because the foil is cut to a specific length (half the wavelength travelling at the speed of light) to retransmit the signal. You will find something similar encased in a plastic lump sticker on shop items, when they pass through the sensors, the red lights turn on and the alarm sounds. We are told the meter signals are 2.45Ghz and 900Mhz. therefore the chaff for 2.45G is 5.9014cm (2.323 inch) long and 900Mhz is 16.65cm (6.557 inch) long. If you have any metal object in your house that are these lengths or a multiple thereof, you should trim so they do not become emitters. I first heard of chaff when someone said you can use it as a passive WiFi extender. In the video about the YAGI antanna, bars of about this length are added to focus the RF energy. (about the YAGI antanna and the dipole antanna), the video is slightly broken.

    In order to absorb some of this energy, one of the simplest things you can build is a dipole antanna, which is not unlike the chaff.
    diple antannas consist of two wires end to end, between them is the load. The load can be a small torch light bulb (if you want to see it, and want to replace the bulb when it wears out). You can buy little blinky things for your mobile too, but these dont absorb much energy. The total length of the two wires are the same figures mentioned earlier. you can zig-zag the wires if you need to fit it into a confined space like your meter box (not sure about coiling, like onto a pen shell, maybe). the 900Mhz is seemingly on the 2G mobile phone band, and 2.450Ghz is about halfway between WiFi channels 6 and 11 (You can tell me if your meter is transmitting on both frequencies by installing both sizes). I dont think you should copy the YAGI antanna, having the elements which are designed to focus what comes from the transmitter. simply make a bunch with bulbs on each one.

    My questions:
    *I dont know what sort of load is best, if you make it a short circuit, you will only get a reflector, in fact you can find a radio receiver by the little bit of signal it does reflect. More than likely this has something to do with the laws of thermodynamics.
    *And i dont know if you can deviate from the design slightly: should you have a number of half lengths in parallel with a singular load?
    *should you install multiple units oriented in each axis, X,Y,Z?
    *should you vary the lengths a bit? perhaps +/- 1%

    Finally, let me tell of something i did when i was younger on the school bus, which should help everyone:
    I brought a little radio with me on the bus and sat near the bus driver. I found that if i tuned my radio near the station of the bus’s radio, the bus’s radio would fade. From memory, it was slightly off frequency, rather than right on the station, which i thought was odd.

    Use the dipole antanna in the meter box. you can probably use a resistor (an electronic component) to replace the bulb, but check with a second unit with a bulb that the resistor is not adding to the length (it shouldnt), and should respond the same when brought together as if you had a bulb on it (two bulbs needed for the expiriment). Conduct the expiriment at night if the bulbs do not light. A camera without an IR filter can see heat before you can and also make sure that the bulb was not destroyed. It may best to have something near your body also, since we know that it can drain all the radio waves in a small vacinity around it. If you hear noises, instead of the dipole antanna, try the chaff, it may actually mute any humm compeletely. One person here wrote the noise they hear is associated with the trains, so its seemingly an instantaneaous measurment of the electromagnetic noise you are in (and you should be able to detect if it is better or worse). Why the chaff? The thinking is the laws of thermodynamics, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Because i had my radio near the bus, it was sending out a signal to cancel the waves being received by the bus. Even in the video link, the reflecting element of the YAGI mutes the signal. The chaff, being a short circuit, completely mutes anything nearby because of its ability to retransmit the signal.

    Well i hope this helps someone, even for the development for proper shields… enjoy… and if you are in a building with heaps of meters enjoy your personal sun bath! (although there may be negative ramifications for “sabotage”).

    Other melatonin research trails involve blue light before bed (look that one up).

  107. To all those complaining here, and the other 5 billion who are being intentionally snuffed by electromagnetic radiation devices: Get a weapon. Learn how to use it. When they come onto your PRIVATE property to install their death machines, open fire. If you think governments will ever protect you from these thugs and their snuff machines, you are brain dead already. Smart meters and smart devices in general, have only one purpose, which is to kill off the “worthless eaters”. Fight back with every weapon you can lay your hands on.

  108. As opposed to adults, the elderly are much more vulnerable when it comes to developing
    tinnitus symptoms. Apart from their age, the body systems of the elderly (primarily their senses) are already vulnerable to degenerating.
    Chances are they already have an altered smell and taste,
    probably have hearing difficulties, or probably have vision problems.

  109. I am wondering if people with mercury amalgam fillings are more sensitive to smart meters, in general. If you have mercury amalgams, you could join the frequent-dose-chelation group in Yahoo, and post your story.
    If you can not get away from a smart meter, try shielding, especially your sleeping area. You can buy cheap aluminum mylar “emergency” blankets to provide some shielding. Website has useful information.

  110. Shortly after my SM was installed I started having severe itching in my ears. It feels like bugs crawling inside. I never had headaches until the meter was installed. This has been going on for almost 2 years now. In the past 3 months I had 2 double ear infections. I never go to the Dr., but had to go to Urgent Care for the infections. I told the Dr. it felt like bugs crawling inside my ear and he couldn’t explain what was going on. He asked me what a Smart Meter is??? My electric Co. won’t change the meter and if they did, I am afraid my neighbors meters would affect me as well. I am miserable. My son is also suffering from the RF. His ears are bleeding and he has pains shooting thru his head. This is so cruel. What are we suppose to do. Pack up and leave our home and live in the woods. That’s what I am about to do. We are being tortured.

  111. Outrageous. contact this NV group:
    I doubt you can get them on a trespassing charge. However document your experience by making a declaration.
    You should be able to call the utility and opt out. Or tell them you never consented to having a transmitter on your home and tell them to restore the analog meter at no additional charge. Good luck.

  112. I had been given a notice in mail a couple months ago that a service tech was to come out and put in a smart meter ! I immediately called them to let them know I wanted to opt out. I told them I didn’t want one installed die to my rights to say no ! I started also having insonomia bleeding of nose. Headache etc I received my bill today looked at it and it was almost twice as high as last December and I didn’t even put up Christmas lites this year due to the closeness of the holidays. So wow I called nevada energy and asked them why is my bill so high. They said well it was about the same last year I said no its almost twice as much I live alone and she said well after we installed the smart meter the energy has been about the same !!! I asked what you put in a smart meter you jumped my gate ? You entered my property without my permission broke my gate to enter ? Ill file a trespassing charge now because that is called breaking and entering she told me they have to have access to their equipment !!! They never had the right to enter more did they have to because they could just look over fence to get meter readings. So if I’m out of line someone please call me. 775-843-7685

  113. I’m a born again bi-directional transmitter,
    Covertly sensitive & weak.
    No matter how much damage I cause
    I inherit the earth, not the meek.

    It’s never ever my own fault
    No matter what I do.
    I’m uninsurable, nosy, risky, greedy,
    Yet they’re all easy to subdue.

    I’m illegal – I arc & corrode wires.
    I’m feared …yet they imbue
    Me with powers far beyond what
    Any digital device can do.

    When I sneak on to home wiring
    Homeowners just cry & shriek.
    They seem helpless and act hopeless.
    A laughing stock for any geek.

    I can set home wires on fire
    Faster than one can strike a match.
    I operate remotely,
    Using stealth to data snatch
    And latch on to every move they make,
    For privacy to dispatch.

    Luckily they don’t catch on
    I possess a unique streak.
    I tend to succumb instantly to
    Certain magnetic techniques.
    A few rotations around my sides
    Make my mother board just freak.

    My much touted “power”
    Is actually just a sham.
    Most worry about stopping me,
    And fear my tamper tell all cam.
    They really just do not get
    How vulnerable I am.

    The flighty think I’m almighty
    They’re just so dead easy to scam.
    Good thing they’ve never figured out
    How simple I am to jamb.

  114. “Joel,” it seems that dozens/100s of people from around the U.S. and world have complained about wifi smart meters on this website alone – You’re accusing a lot(!) of people (globally) of being “woowoo wingnuts,” which is pretty rude, not to mention scientists like Dr. Magda Havas, an associate professor at Trent University in Ontario, Canada, and Barrie Trower, an English physicist who was a microwave weapons expert and who worked for the Royal Navy and the British Secret Service (according to the youtube video: “Wifi, Microwaves and the Consequences to Our Health – Barrie Trower”) – Too many people (globally) have physically suffered (and worse) from wifi radiation from wifi smart meters (and other wifi, possibly along with other cause(s)) for too many years now

  115. I’ve been having problems for a long time, lots of health issues, finally noticed the source of the problems was the smart meters, cordless phone docking stations, wifi, cellphone towers, etc.

    It’s getting ridiculous, and then there are denizens of hell like Joel here to try and promote the sickness and discourage the sanity. Wish I could install all the smart meters in the world on his face, he can have all the vaccines too.

  116. This is absolutely amazing. I just happened to catch Joyce Riley’s show on the radio this morning and they were talking about smart meters. And then it dawned on me. I have been having trouble sleeping for several weeks with an interrupted sleep which is totally foreign to me as I usually sleep like a log. Also I have noticed that I get these little pangs of nausea every so often that last but a few seconds and appear randomly throughout the day. I have been unable to account for such symptoms as I have never experienced anything like this before and have always been very healthy and fit.
    And yes it now makes sense since these symptoms have been going on only for a few weeks and that is about how long the new smart meter from Hydro Quebec has been installed.
    When doing a web search I came across this site and I thank you for all the info. Its good to see someone is on the case.

  117. Once you move- hopefully a good distance (at least 1/2 mile or more) away from cell towers and hopefully away from smart meters, consider reducing your overall electrical exposure. Most helpful is turning off the electricity at the breaker box- but every home/situation is different. Also I have found using a MAC notebook on battery, on a grounding pad, with an extended keyboard and wired mouse really helps ALOT. More ideas here: Thanks for sharing your experience with a faraday tent. Sandi

  118. I have had similar problems on and off for about a year. My head gets really tight and foggy and sometimes the pressure in my head gets so bad I feel like my head is going to explode. It gets really scary when this happens and wonder if I should go to the hospital, especially when it wont go away. I know this is due to my sinus’s swelling. It also effects my eyes and vision when this happens. Along with these symptoms I get a really nervous and shaky feeling for some reason and get a drunk feeling in my head. I also get red rashes and burns on my face, disorientation, memory loss, and confusion. I did some research about these symptoms and have come to the conclusion that it could be electromagnetic sensitivity or electromagnetic poisoning. Just recently my fingers on my right hand started twitching and when I go someplace else it all starts to clear up after a few days.

    This depresses me because I just got my Bachelors degree in graphic design and just started a career in this field and I cant seem to be on a computer for more then 10 minutes without my eyes and face burning and my head feeling like its going to pop. I have been given freelance assignments and job offers, but I don’t think I’ll be able to do it…… So I guess my career is down the drain.

    This all started when I moved into my apartment a year and a half ago, I never had problems like this before. I could use a computer as much as I wanted and now suddenly I am so sick and foggy headed all the time. I have heard about living near cell phone towers and having smart meters can make you sick. I found out that there is a cell phone tower a couple a blocks away from me and I am suspicious that my apartment complex is using smart meters. I am moving in a couple of weeks and hopefully I will start feeling better after I do.

    So about a week ago I ordered an EMF shielding tent to sleep in and it has been helping a lot but I do have to spend a considerable amount of time in it. If I spend too much time in my apartment without being in the tent I start getting really sick again. The tent makes me feel a lot better and I can sleep really good and it makes the symptoms go away, even the twitching in my fingers.

  119. All of us have been having too many headaches since the new meter was put in. Our daughter sleeps with the meter on the other side of her head. She wakes up with headaches and nausea. At first I thought it was my imagination. But last year she attended the school year out of our home. At one point I asked her when was the last time she had a headache, and she could not remember. This year she has returned and her headaches are back and getting worse. We are getting a analog meter put back on the house. I have a dull headache most of the time with sharp pains in my head. I hope the absence of the meter corrects the problem with all of us.

  120. I don’t remember exactly when the Smart-Meter was installed into our home over a year ago, However since the installation of the “Smart Meter” My Family Members, and I have experienced Multiple Health Problems, and can only think that it is related to the Smart Meter.

    Within a Couple of months after the Smart Meter was installed I started Experience Anxiety/Panic Disorder, I went to see Multiple Doctors and was diagnosed with Panic Disorder. I also Experience other symptoms on the list like Body pain, but the worst symptom I have had was Anxiety. Oh and I forgot Sleep Problems too.

    My Mother which is a Diabetic is also now experience Respiratory Problems, Multiple Urinary Infections, Arthritus Pains, Trouble Breathing, Anxiety, Sleep Disorder.

    We both have also had the ringing in the ear thing for me it is very rare but sometimes.

    Over the Last 2 months though I have not had as much problems with Anxiety not sure why I was put on Medication but Didn’t take it because of the side effects on the meds itself, although the only thing I can think of when this all started is the “Smart Meter” which was installed in my house, I have no problem with Smart Meters, myself, but seeing all the complaints, and no scientific to prove these can’t effect our health is the problem, I would rather pay an additional $5 a month for someone to come out and read my old meter than to remotely monitor a meter with an automated API and risk health problems, or other concerns.

    The Panic Disorder was so bad at one time that it could have been life threatening to myself, and others because of this.

    I believe that we should have the right to Go back to the Old Analog Meters without any problem to determine if this is the actual cause, I have grown up around Computers myself for over 10 year’s exposure to Radiation from Multiple PC monitors, Microwaves, Wireless WI-FI from my modem never had any problem but the Smart Meter maybe causing us health problems and we would like a way to rule this out.

    Not sure how to go about asking to go back to a Analog Meter though as I am in Texas, and I read the AEP Site they say we have to be connected to the Smart Meters.

    Now I am no expert but I do believe the Smart Meter could very well cause health problems, perhaps it has many factors on a persons Life, and how they live, and proper research should have been done before making the meter have to be installed in everyone’s House. I understand the Need for Digital Meters because this is the Digital Age, however I feel there are more safe ways to read a meter like through the Power Life itself rather than having every home broadcast Wide WI-FI signals out of the persons property that could cause health problems, or constantly broadcasting information over wide distances.

    I would very much like the ability to OPT-Out and Determine if this is the cause to our family’s Health Problems.

  121. Yeah, Paul, some/a lot of people think that universities/colleges/grad. schools/professionals/the mainstream media, etc. have some of the “smartest” people in the U.S. and world working for them – And this is true in some ways, but not in other ways – Wifi industries make billions of dollars every year selling billions of humans wifi products yearly – These multi-billion-dollar industries pay “professionals” in universities, grad. schools, mainstream media, etc. millions of dollars to claim that wifi “cannot hurt people and/or animals” in their “scientific” “studies”, when it is very obvious that many humans (and other animals/organisms) have been physically injured (or worse) by wifi products for several+ years now (including wifi cell towers) – Wifi smart meters are some of the most dangerous wifi products still being forced on millions of people worldwide – I don’t know when or if there will be an anti-wifi-smart-meter U.S. and global “sea change” that could possibly outlaw those evil little blinking, pulsing buggers (along with other wifi products), but only time will tell

  122. Richard is unaware of the mechanism involved with the slow destruction of mankind due to microwave (300MHz-300GHz) frequency radiation. It seems impossible for some to put pieces of a puzzle together. They are only capable of looking at the finished product.

    For a quick video go here

    How could the smart meters’ 900 MHz frequency be effecting my head?

    Are stress responses to geomagnetic storms mediated by the cryptochrome compass system?

    Cryptochrome and magnetic sensing. (smart meter emissions are pulsed magnetic waves capable of disturbing the cryptochrome)

    Why are cryptochrome so important for sleep?

    What is the pineal gland?

    What is melatonin and why is it so important?

    Why the FCC doesn’t protect against biological effects.

    Is the power company lying to you?

    Do the cell phone companies know they are producing a harmful product?

    T-Mobile’s ECOLOG study

    iPhone users can read their disclaimer on their phones. Instructions below.

    Go to SETTINGS
    next; ABOUT
    then; LEGAL
    finally; RF EXPOSURE

    Notice the word BODY and not HEAD. Yet it has a touch screen.

    I understand that some may not be able to understand the above mentioned since it wasn’t dictated in a university type atmosphere.

  123. Selisha (and admin) – Actually, the WHO classified RF radiation as a Class 2B Agent, which they define as possibly carcinogenic to humans… “This category is used for agents for which there is limited evidence of carcinogenicity in humans…”

    >> That is what has not changed.

    Anyone interested (Selisha?) in the WHO’s work and conclusions should first familiarize themselves with the definitions laid out in their Preamble to all that RF work. REF:

    I am unaware of any more recent studies or analysis of previous work that even comes close to “new findings saying conclusively & definitively that they are carcinogenic”. If any such work exists, then PLEASE let us know.

  124. Hi, this is Selisha. (Mom has EHS & has been homeless for 5 months due to smart meters forcibly installed on our apartment complex.) I’m writing to ask if you know where the newer findings are saying that cellphones & wifi are conclusively carcinogenic? I know before that WHO has said possibly they are carcinogenic, but I keep hearing & I remember coming across new findings saying conclusively & definitively that they are carcinogenic, not just “possibly” or “potentially.” I need them for an upcoming submission but just couldn’t locate them.

    Please let me know or if you know someone who might be able to direct me to these papers…

    Thanks so much, Selisha (858) 571-7181

  125. Hi, my name is Selisha. (My mother suffers from EHS & has been homeless due to smart meters now for nearly 5 months.)

    We wanted to ask if you could please add your voice & encourage others to add their voices to a potentially precedent-setting case developing against smart meters, starting here in San Diego with plans to spread out. An attorney is seriously interested in taking the EHS case on to stop all this ridiculous violation of EHS–an ADA-recognized disability. This attorney to my knowledge has never lost a trial & has a strong disgust for injustice, so if he takes the case, this is a good chance with far-reaching implications. He’s a personal injury trial attorney who is very happy that EHS is accepted as an illness by the ADA, & he wants to help ordinary people harmed by others carelessness or intentional wrongdoing.

    But the office needs as much information as possible (and they are happily delving into it all), particularly from experts, in their own words.

    To go forward with a proceeding, Jayme (the daughter of the attorney, who is evaluating all the EHS evidence before it goes before her father) needs 3 things:

    1. She needs to speak to EHS sufferers, & particularly hear about how smart meters have driven you or someone you know from a home or in some other way impeded the right to socialize or be at home. (Public settings included as well–stores, offices, transit–however smart meters & wireless has held you or someone you know captive.)

    2. At least 1 medical expert in the who can unequivocally testify that smart meters themselves are dangerous and causing the damage claimed. (to corroborate EHS victims’ claims) This is important to stem the almost certain tide of power company denial!)

    3. And another expert who can verify fair damage amounts (settlement amounts, etc).

    The attorneys are trying to do this right, and the more people they have to help with these 3 things, the better & the quicker the process.

    Please call her (the attorney’s daughter)
    Her name is Jayme (619) 236-9696 Her Father’s name is Sean Simpson

    (Let her know Selisha told you about them)

    Thanks, potentially this can help get a survey together & help more than just one state, but set precedents to stop this ridiculous violation of a valid ADA-recognized disability.

    Thanks, please let me know you received this, & please send to ANYONE else who could be of help
    Selisha (858) 571-7181

  126. everyone gets health problem(s), sooner or later – not only is there wifi radiation from wifi smart meters, wifi, cell towers, etc., but I have also heard that the fukushima nuclear disaster from march 2011 could still be affecting the world with nuclear radiation more than 2 years later – I don’t mean to be a “negative nelly”, but if we can’t control some things, we should at least try to control the things that we can actually control, like, oh I don’t know, getting rid of wifi smart meters all over the u.s. and world and going back to non-wifi analog meters? who knows what the future will bring (it doesn’t look too good now), but hopefully things will get better

  127. HAHA says, “CAN WE OPT OUT OF THE SON???” I don’t know but if you do have kids maybe your son would like to opt out of living with you because you sir, are an ignorant moron.

