Smart Meter Complaints

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22014: Smart meter sets off burglar alarm repeatedly.

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“My electrical bill has doubled since they put in the smart meter, where as they said it would not make a difference. What a rip off. “ Archie H.


$48,000 water bill. The customer said “What’s the matter with you all? Did you send a blind man to check my meter, or what?”  The problem, city officials said, is Weslaco’s smart meters.  “They’re adding additional digits to the reading – be it a zero, or two zeros or three zeros – making it seem that the reading itself is a lot higher than it is,” Weslaco Public Utilities Director David Salinas said.  Salinas said about 30 percent of the city’s 10,000 meters aren’t working properly.


Smart Meter billing increases “Off-Cycle Smart Meter Deployment created the opportunity for the Electric Companies to take advantage of the customer monetarily”.


2010 Complaints from California Public Utilities Commission  2010_PGE_Smart_Meter_Complaints


Letter to the editor: Chico Enterprise-Record/ 03/06/2013  PUC no help on high energy bills 

“Want the California Public Utilities Commission to help resolve problems with Pacific Gas and Electric Co.? Forget it.

My January PG&E bill was $966.27, which was almost $600 more than my normal winter bills. After zillions of calls to PG&E and filing a complaint with the PUC, I was told that if PG&E says your Smart Meter is operating properly then the “customer” is responsible for the bill. And that’s it. Neither PG&E or the PUC make any overt efforts to find out what is the problem causing the high energy bills.

I am a senior citizen whose life is substantially the same day in and day out. No wild parties, no pot garden — it’s pretty boring. Yet our taxes are going to a government agency that is doing nothing to ensure that we are not ripped off. Otherwise, shut down the PUC. As for my February bill, it is twice as high as the February 2012 bill. Will it ever end? I found some interesting info at a website called No Smart Meters. Check it out. — Barbara St. John, Oroville


My utility installed one of these (without asking) about 2 weeks ago. My camper (where I sleep at night) is parked about 10 feet from the meter.

Immediately after installation I noticed static interference in my radio inside the camper, especially in the early hours of the morning. Plus I experienced a much more restless sleep. About a week later it dawned on me that the new meter might be the source of these problems.

So I looked up how the meter is constructed and how it works. The small (3/4″ or so) window within the meter is the source of the signals that it puts out. So I found a small piece of lead flashing (about 3″ x 3″) that mason’s use around chimneys and taped it so as to cover the window. (I wasn’t aware of grounding or cages, etc.).

Since doing this there has been no radio interference and I have been sleeping like a baby.


Bakersfield customers outraged about skyrocketing utility bills. (2009)


Retired Military man speaks out against smart meters: retired air force colonel, chief scientist at Lawrence Livermore lab, worked in computer security. Video of his comments on smart meters violating the 4th amendment, privacy and state laws.  Demands our constitutional rights be respected. “We have the constitutional right to say not no, but hell no.”

Smart Meter kills WIFI (Issaquah)  2012-04-07

A huge pulse repeat every 10 seconds interrupting WIFI, blue tooth and wireless internet. Stay with your original analog meter. I’m so pissed. My recording studio clients and friends won’t use my facility.

Is there someone with an original analog meter that can legally switch me back? I don’t want their new analog alternative either. My trust in power conglomerates is irretrievably lost after this Smart Meter shit.

This pulse is endlessly transmitted to every outlet and extension cord. It’s nasty. Don’t let them take your meter.

I have a separate elect. meter for a water well. For the thirty years I have lived in my house the usage has been the same until after the “smart meter” was installed. There was no change in the usage, but my bill more than tripled.

I was not asked permission prior to the SmartMeter device being installed in my home. I was never consulted about the program or notified in advance of installation.  I am the only resident in my home and I live on a fixed income. My highest billing from Southern California Edison in the last four years has never been for more than 700 kwh. Edison installed the SmartMeter at my home about one month ago, and the billing I just received shows I have used 1,015 kwh. I have contacted SCE to complain, however they have told me it may be five days before they will address my complaint.  Meanwhile, my bank account has already been charged for the bill.

I have read numerous reports of SCE customers receiving high bills immediately following the installation of a SmartMeter. I cannot afford any more erroneous billings and would like the SmartMeter removed immediately.


Against my knowledge and will, Edison installed 5 smart meters 5ft from my living area that I spend lots of time in. I was not informed of this nor was I given information about the safety ratings and safe distance for human exposure in feet.  I am moving immediately as a result and this will negatively affect my elderly landlords income. This is a huge breach of safety and privacy and likely a violation of federal wire tapping laws besides being unAmerican, and my electric bill tripled!!!!! No exaggeration my electric bill tripled!!! Thanks Happy Holidays Edison. Edison stole his major work from Tesla and continues to steal your $$$. Be prepared for your bill to double or triple and who knows about if they cause cancer or not. Cigarettes didn’t officially cause cancer for 40 years so who are you going to believe? The profiteers?


Starting last November 2011 I noticed my PG&E bill increased
significantly even though its been a mild winter. I’ve made no changes
to my gas and electric usage? Recently PG&E mailed me a “Your Home
Energy Report” it states that my home is much less energy efficient
using 11% more energy than similar homes in my neighborhood? I decided
to sign into the PG&E website to monitor “my usage” as suggested on
the “Your Home Energy Report”. The website portal states that my home
is more efficient than 15% of similar homes in my neighborhood? I also
discovered that the PG&E “my usage” portal does not populate actual
hourly usage data for 48 hours which is a two day delay? That’s when I
decided to maintain a power usage diary this is very easy because I
live in the residence alone and I work 12 hours a day. I’ve maintained
the diary now for 7 days and the PG&E “my usage” data is stating that
power is being used while I’m not at home and it spikes at various
times throughout the day to 1.6 kWh? Maybe my refrigerator is turning
on causing these power spikes? Then I decided to turn off the main
electrical breaker before leaving for work. I did this for two days
leaving perishable food in iced coolers in the garage. The PG&E “my
usage” data is still reporting that my home is consuming an average of
.600 kWh of average power and is spiking to 1.6 kWh with the power to
the home completely turned off! It is obvious that the new smart meter
is not very smart or PG&E somehow has my meter mixed up with one of my
neighbors or the smart meter is reporting data that is completely


It would seem that my Smart Meter has some other capabilities that I thought were fantasy when I first read about them. My “made in China” electric heater seems to have an antenna in it that the Smart Meter can communicate with.

How do I know? My heater went off at 2 am this morning and wouldn’t turn back on until 10 am. The apartment went down to 39 degrees. Then my electric blanket went off and wouldn’t turn back on until 10 am. They are the ONLY two items that shut off.

And to top it off, I do believe the utility has discovered a “hack” for Kill-A-Watt meters…With nothing running but the 130 watt-hour fridge last night, the Kill-A-Watt meter said I used 7 KWH with a 130 watt-hour fridge over 12hours.  Even if the fridge was on high and ran the entire 12 hours, it can only use 1.560 KWH.

This Smart Grid and Smart Meters have got to go.



As you may have noticed I have coined the term S&Ms for Smart Meters , because the (S)adistic electric companies are installing these monsters and it could only be (M)asochists who would want to Opt-In to have them installed. So, please use the S&M acronym freely when mentioning Smart Meters and share this email with others especially activists and groups.

These are the Associated Problems I have experienced so far with the S&Ms that were installed on my home without my Opt-In permission or knowledge.

