Ecological Option Videos

Getting Smart about Smart Meters- A public forum in Santa Barbara

Criminalizing ‘Smart’ Meters – Part 3

Scenes from a shut down

Dark Side of Smart Meters- Presentation by Rob States

SMeterMan Flees Bolinas

Wounded By Wireless

Fly-By-Night Smart Meter Perps Flee Demonstrators

TIME IS UP for Smart Meters Doctors and professionals speak to the Commission July 29, 2010

Fairfax seeks Ban on Smart Meters! see video of city council discussion.

Sonoma County Public Smart Meter Forum:Smart Meters Dumb Idea Pt 1 of 3, Smart’ Meters- Dumb Idea? Pt. 2 of 3,‘Smart Meters’- Dumb Idea? Pt. 3 of 3

Bioinitiative Report- Interview with Cindy Sage

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