  128. Smart Meters are ruining my life. I have now been exposed to smart meters in both Indiana and Illinois and have become signficantly ill during direct exposure. Having now had more prolonged exposure it takes more time to recover. When exposed, I am disoriented, dizzy, nausaus, have signficant brain fog and moodiness. I also have major headaches, tinnitus and am unable to sleep for more then 3-4 hours. I have recently discovered with prolonged exposure I have started to have signficant chest pain and had to go to the ER to make sure I was having any cardiac event. Ihave incurred significant financial burder as I cannot live in my own home in Central IL and have been sleeping in my car or a hotel. I also have had to work partially in Norther Indiana but quickly discovered I could not live there due to the meter radiation. My $500 rent per month in Valparaiso has not turned into a $1500 rent in Chicago with a daily 3 hour commute and added $200 train ticket. I still have major issues as my job in Valparaiso still exposes me to these meters during the day and I have had to adjust the amount and pattern of work that I do each day. But I may not be able to control my work load soon and dont know what I am going to do. My symptoms always start upon exposure and always decrease and eventually disappear when I remove myself from them. It is a very clear and definitive precipitant and it is degrading and dismissive when the electric companies tell me that there are no problems from them. Thus far I have been met with resistance and no opt out options.

  129. “HAHA”, I hope neither you nor any of your friends or family members get sick/have gotten sick from wifi radiation, including wifi radiation from wifi smart meters – the fewer people suffering in the world, the better – but believe you me, 100s/1,000s or more people all around the u.s. and world are currently, and have been, physically suffering from wifi smart meters and other wifi radiation for years now


  131. If its on your own property, You should make a “faraday cage” cover for the smart meter so that it is completely insulated and the RF signal cannot escape. Its not hard to do.!

  132. You can call the utility to ask if the meter is emitting RF, either wireless or what the industry calls unintentional radiation. You can try reducing other wireless devices already in the home to see if reducing your overall exposure helps. Be sure to complain to the utility, and whomever oversees utility safety. Shielding meters is tricky, and if the RF is in the wiring then the meter should be removed. Know you are not alone.

  133. I live in NZ in Auckland (boarding) with a friend who is an electrician. Some moneths ago they installed a new meter which no longer requires them to come into the house to check the reading. Old meter is still on the board.

    Siunce then I notced sometimes at night I copuld hear this humming but no one elese could, they thought I was making it up.

    Lately I been getting headaches at night and for a long while now I do not sleep very well at all. Also I have noted my eyes have detorated really quickly where it is getting to the pioint I have to waer them all the time. Before it was for reading only.

    This is an old house so the meter board is in the hallway and seeing they no longer come into the house I am guessing what they installed is a smart meter. The board is also right outside my bedroom..

    The brand on this meter is Elster Metrix and has a digital readout. Is someone able to confirm that this is a smart meter for me please.

    The main tenant is not open to listening even though he is an electrician about these sorts of things as he is in this mode where the world powers would not do these things and he thinks I am a conspiracy theorist..Basical thinks I am making things up.

    Is there anything I can do to protect myself while living here ?

    Any assistance appreciated.

  134. Just Never Ends The Scenario of must be wired up to the nearest Satellite Tower….We have so many of them now there several now in our Neighborhood in a 1 Mile Radius…our City of Quesnel,British Columbia ,Canada also has one of the Highest Rates of Cancers in Canada according to Health Canada and the Canadian Cancer Society…..tomorrow we are all dragging ourselves through Yet another Terry Fox Marathon Walk or Run..Do not forget Steven Fonyo who felt inspired to finish the Journey and Live still……Where are all those Carconegics coming from?..It is a well researched Fact …The Foods we eat is laced with Pesticides and other cancer causing Chemicals which both the F.D.A. and allows in small Minute Portions…Now our Air is also allowed to be laced with small amounts of Pollutants known to cause Cancers such as Vehicle Emissions.PaperPulpmill Emissions which are monitored for Emissions considered acceptable….In our Day and Age the Authority of the Air rules the Airwaves and quietly puts out Radiation …..The Scientific Facts are there and the Whole World of Governments are on the Same Ship The Titanic…….A Sinking Ship of Major Proportions unless the Whole Ship is Turned away from that Iceberg of Technological Disaster……Safer Technology……Greener Technology….

  135. it’s september 3, 2013, and has anything changed in regards to the wifi smart meters around the u.s. and world? not that I can see – I still see several of them around my neighborhood and place of work every single day – you really would think that enough people have (loudly) complained (nationally and globally) about these things to get them outlawed, but no, not yet – all we can do is hope that there will be a great “sea change” in the near future and that people will really begin to realize and finally accept that wifi smart meters (and all other wifi) are (very). bad. for. human(and animal). health! this is not “rocket science” (far from it), and a “tipping point” appears to be coming in the near future, with all this wifi radition pretty much everywhere every single day

  136. Did PG&E tell you the cost to opt out was $250 and $52 a month? If so, this is not true. It’s 75 and !0 a month and less for low income. AND we are opposing these fees in a legal proceeding at the CPUC. Sandi

  137. We live a pretty enviromentally aware, progressive city. We eat organic food, and have flouride free water. And I forsee the next step of this progressiveness will l be decrease use of cell phones, cell phone towers, wi-fi and absolute elmination of smart meters. We have digital meters to check frequency pulsations in our home and in cars etc… while driving in a new digital car while talking on your cell phone is not safe. According to our field meter the waves register so high that the measurement is off the charts. I wonder if this is why it seem like every other person has cancer?
    Anyhow, PGE told us they will happily remove the meters for $ 250.00 and the cost every month for a human being to come to our home to read the meter is I believe 52.00 .

    San Fransisco basically has a choice if you want smart meters or the old meters The price remains the same. In Hawaii there are no cell phone zones on certain parts of the island to protect children from dangers of EMF waves, so awareness is increasing . See the way things are going anymore we would love to run off into the “Lost Horizon” and get lost in the countryside there .

  138. I had one installed in February. They said it’s not a smart meter but an RF meter (radio frequency) and my life has been hell ever since. It’s been increasingly affecting my sleep and the insomnia has been getting worse and worse over time to the point where maybe I get 3 hours now. I also have been getting headaches increasing in severity and frequency. Now my period has stopped coming and I’ve been irritable, edgy, and spinny. I wake up feeling hungover and sick. The DWP says they won’t remove it and is charging me $30 to have someone come investigate. I was not warned about anything and also was told to get this meter because I had received a $900 bill (I live alone) for the reason that they couldn’t get to my meter to read it and that’s why I needed a digital meter so my bills would be more accurate. My bills have gone up by over $100 since they installed it. I used to live in a bigger house and had a much smaller bill prior to this. Something needs to be done!

  139. I cannot believe how they are forcing these things onto our homes when they have never been proven to be safe! I live in Chicago & ComEd is stating we will NOT have a choice and they are going to be installing these “smart meters” on all homes in our area in 2015. They say the radiation is nothing compared to a cell phone or microwave. We told them we don’t use cell phones & have never owned a microwave specifically because of the radiation. They don’t care. They are putting them on and I am terrified for my family’s health!

  140. I am so annoyed that this issue doesn’t receive coverage by the “mainstream media” every single week (heck, every single day) – There are literally 100s or 1,000s (most likely many more) of people suffering from wifi smart meters in the U.S. and all around the world (and many/some have been for years), and the national media in the U.S. doesn’t cover it? They’ve been talking about “the royal baby” and Anthony Weiner’s, well, you know (Huma (his wife), you could do so much better – You deserve a husband that doesn’t cheat on you (“sexting” or otherwise), just like Hilary Clinton did/does), but do they talk about the wifi smart meter health controversy as a (weekly) “top story” on national news in the U.S. and world? Not that I’ve seen(!) – Fibromyalgia seems fairly common these days, with body muscle pain and weakness/fatigue/hard to physically get out of bed often being main/possible symptoms, headaches, seizures (Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and Kelly Osbourne to name 3 famous examples in the past year or 2), brain bleeding/strokes (in the past year, Bruno Mars’ mom died of it, Cathleen’s mom (above, on Smart Meter Health complaints) died of it, a member of the band Mumford and Sons had surgery for it, country singer Randy Travis had surgery for it, etc.), autism affecting “1 in 50” children as of March 2013, cancers (including brain, eye, breast, etc.) apparently increasing, etc. – It feels like we are living in the twilight zone in many ways in late July 2013, like this is the new “normal” – Wifi smart meters (and other wifi) can, and have, physically injured and/or disabled (or worse) many people around this world – This is not OK and can no longer be ignored(!)

  141. we had the smart meter installed for 1 year, since then I have been experiencing headaches sharp pain in my head, dizziness, fatigue, loss of balance, heart palpatations I know this is from the smart meter, it is right outside my kitchen window and every time I go in my kitchen I get all the sensations, especially the dizziness and light headedness, I been feeling really sick since this has been installed. I also have trouble sleeping, and I get nausea a lot, I want this meter off my house please get a bill together so people like me can opt out of this without paying and outrageous amount

  142. Hi,
    I stumbled across these complaints whilst looking for something else. I have suffered many of these symptoms for several years. But the worst thing is that my mum who lives next door had tinnitus, pressure on her head, dizziness and heart palpitations. She passed away 3 months ago. The night she took ill she complained of her usual head pressure and of being more dizzy than usual. Because her doctor had assured us that nothing was wrong I gave her some paracetamol and put her to bed. She then started to scream – o my head it feels like its going to burst.
    We called an ambulance – by the time she got to hospital she was in a coma – she had suffered a massive cerebral bleed. She died a week later niver having recovered.
    The Electricity metre in her house was changed a few years ago and the house next door was renovated around the same time – probably around the time she first complained of her tinnitus and pressure.
    I’d really like to know if this affected mum’s health but here in Ireland you get laughed at for putting forward any of these theories.
    We cant all be wrong though so keep up the good work.

  143. there doing this to destroy americans if its your health or your property! cell towers are part of it along with smart meters and chemtrails. any electric field that is generated in your home gives them access to spy on you. if its your vacuum cleaner or cloths dryer any electric motor that is on! sounds crazy right, ya, that’s what I thought ! do you hear sounds from your walls, like pinging or the t.v. clicking when it’s off, or strange noises ,I believe that’s echo microwave radar working! I know all the symptom’s ,the pain, fog, no energy etc! when your ears are ringing their power is on . I have to say this, it seems not many people are working but I see utility trucks digging up grass belts everywhere and installing fiber optic cable and cameras . new generators and high power transformers being installed in neighborhoods that have been around for 20-30 years why? this is war for the souls of men!

  144. This attack on the people simply is part of the New World Order depopulation protocol.
    • Wi-Fi/cellular telephony/”Smart Meters”
    • hidden artificial sugars
    • unlabeled GMOs
    • water fluoridation
    • sterilizing vaccines
    • chemtrailing
    • prohibition of Cannabis use
    • excessive pesticide residues allowed in food
    • Codex Ailmentarius
    • prime-time TV
    • Corexit/Synthia mixed into the Gulf of Mexico
    • Fukushima releases

    @ Mia Nony – June 4, 2013 at 3:59 pm
    I too am an advocate of Bentonite clay for detox.
    However it only works to remove ionizing radiation,
    not the stuff coming from Wi-Fi/cell phones/’Smart Meters’.

  145. I wonder about how autism (now “1 in 50” children has autism I believe, as of March 2013), cancers (I personally know of several/many people who have died of/had brain cancer, and one person I know died of eye cancer), disabilities and other physical/health problems are connected to wifi and wifi smart meters. I believe they are/can be connected, though most people seem to be “fine” with wifi smart meters/wifi, but at least some people are not. Human (and animal) health is about food, water, environment and genetics. Of course wifi smart meters and wifi aren’t the only things hurting human and animal health. It’s also unhealthy food, water, the environment other than wifi, genetics, etc. It’s so shocking that this is happening and not being stopped thus far. Mia gave some advice to try and help those suffering. That’s good, but ultimately, we need these wifi smart meters, wifi smart appliances and wifi to be outlawed. This is all 21st century stuff, like “Agenda 21″ (21st century). Wifi/”wireless” itself has only been around for several years I think(?). I hope we see some national/global action taken against wifi smart meters, wifi smart collector meters, wifi smart appliances and other wifi.

  146. The following protocol can noticeably ease radiation overload suffering. This is only for the meantime until shielding and removal can occur. However this is not a permanent solution to radiation poisoning, until the source is eliminated.
    One of the natural antidotes to electromagnetic poisoning is correctly designed physics aware magnetics, (not the new age pendant type stuff)

    These are military grade frequencies and they require a military blocker. Track down an RF choke or electromagnetic filter – the kind they talk about on
    Depending on the type install the microwave filter or rf choke either at the electrical mast or at the electrical panel. The design must match microwaves to filter out smart frequencies. (poor pity everything biological in nature, with no way to find any shield from this microwave blanket)
    When researching this, be sure to locate and use military grade filtering.

    Dr. Brian Clement, Hippocrates Institute has a protocol for treating EHS.
    Incidentally this approach to radiation overload reduction often reverses cancer as well.

    – Detox first, using gentle bentonite clay or french green clay.

    – Stop intake of ALL sugar and ALL foods which rapidly convert to sugar in the body. Sugar acidifies the body and further predisposes it to microwave induced disease. One tsp of sugar depresses the immune system for 56 hours even without frequencies already doing so.

    – Do not take any artificial sweeteners (poisonous) or any sugar substitutes, other than stevia and stevia only in very
    small amounts

    – Eliminate all “white” foods, minimize fried food, shellfish, “hot to the tongue” foods from the diet. This includes dairy. Unsalted butter is fine. Greens are healing.

    – Get rid of excess fat

    – Nori type seaweed is anti radiative and is protective of the thyroid

    – Remove wheat from the diet due to mould

    Eat Sea Vegetables
    -Spirulina, warning only a minimal amount to begin with, 1/4 tsp. Do not take more than the maximum daily dose of 1 tsp. Only work up to this level slowly as excess will adversely effect bowels.
    – Chlorella – slowly increase up to 30 tabs and then slowly to as high as 120 to 180 tabs in severe cases

    – Infrared sauna – 30 to 60 minutes daily – (Sit 4″ away from infrared source or radiation)

    – Drink PURE water –(not reverse osmosis filtered water as the latter is drained of all essential minerals)
    Drink ½ ounce of clean water per pound of body weight (e.g. 160 pounds = 80 oz equals 10 cups of water per day)

    – B vitamins – high quality brands only, such as New Chapter, or Vitamin Code or AOR

    – Ionic minerals – Manganese, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Calcium

    – Dulse seaweed – buy low salt variety or rinse out the salt

    – Take very warm salt baths (use Dead Sea or common salt) for 20 to 30 minutes, best done before bed time. Add ¼ cup of powdered Ginger (least expensive if purchased in Indian markets)

    Electrosensitivity symptoms can be eliminated in 60% of people and significantly reduced in the rest – Dr Brian Clement
    by Andre Fauteux – la Maison Saine –
    March 20, 2012:

  147. I am at a loss as to why people are not doing something to help themselves. Do they feel they must suffer? ARe they too weak to act to save themselves? Are they not aware that there is only one direction this is going, toward death?
    I have a neighbor who did not want a smart meter but who also did not want any conflict withe the utility. That neighbour caved in to pressure – and now suffers ALL the classic symptoms of radiation poisoning. Radiation poisoning is not recognized by radiation illiterate doctors. That neighbor’s beloved pets are constantly on edge ever since the smart meter was installed, completely altered and anxious.
    Instead of prevention or remediation of radiation exposure, that neighbor is only a few months later now scheduled for a craniotomy to relive skull pressure, blinding headaches, extreme spine pain.
    The smart grid is no different than the perfect murder weapon, as no one, doctor or patient, seems able to make the link between radiation 24/7 and the myriad of symptoms of extreme suffering.
    The exception is those who remove themselves from exposure and notice that the symptoms abate.
    What I don’t understand is this:
    In every sense the smart grid is not one bit different than nuclear fall out. The cellular damage is identical, just slower to cause irreversible damage.
    If a bomb had gone off, I am beginning to wonder just how many people would shield their homes and hard shield their home wiring, – even then.
    I have nothing but anger for the illegal torture and nothing but empathy for the growing suffering but still ….. unless one is a masochist, would most people, if still able, if doable, not want to STOP it by any means possible?
    Unless chlorella and spirulina are taken after cutting out all sugar, as was done after Hiroshima for the survivors, the damage will accelerate.
    Unless bentonite clay is taken to bind up the radiation poison in the body, disability will grow.
    Unless radiation shielding is put in place until these criminals go to jail for genocide, people will go into sharp decline in ever greater numbers.
    Unless people are prepared to use whatever they can afford to use, most importantly house wiring shielding, carbon paint, carbon sheets over meters after utility hours, radiation deflection window screening, double walled foil insulation, metal insect screening correctly applied, etc. (from or somewhere more affordable) …..unless shielding is used to protect oneself from one’s own smart radiation emitting device and from the guaranteed irreversible damage caused by it and by all the other meters around one’s home, (meaning get neighbors on side and all do shielding, which must be done correctly after ALL wireless is removed from the home), ….. OTHERWISE, this slow motion depopulation will not stop, not until most of the nation is disabled, diseased and dying.

  148. I just wanted to say to all those people who continually state that the smart meters/ARM’s don’t cause problems, you are lucky if it is not causing problems for you. Not everyone gets cancer, not everyone has heart attacks, not everyone develops kidney disease and not everyone gets electromagnetic sensitivity! Some do, some don’t. It would be insane to say, “I didn’t have a heart attack from eating poorly, so you couldn’t have had a heart attack from eating poorly”. There are diseases that affect only a small section of the population–but those people suffer nonetheless. Some in the medical community don’t understand the medical problem because it is not taught in school yet. Not having a diagnosis name or the mechanism for the disease does not magically make the constellation of symptoms and the cause vanish. Diseases generally start without a name. There are plenty of Environmental Doctors who are aware of this illness. The people who are suffering from it do not have 3.5 billion dollars at their disposal to show the problem and cause. The industry has unlimited funds to cloud the issue, marginalize the suffers, and influence legislation. I was told that this was a pilot program in my state of Indiana with opt out options by a representative. However, I have received no other calls or assistance though I have phoned and emailed everyone who is suppose to be representing me. I haven’t received any assistance yet from the utilities or the government. Like everyone else, I am shocked by the way this is being handled and shocked by the customers inability to have any say in having a device that is causing so many health concerns and misery. I, myself have spent several thousand dollars on medical tests that simply cannot show that I am affected by the pulse that is emitted every 28-30 seconds from the THREE meters my home . I can only pray to God that we can all join together and hopefully have some leverage against these deadly meters.

  149. I have been sensitive to mobile phones and wifi for a few years and did get a lot of headaches. But only hours after the new smart meters were installed I experienced severe temple pain in my right side and severe ear pain and teeth pain. I have been searching trying to find some kind of protection for me and my children. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  150. My name is Marguerite LaChance and I would like to tell everyone about the health problems I had after the so-called smart meter was installed on my house.

    In May of 2011 the meter was placed on my house without my authorization and with no notice or warning of all the health hazards. Around that same time, I remember that I started feeling tired all the time, getting very dizzy, I started passing out and was having chest pains. I started getting very weak and needed a cane to walk around so I would not fall; but I fell, many times.

    My Doctor started treating me for vertigo, with no results.

    In March 2012 I passed out again and fell to the ground, because I was so weak and dizzy; the paramedics brought me to the hospital. I was in the ER for a day then transferred to the intensive care for a day, and then I was another day in patient care. They did all kinds of test and blood work but found nothing wrong, except that my heart rate was low; but attributed that to lack of oxygen. So they sent me home with oxygen bottles, which I had to use day and night, but it didn’t help.

    The chest pains were getting worse, no one knew why. I was in and out of the doctors’ office as well as the hospital, having test after test and endless blood work. They could not find anything wrong; at this point the pain was going up to my neck and making my left arm numb.

    Then my Dr. did some very intrusive test, and found no answers about what was wrong with me and finally suggested I go to see my cardiologist. They ran more tests and did more blood work but all they could tell me was, my heart did not cause the pain.

    I felt like I was dying, but no one had any idea why. I had no life in me, dizzy, headaches, chest pains, weak, couldn’t breath, and I needed oxygen all day long. Every living moment of my life was agony, I really though it was over for me, and there was no help.

    At this point my son Robert started doing research on the Internet and discovered that other people were having the same health problems. Robert printed many articles for me to read that were written by professionals and Doctors all around the world. These articles are telling people about the problems other people are having from the smart meters.

    My son called CMP and asked them to remove the meter and they did so with in two hours, after he told them I had a pacemaker. CMP told us it would cost us $40 to put back the old meter, even though they took it for free in the first place. They also said, “we would have to pay an extra twelve dollars a month for that.” I understand approximately half the state is not on smart meters and they are not paying an extra twelve dollars a month; for the old fashion, safe meters.