  •  Multiple CFL’s Blown out
  • 1 filament on 3 way incandescent bulb blown
  • Answering machine lost message
  • Neighbors meter within 15 ft of my head
  • Difficulty getting and staying asleep
  • Head ache in the morning.
  • Difficulty thinking precicely.
  • Am installing Solar PV electric system, meters not compatible.

Hope This Helps. These S&Ms have got to go! D.W.


Posted: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 Article comment by: conrad bruggmann

I love my smart meter.

We had a bee colony close to my meter. When the APS guys came to put in the smart meter, I warned them of it. One told me, “Don’t worry, this will get rid of them.”

After a few days, they abandoned and never returned.

So, I am a giant smart meter fan, since it got rid of possible killer bees. My bills are a little higher than comparable periods in the past, but I am willing to pay that price to stop worrying about the bees. Daily Courier, Prescott, Arizona


Diane Nagby commented on the article (SDG&E: Few Have Health Complaints About Smart Meters): “It is clear there was no concern for the health or well-being of the general public prior to rolling out the smart meter. Auto companies are required to do recalls on automobiles when it is determined there is the slightest defect that may be a safety issue to consumers. Why are the utility companies not being held to the same standard of care as the auto industry? At least with an automobile we have the choice to pick and choose which model of car we want to drive. If we had the choice, would we choose an auto with a cancer-causing smart meter radiation device attached to it that radiates our children while we are driving them to school? I doubt it. Even if only 1 out of 10 are able to feel the harmful effects, isn’t that enough to stand up and say the utility companies should not be able to put our health and well-being in jeapordy? My mailman told me yesterday he has trouble sleeping since the installation of his smart meter. There are m!ore people affected by the radiation producing meter than you think. Even if you are not sensitive to the effects, you are still in the line of radiation. Just like cigarette smoke bothers some people and not others, but we are all exposed to the same carcinogenic effects just the same. Given the ridiculously high amount of our utility bills each month, don’t you think the utility companies can afford to correct the situation – – or does to much of our hard earned money go in to paying off the politicians to look the other way?”


PG&E Installation

” Wow. I just had a hugely unpleasant encounter with a couple of guys from PG&E who wanted to install a smart meter at my house.

Our family lives  just north of the Ukiah city line. These guys showed up at 4 PM, when nobody is home…usually, but today was an exception.

First, I want to be clear that I have not formed an opinion about smart meters.  Part of me suspects that the “tinfoil hat crowd” here in Mendocino County — known for its tinfoil hat crowd and other local colorful radicals — has overstated the dangers of smart meters. Don’t get me wrong. I love our old hippies. They our the county’s historical memory and conscience in many ways. In the past, they’ve led the movements to save our redwoods, our headwaters, our coasts, our rivers and streams, our open spaces, our family farms, our salmon, our spotted owls, etc. However, I have wondered does saying no to smart meters fall into the same category as saving endangered places, plants, and animals?

That’s one part.  Another part of me also believes that our environment is already saturated with microwaves, radio waves, etc., and we don’t know the cumulative effect of so much background radiation on our health. Medical researchers simply haven’t adequately studied the problem. It would not surprise me in the least, if, 50 years from now, we had an epidemic of brain cancer.

Let’s face it: Smart meters are transmitters, plain and simple. Smart meters are 1-watt transmitters that transmit energy data over wireless networks. At public hearings conducted by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), witnesses have testified about serious symptoms, including ringing in the ears, nausea, and fatigue, after smart meters were installed at their homes. Doctors and a UCSF researcher have also testified at CPUC hearings about smart meters and their effect on “electrically-sensitive” people. One witness estimated there are 120,000 electrically-sensitive people living in California alone.

So, call me undecided.   That said, the two guys from PG&E sort of snuck up on my property. They parked their truck at the end of my driveway, instead of parking near the front door. They didn’t ring my doorbell. They didn’t knock. I did not even know they were on the property, until my dogs started barking.

When I confronted them, I asked who they were. They said they were from PG&E and were installing a smart meter. In fact, in the minute it took me to react to their presence, they had already started installing it. The smart reader device was already out of its box.

I told them to stop. I told them that the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors had voted to declare a moratorium on installing smart meters. They said the moratorium didn’t matter, and that, “Everyone would end up getting a smart meter whether they wanted one or not.”

I told them to immediately leave my property. They reiterated, “Everyone will get a smart meter whether they want one or not.”  When I then told these two guys, who, incidentally were dressed in matching light brown uniforms, that my answer was still no, at least for the present time, they told me that our family would be “put on a list.”

I asked what list? They said, “You know what list…the list of people who are causing us trouble.”

With that statement, I informed these two knuckleheads that I was calling 911 in exactly one minute, and for good measure I was getting my baseball bat. I told them to scram. They put the smart meter device back in its box. They threw a pamphlet on my doorstep, and they made haste for their truck.

The pamphlet is entitled: “See Your Power. Say Hello To Your New Smartmeter”.

I’m informing Carre Brown, who represents me here in the 2nd District, of this incident. Apparently, the BOS moratorium doesn’t mean a damn thing to PG&E.

Bottom line: Had I not been home, I would have had a smart meter installed.  Talk about disrespecting authority! I thought that was the province of the tinfoil hat crowd, not PG&E. I may just get myself a tinfoil hat of my own.


We have been having problems with inconsistent billing of our electricity from PGE.  Really high one month, then non-existent the next month.  In addition, the electricity had been going off at night for 1/2 of our house.  PG&E came and reinstalled a SmartMeter.  However, we still had been having the electricity go off.  We paid for a licensed electrician to come out and take a look.  He said the Smart Meter was improperly installed and had to reinstall it so it worked correctly.  He said it was overheating causing the electricity to go off.  Good thing it did not start a fire!  Aside from the bad billing which I’m not even sure if it was correct, we had to pay a electrician to fix PG&Es improper installation.  I’m not happy that we were literally “in the dark” about their poor service.


Ever since PGE installed their junk SmartMeter, my satellite TV paused every few seconds, outdoor motion sensor light goes on all the time and my baby monitor gives loud static pop every few seconds.
Utility Comment: Placed the blame on my equipment, suggesting that I buy new ones. All my equipment worked fine, until the smart junk was installed.  Unnecessarily spending hundreds of dollars on new equipment is much different than seeing your bill significantly increased.
Request of CPUC: If SmartMeters are so smart, then they should send data once an hour or day instead of every few seconds. This way, if they interfere with other equipment, its not every few seconds.


