STOP cell towers on every block in California #STOPSB649

Cell towers emit harmful radiation.
If Senate Bill 649 passes you could awake in 2018 to find a cell tower outside your bedroom window, or on your children’s school. Senate Bill 649 would create a state mandated system of cell towers every couple hundred feet apart.  SB 649 would harm California.

SB 649 would eliminate local control and public input.  It would allow refrigerator-size cell equipment on utility poles, streetlights, sidewalks, in parks, on schools, hospitals, and any public building with no safety oversight. Only fire stations, coastal commission and historic areas are exempt. Cities would have no recourse to remove a tower even if every resident complained.

Peer-reviewed published science shows harmful effects of cell tower radiation include: fatigue, headaches, sleep problems, anxiety, ringing in the ears, heart problems, learning and memory disorders, increased cancer risk, and more.  Children are especially vulnerable. See  Biological Effects from Radiofrequency Radiation  and

SB 649 would harm nature. Peer reviewed published studies found radiation harms trees, birds, bees and insects.  Studies of radiation impacts on wild birds documented nest abandonment, plumage deterioration and death. More studies here:

SB 649 would lay the groundwork for 5G millimeter wave technology.  What is 5G?  See this fact sheet.  Peer reviewed published science shows millimeter waves adversely affect health. More studies here.

300 cities, 47 (out of 58) counties, and dozens of health, environment, consumer, and justice organizations representing millions of Californians have opposed SB 649. Organizations opposed to SB 649 9:8:2017

Here are letters from specific groups: Environmental Working Group  AARP American Association of Retired Persons  Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments  Ecological Options Network, EMF Safety Network  Dr. Golomb Oppose SB 649

UPDATE! Governor Jerry Brown vetoed SB 649!

On October 15 Governor Brown Vetoed SB 649!  Can you thank him? You can call his office, send a letter by mail, fax, or contact him through his website.

Governor Jerry Brown
c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 445-2841 Fax: (916) 558-3160



10 thoughts on “STOP cell towers on every block in California #STOPSB649”

  1. We have huge cell domes making people sick too big right next to the bedrooms you can’t sleep u can feel them hear them we want smaller size I am concerned 1senior has already died we live on Ocean Breeze and Yost in Pacific Beach pls help

  2. It’s deadly, destroys the nervous system of. Human beings!!!!stop the ensanity of this technology!

  3. Thanks for your work to alert us and our legislators to the dangers of this technology and this blank to blanket our neighborhoods with it.

    Please update your narrative to reflect that an amendment voted in last week decrees that the equipment will not be placed on buildings. I’ve heard only on lampposts and phone poles (or so I heard. Please check)

  4. I have sent in opposition to the bill to protect public’s right to control placement of small cell radiation sites. I recently received a City of Richmond Planning Commission notice about a hearing on an application to install these within sight of my home. At the hearing I was told it was a 4G/broadband system for the benefit of T-Mobile to be deployed one section of town at a time, beginning in the Iron Triangle, a poor area where many people would not even read the English language notice. One Commissioner expressed concern about the precedent of not understanding potential health issues. But it was my understanding that their legal guy said the only things they could take into consideration were aesthetics and the City’s General Plan. “Our hands are tied.” This is even before SB 649. Richmond has an ordinance that had already been watered down by federal regulations. The city opposed 649 but the City Planner told me today they expect it to pass and lose their oversight.

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