    I am so very happy to say 3 days after that meter was gone, I stopped having chest pains, and within a week I didn’t need the oxygen all the time. My energy started coming back to me and I was walking without the cane. After about a month, I started sleeping nights, no more headaches, no more chest pains, and no more dizziness or passing out falling to the ground. My life is pleasurable again, and I truly enjoy living, Thank the Lord.

    I called CMP several times and spoke with at least six different people about all of the issues I experienced. Not one person at CMP seemed to care or even believe me. They are still making me pay extra to live free of the awful effects of their terrible new meter. But I would rather pay them their wrongful fees and live then save twelve dollars a month and die.

  151. Tekola Nisla, if 100s (most likely 1,000s or more) of people around the world are feeling and have felt (sometimes/often extremely) sick because of wifi smart meters, I think that’s a huge problem(!) There should be wifi/wifi-smart-meter-free zones in every country so that people who are sensitive to wifi smart meters and other wifi can have a place to live and exist without wifi of any kind, the way life used to be back in the 20th century/1900s. Smart meter (and wifi) activists like Dafna Tachover, Liz Barris, Dr. Magda Havas, Dr. Barrie Trower, Dr. Henry Lai and numerous other people have said that wifi smart meters and wifi can seriously physically harm people and other organisms. This is real and has been going on for years. Wifi smart meters and wifi are nothing “like the sun” because wifi and wifi smart meters have only been around since the 2000s and 2010s I believe. “Modern,” “current” and “trendy” does NOT necessarily mean “good” (and sometimes/often it’s not). I pray that wifi/wifi smart meter sufferers are given a place to live without wifi (like there is apparently in Green Bank, West Virginia I’ve heard).

  152. I noticed a smart meter was installed at my house I own in Oroville, CA. It is strange because I have a locked gate. Someone must have jumped the fence to install this thing. I was not advised in advance or even asked if I agreed to it being installed. These power companies seem to be above the law. I know that if you are a tenant, a landlord must give 24 hours notice to enter your property. I am just confused…and now I am reading about all these side effects from the smart meter. My main concern is the entering of personal property without prior consent and not given a choice to opt out.


  153. “Mia Nony” also writes incorrect claims. A human body emits several different EM Frequencies. One of which is heat, or infrared, also we reflect light which also electromagnetic radiation. And usually we have some radioactivity as a result of natural background radiation in substances consumed and which form us. In addition, Canadians. You live on top of a uranium field. You have Radon hot spots, which are a very real and far more dangerous health risk than radio/microwave radiation which isn’t ionizing.

    Also, consider this, your brain emits enough EMF that you can actually perform a low-resolution cat-scan simply by attaching a antenna-array over your head and feeding the signal into a computer. That’s your brains electrical impulses impigning upon an external sensor array being read using a simple receiver. “Absolutely no EMF”. With out EMF there would be no humans, there’s a huge ball of fusion blasting this planet with energy with the whole EMF spectrum and it’s the very reason there is any life at all. Man made signals are a camel fart in the desert compared to sun-storms.

  154. Wired systems emit RF radiation unless properly shielded against this. Simply living near a power transfer station or wires will expose you to relatively strong EMF field. Also, utility companies transfer data over the power lines, between transfer stations and the regional grid control. This is called PLC or Power Line Communications. This is undoubtedly what PG&E is using to transfer data between utility AND the meters, especially in rural areas.

    If any of them are interfering with appliances they are in violation of FCC rules and as such you can have the setup checked, fixed or removed as a communications interference.

    As for the mesh-network. It’s far more benign than any other digital transfer protocol, it’s simple, it transmits in set bursts, just like a cellphone or WiFi but using far less complex modulation. It is called ZigBee, a common automation and hobby protocol found from your fridge to RC toys to domestic automation. Peak signal power is usually around 100mW. It’s not intended for long ranges or high power transmissions. The transmitters switch on and off to communicate when to hibernate and save power. While on they transmit “continously” just like any other radiodevice. Also this text has a fundamental misunderstanding between a pulse, a signal and frequency. The writer seems to confuse signal encoding, which all telecommunication devices do, from your modem to my 150W radioamateur station, with communication bursts. The transmitter isn’t going off for 2 milliseconds, it’s just encoding data at that rate, continously transmitting for however long it needs to communicate with other meters, your fridge, airconditioning, etc. that you might’ve connected to the smartgird.

    The data is encoded with either binary or quadratic phase shift keying, that is, the signal sine-wave carrier signal transmitting at 900Mhz / 2.4Ghz (the standard uses both) (900 times a second vs. 2400 times a second). With binary phase-shift keying the modulator shifts the phase of the sine-wave by 180 degrees to signify either a 0 or a 1. and QPSK has four phase-shifts 00, 01, 11, 10, having twice the data bandwidth.

    All I see is unsubstansiated anecdotal evidence without sources, doctors reports or even an official diagnosis. Talk of PG&E – or it’s subcontractors trespassing but nobody sticking to their rights and calling the comps and raising a case and incredible delusional paranoia over wireless systems.

    Your paranoia is and unfounded fear mongering has lead to hypochondria and others to develop it as well.

    And if you indeed are a verifiable case of RF sensitivity, please post source material. As of now there is no official diagnostic criterion for such a condition in either DSM-IV or ICD-10.

  155. Do not allow any doctor to put your body in a MRI machine, it makes things twice as bad.

  156. you are getting sick from the electromagnetic field that the meters, and other devices omit. cops use what is call an electromagnetic impulse gun to do to the human body the same thing the smart meters do. get a gauss meter it will help you find the frequency and protect yourself from it. The American government is testing direct energy weapons on the citizen of this county to see what health effect it causes. google electromagnetic field you will learn a lot. I now have the sickness called environmental hyper sensitivity, caused from living in this field. the cops will target you and use their emp guns on you to make you sick if they do not like you or if you are fighting them in court. THE FCC SAID DO NOT CALL US WE DO NOT CARE IF YOU GET SICK AND DIE.

  157. When a patient has an MRI exam the machine uses RF waves to spin the hydrogen atoms in the human body. These atoms give off a signal which is translated by the computer into an image of that portion of the body. Patients and technologists have reported adverse side effects of MRI systems. Patients have stated that they feel weak and disorientated after the exam. Technologists (including myself) have experienced hair falling out, short-term memory loss, disorientation, weakness and pain in parts of the body. I worked on MRI systems for 3 years and expeienced all of the above. On a couple of occasions after finishing for the day and preparing to go home I have had difficulty locating my own car just 50 feet away from the machine. Finally realizing it was my car I got behind the wheel and then paused…trying to remember where it was I wanted to go. I finally switched from MRI back to CT scanning and within a month all symptoms abated and I was back to normal. Radio frecuency (RF) waves do have a powerful effect on the body and mind.

    After my smart meter was install I once again had similar problems and others as well. Last week I ihad to smart meter removed and an analog meter installed. his week my sypmtoms are far less sever and I look forward to complete recovery.

  158. Get rid of the smart meters asap and accept only the true analog, not a digital analog meter, not a radio off/out smart meter.
    YES absolutely people have restored their health by reducing their smart meter exposure. You may also have to look for other possible RF exposures in your home and neighborhood and eliminate what you can. Wi-fi routers, cordless DECT phones, use cell phones for emergencies..If there’s a cell tower within 1500 feet it could be contributing also, as well as smart grid collectors and repeaters. Usually eliminating what’s closest can make a big difference. Keep in touch.

    BTW, PG&E lies!

  159. Since moving into my new home, which has a smart meter, I have developed serious health problems. I built my house and was able to work 14 hours per day, 80 to 90 hours per week, with no problems. After moving in, I began to have serious burning and trembling of my feet and legs. Pain in both arms, numbness in both hands, more headaches and backaches than before, and nose bleeds. They have made my life miserable. I cannot walk any distance or ride a bike any distance without extreme pain, burning and trembling of my limbs.

    I have had tests and my neurologist has no answers, and wants to send me to Stanford Medical Center for neuro-muscular tests. I am wondering if anyone has had similar problems, and if they went away when/if their smart meters were removed. PG & E has assured me that they have run numerous tests and found no link to health problems, and no radio waves emitted that are stronger than cell phones or computers.

    But then they also said they found no link to cancer and birth defects, and Chromium 6 at Hinkley California either, until it was proven. We know that PG & E lies to the public. So, again, has anyone found health problems to go away when/if smart meters were removed? If so, please contact me, as my life has become a bit of a living hell. Thanks.

  160. Would anyone who’s pets are also having behavioral, loss of hair, strokes or other problems contact me by e-mail and describe what has occurred and the symptoms? Contact me at…

    Thank You

  161. Since the smart meter was installed I have experienced heart palpitations, severe leg pains, headaches, UTI’s, irritability and other symptoms associated with the meter. My wife has experienced severe anxiety, irritability, painful leg cramping that lasts for hours. Even my dog is experiencing anxiety and irritability and at certain times the dogs in the neighborhood seem to go collectively insane.

    Can anyone tell me if their is a law firm engaged in a group lawsuit regarding these meters? This may be the only way to combat them since we are all aware that the PCU really has no interest in requiring their removal.

  162. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.
    At least those targeted by the Nazis for understood the policy to get rid of them – The only fatal error was that they thought that the term deportation meant relocation rather than elimination.
    But people who grew up in North America without overt fascism staring them in the face, without a culling policy openly on the books, without 42,500 death camps located everywhere in Europe, these people have no survival instincts and no ability to wrap their minds around just how far the eugenics gan is prepared to take this.
    People who have known freedom assume that its price is NOT eternal vigilance. Few seem to recognize what is unfolding here, even when the jackboot is already at their .doorsteps and in their faces.
    And that means that they will be far more successful this time, since your own home is now your own personal “relocation” destination, cheaper by the billions.

  163. Oh and yes the MRI shows I have spots on my brain. Never had any problems what so ever. To this day my ears are heck to live with, the head is constantly full and I am off balance at times. Just pray for help and others like myself.

  164. I have complained for three years about ringing in my ears. I over all had good health. No complaints except the normal colds. Well last year I had an CT, MRI done due to severe head issues “clogged as tho so full it’s going to pop”. I had fought our electric company over their NOT installing this smart meter, threats of this 75.00 fee and paying 10.00 extra a month for NOT having it. We do NOT have this meter on our property but well well well, our electric bill decided to triple since fighting them and our winning. But not my health. I find that neighbors have it and basically all over they have these things. So what now?????

  165. Shortly after our old analog meter was replaced with this “smart” bastard, my mother began acting…erratically. Forgetful, sick, even delusional at times. She was diagnosed shortly thereafter with dementia, possibly Alzheimer’s. I’ve felt light on my feet at times and dizzy. I checked the house for a defective furnace exhaust, gas leaks, etc. Found nothing. Everything points to this bastard new meter. For what it’s worth, our house is 100% Wired as in we use landlines, wired dial-up Internet, no routers, Nothing.

    I want this thing removed!

  166. We own cabins in the Smoky Mountains and notice the difference in our sleep, when we are at our cabin vs. our home. Our home has a s.meter.

  167. I just asked Burbank DWP to remove our smart meter with no reply yet 2/11/13. After numerous trips to the doctor, my daughter has been plagued with daily headaches, her scalp feels like its been burned, chronic fatigue, chronic coughing, metallic taste in her mouth, loss of appetite and weight, muscle cramping, insomnia and over all low immune system. My 27 year old daughter feels like she’s dying and all the doctors can say is, ” you just need to exercise more” I feel terrible as I didn’t want to pay the extortion fees to keep my analog meter. The meter is against her wall where she sleeps. Of course, Water and Power doesn’t tell you to use protection against these evil meters. I had no idea what the health risks were until now. We need the meter off A.S.A.P. Help!

  168. For me, I think the “wake up call” has been loosing 2 pets to cancer & having one operated on for cancer in less than a year.

    It was approximately 4 years ago when the meters were installed. Since then, there has been an issue with cancer (pets above) & my daughter & I have continued to suffer with numerous health issues.

    I had heard that the meters cause problems, but didn’t really start thinking about it until I lost my cat 2 weeks ago. It seemed more than odd that I’d have 3 pets with cancer in less than a year.

    We have sleeping issues, severe headaches, eye & ear pressure, sinus issues, bloody noses, leg cramps, body aches which include skeletal aches, dizziness/vertigo, concentration issues, chest pains & pressure, etc. It makes me wonder what all my pets must be feeling like.

    I want the meters banned & we definately shouldn’t have to pay a fee to have an analog meter installed & a monthly fee to have it read. Why should we have to pay a fee to a utility company in order to maintain our health?

  169. Shortly after a Smart Meter was installed on our home, my mother and I began having problems. The meter was on mom’s bedroom wall so she started feeling ill right away. For FOUR MONTHS I took her to her doctor AT LEAST every other week. Mom became extremely lethargic. She suffered major muscle pain, dizziness, confussion and headaches. She was rarely able to get out of bed. Her doctor order blood work nearly every time we saw her. She had xrays and a CAT scan done. They could find nothing and insinuated she was ‘just old’. Before the Smart Meter my mother was a vibrant, active, 85 year old woman. I suffered headaches, sleepless ness, irritability and depression. Out of desperation I started searching the internet and thank goodness I found an article about the Smart Meter. Not really knowing if it WAS the meter but at my wits end, I called to have it removed. It took several phone calls, I had to pay $75 and an additional monthly fee. When I ask about that I was told they must now employ someone to read the meter. OH MY GOSH!! They are going to have to give someone a job!! The man who came to replace it made derogatory remarks to me as well but, as soon as it was gone, mom and I started to feel beter. With in a week or so she was ALMOST her old self. I do believe she suffered permanent damage as she is NOT as vivacious as she was pre Smart Meter. This is WRONG. It is known that these meters cause damage. And to pay EXTRA to protect our health?? What is going on in this world.

  170. I live in the state of Victoria in Australia. The Victorian State Government has tried to force smart meters into every household BY STEALTH and DECEPTION. I have refused installation and have locked up my meter box. When the installers came and left my place they then went up and down my street and managed to talk their way into installing smart meters in all the other houses including my next door neighbor’s house. Two weeks after these installations I started waking up with the presence of a mild headache in my forehead. This was over 4 months ago in August of 2012 and this headache has remained with me ever since. It just doesn’t go away. Sometimes it intensifies and becomes debilitating and sometimes it eases but it’s presence is always there. I am now very easily irritated by trivial annoyances and tend to react in a hostile fashion. This forceful imposition of smart meters using this dangerous technology is sheer criminality. I previously had no history of head pain whatsoever and now every single time I wake out of sleep the first thing that I am aware of is the presence of pressure and pain in my forehead. Thinking of the problem just in terms of transmission signal strength could be a a deception. I think the problem involves many other factors than just the strength of the wireless communication signal. I think there is something particularly sinister in the physics of the smart meter transmissions, almost like a secret language that has a way of speaking to the brain. It would have to do with transmission fequencies, wave forms, harmonics etc etc and also the pulsing nature of the exposure with smart meters giving off short sharp but frequent bursts of wireless communications. I am not sure where any immediate relief is going to come from. People here are writing to the Victorian State Government expressing that they are having these health problems and pleading that the rollout of smart meters be stopped and the govt is sweeping all these people under the carpet. They just ridiculously hide behind and keep spilling out the same line that “the meters are safe they are within Australian Standards”. The only thing this means is that if you are exposed to a smart meter for 6 minutes, you won’t be cooked. It’s totally irrelevant and it’s an insult to people’s intelligence. The people of the state of Victoria have been sold down the river by these criminals that happen to run their State Government.

  171. Thank You CPS Energy for stopping the electrocution ! . Since the REMOVAL of your SMART METER, my family’s health immediately improved .Thank you so much, CPS energy, for removing my smart meter within days of making a claim with you. It only took me nine months of complaining of all of my families health problems, to get my smart meter removed. It took for my hospital stay from having a seizure , from your smart meter to GET IT REMOVED!! Finally,no electrifying pulses are running through my vains, and my children can sleep now too.

  172. I also had to move out of my bedroom and am now sleeping in the living room to be as far away from the smart meter as possible! Terrible just terrible!!!

  173. I have been severly suffering the same effects as many of you for 10 months.
    I do not know how I am going to be able to work.
    We did put foil around the meter and on the inside wall the meter is against and it did help quite a bit, but not completely. We also grounded the emissions to the ground after putting up the foil. Although it is not a solution as removing it is, you all might want to put foil up.

  174. Just realized what’s going on and not happy with it at all. I agree we want them off our house and out of our neighborhood. Nov 10 2012

  175. I travel a lot and have another residence (owned, where we are still fighting not to have smart meters installed). However, at our rented apartment in town (one of 13 in the low rise, older building) my work desk is located within 8 feet of the smart meters for the whole building, which were installed almost right below, earlier this summer. This is a brick building with wood interiors—with little or no insulation between floors and no metal screens, for sure. We were away for most of the summer (including when they were installed) and I was traveling out of town for much of September and part of October. However in the past few weeks I have spent much of my time at my desk and also sleeping within 20 feet of the smart meters. I have a history of good health. Recently, though, I have begun to have unbearable ringing in my ears and am frequently nauseous. I never had problems sleeping before but now wake after just a few hours. Working and concentration have become a real challenge … I have lost my appetite and now have no interest in cooking, once a passion. We are long time residents of this building, with great neighbours, and have no desire to leave. I am planning to move my work space asap. As I’m travelling again soon it will be interesting to see how much or if the various symptoms subside … I don’t know what action we can take short of moving, although we may start by requesting the landlord to have the room screened in some way, which it is not right now.

  176. I refused to let SCE’s contractors come in to install the smart meter, but when I started feeling tired and irritable, and having ringing in my ears a lot more often and my hair started thining tremendously I wondered why, thinking it must just be hormones. I went outside my house and sure enough, SCE’s contractor had broken into my gate and trespassed to install it. I had been feeling this way since about mid August, but didn’t notice it was in until a few weeks ago. After reading up on it, I’m thinking that all these recent changes in health has a lot to do with this stupid smart meter HOW do I get rid of the darn thing? I also have 4 kids, I don’t want them exposed to the unnecessary transmissions several times a minute. Is there anything I can do?

  177. We live in a two-level townhouse that we own in Langley BC within a 24 unit complex, and our situation is slightly different. In October 2011, we asked BC Hydro to be exempted from a smartmeter, and the strata council was aware of this. We never received any response from both of them at that time. In January 2012, while boondocking in Arizona, the then strata council president let BC Hydro enter the site and install smartmeters in two locations: thirteen in an electrical room next to our unit, and eleven somewhere else. There are in total 25 meters because one is for the common area streetlighting and the electric gate. But in the middle of these 13 smartmeters they did not touch our analog meter, as a “lone ranger”. We returned home at the beginning of March and have been in poor health ever since, with insomnia, muscle pains and heart palpitations , which we never had before, so that we need to avoid our upstairs living room and our downstairs hallway on that side of the townhouse. We cannot really complain to BC Hydro – because they could counter that they allowed us (for now) to keep our analog meter. But we receive all the negative effects from the 13, within 2 metres of our private property! Our family physician just blurted out: “Well, then you have to move!” Where to? We are around 70 years old and have three married children and nine grandchildren close by.

  178. adding to my last post. burning skin tinnitus. i can feel my ears vibrating and muscle spasms. I’ve been trying work out what is wrong with my since October 2011 and then found out my smart went in on the 8th of September 2011 just about to quit my job and lose my family. please help.

  179. hi my name is Paul. i think i am effected. i am in victoria. please if this the case can someone give the contact details of the doctors that can me as everyone is ignoring.g me. 0433674602.

  180. I understand from SDG&E, my electric company, that smart meters was installed in my home in April 2011 or about a year and a half ago. I was not notified about the smart meter installation and was not able to avoid it’s consequences. I can see now that the 12 smart meters installed on the wall of my bedroom has been the cause of the health disaster that has befallen me. Prior to the SDG&E installation, I was a post polio survivor and I used a cane for improved mobility. Now, a year and a half later, I’m confined to an electric wheelchair that I need 24/7 hours everyday. The only exception is when I am sleeping and when using the toilet. This disaster has befallen me because of the 12 Smart Meters that were installed on the outside wall of my bedroom.