Upon installation of the smart meter, a power surge occurred and burned up my fridge & electric car which was plugged in inside my garage being charged. I called SDG&E, who denied ANY rsponsibility & was told to call VSI, the sub-contractor who installed the meter. Filed a compolaint for damages with them; they had the complaint a month, then SDG&E got involved! Claims Adj.haas admitted cupability & doesn’t know what he’ss doing; I lost 38 lbs. since I had no refrigeration for food, I’m Diabetic & only after I called PUC, who contacted Exec. Offices of SDG&E did they issue a check for my fridge only. However, check contains a clause if I endorse it, cash it, my claim for damages is closed! So I’m still without a refrigerator. They’re still on square ONE for damages to my electric car and want me to pay ALL costs for repairs, then they will reimburse me! (Yeah, right!) What?!! I refused as I am a widow living below the poverty line and do not have $3,000+ for new batteries and a new computer for my car. Claims Adjuster is dense and doesn’t know beans; meanwhile, i sit here without my car and I’m inconvenienced while they diddle. Claim was filed 11/30/10 and there has been no progress no check or an offer of settlement as they’re still in square one! How can this multi-billion dollar business operate in such fashion as to abuse their customers and hold them over the barrel for property they damaged, and refuse to pay up? I’m at my wits end and fed up! How ’bout I withhold for months payment of my monthly bill, SDG&E? I’m sure you wouldn’t wait until I got ready to pay it, would you!!! P.S. – The PUC is nothing more than a farce, a worhless co. which does NOTHING for the customer but one who schmoozes with SDG&E. Enough already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“I have just spent $2000 in filters to reduce the level of Electromagnetic radiation in my home from these damn smart meters. The Energy Minister is focusing on safe installations. What about long term health effects?? Every person with a smart meter in their home is continuously exposed to harmful wifi. I am sensitive to wireless frequencies as well as electricity after having gone ‘wireless’ 2 years ago. My life and my family’s life has been turned upside down! We no longer have wireless equipment in our home. However, there seems to be no fix to the damage that has been caused to my body from the exposure. I can’t go anywhere without literally being ‘burned’ by these smart meters. PLEASE STOP THE ROLLOUT! For my sake and the lives of every Australian.


After reading an article about the Smart Meters I looked into whether they were coming to our town and sure enough they were. I called FP&L to let them know I do not want this on my house as I am a brain tumor patient and after researching these I come to understand they are a potential health hazard. Well, we got the run around at first, they sent the ‘fact sheet’ regarding RF safety standards and the organizations they use to back up these claims. FCC (who goes to the FCC for their health concerns?), California Council on Science & Technology (which was found to have conflicts of interest who funded & approved SM programs, ignoring invited data), Electric Power Research Institute (couldn’t find anything on them), nor Maine Center for Disease Control. I did find President’s Task Force on Cancer found exposure to power frequency EMF causes or contributes to cancer. Physician’s are increasinly diagnosis brain cancers from exposure to RF frequency radiation.

I have a letter from FP&L stating we will not be getting a SM installed ‘for the time being’ but the girl stated we will have no choice as they are going in all over America and we do not have any choice! For now I/we are on an opt-out for a few years at least, but as I’m reading I don’t thing this is going to much matter as I do get out and walk my neighborhood with my dog twice a day and walk to my grocery store, I like to get out in my garden too!

If our representatives in office are truly the ones that run FP&L and these power companies and we are really at their mercy, then I as an American, hold them accountable for the DNA damage to newborns, EMF sensitive people and their problems, epilepsy’s that will be on the rise along with increase in brain cancers.

Their silence is consent!


Regarding the question – any issues with appliances after the Smart Meter install. Within a few days of installation I had the following occur:
Air Conditioning compressor unit failed – = $3500
Laptop computer started running warm and then failed = $1800 new workstation
TV failed – replaced with new energy star thin plasma – = replaced for $2500
Bose surround system failed – replaced for $399 under Bose customer service plan.
Circuit card failed on heater / blower system stopped – = $500
I have checked around the city of Brentwood CA and know of 9 other air conditioning units that failed within days of the install of Smart Meters.


After our house in Half Moon Bay got SmartMeters, we could no longer listen to AM radio.

The signals are swamped by loud rasping pulses of noise. I located the source of the strongest RFI (Radio Frequency Interference): the circuit breaker panel, where all the house wiring is concentrated. SmartMeters must use the wiring as a transmitting antenna.

I contacted PG&E on its website. No response. So, I sent a letter to the California Public Utilities Commission: no response.

Our local station on AM 1710 is hooked up to emergency services and first responders to provide emergency warnings and instructions to residents here on the coast. That function is obviously being severely compromised now.

As a retired electronics engineer, I have to say PG&E either did inadequate product testing before rolling out its new product or it just can’t see the bigger picture. At some point in the future, the energy-saving benefits of SmartMeters may — or may not — be realized. However, in the meantime, we are all suffering from the operation of the law of unintended consequences.


I live in Walnut Creek

My 11/9/09 bill: $168.03,

my 12/9/09 bill: $366.20,

my 1/11/10 bill: $1010.09,

my 2/10/10 bill: $1053.23.

My smart meter was installed sometime in Dec. 09.

PG&E says its my fault. I am seeing others have had the same problem. Just wanted to weigh in on this issue. I am wanting to sue. Price gouging. This is WRONG.


As a newspaper editor in little ole Cleburne County, Alabama we come out tomorrow with a story on a house which may have burned down because of a smart meter, another incident of a meter apparently getting so hot it almost  burned along with circuit panel inside the home and people being told either by installer or power co that if they did not replace all the wiring in their home that the meter would indeed cause a fire!!!! I am told by a commercial builder that some meters may be faulty and allow 300-440 volts in on a home’s 220 and 110 lines. We’re seeing problems out here of burn outs in appliances, meltdowns of hair dryers, kitchen appliance , and a number of high-end electronics getting zapped. Goodbye Bose radio, goodbye wide, wide screen tv and see if the utility cos are going to pay for those items – don’t think so!


My grandparents started having problems with their (computerized) ceiling fans, and suspected that it had to do with their new smart meter. They would go haywire, turning on and off, reversing, and even turning on their lights. I suggested that they keep track of when it happened, and see if it was at the same time of day. Sure enough, at six o’clock every evening (occasionally at three in the morning, and other times of the day) they would beep and turn on and off. When theyc alled PG&E and asked, sure enough those were the times that the meters reported back to the home office. Someone came out shortly afterwards and replaced the meters, but not before the computer chips in the fans fried. They said new chips were around $700 (I didn’t ask if that was for the whole house, or each of the four fans they have). They were too nice to report that to PG&E, let alone try to file a complaint to get paid back for the damage caused by the meters.


well my smart meter has caused my central system to completly shut down. no air or heat. and it is a brand new system. only 4 years old. theres is no electricity in the central air and heating unit . yes i tried the electrical box. could it be the plug? has anyone heard of this?


I have lived in my home for over 25 years. I have a propane stove, heater and water heater. I have never EVER had a bill over $250 and that is with a jacuzzi on during winter months! Since the new “smart meter” has been installed my bills have been almost $600 a month! I cannot afford to keep doing this! I do not even use the heater and my grandbabies are COLD! This is ridiculous! Someone please tell me what I can do???!!!


We just had a smart meter put in.

I have a 4 year old $2,000.00 Toshiba HDTV that was working just fine. KRCB is ~22-1~22-2 and 22-3

Now with channel 22-1 on and coming in fine my TV freezes, turns off, and turns on and and will cycle this way for ever while on 22-1

22-2 works well~22-3 and any of the other digital channels will do the same, the other non hyphen channels available come in.

22-1~22-2~22-3 are all KRCB the tv picks up all the non-channels and I use a rabbits ears.

