STOP cell towers on every block in California #StopSB649

SB 649 would force installation of cell towers in neighborhoods and countrysides throughout California. How many? Likely one every couple hundred feet.  SB 649 would eliminate local control and public input.  SB 649 would allow unlimited access to deploy refrigerator-size equipment on utility and light poles and sidewalks with no safety oversight.  Cities would have no recourse to remove a tower even if every resident complained. SB 649 would increase harmful radiation in California.

Take action to stop SB 649!

  1. Contact your California Assembly person and Senator and tell them to VOTE NO on SB 649. Find yours here:
  2. Hand out flyers to friends and neighbors, write in your Assembly member and Senator contact info on the flyer SB 649 cartoon flyer   or  #StopSB649 hand-out
  3. Sign this petition:
  4. Donate:
  5. Ask organizations to oppose SB 649. Here’s how. Please note this information changes and you will need to check back for updates.
  6. Circulate this information on Facebook and other social media.

  •  SB 649 would harm Californians. Children are especially vulnerable. Peer-reviewed published science shows harmful effects include: increased cancer risk, cellular stress, headaches, sleep problems, learning and memory disorders and more. See
  •  SB 649 would harm nature. Peer reviewed published studies found radiation harms trees, birds, bees and insects.  Studies of radiation impacts on wild birds documented nest abandonment, plumage deterioration and death.
  • SB 649 would lay the groundwork for 5G millimeter wave technology.  Peer reviewed published science shows millimeter waves adversely affect health.
  • 216 cities, 34 counties, health, environment, consumer, and justice organizations  representing millions of Californians have opposed SB 649 including:  Environmental Working Group, Sierra Club California, California League of Conservation Voters, AARP American Association of Retired Persons, Association of Environmental Professionals, Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments, California Communities Against Toxics, Center for Environmental Health, Citizens for Health, SF Public Utilities Commission, The Utility Reform Network, Teens Turning Green,

    The Greenlining Institute, As You Sow, Baby Safe Project, Bay Area Educators for Safe Tech, California Brain Tumor Association, Chico Chapter of Weston A. Price Foundation, Citizens For A Radiation Free Community, Consumers for Safe Cell Phones, Daily Acts, East Bay Move to Amend, Ecological Options Network, EMF Safety Network, Environmental Health Trust, Environmental Voices, EMR Protection Forum, Grassroots Environmental Education, Green Sangha, Health & Habitat Inc, Healthy 880 Communities, Law Offices of Harry V. Lehmann PC, Marin Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation, Mom’s Across America, National Association For Children and Safe Technology, Parents for a Safer Environment, The Peoples Initiative Foundation, Physicians for Safe Technology, Radiation Research Trust, Sacramento Smart Meter Awareness, Sage Associates, Scientists for Wired Technology, Seniors for Environmental Awareness, Stop Smart Meters, Veterans for Radiation Safety, Windheim EMF Solutions, Wireless Radiation Alert Network, Wireless Radiation Education and Defense, and Your Own Health and Fitness.