    My history of this issue began 6 years ago when I became sick from my cell phone. Because I was able to choose not to use a cell phone, I was able to avoid disasterous health consequences from exposure to RF Radiation. Unfortunately, I was not able to avoid these same microwaves that are radiating from 12 smart meters installed to the back side of the wall in my bedroom.

    Can i persuade you to help me with my law suit?

    George Shaver

  181. I need help please. I live in Ohio and they just installed a smart meter. I told them I didn’t want one, but they did it any ways. I am the only person that has one. We in the country and I feel like they did this on purpose because my old meter was broken, when we moved in this house. How can I get this Smart Meter removed?

  182. They put the meter in on Wednesday and neither of us have been able to sleep since. This thing is driving us out of our home.

  183. Well I am feeling a a little better but still hear it and feel it – also strange but my floor is vibrating now also! Its been almost a month with a spinning old meter, after filing a complaint with the PUC, edison Corp called and had a RF Engineer call me ( if you want to call them and get a reading there SCE california number is 800 200 4732 this is a free service they offer all SCE customers – I said I would think about it and havent called yet, ) and they are willing to do a RF EMF Survey on and around my house, my meter is also wrong, I use killawatt meters on everything in my home then add them up and the new meter is almost 100 KWH to much after 30 days, I am filing another complaint with the PUC when I get my bill!
    you must go to the PUC web site and file a complaint with what everyone is saying here and then you will get the ball rolling, DO NOT give up – keep filing complaints untill this is resolved! I will never roll over and kick my feet in the air and play dead!

  184. If PGE wants to charge a customer to OP OUT because a serviceman needs to come to your house to read the meter, then they should also DISCOUNT the customer that same amount who is willing to have the meter installed because a serviceman DOES NOT have to come to your house.
    If PGE claims that these WIRELESS RADIO FREQUENCY METERS are safe to your health,then they should also agree to pay any customer’s HEALTH expense and legal fees if they incur a HEALTH problem.

  185. A man appeared at my door and told me he was going to shut my electricity off for a minute and turn it back on, little did I know he was installing a Smart Meter. I have had major ringing in my ears, stabbing pains on the left side of my head and insomnia. I am ready to crawl out of my skin. I called SCE and was added to teh Opt Out program. I feel we need to start a class action to stop the installation and extortion of funds to keep our health safe from these Smart Meters. I do not feel good nor can I relax at home. I work in a busy Emergency Room and feel it is safer for me to be there than at home now. Our dogs are getting sick since we moved here one has lumps all over his skin the other one in his throat. They were perfectly healthy when we moved in. I feel totally violated with SCE being able to walk onto my property and install a device that has not been researched to benefit their needs and not the needs of the consumers who have to pay for them. Last night I was so frustrated I wrapped heavy duty aluminum foil around my head and slept that way. Today I double wrapped the entire cabinet with foil and covered the meter hoping that will stop the ringing in my ears. I’ve called and I’ve written to get this thing removed. We need to start fighting for our rights and our health. I’m healthy, what right do they have robbing me of my good life??? I want it removed immediately.

  186. I am having ringing in my ears, dizzy spells, night sweating, can’t sleep at night, cant think, stiff neck, stomached upset and feeling like I am a going to throw up, I want to sleep all day to feel better, bad mood all the time, forgetting things and I thought it was me. this started when they put a earth meter in 1985 on my house and got worse when they installed a smart meter may 12 2010, they refused to remove the earth meter in 1985 and have suffered from then until now and it continues, they finally removed the meter on aug 5 2012 and I felt a little better, but the feelings wont go away, I hear and feel it outside and still in my house, I have seen doctors for the symptoms and they give me drugs which don’t help, I am very sensitive to wireless and never had a cell phone or anything wireless at my house, I do not use a microwave oven. I hear and feel it when I enter other places that have wireless, if I leave my house and go to the beach after an hour or so I start to feel better, but when I return to my house I start to feel sick again. I can hear and feel my neighbor’s houses also.
    They are charging me to remove and a monthly fee on something that is causing health problems, not because I just want it removed for no reason, I feel like this is wrong and don’t feel I should pay for extra for this.

  187. Wow! Since our meter was installed I have had headaches and pain in the back of my neck. very tired and I have the hardest time while sitting at my computer which is a large part of my at home business. My computer is directly over the meter! muscle aches and ear aches.So what can we do????

  188. I had a meter installed yesterday. This morning I woke with really bad ringing in my ears. I’ve NEVER had ringing before. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced any ill effects after the meters were installed, so I checked online today – and found this website. I’m really not happy that we are being forced to have these meters installed. It’s bad enough that we get slow cooked by mobile phone and internet signals – now I have a smart meter 1 foot off my bed head.

  189. The best solution I have found to counter the side effects from a smart meter is to take the liver of a toad, bind it tight about my throat and stand naked by the full moon in a barrel of eels’ eyes.

    Doing this monthly ensures you will be committed indefinately – thus solving your problems as you will be away from the demonic smart meter.

  190. Wow!! So many sick ppl my heart goes out to you. My health issues started in 1999 from a cell phone, since then it has gog worst including WIFI routers, smart meters so Yes I to am sick from EMF like smart meters, WIFI, cell phones. All of you also need to remove the WIFI router from the home if you hv them, kthey are Evil for our health. What I hv found out is others including many family, friends and for sure the Government, power & gas companies give a rats ass about us and our health. My own grown childen hv turned against me saying well dad it dont affect us, yea as their father I hope they never do but as a person suffering from what I am, I hope everyone who is a doubter & hater gets it so they hv this same evil feeling of poor health. We did get the gas meter removed & working on the electric. I have found nutrition has healped me, Alive whole food energizer, miracle reds, spirulina, chlorella, saunas & drinking steam distilled water. I hope for a healthy resolve fof us all but am sure we will have to fight. I told the gas & electric co I will destroy their meters if not removed it took 2 days to make it happen. Bug we must be willing to do whatever to save our health after all if is our health we are talking about, the value of our life is all that matters and the issues with these items need to be brought into the light. Be blessed Charley

  191. I started feeling dizzy, lost and I did not know why. sudderenly something came to my mind of course the digital clock, it has affected my health so bad, but what it really worries me is my child, one morning there was blood on his pillow and I was so scare I started to checked him and it was his nouse, he did not had the flu nor any other ill.
    This is not right, we paid for everything this is a Country of Freedom. We the consumer have the right to choose and this is the time I want the old meter intall back in my house, the digital meter is against our health!!! some body has to do somenthing.

  192. wow this something else. i mean i know all these symptoms can have other related causes but ever since they have installed smart meters in my condo complex a slew of the exact same things have been happening. we live up stairs but the people downstairs closer to the meters fight all the time. her daughter has cronic head aches, the kid is ALWAYS goin wild. her mom had a siezure not so long ago. my step father has had random migranes he has been diagnosed with neuropathy and randon chest pains. my mother cant get a full night sleep she continiously complains of naseau. i havent been able to get to sleep at a decent time of night to save my life, plus i have been having a hard time using the bathroom and a constant case of dermatitis and psorisis. im not a stupid person i do know some what about the medical field im a pharmacy trechnician and i know a bit of what connections could be concerning exposure to EMF meters smart meters ect…

  193. I am woken up nightly by a storng surge and jolt. Then I feel small ripples through my body that start and stop for seconds at a time. This also occurs during the day. My sleep has been disturbed ever since the smart meters were put in. My energy is lower than it used to be and I am very irritable as a result. I can’t think as clearly as I used to. But mainly if I am sleep deprived my body doesn’t function well.

    Not sure what the ultimate toll on body is from the Smart Meters but I am not happy about being used as an experiment.

  194. For two years I’ve had chest pains, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, sleep problems, anxiety, memory problems, have felt exhausted and weak, and I cannot even walk halfway up our stairs without my heart racing and being totally out of breath. I am not overweight. I work out daily. I eat decently. I’m in my early 40’s. But my health is like that of an 85 year old smoker! I’ve been to my family doctor, a pulmonologist, a cardiologist and an allergist and no one could find anything wrong with me. I started having these problems for two years, out of the blue.

    I started to research the health effects of RF radiation, and found out that smart meters are huge emitters of this type of radiation. We had two meters installed (against our wishes) two years ago. One is on our gas meter, which is near my office where I work all day and is on the wall of my 6 year old daughter’s bedroom. The other meter is on the other side of the house for our electrical.

    Basically I have now figured out that my symptoms started soon after the smart meters were installed on our house. My 6 year old daughter has also shown symptoms. She is losing her hair and has frequent nose bleeds, and cannot sleep at night. She also has frequent head aches. I thought that all her symptoms were from her allergies but when she started losing her hair I knew something was up.

    Yesterday I put foil on her bedroom wall and floor behind where the meter is, and around the actual meter. Today I woke up for the first time in two years without feeling like absolute crap and my shortness of breath and heart issues are gone. So I think the foil diminished the amount of RF I was taking in each day, all day long. I am having my daughter sleep in another room for the time being, away from that dang thing.

    I have asked PG&E to remove our meters and they are doing so. This is due in part to all the back lash they have received from people like those of you who posted to this site, and I’m very grateful for that. Of course they are going to charge us $ 75 to remove those cancer cannisters. I plan to fight them. I am going to call our local news station to tell them about this and make a huge stink about this BS. I think PG&E should be paying ME for all the health issues they’ve caused me and my family and the wasted money I have paid to doctors to figure out what was wrong with me.

  195. We moved to Aptos (Calif.) in October of 2011 and are renting a place with three Smart Meters outside the house, near the garage. In April of 2012 I developed severe pain in my neck, hands, wrists, elbows, hips, lower back, and knees. It does not respond to pain medications at all. I was tested for rheumatoid arthritis, Lyme disease, Lupus–all came back negative. I’m a 55-yr-old woman who used to take brisk walks almost daily and now need to go at a much reduced pace over shorter distances with the aid of a walking stick. What is going on?

  196. Three months after a smart meter was installed on the house where I rent the master suite, I was diagnosed with severe depression and panic attacks. This came out of the blue. When I heard about the meter dangers, I went outside to see where the meter is, and it’s ONE FOOT FROM MY HEAD when I’m in bed. There is nowhere to move the bed. When I’m on my cordless phone, it clicks and crackles so loudly I have to leave the room. I have ringing in my ears on and off. I have lost 40 pounds from all the medications I’ve been given for the depression and panic attacks. As a 59-year-old woman working part time, I don’t have the luxury of moving right now. This sucks.

  197. I’m a radio guy, and understand transmitting ok I think. My guess is these meters use a very small antenna, with a lot of wattage, to get the signal to their “base.” All they have to do is use the current from their lines. (Makes sense right!) I mean, if their is no repeaters or anything like that, it would have to mean they use a LOT of wattage then, since their is no other “magical way.” That is what scares me about these. Who knows, they could be using FM radio station strength wattage around your homes, and you could be getting rf causing all of this, on top of the emf. These freak me out. A GMRS radio doing 5 watts can’t even go a mile practically. And since you can’t see an antenna of any kind, it must be fm, and has an antenna inside of it coiled up. So think of the actual wattage these things could be doing. Just do the math. Man, if they don’t have repeaters…heck whatever…GET RID OF THEM. I noticed a “change” too in the environments feel. Something isn’t right…it’s just like doing a remote at a radio station, and standing next to the vans antenna when transmitting. It’s the same feeling!!!

  198. Another sleepless night . . .
    It’s been over a year since Smart Meters were installed here. I’m quite familiar with most all of the symptoms described here – as well as the feeling of desperation. I continue looking for a new home after living in my apartment for 25 years. I think it would be good to establish a website for “Smart Meter Refugees” and people looking for others wanting to build a community without wireless technology.

  199. Would the person who commented on Smud’s extortion opt out rates please call me. I have a meeting at Congressman Lungren’s office and I would like to have some input.

    9168449968 Bernie

  200. I am trying to find a law firm, after over 2 years of being terrorized by infrasonic radio phenomenon and blasted by power surges through my wiring, I narrowed the cause down to Smart Meters. I believe these things are causing an epidemic and MUST be stopped and damages paid to us whom these shoddy/foreign made devices have made sick and disabled. Not to mention many firms and manufacturers have committed outright fraud trying to profit off people’s ignorance.

    Todd West

  201. Just to piggyback on SOLUTIONS, not to discourage ranting, I have noticed that the “peak” of my head buzz comes just seconds before I hear the choo choo train (that’s railroad for anyone under 40 yrs.) sounds its alarm. THIS IS CONSISTENT. In Georgia, the rails are abundant. We live only one-quarter mile from tracks. Anyone with an engineering degree and high mathematical ability should explain to us the probability that the radiation from wires overhead are and IS movement with trains. My guess is it’s all connected. We live in a virtual field of buzzing from top to rails. With meters buzzing 24/7 the “pulse” continues. Have you noticed that?

  202. I am 39 years old and have been plagued by a bunch of health symptoms .Headaches, pain in my chest ,ringing in my ears ,insomnia ,anxiety, joint pain , confusion .I recently went to the emergency for what i though was a heart attack . I am really confused by the lack of support from the government not looking into this situation . How many sick people does it take to remove a smart meter, thousands and they do not care .When the strain on our health care finally busts will the government finally listen . How do i get tested for this and who do i contact for help .I will be contacting my family doctor about this my symptoms have been getting worse over the last 2 seasons since hydro has installed smart meters in my home town.I guess i will write a letter to a member of the government next . Atikokan Ontario

  203. I’ve got an outside wall with five smart meters on it. Inside my house, I’ve got a large lead crystal bowl and artistic plate against the wall at the approximate place they are on the outside. I’m wondering if copper or aluminum plates would be better at blocking the emanations. The electric company would charge $15 per month to reinstall the old meters – I’m not paying $75 per month for other units’ meters. I also wonder if the Stetzerizer filters would provide any benefits.

  204. The SoCal Edison Smart Meter has invaded my house since Aug. 2010 and turned my littl wooden home into an unbearable electrical or electronic “warzone!!!” The last couple of weeks have been the worst, and eventhough I call Edison, they say there’s “no harm done” from the “Smart” Meters, and I ask the representative how he/she knows, since I’m the one living in this terrible environment and experiencing the terrible effects of the meters !!!!
    The Smart Meters upon the wall just outside my bedroom have made this warzone unbearable, and seem to be doing a number of other things to my home, as well, such as for some reason setting off my refrigerator to recycle incessantly and often .

    For many nights now, I’ve been unable to sleep comfortably, or even at all, and I suffer from pitiful and continual heart palpitations at night and the non-stop inability to stop my mind’s racing thoughts, and the buzzing and ringing in my ears and head continues continuously until I leave my apartment to “clear my head.” Leaving the premises immediately clears my head and the symptoms disappear immediately upon leaving my “electrified” atmosphere !!!!

    Other ailments include painful joints in my hands, (rings on fingers increase the pain), my hips and knee, and I feel that the meters affect our body’s ability to keep or absorb calcium, with continued tooth/gum problems and difficulties.

    I feel that the EMF and EMR’s emitted by the Smart Meters and electrical invasion are also responsible for blister-like sores on my shins which appeared soon after the installation of the “Smart” Meters in 2010, and have continued to grow in number and discomfort. For months before I was able to discern that the meter was responsible, I slept quite near to the meters, and my head faced in the direction of the meters, probably five to six feet from the smart meters!!! Not a good idea, at all, i’ll tell you. I also feel that the Smart Meter has affected my thyroid gland, as I experienced pains in my lower throat/neck area for months after the meters were installed, and I also lost sufficient amount of weight in that first year (probably as much as 30 pounds, and five inches around my waist!!).

    The sleepless nights continue now and as SoCal Edison continues to promise the removal of these terrible, hateful things mounted without our permission upon the outside of our houses !!! These physical issues are just part of the many problems that the so-called “Smart Meters” bring with them into our lives, and there are a number of additional rights issues I’ve not discussed !!!!

    SoCal Edison and the many other utility companies need to waken up to the many REAL harmful physical and mental effects and issues brought upon us by the installation of their “Smart” Meters upon our personal, private property, and again, without our permission or agreement!!!

    This torture and torment is terrible, and very REAL, and not imagined. SoCal Edison and the other companies and their employees must be made fully aware of this and not to laugh at, mock, or question our credibility in this regards.

    -LD (Newport Beach)

  205. Charging a Opt out fee to someone because a smart meter is causing them heath problems because they are RF or electrically sensitive is called “Medical Discrimination” and is against the law. Pay the fee, get the meter out, then sue the power company.


  207. Opting out of a Smart Meter has now become an extortion racket. Even if you can stand EMF radiation, there is a 4th Amendment Constitutional violation as these meters monitor your daily activity by the hour, without a warrant, and anyone can access your activities with enough computer chops. Your data may also be sold without you knowing about it.

    I just received SMUD’s *Opt Out plan:
    * I will be charged a One Time Fee of $127.00.
    * I will have an additional monthly fee of $39.40 added to my SMUD Bill.
    * I have 13 days to respond, from today 5-2-12.

    They are the only game in town, a monopoly, and I have no alternative. I refuse the meter for it’s health issues and violations of privacy I am crushed with cost, Mafia style. Is this just? No, it will happen to you.

    When will we all collectively say, enough is enough? Adding insult to injury, our legislators could care less. Personally, I am sick of it. How do we stop this insane criminal behavior?

    This is my house, my investment. I have a right to privacy and be able to refuse this EMF device without extortion and I should have the right to be able to buy my utilities at a fair price without these Unconstitutional surveillance devices on my home.

  208. since smart meters i have dizzyness, i feel my balance is off center. and i have noises in my head, like a gun shot going off.

  209. You absolutely can get rid of the smart meter. Call PG&E and tell them to remove it. 866-743-0263

  210. I have always been healthy. I started noticing that I was feeling dizzy, having intense head and body aches, inability to concentrate, and heart palpitations. I did not know how to explain this rapid deterioration in my health. My daughter came to visit and I was discussing this with her and really confused as to why this was happening. She went outside to find that my bed was literally 3 feet from the recently installed SmartMeter. She proceeded to call PG&E to complain about this and they said there was nothing they could do except place our name on a list. I am very disappointed since I was never informed of such a change. Why can they come over and add such a device without our permission? I would like to change back to an analog meter and hope we can do so in the near future.

  211. Until recently, I lived in a large apartment complex. Shortly after conversion to smart meters I developed really distressing symptoms. I felt dizzy to the point were I couldn’t function normally and spent a lot of time lying down. I also developed a high pitched humming/buzzing in my ears that seemed especially loud when I woke up in the morning. I didn’t know we had even converted to smart meters since it’s an apartment building versus a house and I had never even looked at my meter. Once I developed symptoms I researched online and came up with smart meters being a possible cause – a neighbor showed me a letter from PGE describing the timing of the conversion which was shortly before I developed my symptoms. I guess I missed the letter, not that it would have done me any good to protest. I went to look at my new smart meter after I started developing symptoms and oh my god, it was a huge bank of smartmeters not far from my unit (it’s a really big complex). The worst part is I have since moved and my new duplex also has 2 smart meters not to mention the neighbors smart meters. The dizziness seems a bit improved but the humming/buzzing is getting steadily louder. Folks, we have a serious problem. First of all, it should be illegal for any industry to sponsor or quote scientific studies that they themselves have funded (purchased). Scientists are like any other people and just as susceptible to corruption from money as a politician. We have enough independent research that verifies the dangers of the type of radiation put out by smart meter’s that PGE should not have been allowed to do this. If there is a class action lawsuit I’m signing up. I have documented the onset of my symptoms for the lawyers when it gets to that. Here’s some links for you all including one report produced by a company that shows that radiation from a smart meter can increase to the point of fcc violations – the increase is related to increases of 1000% to 2000% re

    reflective factors. Here’s the link…I hope you all READ IT!!!

    Also, consider that the smart meters are on top of the already increased pollution from cell towers, radio towers FM and AM, ham radios, etc. If you want to check out the nearest antenna’s and towers to your location use this website:

    Finally, here is a table from this same website that produced the smart meter report showing the serious and severe health consequences that have been shown in scientific studies due to radio frequency radiation.

    Finally, don’t forget that the smart meters have TWO antenna’s, 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz. Do not spend a long time looking closely at your smart meter. It is bad for your eyes – and I mean literally. Seriously, I see PGE’s future and in it are a lot of lawyers trying to fight all of us off. My recommendation to all of you is document now – when did your symptoms start appearing? Go to the doctor to get evaluated and have hard documentation. Note if your symptoms improve if you spend time away from the smart meters. Write down all of your symptoms. That way when we haul PGE’s aXX to court you’ll have a nice neat packet to hand over to the class action lawyers. Good luck until then everyone. I feel for you!!