I am thinking you should have available from your own staff for us the frequency of the RF waves from the meters that are provided by PG&E so that we can compare to the frequency’s of our remote controls

This is new, it just happened after the meter went in


Well, my SmartMeter experience has gotten off to a very rocky start, right on the installation day. My meter is not behind a fence (i.e. there’s open access to it from the street). Apparently, PG&E took this as an invitation to install the SmartMeter while I was not home and without any notice. I had left my dishwasher on delayed run mode and came back to it having been halted mid-cycle thanks to this little upgrade. More seriously, I have a dozen fish tanks on GFCI outlets and the upgrade tripped 50% of the outlets, leaving those fish tanks without filtration and heaters (granted they don’t need heaters today) for several hours until I got home to manually reset the GFCI outlets. I’m just glad I got off work early today, because had I got home at my normal time, I’d have come home to sick or dead fish. These are not cheap fish either, nor ones I could replace locally, and they don’t take kindly to being unfiltered.


… when PG&E shows up to install your new “smart meter,” they will have to remove your old meter first… This will result in your power being shut off for however long it takes the contractor, that really doesn’t know what he’s doing, to put the new meter on… I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like it when people show up and surreptitiously shut off services that I ALWAYS pay for ON TIME… It’ll be great when we all get home and our Tivo’s and WIFI routers aren’t working anymore and, if you have birds like me, your pets have thrashed themselves and your house to pieces… And I’m not a crazy tin-foil hat person, but they showed up a month ago and installed one of their smart-meter repeaters on the telephone pole next to my house and now none of our cell phones work in our house and these are brand new phones that worked perfectly before they put the new repeater in.


Mine hasn’t blown up or caught fire, but after PG&E replacing 3 meters since the original installation they now say they need to replace it again. None of the ones they have put on my home have ever worked, they are not even registering at the central grid. I have been getting estimated bills or no bills at all ever since the first meter went in and they haven’t even been aware of the problem until I call them to ask where my bills are. Lord knows how much they are going to claim I owe them if they ever get this problem fixed.


“Earlier today our local utility sent around a person to install a new 
”Smartmeter”. Luckily a local ham gave me a heads up about the 
RFI generated by these things so I was prepared. By using a battery 
operated shortwave receiver (tuned to 7.2 MHz) I showed the installer 
what the background noise level was with the old (mechanical) meter. 
Once the Smartmeter was installed, the noise level (seems like 
digital hash) was *easily* 10 dB higher. I had him remove the 
Smartmeter and re-install the old mechanical meter. 
The utility that supplies us with gas and electricity is PG&E 
and they are installing these things throughout California now.

All hams that use the low bands should be aware of this issue. 
The last thing we need is another broadband noise source.”


While we haven’t had any fluctuations in our power bills since we had our “smart meter” installed we have been experiencing problems with our ceiling fans. We have Casablanca Intelli-touch fans in six rooms in our home; these fans have a computer board that receives signal from the wall switch via an electric impulse. These impulses turn the fans on, adjust the fan speed, turn on the light and reverse the blades. Until the “smart meter” was installed we had absolutely no problems with these devices – they worked flawlessly. Immediately after the “smart meter” was installed we started noticing that when the fans were on they were prone to bizarre behavior which includes change in fan speed, reversal of fan direction, operation of the lights and/or fan or both if only the power switch was on. We also began to notice that these problems, while somewhat intermittent, would almost always occur at the same time in the evening. We called PG & E and reported the issue and a service rep was sent out to our home. He looked at the meter and reportedly tightened a few wires and then proceeded to tell my wife that we probably had a short in our electrical system that was to blame for the odd performance of the fans (HUH?). Never mind that each of the fans in separate rooms are on different breakers! When my wife told me what the rep said and then told me I needed to check each of the house plug-ins for a short I said that wouldn’t be necessary since the PG&E rep didn’t know squat about what he was talking about. We got a survey in the mail which was dutifully filled out and returned only to explain the problem was not resolved. Another call was made to PG&E and about a week later another – smarter – rep responded to our situation. He called us first and patiently listened to my bizarre tale of fan woe. He asked if I would like an old style meter to see if the problem would persist or a new “smart meter” to see if the first one was flawed. Admittedly, he said we’d eventually have to have a “smart meter” anyway so we opted to have a new “smart meter” installed. And guess what – nothing has changed except the fans now go crazy at 12:45 A.M. instead of 6:20 P.M.I can hardly wait until summer when either we are awakened every night at a quarter of one or we try to sleep sans our ceiling fan. I’ll give credit to the second PG&E rep tho, he called us a couple of days after the new “smart meter” was installed to see if the problem was still on-going; good customer service, while appreciated, is no substitute for  a ceiling fan during a Bakersfield summer. The computer boards on these fans are expensive and I don’t want to have to replace them. More importantly we want to use the appliances that we so handsomely pay electricity for, in the manner and at the time of our choosing – NOT ACCORDING TO PG&E’s SCHEDULE BECAUSE THEY CAN NOT GET IT OR WILL NOT MAKE IT RIGHT!


If anyone thinks that these so-called “Smart Meters” are for anything other than increasing profits is a fool. The meter currently on the house is working just fine. The investment was made and recouped long ago. The electric company is not going to spend hundreds of dollars per living unit (house, apartment, condo or otherwise) to buy and install these meters so you and I can pay less money.

They can sit back and continue to collect on what’s out there right now or they can put in new meters and charge more money under the cloak of “it’s green” or “it’ll only charge you for what you use”.

Electric, water and sewer should be required to be non-profit. These are the most basic of utilities.


The Not-So-Smart Meter was installed on my house in October 2007 since the installation my bills have been three times more expensive than before.  I have call PG&E each month after receiving my bill.  At first I was shocked and thought that there must have been a mistake, of course PG&E says that the meter is accurate, they gave me some suggestions to save more energy which I went over and beyond to change.  I bought new applicances, turned the water heater down much lower than what they recommend, the ac/heater is set at 64 degrees so we pretty much freeze our tushs off in the winter and burn up in the summer!  PG&E actually told me not to turn on lights and begin using electrictiy when I come home from work.  I have been living by candle light in order to save on my bill.  A month goes by and I get another bill and it is only a few cents less than the previous months bill.  I called once again and requested that someone come out to my house to make sure that there is not a problem and PG&E told me that they only thing they would do is check my stove, ac/heater and water heater and since they are all gas then I need to call the gas company.  I explained that I don’t have a problem with my gas bill and that it’s the electricity bill that I have a problem with.  For the last four months my PG& E bill has been roughly the same amount each month, and I have been using the same amount of electricity as I was using last year but my bill is three times as high.  I also have several co-workers who are experiencing the same problem.  I feel sorry for the elderly who are on a fixed income.  How are they going to pay for their bill.  I feel that I am working to pay for my bill and I’m not home for most hours in the day!  I believe that there is a problem with the new meters  and that PG&E definitely needs to look into the problem.


I’ve noticed that my computer speakers make odd buzzing noises at different times of the day, and I suspect that my smart meter has something to do with it.


I’m surprised nobody has yet mentioned the safety risk from these new wireless smartmeter devices.

They communicate as an always-on, two-way wireless device operating in the microwave band. This energy exposure is now a known carcinogen, and since these smartmeters will be transmitting their radiation 24 hours a day, you wil constantly be exposed to it from your own smartmeter and all of those other smartmeters around you.

PGE had to very drastically speed up its planned deployment schedule of these “smartmeters”, ever since the World Health Organization’s recent report on this type of radiation exposure (including that from cell phones and cell-phone towers) which revealed these wireless transmitting devices to be a very significant long-term health risk, and since communities were starting to realize this and organize against the deployment of these smartmeter devices. The growing evidence of this wireless radiation as a carcinogen, and high association with significant increases in occurances of a wide variety of major diseases and human health disorders, is now presenting a huge threat to the wireless industry’s profitability.

What’s worse, all of this new “smartmeter” wireless radiation exposure to us could have been easily avoided by PGE, if they had simply chosen to use the relatively new and very reliable powerline-networking protocol, which would use the exising powerlines to transmit network data in a hard-wired fashion (rather than choosing instead to use the microwave-based wireless radiation networking protocol in these smartmeters).

There will surely be a very serious long-term health impact on every community that receives these smartmeter devices, and apparently you will not be allowed the option to opt-out either. Children and pregnant women may be most short-term vulnerable to these new risks, as well as those with reduced immune system function – but all of us will be negatively health effected, with progressively worse effects and exponentially increasing illness occurrance over time.


The real problem is that the smart electric meters are a defacto rate increase, sometimes a couple of hundred dollars a month. People who use power during the day, like mothers, retired folks, the bedridden, all are going to be forced to pay a surcharge for peak power. This is a hidden rate increase not specifically addressed by the PUC. It is not completely offset by equally decreased off  hour rates, thus a de facto rate increase. It is an exorbitant rate, unaffordable for those who need power during the day.


What really bothers me about the new meters is their software – it was written by programmers who weren’t thinking about viruses and malware. There has been some chatter in the technical press about worms and viruses being written that infect the smart meters and propagate themselves from meter to meter, and then can shut off your power when they get the secret signal from a server somewhere in China or Eastern Europe… Could cause a lot of social disruption during a crisis?


We just had our meter changed to this ” smart ” meter. It blinks a very visible light. If you are inside with the lights and porch light off, you can see the light from its blinking I can see it from 100 feet away. My radio reception buzz’s periodically with a sound like Morse code on steroids and it does it on two different stereo systems at the same time that its happening with one of the systems not even on radio reception. I just went out to see how much it blinks and it blinks 3 times a second.



PG & E recently came by the house, built in the early 50s and attempted to install a smart meter. I have one GFCI circuit for outdoor, kitchen and garage outlets. With the smart meter, the circuit breaker continually opened. The installer reinstalled the old meter and recommended converting the circuit back to a regular circuit and and installing GFCI outlets where required. This is a 20 amp circuit and in keeping with the rest of the remodels done on this place before I purchased it, the wiring for this circuit was poorly conceived and executed. There are too many outlets for the circuit. I currently have a refrigerator in the kitchen and a freezer in the garage on this circuit and at least two to three times a month, the breaker pops when both compressors start up. It’s bad enough that when we leave for any length of time, we plug both the freezer and refrigerator into other circuits. Will changing the breaker and switching to GFCI outlets cure the problem with the meter or will the individual outlets just start tripping their breakers? I have looked at the GFCI breaker, and I’m unsure which wires to connect to a regular breaker. The box has both grounded circuits for the newer portions and ungrounded circuits for the original construction.

I have a similar problem. Smart meter was installed yesterday. When I came home, a GFI breaker was tripped.

This is the first time this breaker (or any breakers) have tripped in over 2 years of living at my house. The box and all the breakers were installed new and permitted just over 2 years ago.

No appliances are on this breaker, just lights, outlets, and a bathroom fan. Regardless, the breaker is tripping randomly (even in the middle of the night) with no lights, nothing plugged in, or anything on whatsoever. This is after I had the power company come out late at night to replace the meter, and listen to them over and over insist that the meter has nothing to do with the problem. I understand that in theory an upstream source (the meter) should not affect the breaker, but nevertheless this does not explain the extremely improbable “coincidence”.

100 thoughts on “Smart Meter Complaints”

  1. I have experienced uveitis , pain behind the ears , stinging, numbness. Arthitis has been greatly magnified in intensity, lack of concentration, dizziness and heat sensations in the digestive track.
    This has been going on for six years, and all along I have believed it to be some quirky genetic problem, until I started to read about ” Smart Meters” and the health effects.
    The sound is horrific.

  2. Here from Kentucky. I also have noticed my Electric bill has doubled since the Forced Smart Meter. After complaining they emailed me a run down to tell me where my money is being paid. They encluded my washer and dryer that I don’t own. I live in an Apt Complex where the owner pays for the electricity there. This is a bunch of Hog wash. These people at Duke Energy are nothing more than thieves and liars and should be Sued. In November I was in the hospital for 3 weeks out of that month and my bill was over one hundred dollars. I don’t turn the heat on because I get heat from the Apts under me. Enough to keep my home warm. Time to file a Class Action Lawsuit against these lying crooks.

  3. SO IF it costs $36 to have the meter read, does that mean that we get a $36 credit every month if we add the smart meter? Cause the costs we are paying without the smart meter must include fees to read the meters which upon becoming non existent should drop the power bill

  4. Someone is talking subliminal or targeting signals of some sort…through TV /computer in “background threats over in chili, WI area!!” It’s muffled but it can be heard madly talking about poisoning pets and doing other stuff to homes and vehicles because they don’t like the new ATV/snowmobile laws or something like that? I would say they are hacking lines, smart meter, antennas or electric, but how it is done unknown, maybe being forwarded through T.V to Computers then Reversed? I hope no-one will be hurt neither will their property be damaged and neither will their pets or family be hurt by these threats! I hope the law can pick this up and find out who is doing it! It is like taunting or something!

  5. I live in Northern California, I just recently (5 months ago) installed solar, however PG&E will not “interconnect” me because I won’t accept a smart meter. I’m an opt-out customer, however they are forcing me to accept a smart meter. PG&E’s reasoning is that they are on a new “tariff” for solar ( NEM2) which requires time of use (TOU)metering. The analog meter I have is not compatible with TOU metering, although it does spin backwards when I turn on the solar system. They are offering me a traditional smart meter (cancel opt out status), a cellular based smart meter (continue to pay xtra as opt-out customer), or a land-line based smart meter (continue to pay xtra as opt-out customer). None of these options are acceptable to me as they are ALL smart meters with 2-way communication with utility (definition of smart meter). I have filed an informal complaint to CPUC, and an appeal to the decision. My next step is a formal complaint to the CPUC, although I’m not expecting a positive decision. The CPUC have been dragging their feet, and are extremely slow in response time….It’s already been 5 months just to get through the informal complaint/appeal process!
    Is anyone else in this predicament? Let’s get together and sue these bastards! I’m at my wit’s end with this, any legal help, advise, or referral is appreciated. Feel free to contact me

  6. It’s possible that the smart meter has caused this- please do not delay and have it replaced with an analog asap or at least have the meter and connections inspected by an electrician.Document everything!

  7. Our “Smart” meter was installed last spring, and our bill only went up a little bit, but the washing machine kept tripping the breaker. Now, the worst part is, the LAST time that it happened, the breaker tripped just as the spin cycle was ending, so I wasn’t aware of it…until a week later, when I started noticing a horrible odor, and found out that the breaker had tripped, and the DEEP FREEZER, which is on the same circuit, had been without power for a week in the middle of July. The stench when I opened it was horrific, and we lost hundreds of dollars worth of chicken, vegetables, and venison, which was liquid with decay by the time I opened the freezer door. My garage still stinks to high heaven, I can’t get the stink out of the freezer, and if there was a way to do it, I would have pumped every bit of that rotten, reeking mess right into the office of the CEO of West Penn Electric.