  212. Smart meters will not be mandatory in UK. I do think the switch to digital TV signals was/is a problem, but am unaware of other sites addressing this particulr issue. Maybe another reader can comment?

  213. I am having all of the symptoms that are being mentioned here especially insomnia. I am also sleep walking and screaming all through the night. No one is getting any sleep… This is the worst thing that could ever happen to us. Can it not be reversed? I can not get anyone at Georgia Power to switch my meter back to analog. I want my health back!!!!!

  214. I read with great interest today of your problems with Smart-Meters in the USA.
    I do not think, so far that we have them in England.
    However, we are in the middle of the digital changeover for TV’s here in England.
    The reason I am going through relevant sites today, is to find out why since the changeover to HDTV, am I feeling so ill and my sight in particular feeling so bad.
    With analogue TV I had no such problems. As soon as I look at a digital TV my eyes feel strained and I am most uncomfortable.
    I have never worn glasses to watch TV but tried to watch for 2 hours the other night, with my driving glasses on. I felt extremely uncomfortable and on removing them and switching off was extremely disorientated and woozy. I felt depressed (never happened before) and not able to focus or concentrate; totally like a zombie. Since then I have not watched TV, only on analogue; no probs with that but the changeover was completed last night, so analogue has been switched off for good now.
    I do have fibromyalgia badly and a reduced immune system, due to severe allergies some years back, so can relate to so many of your comments on here but am wondering is there is a similar connection with digital TVs and the transmitted waves which are affecting me or if anyone known how I can watch TV again now we are stuck with digital.
    Some of the things I have read today on various net sites concern me greatly, particularly with relation to HAARP transmitters and HDTVs – see Control by the Sound of Silence and The energy effects of HDTV, which states that the brain cannot translate the signals with Digital waves as it can with Analogue.
    Or is anyone can direct me to the relevant sites which may answer my questions and my problem.
    Thank you.

  215. For everyone suffering from the effects of smart meters, help may be on the way. Recently SC Edison installed a smart meter at my residence, which is also my business location, and in so doing shut the power off without notice and damaged our main computer. After taking SCE to court and having a crocked judge only award me the cost of the damage harddrive, but give us nothing for the labor costs to install the harddrive and reload all the computer software, I am pissed.

    Being a defense contractor, we have designed RF shielding for sensitive military equipment, and I am so pissed off at SCE that we are now going to use our engineering talents to design a military grade RF shield to encapsulate smart meters. This will not be a home-brewed design like wrapping aluminum foil around the meter. Our design goal will be to stop 100% of the RF emissions from any smart meter. The “opt-out” programs Edison adn the other utility companies are pushing will cost you $200 – $300 the first year and $120 – $200 every year thereafter. Our plan will be to sell these units at cost with a price goal for the shield to be around 25% of the first year cost and with no future year costs.

    Of course these things do not happen overnight, so it will take us a couple of months to get a working design, test it, and figure at the production process. If you don’t have to make an immediate decision to pay Edison or your utility company for their “opt-out” program, give us a chance to do this development effort. I, like most of you, am sick and tired of the arrogant attitude from Edison and all these utility companies. I want to make their lives as miserable as they have made ours. I will post again in a couple of weeks and give an update on our progress. Hopefully we will be successful and can put an end to everyone’s suffering and Edison’s arrogance.

  216. I live in an apartment building with the smart meters somewhere in the basement, much farther than 6 feet away from me. However, I have experienced dizziness and disorientation, memory loss, and confusion sinced they were installed. Other symptoms are present as well, but only when I am in the basement of our building.

  217. we have recently moved into a neighborhood in chesapeake virginia (dominion power supplied) with a friend and roommate. right next to our house is a panel with four of these “stupid meters” installed. before moving here me and my wife never had headaches and now constantly do. so does our room mate for the last three months, and has lived here for four years but he did not have headaches till a bit after the meters were installed. i have researched this subject for 3-days straight now on the internet and have found out once again the american political system has sold out the health of its citizens for corporate profit, california excluded it seems (they are removing them and virginia is buying them). this goes right up to the obama administration who backed this 100%. well i for one have had enough of this “change”. in my opinion change is not good. our health is worth much more than corporate profits. we are going to start a petition to get these “stupid meters” removed.

  218. My neighbors got smart meters installed on Feb 28 or 29th as of March 1st I started getting sick. I started to get diarrhea, sev nausia, heart palitations and chest pains, trouble sleeping, earaches, sev constant migraines, confusion, weakness on left side and a seizer on 3/10/12 my husband could not get a pulse in my neck and called 911.
    After the seizer on Sat the side effects from my neighbors smart meters got worse. My husband was calling me every 1/2hr during the day because he was terrified I would have a gm seizer which could kill me if I am alone.

    I called multipal times Gov Scott of Florida, Rep Harrell, and have never recieved a call from them. I have other people calling my Rep Harrell daily and they also get no call back. I have called Senater Joe Negron no call back. The PSC is more concerned in protecting FPL then a florida resident it is very obvious specially when you get verbally attacked.

    Rep Harrell, Gov Scott, Sen. Joe Negron are more concered covering for FPL (big biz) then protecting their constituants.
    I have not had a seizer in 14 years and I was looking to get off my meds, yes 14 years NO zeizer.

    FPL did remove the mart meter on one neighbors house as per their request (I spoke to them) I have called FPL many times and told them their damn meter is endangering my life after having a seizer and I was going to SUE them.
    Hopefully the other smart meter on my other neighbors house is going to get removed.

  219. I am not certain how much theses meters affect us, but I know they are not good for the health at all. I also know that in our town are 180 something cell tower clusters, enabling cells phones to function all over our town. On one side of town the other day, I got sick just driving around them. I have electro sensitivity. I have tried everything on the market, and as of yet, I do not have an answer. I can tell you that I did put pet resonator protectors on the animals , after loosing one animal, and this helped them.
    I remain in pain, they were having seizures, all the same kind, one died.
    My house is no longer comfortable at all. I so long to have our home back.

    I understand your fear, your pain, and I know that you are telling the truth.
    Peope are developing all kinds of diseases and dying, some do not feel the effects and say we are crazy, yet they are being effected as well.

    I pray for tis to end and for you and yours to be protected from this evil that surrounds us daily.

  220. I have created an interactive complaints map where people can report their issues along with any media they may have and post them geographically. American version is
    brand new and Canada version is at Feel free to post your experiences there.

    Conrad Hild

  221. I have had headaches and insominia for the past 4 months I live in an apartment with 29 smartmeters close by……..where else can we complain about smartmeters??????what is a safe distance?????thank you

  222. I also had the smart meter attached to my home without an” opt out” option that I was aware of. After receiving a horendous electric bill, we requested a tech to check our meter to see if it was running accurately. The supervisor at the electric company told me we had used a lot of electricty over the weekend. We had family that visited us from out of state. Is this Big Brother??? When the tech arrived at our home to check the meter, he informed us that the electric company employees themselves had opted out of the new meter. Does that tell you something? He said there were many complaints. Meantime, I’ve felt faint and jittery and didn’t have a clue that my meter may be the culprit. I’m restless when sleeping and have had headaches which have all been recent. This is scandalous. I’m praying for a resolution.

  223. I am SICK AND TIRED OF LISTENING to your frequencies of your smart meters that EVERY ONE HATES it is obviously a health issue I can’t wait until you go down in many lawsuits over this negligence!

  224. I live in the San Diego East County area. I came out of my house one day a little over a year ago due to hearing a strange noise and caught the man attaching a smart-meter to my home. I asked him what he was doing and told him to stop it, I told him I did not want a different meter on my house. He was working very quickly and made some comment about how letters had been sent out (I never received one) and that he had to put the meter on and then he drove away. It was very disturbing. I didn’t know at that time what a “smart-meter” was or what the health ramifications would end up being.
    I do know that since that time I have had unending tinnitus and ringing in my ears, that interrupts my sleep every night. In fact, I also hear it throughout the day when I’m home and before I go to sleep and dread laying down in my bed. I think the only reason I actually nod out for a few hours is from sheer exhaustion. Once I wake up around 3 hours later, I move to the living room, but even that place has become one of unending high-pitched ringing. My ears almost burn from it. In addition, I used to be very focused and energetic, with plans and goals. Now I frequently feel overwhelmed and almost “frozen”, having lost the desire to do many of the things I used to greatly enjoy. I couldn’t understand what happened to me until recently I started hearing about the smart meters and the EMFs and found this site. I am horrified to see that not only are my symptoms very similar to what others are experiencing, it is nearly impossible to get SDG&E to remove these meters. I’m also afraid because I have had much exposure to radiation starting in my teens due to extensive diagnostic xrays in my youth for scoliosis. Perhaps that is why I am so sensitive to these frequencies now. I also just figured out today that my neighbor’s smart meter is 10 feet away from my bedroom wall, which explains why I can’t sleep in there and feel so restless all night. It’s a toxic zone! I have been feeling like my bedroom in particular has become a menacing environment to me every time I go to lay down, which I couldn’t understand why I felt that way, and now today it all makes sense. I pay SDG&E over $100 a month for their services. Why am I forced to have this equipment that is dangerous, that I don’t want, and that can easily be replaced by something less harmful? Do we no longer have any rights at all??? We need to band together and fight for a solution.

  225. I wondered what was going on with my body lately. I have noticed loss of memory, balance problems, feeling nausea every day, fatigue, acid reflex, low grade headache, sleep problems. Now I know. I had a smart meter installed too. I hope I can have it removed. Can’t our Congressmen do something about this?

  226. I also though I was going crazy. Unable to sleep, headaches……..I was a healthy active senior until the meter was installed. I live with my mother who is 92 and 4 dogs who are resless and also have a hard time sleeping at night. They whine often during the night…………Let’s face it Smart meter are making us sick!!!!!
    I want my old analog meter back.

  227. I have moved 4 times in 1 year, get the same effects from SmartMeters. I thought it was my upstairs neighbor, shocking me. It is terrible, a nightmare. Everyone advised me to call police, but they said they could not do anything, apartment manager think I am crazy. My complaints are same at every apartment, under my pillow, hitting my legs, arms. Those gadgets I ordered to block does not help, waste of money.

  228. I can’t believe what I’m reading! I was just saying the other day that my apartment was making me sick! Now I know what it is!! We had our meters switched out a few months ago also! I haven’t been able to sleep and my ears are clogged constantly. I am sick and my husband is getting sicker…I thought I was coming down with pnuemonia! I keep looking out my window and opening up my door to find out where that sound is coming from! OMGoodness, it’s the meters?! For goodness sake they need to do something about this! Thank you all so much, I thought it was me, but every time I’m away from my apartment I feel better!!!! I didn’t have health problems before…OK change them back, I for one, knew the Duncan one’s were better…ha ha, little Duncan humor…but this needs to stop! Put us back on the other PG&E!!! Don’t you have enough problems with the leaking gas!!! REALLY! Alice Duncan, Citrus Heights

  229. First I recommend that everyone purchase a Scalar Home EMF protection system. They are 300 dollars and plug into your outlet to ground you with the Earth. Read the google article “No more privacy smart meters are surveillance devices that” and watch David Icke on youtube “Behind the world events” to learn more what this is about. The smart readers pump your house with radiation and your cfl light bulbs. Your cfl lightbulbs and energy and radiation to your outlets and chipped appliances. “They” have total surveillance in your household and can do things like lower your heat,open your garage door,turn off your refrigerator etc.. “They” can also bombard your electrical brain with subliminal thoughts and do mind control experiments because you are bathed in this frequency grid which uses ELF waves. The same waves the brain works. Crazy place…

  230. 712000 deathmeters in las vegas thanks nv energy and I’m sure employees. At nv enregy will lose there jobs no need to check. Meters its all radioactive

  231. The smart meters have been installed in my side of town since they have I have had headaches everyday my smartmeters is 10 feet from from my head I donunde

  232. My smart meter was installed approximately 2 months ago. Since the installation (by the way I had no idea of the radiation risk when it was installed), I started experiencing headaches and could actually hear the throbbing in my head/ears like a heart beat. I had never experienced it before and had no idea why I was experiencing these symptoms until someone later told me it was probably the smart meter that was installed. Looking back at the time it was installed and when I started experiencing headaches, the connection is undeniable. When I am at work, the headache subsides and I no longer hear the throbbing in my ear. When I go back home it starts all over again! It is a nightmare. I’ve actually had thoughts of sleeping in my car away from my street. It is unfathomable that the CPUC and the EPA would allow these silent killers to be installed on our homes. Please, for the love of humanity, please remove these meters from our homes!

  233. I have read these posts with HORROR. TO BELVA, CALIFORNIA – YOU POSTED YOU NEED HELP. Please contact a holistic physician and get some substantiation that you must get out of there. I personally am going to see Dr. Gregory Plotnikoff, but he is in Minnesota. You should be able to find one in you area on this website which I will post for you:

    GOOD luck to all of you. I feel so bad for all of you. I am going to send a letter now to my utility company warning of my sensitivity to EMF and EMR and putting them on notice. It is criminal! Jan

  234. The smart meter was installed and the symptoms started. After 10 months of headaches, insomnia, high blood sugar levels, tinnitus, memory loss, and feeling tired all the time SRP decided to let me opt out. It’s been off for over a month and the symptoms vanished the day they removed it. If you are experiencing these symptoms don’t delay getting the smart meter removed. It depletes the natural melatonin levels in your body and attacks your immune system due to not getting good sleep. I have found that since your neighbors have smeters you will get even better sleep if you turn the electricity off to your bedroom. You might want to have your bedroom tested for any other microwave radiation.

  235. We do not have a smart meter yet here in our part of Australia, but they are coming. The only solution to the problem as I see it, is when the smart meters actually cost more to have than the analogue meters. I recon that day will come when some one has come up with a “hacking” system that we all can use that will cause the meters to fail. Is it possible? Well if a teenager can hack into the highest secured computer in the world, then a “smart meter repellant” is merely a brain storm away. So one of you computer geeks go out there and cause havoc to the morons that are causing sooooo much havoc to the unsuspecting electricity using public.
    Dusty Lindsay
    Sydney Australia

    PS To the concerned, check this link out…

  236. I to have been having the same health problems as the people I have been reading about. Every since they installed the smart meter without my permission in September of 2110 I have been sick. I suffer with headaches, insomia ringing in the ears. what makes in worse for me is that my meter is right behind my head, on the other side of the wall my bed is on. All night I hear this humming and buzzing sound in the wall, with a buzzing in my pillow. I have complain to PG%E over and over and all they say it is nothing they can do about . what really piss me off is the fact that I did not request this health robber, and I was not given the right to opt out. PG%E came to my home while I was at work and put this thing on my house. I call this a violation of my right to choose. I have not felt my self in over a year, not only that beware of the turbines windmills they also cause the same health problem. And they are being put up everywhere, it is called WIND TRUBINE SYNDROME it to makes you sick, I no, I have a smart meter on my house and a wind turbine 1/4 mile from my door with low frequency vibration. Sensitive people do not stand a change in this world full of greedy selfish people, we need to stand together we have a right to life in our home and not be sick.CLASS ACTION LAW SUITE IS IN ORDER.

  237. All of this suffering has one common denominator, it is a description of all of the symptoms of electrical induction and ammonia poisoning of the brain. SM enabled frequencies allow ammonia and other toxins to cross the blood brain barrier Amalgam teeth fillings make it happen faster.
    However, it helps to realize that the frequencies enabled by smart meters or SMs can be “foiled” (literally) and blocked. Interior meter wall must be shielded effectively. Many circuits should be shut off at the electrical panel when not in use for all but absolute essentials like a fridge. Surge protectors should also be used for all appliances and shut off whenever not in use. All live wiring inside the walls should have this flexible foil stapled to the walls, so the walls are lined with mylar insulation foil with bubble wrap spacing.
    To block frequencies coming through exterior walls and windows they should be screened with aluminium screening.
    The radiation itself can be suppressed with carbon paint (expensive) or carbon sheeting (much cheaper.
    On the other hand: The fact is that so called “smart” electronics don’t just CAUSE interference, they are also vulnerable to interference.
    Fight fire with fire.
    The goal should be to achieve total suppression of transmission immediately, not just shielding one’s walls with aluminium screening from the frequencies from outdoors that take over one’s house wiring but putting wire mesh all around the meter and on the interior side of the meter wall.
    Next, go to and order an analog meter. Instructions for safe replacement come with the kit. So do legal instructions on how to give notice of “just cause” to the utility. Follow the steps for this and hire an electrician after the time line is up.
    Essentially you follow the accompanying analog meter kit directions to the letter so that you cannot be held liable for removal of the SM.
    You give the utility the correct notice of a deadline for them to remove the meter. When they don’t, – and chances are they won’t – you are now legally protected by having used due process and in a powerful position to have the SM removed yourself.
    Now you return it to the utility, after you replace it with a $50 analog meter.
    Then you secure the analog meter – lock it up but good. Some people build an entire room around them, come put steel bars in front of them, lots of creative ideas. Go to Google images and put in to the search bar Defend Your Analog Meter for inspiring pictures.
    It really is time to stop suffering needlessly, especially when electronic signals that cause pain and disability can be blocked, suppressed and stopped.
    Remember SM stands for Smart Meter, not SadoMasochism.
    Fight back.

  238. i have had my muscles stop working since the installation of the smart meter.i have had 2 surgeries on my right hand, need it on my left hand, the muscles blew in my left knee, i am very sore and tired all the time. my sleep patterns are messed up and i have constant ringing in my ears. my small dog has some of the same symptoms. he is only 2 and has muscle disorder, pain, skin issues, etc. my cats who are siblings suddenly act bizarre and mean. this can’t all be coincidental.

  239. I never had a single health issue in my entire life. One day, PG&E cut my electricity for a few hours and when I went outside, the meter was installed. A week after that, I started having constant diarrhea. A week after that the migraine headaches came. I consulted with my doctor and he asked if I had been exposed to radiation! I called PG&E and they said it was not their fault. The somewhat sarcastic ((which I don’t appreciate) attendant asked me “Ma’am, we emit less RF than your iPhone”. Oh gosh, as if Apple would make a product that hurt me! Of course I have an iPhone, but I don’t believe for a second that Apple’s RF is harmful like PG&Es RF! Outraging! Months after that, I started vomiting early in the morning and having cravings! I again went to my doctor and he told me I was pregnant! Now, tell me, HOW? I don’t have a boyfriend or lover! It can only be the SmartMeter! This is an outrage! Now I have to support a child as a single moter and PG&E won’t even help me!

  240. I have never had migraines until I moved to WI where they just started using smart meters before I moved here. The headaches have become debilitating to the point that I have become bedridden. I feel better when I get away from the constant high-pitched humming. My vision has deteriorated and I have had my Rx changed 8 times in the past year. What were occasionally annoying pains have become nagging frequent chronic pains, probably exacerbated by the poor quality of sleep from the EMFs and constant stress of exposure. I never put 2 & 2 together until recently, although I was aware of the high-pitched noise and the health risks of EMF exposure. This is a situation where we all need to unite and take action. Our future health is at risk, and we’re getting sicker every day!