  8. Brian, interesting to learn there’s a name for the “ice pick” headaches. I have these. I have called them “flash” headaches. Glad you figured out the smart meters were causing this. Crazy time we are living in!

  9. I have had identical issues with smart meters as have been posted here. Immediately after a smart meter was installed ( on the outside of the wall my bed is against) I starting getting frequent intensely painful headaches, I went to my doctor, they did several tests, 3 MRI’s, and concluded I had “Hemicrania continua” ( commonly known as “ice pick” headaches because of the intense, sharp pain) I continued to get these headaches about 4 times a week, sometimes more. These headaches were debilitating, if I was driving, I had to pull over or risk losing control of the vehicle. Once we moved out the headaches stopped. that was 4 years ago, I have not had an episode since. I also experienced higher bills for the same usage-after many phone calls to PG&E with no help from them, I opened a case with the PUC, who promptly closed the case and simply referred me back to PG&E. There are probably many more out there who are suffering ill health effects and don’t realize their smartmeter is the cause.

  10. Reverse electric sounds(?) or something being heard and pulsating power in the Chili, WI! Some people hear it others don’t and we have seen suspicious unmarked white vehicles in this area a few years back and others over by the high wires and high tower on highway H! We had meters on some homes replaced with unmarked trucks who claim the meter needed changing but they were brand new meters and their is a tracking signal sound coming through the televisions and FM/AM radios on non voiced stations being heard!
    We also have by passers whose vehicles seem to make computers blurb when driving by! Can they hack medical implants excetra????
    Could this be hacking or identity/information stealing?

  11. Get the fire department involved and ask they investigate. Keep complaining and asking for removal. Ask the utility them to check for installation safety. Call the TV station that investigates. If all else fails move.

  12. Daryl Kelly – Customer Resolution, from Ausnet Services assured us that their smart meters “does not cause noises in our home” and “does not pose any health risks”. Yet, since the installation of the smart meters in Victoria Australia, in early 2012, our health has clear deteriorated. Issues such as constant ringing and humming in our ears which affects our hearing, interrupted sleep, blown sound system, electric heater caught on fire, wifi appliances constantly affected, banging noises emitting from the smart meter and the internal circuit board, arching noises in our ceiling which is loud enough to wake one from ones sleep, and the list goes on.
    The audible noises are that loud that it has lead our young son of 15 years of age to walk out and never to return. It has completely destroyed what was once a tight family unit and I am so desperate for answers.
    I know we are not alone by reading your site but there has to be something that can be done. I don’t know whether there is a breach in the legislation, etc.
    We lodge numerous complaints to Ausnet Services and even seeked an independent review from the Ombudsman and as expected, they have their hands in each other’s pockets and deny any liability.
    I have met and known of people who are so sensitive to the RF that is emitted from these meters that they have gone off the grid, all together, by investing in solar panels. Unfortunately we can’t as we rent. Our landlord knows of our plight but chooses to do nothing about it.
    Desperate to get our analogue meter back but in the meantime can anyone PLEASE suggest ways in which we can reduce/eliminate the RF from the smart meter into the house.


  13. My average monthly electric bill with SCE has been $120 to $150, but after the smart meter was installed back in August my bill has jumped to $400 in November and $425 in December with no change in my usage habits. SCE keeps trying to blame the usage on me or my appliances but I try to explain to that nothing has change – We need to fight back by complaining to the PUC here –

  14. On 08/31 I came home from work I had been working a lot of OT, I came home to a house with no power which I find out later that due to working so much OT the bill was not paid. I called that night and paid the bill and was told that the power would be back on between 15 min to a few hrs, so off to bed I went having to be back at work in 6 hours. In the morning still no power, I get to work and call PG&E and they tell me that the power is ON, I tell them no its not and they send a tech out, the tech left a note saying that he pulled the meter and found that one of the lugs that the meter mounts to was burned and could not reinstall the meter as it would be very dangerous.
    I get home that night and find his note, call PG&E again and ask when they will have the problem fixed. I am told that it is my responsibility, they are responsible for the side coming into the meter and I am responsible for the other side. How can this be since I have no access to that side of the service panel unless I cut PG&Es tag from the box. When PG&E took the smart meter(also the evidence I’m sure of what I was to find next) the left a cap in it’s place and a wire seal seal. I decided to investigate the problem myself, I cut the seal and removed the cap and could see the burned lug, when I touched the lug it just fell right off. I then removed the lower half of the panel and was in shock at what I saw. There was 1″ of the 1/8″ thick by ~7/8″ wide aluminum buss bar completely melted away there was a teardrop of melted aluminum hanging in some of it’s place. The next day I had one of the electricians we work with on site come over and look at it, he said it looks like a lot of amperage went across there or that the meter was not plugged in very well. Well with the smart meter now in PG&E’s hands who is to know. PG&E drug their feet to come out to turn off the power so I could begin replacing the service panel, which come to find out later that I am not allowed to do either according to the city. So I pay an electrical contractor to do so. I set up with the contractor to come out and do an estimate, next day I receive my estimate and tell them to proceed, later that day I receive a call from the contractor saying that PG&E tells them I need to submit an application for service! WTF I’m not having a new service installed, just to replace my service panel. 26 Days later I have power in the house again, I now need to but a new dryer, 2 refrigerators and a freezer (depending on if I can get the smell out of them) Bottom line if I had not lapsed in the payment of my bill and power shut off, I would probably be submitting a claim to my insurance for a house fire. Does anyone know of someone who has experienced similar and what did they do about it after, I would like to get some kind of compensation for what I have had to put up with. Oh and during this time while this was all going on I was working 7 days a week double-shifts and then coming home to deal with this.

  15. Consider what the deterrent function is of an industrial or military grade whole house transient suppressor (like, for instance, one able to handle frequency suppression generated heat, such as a sine tamer, just for one heavy duty example). Consider what a suppressor might be capable of doing to reverse what is going on here.
    Under a pervasive microwave blanket, there is no opt out, since to resist one node is not at all the same as to be safe. What hold outs are actually resisting is the worst effects of one SMPS on their own home. Zigbee chips all around your property can still read your own chipped appliances, meter or not.
    When each household holds out against one single grid node, they still remain exposed to the impact of compound frequencies & transients passing back & forth between all grid nodes.
    Everyone is being forced to slip into siege mode & bunker thinking while unelected corporations govern lives & are illegally creating total harmonic distortion of the entire ecosystem.
    Not for nothing is the aim to blanket every square inch of the planet, with an end to signal drop everywhere. Obama promotes “free wifi” EVERYWHERE on the planet, & endorses expansion of the next phase, the Outernet. People still cheer him on.
    The trick is to not get caught up in navel gazing at only your own piece of the harmonics puzzle.
    Electricity wise, even prior to the global military style deployment of the spy grid communications system, (which is supplanting & replacing the former energy distribution system right under our noses), many homes were already incorrectly wired, or grounded to water pipes, or not grounded at all, or installed by electricians who did not correctly twist wires to cancel wiring fields. Additionally, systems in almost all homes used plastic coated Romex wiring, which, unlike BX wiring, offers no corrosion protection or insulation at all.
    Even prior to the grid the majority of transients already originated inside the home. These days, who knows the %? Throw in the griddle & your home & neighbourhood are under full assault, complete with invisible infrared red lights flashing from some but not all of these so called meters, detectable only by special night vision military goggles.
    Is it any wonder that people’s eyes, ears, noses are bleeding, pacemakers are failing, hearts are in arrhythmia, brains are fogged? Or that the unshielded wiring & metal in their homes is potentially arcing & corroding? Or that firewalls separations are compromised because every molecule of everything is depolarizing billions of times a seconds at strobe light speed? Or that the rivets holding brand new TO condo balcony glass sheets in place are so rapidly corroded that the glass sheets are no longer held in place & are crashing down into the streets below?
    Can anyone chime in & perhaps provide any good reason to NOT have a high end transient suppressor installed in every home? Swedish utilities offer them for free to those who suffer consciously.
    Why wouldn’t the immediate, legal, yet potentially revolutionary response be to use an industrial strength suppressor able to handle heat that is generated when microwave harmonic distortions are suppressed?
    Why not stop demonizing these vulnerable electronics?
    Why not smooth out the sine wave by redefining what resistance is?
    Why not cut off corporate profit at the knees?
    Why not make things truly subversive by encouraging everyone all around you to consider doing the same thing, even just for privacy reasons, even if they are not feeling sick?
    After all, industry uses military grade suppressors to save money. Why not do it to protect lives?
    Aren’t grid generated transients the real money maker here?
    Maybe I missed a step in thinking if you smooth out the sine wave you are essentially regaining private invisibility & bioelectrical stability?
    Maybe this is incorrect. Please feel free to step in here but …..Isn’t the so called smart grid a different method of energy & delivery?
    Aren’t the microwaves themselves indispensable to the utility to facilitate privacy & health invasion, not to mention bill gouging?
    Aren’t the pulses themselves absolutely necessary for turning transients into profit? for conducting data mining? maybe even for frequency graphing & profiling? Anyone want to add to this line of reasoning?

  16. Dennis, one of the main points of the smart meter initiative was that it can be integrated with other “smart” appliances. However, it tries to communicate with anything that has a circuit board and a transmitter–if the oven is capable of being turned on remotely, the smart meter may be trying to communicate with it. If the appliance is not specifically designed to be compatible with the smart meter, they’re probably arguing with each other.

    The smart meter will interfere with “remote” lights, garage door openers, TV’s, computers, baby monitors, keyless entry systems and anything else that has a remote component. The smart meter is designed to monitor usage for these items. Older appliances are not designed to deal with the level of interference that the smart meter puts out and may have problems.

    The electric companies will suggest buying new “smart compatible” appliances, supposedly because they’re more energy efficient. Unless you want someone in the future to have the ability to monitor and control your electricity, I’d suggest you be very careful what you buy.

  17. OK, weird question, and I understand if no one has an answer.

    We’re trying to conserve but our power bill wasn’t going down, so for the past two months I’ve been keeping pretty good records, checking the meter twice a day (since I can’t get into the stupid utility website to check the numbers that way) and noticed an interesting pattern.

    As long as the power usage remains high the pattern looks relatively steady. If the monthly average drops below 26 kwh per day we start to get spikes that bring the average back up above that level. Is it possible that the smart meters are programmed to keep visible energy usage above a certain level? Has anyone else noticed this? Can anyone suggest a way to test whether this is the actual usage?

  18. I notice a lot of people having to replace their older appliances since having a smart meter installed. Can I get more info on this? I know someone with an electric range and has noticed that the temperature is difficult to control since the smart meter was installed. more info on this would be great. Thanks Dennis

  19. I had been having anxiety and headaches everyday along with severe monthly female symptoms noted for about 6 months. We live out in the country across from a lake and I happened to look at the electrical box and noticed it was a new one and that it had Smart Meter written right on there. As others have said, no notice and in Indiana we cannot opt-out. I also have noticed giant bugs dead around the Smart Meter. I have no doubt now that these meters cause our bodies biology to be ill and are killing smaller creatures. So not only are there poisons (pesticides) in our food, and chemtrail pollutants in the air (they spray frequently in my area), now we have our homes being radiated with RF’s. This is serious folks – we need to all contact government agencies and stop this. In particular at the local area. We are autonomous beings on this Earth and health crimes and privacy invasion are being committed on us. Guess they are afraid of our guns so killing us off slowly. Sorry – sickening and we all need to wake up and fight this. We can’t bury our heads in the sand any longer. Love and Peace to all thru all these trials and tribulations.

  20. Hi Crystal, Although people have swapped meters out themselves, for safety reasons I recommend having an electrician do the work. Sandi

  21. My name is Crystal Anderson from Dallas Tx. I have recently acquired an analog meter & legal documents needed to replace my smart meter back to an analog system. I purchased these items from a gentleman who is the president of the website in Califorinia. I was wondering If you may be able to connect me to someone who has successfully replaced their smart meter back to the analog meter themselves as I am trying to do. I would like to get tips & other input on how to be successful in doing this as well.

    Thank you

    Crystal Anderson

  22. I’m going to make this short without a lot of details for now. We have been having the same problem as many of you have with this smart meter. Ours was installed 2 years ago and we have noticed huge jumps in our edison bill and have been in a fight with them ever since. I’m reaching out to anyone in the Southern CA who are willing to join a lawsuit against Edison. I’m going to leave an email address here so that anyone can personally email me regarding this so we can get the ball rolling and stop getting rip off. Email. Serious people only.


  23. This is pathetic PEOPLE!!. I see you guys are in dire need of help so listen up. This is proof that the new world order is around the corner and those people controlling the world want you taken out. so you can either start a civil war against them or you can accept them as your master sheeple. So stand up for yourself dont let the devil win. Be a god’s creation and take these demons out! YEEEE HAWWWW!!

  24. Could it be an electrical surge? Not sure, but know the smart meters are causing problems with electrical equipment inc GFI’s and AFCI’s…burned out appliances.

  25. In the middle of the night, our clock radio (electric) and a transistor radio both turned on at the same time, The only way to turn them off was to unplug the clock and remove the transistor radio’s battery. My husband also had a pounding heart and head.
    We have a smart meter. Would it have caused these weird issues?

  26. Pulsating noise since smart meter installed it wakes me up 3 to 5 times a night. I work 12 hours a day 6 to 7 days a week. I dont need this. What can I do ? Can anyone help. Can I get it removed. We moved to where we are now for its peaceful rural lifestyle. I am Shattered by this .

  27. I tried to figure out where is spy and spook to watch me while I took shower. After 6 years I decided to switch other better cable provider. Finally I caught one service man installed new white plastic box on brick wall. Now I realized that is smart meter. I wish to remove it a.s.a.p. It is ridiculous to put it without my permits.

  28. Ive been so sick lately and I eat healthy. I am feeling dizzy and it is a scary thing. I wish I could find away to see if people in my community are sick too. My son is visiting from out of town and he is complaining of a headache and says he doesnt get them at his house. So I dont know, this smart meter is outside my bedroom. I saw a smart meter blocker online but it is over $100 but I want to see if I can make one on my own. I also want to move out. I dont have money for lawyers, what would u guys do?

  29. Smart meters are another word for “DOG Bark Controller ” systems except it’s aimed for humans!It’s abuse in every term!

  30. If you have been given that shot with the tracker thing can watch your every movement and even sort of controll you but in only small waves so you don’t notice whats happening! We will be machines not humans and controll is the whole story behind it!

  31. I know lots of stories since they came in and it’s uglyer then hell! And its only a begginning to what is comming next! .. Like don’t get shocked it’s phrophecy and you all know it’s happeneing!