  241. I have eletromagnetic hypersensitivity, have moved 5 times in three years because of thermal burns to my face and neck because of the proximity of cell mast, and increasing wifi use and ever increasing use of hotter devices polluting the air. Recently I had an upper denture put in because the titanium bridge in my upper pallet was acting like a transmitter making things really worse for me. After this was done I was better, however I have asked the spokespersons for both San Meguiel Power Co. in Montorse Co. Colo. and Holy Cross Electric Co Op. ‘s spoksperson in Eagle Co. Colo. to realize that smart meters have already been recieving bad reviews from others in the country, and for me these represent an unacceptable threat to my health, and I belive to all of us, especially children and the aged. Both spokespersons were very nice, and said mabey we could have this disscussion later. I also sent a letter to the San Meguiel Power Co. board meeting on Dec.14 2011 which carefully explianed these very serious concerns. I know that they recieved this letter. They have an opt out for $25.00 a month, however if all the other buildings in a neighborhood have them with a router in each block, then the over all electro-smog will be so bad, as to cancel out the one opt out… although at least there is an opt out. Other folks in my area, just don’t realize how serious this is. I know because I am suffering with this, and now know all the sypmtoms, which we are all already suffering with… ie… the five hour energy drink… and sleep meds increase in sales over the past 7 years, which is astonomical! As well as the huge increase in the sales of 24 hr. ant acids for younger and younger people, C-Pac masks for sleep apnia, and a sharp increase in asthma,thyroid problems, , un-diagnosable pain, and stiffness, heart palpatation, and last but not least brain cancers. Our Government has allowed these industries to prolifferate and has passed regs. which no one voted on, and mandated these things both to supposedly make us use energy more efficiently, and then also to line the pockets of those providers who are manipulateing the market. It reminds me of how the American Indians were treated… and now it’s us. No news channel has reported on this either, since as a people we are in love though advertizing with the notion that all these devices make our lives better, and more powerful. The Green Initative (?) is at the root of the Smart meter push… the underlying belief is, if the use of electrity is so closely monitored, and controled, it will force people ot make green choices, and spur invention. However the way this is being done, isn’t based on free market forces, but on forced control, and manipulation, which already has invited those on the inside to see hugh profits for themselves while absolveing themselves of the health conciquences…. since the rest of us, must be made to stop global warming because it’s in all of our best interests, ie, we the people are too dumb to choose otherwise. This is the same sort of rationalization of power that led to the geneocides every where, and in our past too. The belief that green energy must be mandated is the basis of this. Whereas all true green energy initiatives in the past that were truly invented by the people of the United States have been brutally surpressed, because they would have made those corporations in control, loose control of the market, and that was not acceptable since our Government is directed by money, and no longer cares what it does to the people. I realize that all of us who know that electro-smog is reaching the tipping point, must come together in protest, since our singular voices have no value in this system.

  242. I think a lawsuit needs to be filed, maybe a class-action. Reason being…There’s a smart meter located just below my kitchen window..I had no idea it was there, til recently. But, what I have noticed is anxiety, pain in my neck, and headaches. This usually happens while I’m at home. I just couldn’t figure out what it was. I feel this smart meter thats been installed is taking a toll on my health. I am obviously sensitive to these EMF frequencies it emits.. I want it removed, it’s not healthy. And its obvious these power companies are covering it up with excuses. Not only that, considering its a wireless device, it’s a security risk to personal usage information. The data they are collecting is unnecessary and of risk to our health and security. These smart meter devices need to be recalled with no further use against the public. It’s way out of hand.
    These companies have shown nothing that proves the safety of anything. I’ve even seen dead bee’s near the device, on the ground.

  243. I know of one case in the US where a neighbor sued a neighbor for Wi-Fi- but I am not sure where the case stands.

  244. If a homeowner is sensitive to RF waves and has opted out of the smart meter installation, could they file suit against another neighbor for having a smart meter who didn’t opt out? I was asked this while handing out fliers about smart meter awareness in Naperville IL.

  245. I’d like to suggest that everyone posting here give their general location. I am near Willits, Mendocino County, California. The Smart[sic]Meters have been installed in my semi-rural neighborhood, but we don’t have one because I posted a very strongly worded warning about violating federal and state trespassing and surveillance laws AND wrapped the analog meter with a bicycle cable and lock. They would have to destroy my property to replace the meter.

    I DID NOT put my name on a delay list, because that just gives them permission to install the infernal thing AFTER everybody who is not on the delay list has theirs. I will NEVER consent to a Smart[sic]Meter and furthermore I will NOT pay them a damn cent for the “privilege” of keeping my original, functioning analog meter.

    Re: health issues. Obviously there is nothing I can directly attribute to digital wireless meters because the nearest operational meter is some distance from my house. However, I have reason to believe that such a device in close proximity would trigger a reaction in me, as I have had the weird pulsing through my body (described by several people here) at times over the last few years, sometimes to the point of feeling like my head was going to implode. Was I in the path of an EMF transmitter of some kind? I have no way of telling, but since more than 60 of my 67 years was free of such a phenomenon, I can only attribute it to radiation of some sort. (I don’t use a cell phone and my internet connection is not wireless.)

    I do know people whose entire family started having headaches, insomnia, etc., after a Smart[sic]Meter was installed. Another thing I’ve noticed is the explosion of shingles (herpes zoster) cases over the last few years. Immuno-deficiency diseases are on the rise as well. Triggered by EMF radiation? Until we know for sure, the only wise course is to shelve these confounded devices until disinterested (read: not-for-profit) third party agencies can certify them as safe for all, especially babies and those in frail health.

  246. I don’t have a smart meter yet but will be forced by BCHydro to get one in February 2012. I am terrified. Two years ago I got wireless internet in my house for the ipods, etc. I just loved all those wireless toys. After about 2 months I started having major health problems. First came the insomnia and I felt my whole body was vibrating in pulses. Then my feet hurt so bad I had trouble walking. The doctor’s couldn’t see anything wrong on the x-rays, so recommended to fuse the bones in my left foot. The I got zigzag lightening flashes in my eyes that came every other day. The doctor said they were migraine auras without the headache. I never have had a migraine headache or aura before in my 57 years and no headaches without a cause (like a hangover). The worst was not being able to sleep and being exhausted. One night at 3am I was at my wit’s end not having slept in 48 hours. No matter where I tried to sleep, my body felt pulsing vibrations. So I decided to unplug everything in my house. When I unplugged the wireless router the pulsing instantly stopped. This total calm was like a miracle and I found the problem…the wireless radiation. I replaced the wireless router with a regular router and installed shielded cables and plugged everything in. It took 2 months to recuperate and feel better. It’s been a year and now I sleep like a log again, I cancelled the foot surgery, and no more migraine auras, none. I’m terrified now to have any wireless in or on my house. I don’t want to be that sick ever again. I don’t need tests, I know firsthand what made me sick since I was the Guinea pig. I pity the EMF sensitive babies and children in wireless homes. It was difficult for me to figure out what was going on, I thought I was going crazy from lack of sleep. I really didn’t want the wireless to be the problem, but it was. Disappointing (I’m a Trekky), but I want to live and be healthy.
    So soon my home will be infiltrated by wireless radiation from smart meters. Then what? Do I wallpaper my home with aluminum foil to reflect the radiation …to my neighbours? Will EMF sensitivity be defined as a disability as it is in Sweden? Will wireless health damage reduce the number of capable and healthy workers in the western world? Will countries without wireless saturation have healthy populations when the wireless nation’s manpower resources are dwindling?
    The future looks interesting, bright for some nations, not so bright for others. Where do we fit in?

  247. I’m 30 and about 4 -5 days after they installed the smart meter (I rejected twice, but they snuck in my yard and did it anyway) I have increasing ringing in the ears and I am losing sensitivity in my hands and one of the my legs.

    No head aches, though higher temperature fluctuations and problems sleeping at times.

    Good gosh I hope this ends – I’ve even looked into other areas to temporarily move, but I’m not sure where doesn’t have it.

  248. hi my names dave i work for a compony that is contracted with DTE ive installed alot of the smart meters and have never felt sick nor have the ppl i work with and the way we install them is we knock on the door and let you know why we are there what we are doing and if you say NO THANKS we say o thank you have a good day now after you turn down the meter the main compony comes out and installs in but once again ive NEVER FELT SICK AROUND SMART METERS I LIVE THEM

  249. Thank you for the link to the emf gadget that can be used in our homes. Will you update us if it helps you–on any level? Also, thank you for the link to the detailed smart meter info. It was quite helpful.

  250. i have just encountered and learned about all this, having had a gas smart meter installed two days ago and immediately experiencing ringing in the ears, slight nausea, and discomfort (my head feels weird and hot, with a “buzzing” feeling) – all of these symptoms I recognize as the similar to how I feel if I put a cell phone near my head. (I avoid this by using speakerphone and holding it away from my face.)

    My meter is a gas meter with dials, but apparently, according to Entergy La, it transmits once a month. So that sounds like something not too bad. But why the constant symptoms every time I go in my bedroom? (Meter is below and to the right of my second floor bedroom, and faces a metal shed wall.)

    I just ordered this, and hope it helps!

    Also, I found this helpful info:

    Good luck everyone! HH

  251. I wish it were as easy as replacing our single meter (per the link you provided), but unfortunately there is a bank of ten meters on our house. This is why the current opt-out solutions being proposed will not help us–they are geared only towards those with single meters. The opt-out solution needs to accommodate those who have banks of meters on or near their residence.

  252. Does anyone have suggestions to help us counteract these side effects until the smart meters can be removed? We are experiencing interrupted sleep, headaches, nausea, and fatigue since our smart meter was installed Sept 2011. At night, we take a product called Quietude (from the health food store) to help us sleep; we take two tablets before bed. Also, we wear wristbands called Energy Factor Ionic Lifestyle. We have no affiliation with these companies selling these products, but we wanted to share what we’re doing in case it can help others. Our toddler woke up every single night since the installation, so he now wears a wristband too. We have written & spoken out to everyone: Governor Brown, the Mayor & City Council, the homeowner’s association, Channel 4 news, the EPA, SCE, the CPUC, and the President. SCE has a delay list now, but it was not enacted until AFTER the installation of our meter, and they will not let us have our analog back and thereby join this delay list. SCE suggested that we move out of our house if we feel unsafe. SCE also came to our townhouse to test the smart meters–we have a bank of ten–and they arrived with a useless MF detector, not an RF detector. Concurrently, we had independent testing done with a friend’s RF detector, and the readings were off the charts. We need a class-action lawsuit if there is an attorney out there willing to help…

  253. I have been reading posts about the smart meter and the affects on others. I too am experiencing ringing in my ears, headaches, fatigue and my husband gets unexplained headaches. The smart meter is mounted on the wall outside our family room and we sit in the room watching tv and me on the internet less than 12 feet from it on a nightly basis.
    Tonight (Dec 2) the ringing in my ears got so bad I called SDGE about 6 p.m. and complained. The girls answering the phones sounded like they were reading scripts prepared for these calls. I was hysterical as the ringing increased. Finally through the tears and threatening to take a baseball bat to the meter and taking it off my home, SDGE had a representative call me and they changed out my meter with another newer smart meter. The ringing is still there but it got a bit quieter.

    I couldn’t sit in my own home without being uncomfortable. While talking to SDGE on the phone I had to flee my own home. I went to my husbands work in tears. The further I got from the house the quieter it got. We went back to the home and a technician met us there to install a new meter.

    I want the meter off my home. After reading other posts, I am certain that this is what it is. I can’t sit at my computer for extended lengths of time anymore without the ringing.

    Does anyone know a law in California that says we have to have them? One of the ladies on the phone (I went through two and had to hang up on one and call back because she was so scripted it was like talking to a machine.) says it was California law that we had to have these smart meters.

    I am ready to get a generator and get off the meter. If anyone would like to contact me and compare notes you can email me at rdavis5 at cox dot net and I’ll give you my private email and we can exchange information. I am ready to become a local advocate for the removal of these meters.

    p.s. The ringing is there right now but not screaming at me. I am taking Lipo-Flavanoid (just 24 hours now) that my doctor recommended and purchased it at Walmart. It seems to work when I’m not at home but even that doesn’t help the ringing when at home.

  254. If they read it from the street it’s not like the new smart meters which require no meter readers and constantly transmitting. It may have an RF component, as it is being read from a distance.

  255. My electric company hasn’t put a smart meter on my house. I think I have one on my gas meter as the meter man does not come into my yard anymore. He just pulls up in his truck and gets the meter reading from there. I called them up and they said it is the same meter, but they just added something to it so they can read it from the street, do you think this is a smart meter?

  256. Matt: you write: “converting your appliances and other machines to accept straight DC input by bypassing their internal AC TO DC circuitry and merely transforming an input voltage to any wanted voltage using a Multi-tap transformer only from your solar DC-power battery storage array. If you aren’t technically savy to convert power supplies, new directly DC powered gear can be found ready to order online from a variety of vendors on eBay and from other websites.”

    Can you provide some links to websites that you found most helpful to understand how to do this?

  257. We DO have a choice nomatter what they say. My choice is soon to junk their stupid “Smart” meters and refuse their service. I am going off grid by makin my own solar panels. It’s not that hard. Look at countless YouTube videos for building your own D.I. Y. solar panels. An off grid system you build own and maintain is the only real smart answer to this game of harassment bullying denial ignorance and blame-shifting being played by the big electric utilities. Solar power is DC and DC power is both quieter, and safer for human beings in terms of direct contact and lower EMF and RFI emissions. Directly DC-based motors and appliances also are also generally more efficient because they lose no power like AC appliances do, due to having to invert alternate alternations of voltage (rectify Ac into pulsed DC) and smooth ripple from pulsing rectified peaks to try to achieve a more stable DC-like power supply necessary to operate sensitive electronics etc. Thus I recommend slowly room by room converting your appliances and other machines to accept straight DC input by bypassing their internal AC TO DC circuitry and merely transforming an input voltage to any wanted voltage using a Multi-tap transformer only from your solar DC-power battery storage array. If you aren’t technically savy to convert power supplies, new directly DC powered gear can be found ready to order online from a variety of vendors on eBay and from other websites.

  258. Just an idea here about the person who PG&E responded to quickly to remove the smart meter: he or she said it was affecting other appliances, including garage door opener and coffee maker (besides their dogs’ new strange behavior). THE LESSON HERE IS BE SURE AND TELL THEM ABOUT INTERFERENCE with THINGS in your home to get a response.

  259. Rob, your point that EMF’s are everywhere is a misconception in that there is more in some areas, less in others. Practicing prudent avoidance means to understand and avoid EMFS and learn how to reduce your exposures wherever possible. To suggest people move to the desserts of South America is derogatory and making fun of people who have become sick, so I removed it from your comment.

  260. EMF is everywhere, cell towers, anything electrical battery powered or powered from a utility or a generator has EMF. RF is everywhere, it comes from satellites in space, radio and tv transmissions, once again cell phones, short wave radios, cordless anything, baby monitors.
    Every car today produces more EMF than anything you have in your household and just think you are locked in that metal capsule that does not absorb it or allow it to dissipate into the environment.
    Yes, we don’t always have choices in what companies do to innovate. Though we do have the ability to be educated and change our lifestyles and environments to conform with our beliefs.

  261. How can the horrible ill health effects of these “smart” meters be denied??? I suffer from the same exact problems as everyone else has stated here. I didn’t know what was wrong with me either, until I found out about these damn meters!! I am going to sue, sue and sue. I was told told that nothing was being done until some bill or ? gets ruled upon by ??. What a load of BS! See you clowns in court!

  262. I appreciate your suggestion that we need to find a simple and cheap solution to this problem. If you put tin foil on the outside of the meter it will radiate stronger into the home. Shielding is tricky, not simple.
    People can change out their own meters for analogs , but this is not cheap. A multi- approach is what we have done and we need to keep raising public awareness.

    What do you think of bright colored stickers that say “RF bio- hazard” or something like that and sticking those on every meter you see?

  263. These meters and the LAN antennas they put on our buildings are dangerous. In time we will see. It’s the NWO’s agenda to track and treat us like slaves. We need a triage solution in the meantime, in response to the dangerous wifi meters being put near our homes and work places. I saw recently that tin foil placed over a smart meter lessened the RF.

    We need to find a simple and cheap solution to help us survive until we can get away from the meters. Is this to put foil over every meter we see; is it to line our walls that separate us from the meters with some kind of shielding, like foil?

    We always laughed at the “tin foil hat” people. But in reality, it may be a short term help. Please lets figure out what we can do to help ourselves in the short term. I recently purchased a meter so I can find out what the exposure is, now that the F*ing PG&E secretly installed this.

  264. Since a Smart Meter was installed on our house two years ago the following health issues have transpired. My step father died of lung cancer, my mother has severe headaches, tightness and pain in her chest, my brother in-law has loud ringing in his ears, my sister has insomnia, and I have depression, weakness in hands and arms, constant aching in all my bones along with bouts of insomnia. We want this meter taken off our house and I will do everything possible to make this happen.

  265. I have recently been staying at my brother in laws house for a few days a week. I recently found out that the smart meter was installed without his permission and that the energy company refused to change it back to the analogue meter. This afternoon a ‘smart meter visitor’ came around to check to see if it ‘has an anetenna.. or not’ I asked him to explain to me further as to what was going on and he proceeded to tell me that ‘he cant tell me untill he finds out if there is an antenna or not” because he was sent out to a few homes that have had ‘missing antenna’s or faults’ The person refused to answer any further questions… except to justify the meters with the world wide use of mobile phones… which was just ridiculus. I told the gentleman that he needed to research these devices further as he is more exposed to smart meters. The man looked at me as if i was crazy. I can’t understand why people cant put two and two together and realise the gov’t never spends money for US to save, it only spends money for US to SPEND MORE and for THEIR SAVINGS – whether they effect the health of the community or not. My brother in law has not been complaining about health effects, however im wondering if this is the case because there was an ‘antenna’ missing, or supposedly missing. I also asked if I was the only person asking him these question and no answer was given. Individuals need to speak up! In parts of Australia you can’t just change over your organisation as some energy providers dont use or acept smart meters and your current provider will refuse to change it back to analogue. The person also said that by Law as of next year every Australian household will have a smart meter… and it will be a choice between smart meter or NO ELECTRICITY. He claimed that the company would shut down electricity if a smart meter was refused. These are scare tactics – I say its killing us softly era – There is NO LONGER A CHOICE … smart meter or no electricity. Im taking his INFORMATION seriously…

  266. I have been diagnose with a thyroid condition that I think is directly related to exposure to smartmeter ionized radiation. Here are the resources I have found informative.

    and this article

    Not sure what to do, PE&E will not remove the smart meter. My home office is 5 feet from my smart meter and I have been sick for a few months now.

  267. I have been having serious ringing in my right and stomach issues..also trouble with my skin wrinkling never before..I am sick to my stomach most days..and feel pains in my head and ears..This is a new thing…I can see now that our installation that the electric company forced on us is what is making me sick, my tongue is getting swollen and red bumps on the edges of the back portion, and it is very painful..I am sure now that i think about it that this is the cause……My family gets anxious, all at the same time..and yes, when i leave this area i start to feel better immediately..I must have them put the old one back..tho i dont think they will..I am a very sensitive person, plastics, smog, and cigarettes make me sick, so do chemicals in my food..I have been ill all the time since they installed the device..Please someone help us….I am going to write to President Obama who is a friend of mine… so good to read lets me know that i am not going deaf as i thought….

  268. Thanks Admin! Im currently staying at my parents (no smart meter yet and they live away from neighbors) this weekend and sadly dont want to go back to the first house and only house I so proudly purchased
    🙁 It is now my Hell.

  269. I am so relieved to have found this site. Im here in Maine and our community just began installing the new meters. I had symptoms before I realized it was on my home as well as most of you. The symptoms seem to be changing or revolving and include, sleeplessness, anxiety, feeling of being “amped” up through my body, tingling in limbs, dry mouth, feeling sick to my stomach, but never vomitting, heat on my facial skin, twitches, headaches, twinges of pain randomly throughout my body.

    I chose not to opt out…we did recieve a notice fortunately, but I just couldnt have imagined this NIGHTMARE! It’s been almost two weeks and Im going to call CMP(our company provider) and complain to get my old meter back.

    I feel so hopeless, defeated that smart meters will be all around me causing problems. I have increased sensitivity to wireless networks now…and well my job requires me to use a wireless laptop for hours daily…

    People who dont know how bad this feels, just dont understand! …and for those who are involved with the installation, it is all about $$$. It always is.

    Im so sorry to those of you whose lives have been turned upside down in this unbelieveable nightmare. How can we promote more awareness…? Fight this battle? People who dont feel the effects right now, are still experiencing radiation but…their bodies just arent in tune with their experiences like ours are. It’s a survival mechanism we have…like wildlife have…and there is nowhere to run 🙁

  270. Before I knew any of this info., a SCE man came around and said that meters were changing and I just said ok for him to install the new one. I have tried to get it taken away and get the old one back, SCE said they couldn’t do that. I have called and emailed and have not received a response.

  271. The more I read of these MANY comments, the more I have realized that I’m not the only one, such as what the reps at Southern California Edison have attempted to convince me of. I have experienced dry mouth and intense headaches at night, and a racing heart, too. I’m wondering if EMF’s also have an effect on the teeth and gums, as I’ve experienced serious bone-loss and dental problems since the installation of the Smart Meter in August 2010 upon my apartment. Of course, there’s the unbearable tinnitus and vertigo upon arising from bed in early a.m. around 3, 4 or 5 a.m. On my leg, I’ve experienced sores near to where my computer modem rests on the floor…. Come on everyone, let’s UNITE and form a group, locate a willing lawyer and class action sue the electrical utility companies …… what do you say?? I have written the 60 Minutes television show and suggested they do produce an expose on this serious problem!!!! All the best to all of the electrosensitives out there!!!!! Peace & sleep!!!!!!!

  272. PLEASE CALL THE PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION OF CA 1-800-649-7570 AND VOICE YOUR CONCERN.Our smart meter was installed today and I just called Edison to have them remove it. They said they can’t do that. Once the new meter is installed they get rid of the old one. Of course that’s bs on their part. I called the 3rd party vendor and they said they give the old meter back to Edison. So what I learned is that we all need to call the Public Utilities Commission of CA and voice your concern. Use your voice. They are going to make a decision soon about what to do for the people who don’t want their Smart Meters PLEASE CALL 1-800-649-7570.

  273. Stop suffering needlessly and take care of the damage to your bodies, and then prevent further damage.
    Spirulina & chlorella repair DNA. Hiroshima survivors who took these two items never got cancer. Stick to recommended dose and at first start with less.
    Keep proof of all utility bills as paid up.
    Carbon sheets can and do absorb and neutralize radiation. Bubble wrap insulation is a product with this stuff between two layers of foil, is easy to staple to an entire wall and deflects radiation. Staple it to the entire interior wall where the meter is located. Then, since there is no anti foil law, wrap the meter itself up totally with the foil insulation, as well.
    Then put on the kettle for tea and calmly wait for the utility rep to show up.
    They will.
    Ignore what they say.
    As soon as they leave then rewrap the meter with this special foil. One place to see pictures of the right kind is at

  274. RF/microwave radiation mitigation shielding is essential to protect your DNA and to avoid rapid onset of cognitive impairment.
    Repair of DNA is also essential. Protect and repair yourselves

  275. They installed these meters 2 months ago at my house (cincinnati, Ohio) and since then i have felt like i’m always sick. When i visit my parents in the next town i felt fine until last week. They started changing to smartmeters in my parents neighborhood and now i am experiencing the symptoms at their house also. These smartmeters are dangerous.

  276. Which utility company did this? No they are not allowed to use coercion like this. Contact TURN or UCAN if you live in So CA. File a formal complaint with the CPUC.

  277. They installed a smart meter yesterday. The first day they came out we refused it and asked them to leave. Two men returned the next day with the main supervisor. He told me all the info on the internet about smart meters was just lies and hype. I still refused the meter. The super told me I had 10 seconds to decide to have the meter installed or have the power shut off. He told me if I did not give them access to the back yard( where the old meter was located) they would cut power off at the pole and I had about 10 seconds to decide.
    Are they (power companies) allowed to use this kind of coercion to achieve their agenda? I still do not want this meter and am fighting to have it removed ASAP.

  278. Ever since the Smart Meter was installed in my home in California, I have experienced major interruption of my sleep…..waking up several times during the night with feelings of agitation and unable to go back to sleep right away – sometimes I lay there for an hour or more – and sometimes I am so restless that I have to just get up!! (even if it’s in the middle of the night).
    I also, frequently experience tingling sensations in my lower legs through-out the day and night along with pulsating “siren-like” noises in my ears.
    I never experienced any of these problems BEFORE the Smart Meter was installed. I always considered myself very fit and healthy, and could always sleep through-out the night!!!

  279. I was just getting mad at the insane increases to my PGE bill when I started looking at this site. I have been having really weird health problems for about a year now. Dry mouth, buzzing in my head.
    I dont think about sex any more and I was beginning to think it was because I’m getting a little old but now I am just about convinced its the radiation coming from the meter. It is less than 10 feet from my bed. I sleep upstairs and the meter is right below my window.
    I need to get away from this thing and determine if these symptoms go away.
    This just makes complete sense now. I need to get a meter and start a lawsuit.

  280. It is not just CALIFORNIA> I am in TN>>>> WE all need help., thank you that YOU all know we are not nuts. I had an electrician to say this about his wife. That saddens me.

  281. I am 50- one small three pound dog died. I have headaches, dizziness, palpitations,scarey heart pains, blood clots, abnormal periods, tingling and itching of the scalp, facial pain, I feel like something is squeezing my entire body in to . It is awful I have fibromyalgia and arthritis before the meter, But now, I have worse, I fight everyday. It is awful. My husband has a hard time at night while asleep, and my grandchildren when in my home have terrible problems, even get wild at times. I do not know what to say or do. I have contacted my local electric company.
    I ask you to join me in prayer to get something accomplished. And for God to call an advocate to our defense, a strong advocate if they do not listen to us.
    I pray that it does not take another country taking is over, through the super naturalist of God Jehovah to stop them. They are destroying our temples. God is against this , very much so and as a Christian we all know this to be true.
    Please pray that America does the right thing, quickly all over the nation.
    My electric company told me we do not have a smart meter it is hooked through the electrical line that it is not wireless, same difference.
    Same cause and affect, I assure you.
    Please pray . I am praying with you.

  282. Father God Jehovah, as we look at all these terrible health issues here of a smart meter being placed on our homes, we suddenly realize that O God our only hope is You. WE ask in the name of Jesus that You come to our aid in this matter and straighten all this mess up. Father, we need our monies to live on , not to have to have unnecessary meds and doctor bills to function. Now we choose like the Jews from the holocaust living in Germany. Do we buy meds and go to the doctor or do we loose our place to live. Father, please answer us. Please do something quickly. Our babies are dying , the old are suffering, and the men are not able to work , tired, chronic illness, and anxious. The terrible Emfs are causing all kinds of health problems and bankrupting our country. O God please help us today. Please help us to eliminate this problem and remove this terrible Emf , microwave off of our homes and put people back to work in the name of Jesus. Amen.

  283. Think about it… this just part of a huge eugenics operation? They take things we all need, Food (GMOs), Water (fluoride and all kinds of other pollutants), Air (chemtrails) and elec power, then go about their attack. Not to mentions vaccines or prescription drugs! Can you imagine what this country will look like after everyone has the meters and all the supporting antennas and relay stations are in place? Talk about Zombie world. The way the people from companies and utilities who are raking in the gov. money for doing this boondoggle are absolutely denying the health effects is CRIMINAL and murderous. THEY don’t care! I wonder how many of THEM would sleep in a room that was near a bank of 4-100 meters? Yeah, sure. And I thought I was pushed over the edge with being saturated with aerosol spraying containing God knows what! Time for thousands of us to bring lawsuits (small clains courts) against the people who are responsible for forcing this on us. The makers of the meters, utilities, PUCs, and state or local legislators!!!

  284. I just wanted to add something for the benefit of people who might read these reports and dismiss them as complaints from the “tin-foil hat” – or nutso – people.

    You will find the “tin-foil set” to include people of all ages, from the left, right and middle, from every walk of life – artists, musicians, teachers, administrators, farmers, veterinarians, etc. Traditional medicine is behind the curve on this growing health disaster, and lumps people into other categories, mental and physical. This is just another form of environmental illness, and in time, will be accepted as such. In the meantime, please be kind and respectful of people with the condition. They are isolated enough without being labelled as “tin-foil nuts.”

  285. My name is Kheri Hines and I host internet radio show Center Stage. Friday, Sept 2, 2011 from 8-10pm CST on Center Stage the topic: “Is Oncor’s Smart Meters Cheating their Customers,” will be discussed. However, we plan to talk about all things SMART METERS. I would love for some of you that have had problems to call in @ (347) 850-8390, we are located on the web @ If you have experienced higher than normal utility bills, health issues, concerned about privacy, or have an issue I did not mention, call in… Send me any data you have on smart meters to if you are not comfortable calling in… Or if you would like to be a part of the panel contact me asap.

  286. Reading these comments goes to show what a negligent society we live in. I moved to a small country town after being maimed by a Government run hospital. The house we moved into had a small phone tower about a mile up a hill behind us but that was it. Within a year they built a much larger tower next to the old one and now I get pulsing through my ears while my head is on the pillow at night also ringing and sometimes deafness. This all started when the new tower was built. Then after looking through a spotting scope used for photography I saw in the distance a new phone tower has been built high on top of a hill whose antenna points directly to the one near us. We are right in the middle. This is consistent with all these symptoms happening to both myself and my friend who lives with me. We intend to sell up and move away as soon as possible as these phone towers are making us sick.

  287. its obvius and was to a 50 scientist brigade studying these effects and then suppressed by pg/e…..its genocide and nothing less people ,,,laugh or deride all you want but this an act of war on the citizens in california…screw pg/e..the needc to schedule a day to remove these g/dam things and throw em out in the street or let this nwo agenda remove you fast as the amount of radiation will cause micro nuclei proliferation and some of you are going to perish soon….i was at an apt with 12 of these damn things and experienced all the same problems so i quit going there to visit …its pretty scary… ..there is no law stating that we have to allow pg/e to kill us and our pets …pet seizures are escalating and all the vet says is to further screw up the animal ny giving it barbiturate…..people are all oh this emf stuff this and that blah blah is harmless until they get hit by it …..the govt knows that emf is dangerous as the russians used to bombard the usa embassy there with only .(point) .01 microwatt 24/7 and it caused a shitstorm of cancers in that place…you live in a 65 microwatt environment without the s-meter signals…my dog started to have seizures when someone moved in nextdoor where a wifi had never been and started to leave their wifi on turned up ,,,so that with the other wifi complexes in the hood …anyway it all adds up exponentially…these assholes at pge can threaten all they want but i would and will remove it and whatever else i might have to do and i recommend that people take a proactive stance against these idiots and their hexavalent chrome legacy that they never cleansed up and continue to use ,circa erin brokovitch,,,,where the hell is she now …..

  288. I did FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE CPUC for two times but same things. CPUC won’t listen me. I got two times with same letters CPUC. I have no power against CPUC. I believe CPUC is bed with PG&E. My mind is fog and can’t thing straight out and weak because of smart meter. I went to back to Los Angeles, CA and sleep with my sister without smart meter . I feel restore my health and restore my mind. But I have go back home in near Bakersfield, CA and return my mind fog and weak. I don’t think CPUC is willing to ban smart meter. Very hard to remove smart meter.

  289. “My friend, John, experienced ringing in his ears when the smart meter was installed on his house. He made a temporary shield for the RF radiaiton with HEAVY DUTY foil from the supermarket and a grounding wire. He now uses a more permanent solution which reduces the radiaiton from the smart meter. As a result the ringing in his ears is gone!”

    Does he wear a tinfoil hat too?

  290. Don’t wait for local or state laws to protect you Head straight to the top.
    Smart meters are illegal.

    Health Canada laws use Safety Code Six – (which, please note, is absolutely no different than the same Code used for all countries including the USA, as these are the international code standards of safety).

    International Health Law, as well as the version for Canada in Safety Code Six law, states that any wireless device with incompatible frequencies capable of exciting human tissue and causing the “heat effect” are by ALL Health laws, Canadian ones and those everywhere, “to be avoided”
    Think about those implications legally!!
    Every single corporation connected with the manufacture and/or the installation of any wireless device is liable under the health laws of every democratic country.
    This means that smart meters are right now ILLEGAL, illegal according to every country’s own health safety laws which state the same thing as Canadian law everywhere else.

    Testimony has been given to our government by a man named Curtis Bennett to this effect.

    I gather that it has been pointed out to the House of Commons in Ottawa, Canada in a Standing Committee that Health Canada has “omitted” by what they are politely calling an “error of omission” This means they have decided to disregard the law, and even since being notified officially Health Canada still has continued to overlook or ignore the link to causation from incompatible frequencies between biological beings and artificially generated EMFs. This is a key legal clause of their own laws and Health Canada has also as good as suspended the procedural use of the “weight of evidence” requirement in the study of incompatibility of frequencies between biological entities and wireless devices.
    Note that Health Canada only did so for this sole issue of wireless devices.
    This means this must be the same for the USA.
    And that means that while everyone is busy trying to demand that local ordinances upheld, the reality is that each local governmental body is answerable to each state and each state may or may not be individually answerable to the Feds. So at the Federal level, at least in Canada, the reality is that smart meters are in total violation of Federal health laws.
    There is a lawsuit in process in the US based on the same fact, that Health Canada is in violation of its own Federally mandated laws which are no different than those of the USA regarding prohibition of any risk of excitation and stimulation and resulting heat effect on human tissues from frequency conflict between these devices and the human body which has a frequency of about 7 to 7.5 hertz and which has absolutely no EMF shielding. Even a simple coaxial cable has shielding!
    We have NONE!

  291. Robert Baan a, Yann Grosse a, Béatrice Lauby-Secretan a, Fatiha El Ghissassi a, Véronique Bouvard a, Lamia Benbrahim-Tallaa a, Neela Guha a, Farhad Islami a, Laurent Galichet a, Kurt Straif a, on behalf of the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer Monograph Working Group

    In May, 2011, 30 scientists from 14 countries met at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in Lyon, France, to assess the carcinogenicity of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF). These assessments will be published as Volume 102 of the IARC Monographs.1

    Human exposures to RF-EMF (frequency range 30 kHz—300 GHz) can occur from use of personal devices (eg, mobile telephones, cordless phones, Bluetooth, and amateur radios), from occupational sources (eg, high-frequency dielectric and induction heaters, and high-powered pulsed radars), and from environmental sources such as mobile-phone base stations, broadcast antennas, and medical applications. For workers, most exposure to RF-EMF comes from near-field sources, whereas the general population receives the highest exposure from transmitters close to the body, such as handheld devices like mobile telephones.

    Exposure to high-power sources at work might involve higher cumulative RF energy deposited into the body than exposure to mobile phones, but the local energy deposited in the brain is generally less. Typical exposures to the brain from rooftop or tower-mounted mobile-phone base stations and from TV and radio stations are several orders of magnitude lower than those from global system for mobile communications (GSM) handsets. The average exposure from use of digital enhanced cordless telecommunications (DECT) phones is around five times lower than that measured for GSM phones, and third-generation (3G) phones em it, on average, about 100 times less RF energy than GSM phones, when signals are strong.

    Similarly, the average output power of Bluetooth wireless hands-free kits is estimated to be around 100 times lower than that of mobile phones.

    EMFs generated by RF sources couple with the body, resulting in induced electric and magnetic fields and associated currents inside tissues. The most important factors that determine the induced fields are the distance of the source from the body and the output power level.

    Additionally, the efficiency of coupling and resulting field distribution inside the body strongly depend on the frequency, polarisation, and direction of wave incidence on the body, and anatomical features of the exposed person, including height, body-mass index, posture, and dielectric properties of the tissues.

    Induced fields within the body are highly non-uniform, varying over several orders of magnitude, with local hotspots.

    Holding a mobile phone to the ear to make a voice call can result in high specific RF energy absorption-rate (SAR) values in the brain, depending on the design and position of the phone and its antenna in relation to the head, how the phone is held, the anatomy of the head, and the quality of the link between the base station and phone.

    When used by children, the average RF energy deposition is two times higher in the brain and up to ten times higher in the bone marrow of the skull, compared with mobile phone use by adults.2 Use of hands-free kits lowers exposure to the brain to below 10% of the exposure from use at the ear, but it might increase exposure to other parts of the body.3

    Epidemiological evidence for an association between RF-EMF and cancer comes from cohort, case-control, and time-trend studies. The populations in these studies were exposed to RF-EMF in occupational settings, from sources in the general environment, and from use of wireless (mobile and cordless) telephones, which is the most extensively studied exposure source. One cohort study4 and five case-control studies5—9 were judged by the Working Group to offer potentially useful information regarding associations between use of wireless phones and glioma.

    The cohort study4 included 257 cases of glioma among 420 095 subscribers to two Danish mobile phone companies between 1982 and 1995. Glioma incidence was near the national average for the subscribers. In this study, reliance on subscription to a mobile phone provider, as a surrogate for mobile phone use, could have resulted in considerable misclassification in exposure assessment.

    Three early case-control studies5—7 encompassed a period when mobile phone use was low, users typically had low cumulative exposures, time since first use of a mobile phone was short, and effect estimates were generally imprecise; the Working Group considered these studies less informative.

    Time-trend analyses did not show an increased rate of brain tumours after the increase in mobile phone use. However, these studies have substantial limitations because most of the analyses examined trends until the early 2000s only. Such analyses are uninformative if excess risk only manifests more than a decade after phone use begins, or if phone use only affects a small proportion of cases—eg, the most heavily exposed, or a subset of brain tumours.

    The INTERPHONE study,8 a multicentre case-control study, is the largest investigation so far of mobile phone use and brain tumours, including glioma, acoustic neuroma, and meningioma. The pooled analysis included 2708 glioma cases and 2972 controls (participation rates 64% and 53%, respectively). Comparing those who ever used mobile phones with those who never did yielded an odds ratio (OR) of 0·81 (95% CI 0·70—0·94). In terms of cumulative call time, ORs were uniformly below or close to unity for all deciles of exposure except the highest decile (>1640 h of use), for which the OR for glioma was 1·40 (95% CI 1·03—1·89). There was suggestion of an increased risk for ipsilateral exposure (on the same side of the head as the tumour) and for tumours in the temporal lobe, where RF exposure is highest.

    Associations between glioma and cumulative specific energy absorbed at the tumour location were examined in a subset of 553 cases that had estimated RF doses.10 The OR for glioma increased with increasing RF dose for exposures 7 years or more before diagnosis, whereas there was no association with estimated dose for exposures less than 7 years before diagnosis.

    A Swedish research group did a pooled analysis of two very similar studies of associations between mobile and cordless phone use and glioma, acoustic neuroma, and meningioma.9

    The analysis included 1148 glioma cases (ascertained 1997—2003) and 2438 controls, obtained through cancer and population registries, respectively. Self-administered mailed questionnaires were followed by telephone interviews to obtain information on the exposures and covariates of interest, including use of mobile and cordless phones (response rates 85% and 84%, respectively). Participants who had used a mobile phone for more than 1 year had an OR for glioma of 1·3 (95% CI 1·1—1·6). The OR increased with increasing time since first use and with total call time, reaching 3·2 (2·0—5·1) for more than 2000 h of use. Ipsilateral use of the mobile phone was associated with higher risk. Similar findings were reported for use of cordless phones.

    Although both the INTERPHONE study and the Swedish pooled analysis are susceptible to bias—due to recall error and selection for participation—the Working Group concluded that the findings could not be dismissed as reflecting bias alone, and that a causal interpretation between mobile phone RF-EMF exposure and glioma is possible. A similar conclusion was drawn from these two studies for acoustic neuroma, although the case numbers were substantially smaller than for glioma. Additionally, a study from Japan11 found some evidence of an increased risk for acoustic neuroma associated with ipsilateral mobile phone use.

    For meningioma, parotid-gland tumours, leukaemia, lymphoma, and other tumour types, the Working Group found the available evidence insufficient to reach a conclusion on the potential association with mobile phone use.

    Epidemiological studies of individuals with potential occupational exposure to RF-EMF have investigated brain tumours, leukaemia, lymphoma, and other types of malignancy including uveal melanoma, and cancers of the testis, breast, lung, and skin.

    The Working Group noted that the studies had methodological limitations and the results were inconsistent. In reviewing studies that addressed the possible association between environmental exposure to RF-EMF and cancer, the Working Group found the available evidence insufficient for any conclusion.

    The Working Group concluded that there is “limited evidence in humans” for the carcinogenicity of RF-EMF, based on positive associations between glioma and acoustic neuroma and exposure to RF-EMF from wireless phones.
    A few members of the Working Group considered the current evidence in humans “inadequate”. In their opinion there was inconsistency between the two case-control studies and a lack of an exposure-response relationship in the INTERPHONE study results; no increase in rates of glioma or acoustic neuroma was seen in the Danish cohort study,4and up to now, reported time trends in incidence rates of glioma have not shown a parallel to temporal trends in mobile phone use.

    The Working Group reviewed more than 40 studies that assessed the carcinogenicity of RF-EMF in rodents, including seven 2-year cancer bioassays. Exposures included 2450 MHz RF-EMF and various RF-EMF that simulated emissions from mobile phones. None of the chronic bioassays showed an increased incidence of any tumour type in tissues or organs of animals exposed to RF-EMF for 2 years. An increased total number of malignant tumours was found in RF-EMF-exposed animals in one of the seven chronic bioassays. Increased cancer incidence in exposed animals was noted in two of 12 studies with tumour-prone animals12, 13 and in one of 18 studies using initiation-promotion protocols.14 Four of six co-carcinogenesis studies showed increased cancer incidence after exposure to RF-EMF in combination with a known carcinogen; however, the predictive value of this type of study for human cancer is unknown. Overall, the Working Group concluded that there is “limited evidence” in experimental animals for the carcinogenicity of RF-EMF.

    The Working Group also reviewed many studies with endpoints relevant to mechanisms of carcinogenesis, including genotoxicity, effects on immune function, gene and protein expression, cell signalling, oxidative stress, and apoptosis. Studies of the possible effects of RF-EMF on the blood-brain barrier and on a variety of effects in the brain were also considered. Although there was evidence of an effect of RF-EMF on some of these endpoints, the Working Group reached the overall conclusion that these results provided only weak mechanistic evidence relevant to RF-EMF-induced cancer in humans.

    In view of the limited evidence in humans and in experimental animals, the Working Group classified RF-EMF as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” (Group 2B). This evaluation was supported by a large majority of Working Group members

    We are all essentially junkies, electricity addicts. Think of the power utility as the drug dealer who is counting on us to not ever think of ways to reduce the amount of electricity we have turned on all over the house at any given moment. We seldom think of ways to wean off the use of this electricity nor even think how to pare down what we do use to absolute essentials as needed. Right now every circuit and every wire in the average home is”on”, whether it is needed or not. Every circuit is “live” or “active” for the sake of “convenience”. But at what price? When all circuits are left “live” this turns the whole house into one giant transmission antenna for the smart meter to co-opt. Start to think about how much of this circuitry is truly essential for one’s daily use. An electricity free bedroom is a good place to start. Okay here are some ideas friends have shared with me.

    1) LINE THE INTERIOR SURFACE BEHIND THE Smart Meter …with a large sheet of anything protective which deflects on one side and is coated on the other interior side so that it does not deflect into the home as well, and choose the shield according to its ability to create back scatter and to reflect radiation, be it specially metal threaded fabric or be it the kind of leaded glass used by x-ray techs or be it a large sheet of lead, or nickel. You can buy and use specially designed carbon paint for the entire interior wall area and even the exterior wall area for at least several yards in all directions behind the meter. Or maybe cover the whole interior area with copper backed wallpaper. Some metals are more effective than others. Aluminium is okay but not as strong at deflection as is copper, for instance. (Although if you were to turn on a cell phone and then wrap it totally in aluminium foil it would eventually turn into heat and fry itself.).
    There are also smart meter metal collars and box shields for sale on the net. Truth be told, I am not sure how much they reduce emissions but I think the idea is to direct the frequency and to narrow its beam.
    In any case the general idea is to accomplish the same thing with this purchase of a smart meter shield kit approach or with DYI for this: Wrap a snug metal collar or aluminium wrap around the entire circumference of the smart meter and then box it in on all sides except the face with what ever will deflect or suppress the frequencies, hopefully not toward anyone else’s property. This is one approach for those who do not want to be liable for actual damage to the smart meter or who prefer not to wrap it up to suffocate the frequency and shut it down for good.
    Whatever you use on the interior wall behind where the meter is installed, do some research on the best materials first.
    Make it a VERY LARGE SHEET.
    Smart meters have a large field. Visualize them as a giant lightbulb and visualize the field as the light from it.
    Better yet also add EMF absorption material on the interior side of the lead or other metal sheet or carbon paint surface which you install on the interior wall shared by the meter. Or you might also try to obtain Carboshield from Germany which actually extinguishes radiation and is used to prevent espionage or hacking. .
    Be careful not to operate EMF emission items indoors anywhere at all near the smart meter interior shielding material or that same shield, if it has no absorption layer on it, will tend to also reflect or enhance the emissions from items in your home. Remember all electricity has a field. Same goes for stainless steel appliances which bounce EMFs from other wireless devices in the home.

    2) YOUR CIRCUIT BOX IS YOURS. Use this fact to your advantage.
    Diagnose every circuit. Then turn off every single circuit that is not absolutely essential to your daily use. Fridge and freezer is all you really need except when cooking and one back up plan is to consider a propane outdoor two burner cookstove and or a BBQ with an oven area, for that. Switch to gas or wood heat where ever possible. Turn your hot water heater on only for a while in advance of when absolutely needed. Turn off all appliances including washer and dryer at the circuit box. Especially turn off any newer appliances which radiate 24/7 and which “talk” to the meter. For bathing try one hour max to heat the hot water tank for a shower, then turn it back off for the rest of the time, by using the HW tank like an on demand heater, and then leave it off at the circuit box the rest of the time. Turn off all bedroom circuits and use only LED battery operated “puck” lights everywhere possible. Filter any and all remaining live circuits with the Graham Stetzer filters to neutralize dirty electricity in any live circuits.

    3) Notify the utility that you hereby refuse to allow any surveillance device or wiretapping device to be installed or to remain on your home. It is illegal to monitor your activities. Warn them that you know this.
    Go to Youtube and put the name ” Jerry Day” or” Smart Meters” into the Youtube search bar. Then listen to what this savvy electronics guy has to say, so straightforward and uplifting and practical advice. Then use the form letter he provides below the video and personalize it, add your account number and address and send it by registered mail with a certified arrangement and a double signature assurance of acceptance, making certain to send it to the head or CEO top management person of the utility company for your area.

  293. All of these symptoms are very real. These frequencies slowly cook the human body. Literally.
    Hence the need to practice self protection daily.
    The effect is called the “heat effect”. Depolarization of nerve and muscle occur as a result.
    In Canada it is illegal to allow any frequency to excite or stimulate body tissues. And yet Health Canada ignores their own laws. In reality smart meters are illegal.
    So is any wireless device or even the wired meters, since those have a special device called a Supply Mode Power Switch or SMPS which – wait for it – protects the meter from 240 high voltage but exposes the human inside the building to radically spiking high voltage in the process, up to 50,000 Giga hertz a spike.
    The way I see it? If this is illegal in my country according to Canadian health laws, then if and when this comes to my home I intend to fully and completely wrap the meter in heavy aluminium turkey plates and to hold it in place with duct tape which suppresses the transmission which in turn converts the transmission of the meter from frequency into heat, just like any microwave oven does, and which in turn fries the meter.
    I don’t know how to use a chainsaw or I would use this but I do very much admire anyone who refuses to accept this illegal surveillance device. I feel exactly this way – or I would maybe use a sledge hammer. Same goes for the smart meter boosters on utility poles in the rural areas as target practice. Call this sedition but who is the illegal one in this picture? The utility corporations, that’s who. All of them. All at the same time doing this to all of us all over the globe. Who thought that up? The united Nations, that’s who. Fake green microwave pollution. FIGHT BACK!

  294. Anyone else here know about Graham Stetzer filters? They are an antidote. They also sell the frequency reading meter which will read your induced electromagnetic levels in the home. The filters are used in the electric outlets in the house to clean up dirty electricity from the smart meter and otherwise. This also means the smart meter stops using your house wiring as a transmission antenna and stops using you as a transmission receiver.
    As for physical well being, at least one antidote to ANY radiation exposure and for DNA repair is to take sea vegetables daily.

  295. Smart meter make me dizzy and can’t think straight. My mind lot of confuse because of radiation by smart meter. I did tell CPUC about restore analog but CPUC did not listen me many times.

  296. One more thing: my pulse rate, always in the upper range, around 90 bpm, has dropped like a stone. No, as yet known medical explanation for that either. Hate feeling like a nut.

  297. It’s a shame that reading all these complaints has the effect of summoning up the thought, “These people are nuts.” Well, count me in, then.

    Central Maine Power did not perform due diligence in alerting people that the meters were to be installed. When installation began in my neighborhood, two weeks ago, exactly two weeks ago, I began experiencing what I can only call a short-circuiting of synapses or something — spams — which spread across my chest into my arms and legs. Szit szit szit – but intermittently throughout the day and night. These have now largely stopped, but my tinnitus is horrible, and I am not doing anything to exacerbate it.

    I don’t know whether these effects are due to the Smart Meter installation or not. Perhaps I am having sudden cardiac/neurological problems. But what if my symptoms ARE caused by the emfs? The doctor who I will see in a week, would not cotton, I am certain, to my even posing the question. He will say I am nuts.

    I say – in the absence of any scientific evidence for my symptoms, one must consider alternative explanations; in this case – the Smart Meter installations.

    Note that I had no idea the Smart Meters were being installed, so, at least, this is not a case of psychosomatic inducement of symptoms. Is there a physicist in the house?

    PS The dog has been barking wildly – a completely new behavior for this normally plain ol’ dog.

  298. I have read the symptoms , odd enough it was in 2009 that I have experienced vertigo , and balance problems when the Smart Meter came. With all these ‘claims’ like what I have , there must be some medical research to back it up as well proof . The EMF meter’s on the Ghosthunter’s show could detect some form of waves coming from the Meter’s . Anythought to this?

  299. Please, if possible move your bed away from the wall where the smart meters are installed.
    My friend, John, experienced ringing in his ears when the smart meter was installed on his house. He made a temporary shield for the RF radiaiton with HEAVY DUTY foil from the supermarket and a grounding wire. He now uses a more permanent solution which reduces the radiaiton from the smart meter. As a result the ringing in his ears is gone!

    You then need to expose one end of the wire about two inches, and tape this to the
    Here is the IMPORTANT part. The wire needs to be grounded. Run it out the window and attach to a water pipe coming out from the ground, or you will need to get a copper grounding pipe (at Home Depot). Attach the other end of the wire to this copper pipe (that is pounded as far as you can into the ground). This should reduce the majority of the EMF’s coming into your home.


  300. Reading these testimonies, amplify my concerns about smart meter installation
    on my house, my neighbor’s house (which faces my house), and the houses on our street. It is unconscionable that by stealth and power tripping (pun intended) that PG& E can install these toxic devices & get away with mental, physical and emotional abuse of psyche and soma of their customers/citizens in California, U.S.A.
    I’m glad to see that in some instances, due to the timeliness and cogency of a complaint, that some smart meters were removed and the analogue meters reinstalled. This gives me hope.

  301. I live in Fresno, CA and ever since a Smartmeter was installed in our home, I have had trouble sleeping at night. Recently, even my wife has had trouble sleeping. The Smartmeter is installed on the wall outside of our bedroom and moving to a new room is not an option. PG&E says that they will change it back at a large cost and monthly fee.

  302. Thank you. This has finally answered my questions. A smart meter was placed on our house April 25. I have been having chest pains, joint pains, rashes, horrible piercing headaches, nausea, very heavy menstrual cycles for two months, decreased mental capacity and increased sensitivity to emf’s. I have been trying to get Florida Power and Light to help me figure out why I have been having surges on my gauss meter. I feel sorry for all of the Florida residents who are having symptoms and don’t know why.

  303. I have been having increased symptoms over the past few years since a Smart Meter was installed. I did allow it but didn’t know then about the health risks, and it’s located just outside out bedroom window. I have tinnitus, heart palpitations, many aches and pains that I never had before. I keep going to the doctor’s office spending money on trying to feel well, but to no avail. I wish I could find out if we can have it removed.

  304. This issue has “Class Action Lawsuit” written all over it. Any activist attorneys out there who would care to take this on? Cell phones and their cancer risks are next…

  305. I live in a 472 sf small studio, there are 7 smart meters outside the wall of my bed. PG&E installed about a year ago, I recently am dying from the terrible headaches, woke up many times at night , with also very loud ring deep in my ear, consistently ring in my ear !!! I want to throw up all the time, very very tired, do not want to do anything, bad memory, I cannot believe I start to feel my heart is beating so heavy painful and just struggled to make it going. I went to see the doctor, I was told to move out of this room far away from smart meter as soon as possible. I contacted with PG&E, they told me that those killer smart meters are not going to be removed no matter what, PG&E is murder !!!! we need to do something about it in Goverment to get rid off this killer smart meter !!! I do not want smart meter damage my 6 years old child’s brain or any part of our body, please stand up to protect our own life !!! I live in los Gatos, Santa Clara , Ca. thank you for reading and need help !!!

  306. I was wondering does anybody know if these devices have an effect on Patients with pacemakers or even effect the pacemaker itself? I hear that Australia is getting these so called smart meters & my husband has a Gaurdiant pacemaker with 3 leads & already suffers from Tinnitus without a smart meter & I have heart issues as well & our Electrical box is on the outside of our bedroom wall with our bedhead against this wall & cannot be placed any other way in the room due to the design of the room (built in wardrobes & ensuite & large window).

  307. moving to CA and concerned about the smart meters. And since I had brain surgery a year ago I get really bad headaches. Worried the EMF”s from the Smart meters will cause head aches

  308. It’s unconscionable that so many stories are coming in and from everywhere and NOTHING is being done. It’s like we’ve been invaded by creatures bent on destroying us. It’s worse than any science fiction movie I can conjure. This has to stop. It has to stop now. This is genocide. They’re going to reduce the population to a sick, confused mush puddle and then walk them off the cliff.

    Howard Glasser Lake County, CA

  309. Sent from Cynthia Perkins:
    Open Letter to Southern California Edison and CPUC

    On Thursday, January 6th, I called Southern California Edison to inform you I do not want a Smart Meter installed at my residence.

    I am disabled with several health conditions that will be adversely affected by the installation of the Smart Meter.

    I have very weak adrenal glands that don’t produce enough Cortisol. The combination of EMF/RF in the Smart Meters is known to be very damaging to the adrenal glands. The stress from this type of exposure could push me into Addison’s disease and possibly result in death.

    I have chronic migraines, which could be magnified with the EMF/FM exposure.

    I also have EMF sensitivity. EMF sensitivity is an illness caused by exposure to radiation that is discharged from a variety of sources like cell phones, microwaves, cell phone towers, etc. When I am exposed to certain levels of EMF, I experience migraines, heart palpitations, trembling, weakness, hot flashes, increased pulse, pain in my gastrointestinal system, dizziness, inability to concentrate, impaired cognitive functioning and hyper-arousal. I do not even own a cell phone, because I’m incapable of using one.

    When I called your office, I was met with hostility, confrontation, intimidation and a complete lack of regard for my position. I was told that I had no choice in the matter and if I do not comply my electricity will be shut off.

    Therefore, if a Smart Meter is installed at my home, I will hold you, Corix and the CPUC legally responsible for any and all impairments in my health and consider the following possible charges:

    I have informed you that installation of a Smart Meter will cause me bodily harm and puts my life at risk. If you install a Smart Meter, I will consider this assault and will file charges accordingly.

    Manslaughter or Wrongful Death
    If I die, then we’re talking about manslaughter or wrongful death.

    Medical Expenses
    If you install a Smart Meter, I will hold you legally responsible for all medical expenses incurred by the Smart Meter to my health.

    If you, Corix or anyone on your behalf comes on my property to install a Smart Meter, I will have you arrested for trespassing.

    Invasion and Violation of Rights
    Last, but not least. This entire procedure is unconstitutional. It is an invasion and violation of my rights. You should not have the right to bathe me with environmental toxins without my permission. You should not have the right to alter my home in any manner without my permission.

    I am not willing to play Russian roulette with my life and you should not be permitted to do so either. As someone who lives with five disabling chronic health conditions, there is not room in my life for more suffering that may result from the Smart Meter. You should not have the right to violate and intrude upon what I must do to protect my health.

    I should have the right to have electricity service without being forced to put my life and health in danger. I will take any and all measures available to me to be heard on this issue in my community and across the country including the media and the Internet.

    For starters, I am using my website which gets more than 70,000 visitors a month, to broadcast all that transpires between me, the CPUC, Corix and Southern California Edison, including your threat to turn off my electricity and your hostile and lackadaisical attitude towards the concerns and rights of the citizens. I will also use Facebook and Twitter. You may want to take a look at the following page on my blog, which I will be updating throughout this process:

    I am in the process of contacting ABC news, CBS news, NBC news, all the local newspapers, the Internet Radio shows, legislators, City Council, President Obama and anyone else who is willing to listen about your lack of concern for our rights and the threat to turn off my electricity — a woman who is disabled with five chronic health conditions. The lack of electricity would leave me without heat in the middle of winter, not to mention the inability to cook etc.

    So, once again, this letter is to inform you that I oppose the installation of a wireless SmartGrid meter at my home. I do not want to be exposed to the wireless radiofrequency/microwave radiation from the meter, the security and hacking risks, the potential fire hazard from the meter, or the electromagnetic interference with electronics and medical devices, the invasion of privacy – nor do I want any more cell antennas in my neighborhood.

    I will not opt-in to the Southern California Edison Company program by installing power transmitters inside my home on my home appliances, to report energy usage to SCE. The California Public Utilities Commission should require SCE to conduct additional economic studies that take into account various percentages of people who will NOT join this program. SCE has stated that its current ‘base case’ requires compliance by the public in placing radiofrequency radiation transmitters inside their homes. SCE says the SmartGrid project will cost $1.6 billion dollars of ratepayer money (for 5 million new wireless meters). This is a waste of ratepayer money if people decline to participate due to health and safety or trespass reasons.

    Therefore, I am requesting that you do not shut off my electricity and continue to provide me service with the meter that is currently installed at my residence.

    If you do not want to send out a meter reader to read my meter, I will be happy to take a picture of my meter every month and send it to you.

    I repeat, I do not consent to the installation of a Smart Meter at the address listed below. Corix, or anyone acting on your behalf does not have my permission to install a Smart Meter at the address listed below.

    I would appreciate hearing from you on this matter promptly, as deployment begins on January 18th in my neighborhood.

    Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

  310. Sent from Dr. Tobin Watkinson:
    The government FCC PUC WHO etc have allowed technology with lots of money to influence the importance of caution when it comes to the health of those who have to live decisions. People are as different as grains of sand or snow flakes everyone is unique. Our chemistry our audition our speech our electronics. The human body is a series of electrochemical reactions which drive it’s function. For anyone to think this organic battery of a body of ours can sit aside a strong (as compared to the body)artificial electrical field without effect or some perception even on a cellular level has a “short”between their ears. Our health and the health of everyone depends on our understanding of these basic physiological principles and progress that is not blinded by profit.

    Each and every one of us is at risk and must speak out for our rights to have a voice when inappropriate choices are imposed upon us without our consent.

  311. SDGE just replied to my letter to them (Ted Reguly is the head of the Dumb Meter program) and they told me also that it was too bad and ADA does not apply. They said I should write a letter to CPUC if I feel like it. They are sending the same form letter to everyone.
    I would love to see a class action suit against these creeps.

  312. Since I had the SmartMeter placed on my home (master bedroom wall by headboard of my bed) involuntarily by SDG&E about 3-4 months ago, I have developed increasingly severe reactions to EMF (electromagnetic fields). I have constant ringing in my ears, getting louder and very distracting; headache, sinus pain, feeling of heaviness in chest, disorientation, mental confusion, difficulty concentrating and with calculation and driving, nausea, and very hard to use computer, phones, etc. Can’t sleep well, insomnia, though improved with change of bedroom. My doctor wrote a letter demanding under the ADA that SDG&E remove the SmartMeter, the reply was that SM’s don’t impact health, my doctor is wrong that the ADA covers this, and they essentially refuse to remove the SM. Needless to say, I am shocked, horrified, and will take further steps. This is an example of Big Brother in our lives worse than anything I have seen in America in 60 years. They can harm and kill us legally now, in our own country. This is an outrage.

  313. This is so weird reading these comments. I just moved to Fairfield, CA from Oklahoma and have never heard of this smart meter. Ever since I moved here I noticed weird things happening in my chest. The tightness and palpitations that other people are talking about are exactly what I am experiencing too. It isn’t real painful or anything but just worried me since I thought I may be having heart problems…at 25 years old! I’ve only been here a little over a month and definately noticed something weird way before I even heard about these smart meters or issues anyone was having. Being an electrical engineering major I see what PG&E is saying about it being a very small wattage and how it shouldn’t affect anything but something about this new house I moved into is causing something to go on in my body. I Looked outside and I do have a smart meter attached to my house. I’m not really taking sides or anything on this debate of weather it’s the smart meter or something else but I do know that there is something weird/different about California that seems to be affecting my health…I just hope it’s not something permanent.

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