  32. It can also be used to make you go carzy if they don’t like you! If you stat heraing sounds and music the smart meter is doing that too! True statement!
    Illuminety time folks….Controll amd punishment for talking!Be carefull it can hear you and it can watch you and send messgaes to the bad guys also…It’s a Bad thing!

  33. Banks of Smart meters should be banned. It’s putting too many people in a vulnerable position and forcing people to move. This is toxic trespass. If you live in SCE area in CA contact me as a lawsuit is getting started.

  34. ever since the smart meters have been installed which is located bout 15 feet from my bed, i have gotten 2 nose bleeds i thing that is very very rare for me and also i have this humming vibration in my ear constantly, it feels like it is coming from my head and really havent had any good sleeps yet..if i contact the power company will they change it back ? what are my options?

  35. Brenda R. Hawk says:
    January 29, 2013
    I live in Northwestern Ohio on a small farm outside of Lima, Ohio. AEP aka. American Electric Power is threatening to force me to put a so call Radio Frequency meter on my home and arrest me Feb. 8th with the aid of our local law enforcement Gestapo. They installed one on my home in October of last year, while I was home, very early in the morning even for a farm person.. But I made the fellow put my analogue meter back on. He took apart my ant-theft device too. I was surprised at how many people across America are standing up and saying NO, but are still Losing the fight in some cases.
    Here is an idea you might try and it is perfectly legal. I did this back in 2002 after getting tired of being arrested and Bullied by AEP contractor, Ashplundh who kept butchering my beautiful trees.
    I went to a neighboring town with a University that has a very nice law library. I wasn’t sure what to look for, but was directed by the librarian to check the OHIO JURISPURDENCE books. I think each state has them. I looked up Easements and utility companies. BINGO! I found the weapon I needed in Ohio anyway. Under the title of easement, I found that an easement is nothing more than a contract between two parties. If one party such as your utility company voids it’s own easement , as in my case, the easement stated they had to pay fair market value for any trees and bushes they cut down or destroy. Which of course the refused to pay. So that one issue alone made their easement NULL and VOID. They committed many other offenses too. In other words if you find they are not honoring their own easement, then they voided or cancelled out the easement. We just don’t know it.

    You will have to go to your County courthouse and look up your deed and utility easements that are recorded on your deed. Get a copy made and take it home to study. See if they violated any of the conditions. If not Just write in your document to cancel your easement, that they did such and such to void the document and you do not wish to be a party to their restrictions etc.
    So with this knowledge I wrote up my own document, stating all the non- compliances by AEP and had it notarized. I then went to my County Court House, The Recorders, office and asked to record my easement cancellation. The Recorder did not know what to do as no one had EVER Cancelled a Utility Easement before. At first he did not think it would be legal or could be done. Remember these words I’m about to say. They are your smoking gun! I asked him “Okay , tell you what, SHOW ME THE LAW, STATUTE OR CODE THAT STATES I CAN NOT CANCELL MY EASEMENT. He surprised me by stating , allow me to show your document to our lawyers and see what they say. I left my document with him and returned home.
    The Recorder called me back the next day and asked how I knew this could be done? He said the name for what I had done was legally called an EASEMENT ERASUREAL. I just told him I did my civic duty and studied the Ohio laws. He accepted my document charged a small fee of $17.00 in 2002 and legally and dully recorded my document. This erased the easement on my property.
    To make sure the utility company knew I no longer had an easement. I sent them a copy of the Erasureal and the $1.00 that the original land owners paid in 1936 for power. So far, as long as I pay my electric bill I have received power to date.
    By doing this I have found that I now have the power and control to say NO! and Mean It! For now anyway. They can still disconnect me though.
    The tree trimmers and AEP have threatened me off and on since 2002 to cut down my trees that are left. So far they find they can’t do it without my permission. So it has worked so far. You can have them arrested for criminal trespassing and theft of property once they have no easement. You took away their control over your land.
    I’ll see what happens now as even Law enforcement cannot force their way onto my farm without my permission. They can only access my property if they intend to force AEP to stop and desists. We will soon see!
    We need to sue our government as President Obahma gave our money in the form of a stimulus fund to all utilities to control us at our own expense. Obahma has a Government web page about not waiting to get the approval of congress to do this to us. Look up http://www.smartgrid.Gov
    Good luck. This just could backfire on these terrorist Utility companies if everyone cancels their easements.
    Brenda R. Hawk

  36. I have had the water/sewer meter one put on the house last year, because of a letter from the city of Mosinee, WI stating that if I didnt comply they would shut off those utilities. Since the city changed from quarterly billing to monthly billing when bills used to be about 90-100 bucks every 3 months, not theyre over 60 a month. And im never home more than maybe 6-7 days a month anymore because of work and traveling. Somehow, the electric company came out and put something in about a month ago. I havent went outside to see if it was a smart meter, but im probably sure it is,.. been having nothing but problems from the computers buzzing and making speaker noises to electrical issues in outlets and sockets. Some of the many same issues everyone else seems to be having.

  37. Hi, Here in Australia they are rolling these things out. Same deal as you guys in the US, we have no say in it! Power bills have gone up.
    What i’d like to know if anyone has had issues with their power tripping the main circuit overload switch? Ours goes off at 6:01am every day. We have been trying to trace a faulty power point, and taken everything with timers/clocks off the power supply & wall. Still it cuts out. Power company tells me it’s not the smart meter, but I have suspicions. Anyone out there have this issue. Maybe its a faulty power point but like looking for a needle in a haystack.

  38. Since I am vehementally refusing to have a smart meter attached to my home and refuse to pay their criminal extortion “opt-out fees”, and will continue to do so even if they shut off my electricity – I wonder if they will eventually put a lien on my home, and any others who refuse their criminal “fees” – actually a TAX!

    If my electricity is shut off for refusing the outrageous, strong arm tactics then they do not get monies for something I am not receiving. If enough people are brave enough to do that, (not an easy adjustment but doable with the right mindset and backup) they lose also. No service, no pay!!!

    These fees have gone to $98.00 “initial fee” and $24.00 per month. For CARE people it has gone to $78.00 and $10.00 per month. What do these ghoulish thugs think we are? Perhaps eventually confiscating our homes is their devious plan if we refuse to pay of can’t pay their exhorbitant, extortionate and unscionable, outrageous charges.

    There’s an old saying “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” The following article defines who our enemies are and the CPUC, SCE and all the rest, at all levels – are readily defined and identified here – Yes, “statist thugs” fits perfectly for this group

  39. Smartmeters went up in my neighborhood a little over 2 years ago. I was home and would not let them put one on. Still have my old analog but since I live in a subdivision with the houses all very close to each other, I am only steps away from my neighbors smartmeter. A few weeks passed and I started getting bloody noses. After the first year I was having one or two a day. Then about 18 months into it, I talked to a friend who suggested the neighborhood meters were like microwaves and that they communicate with each other even though I do not have one on my home. She suggested I put up metal screening where they may intersect through my home. Another 6 months passes and my nose bleeds are minimum 2-3 a day. Now I was in June 2012. We left to do a Rogue River whitewater trip and we’re gone for 6 days in Oregon. NO nosebleeds the whole time we were gone. We get back on a Saturday and by Tuesday the nosebleeds start up again.
    I had had it. My husband and I, even tho, thinking the metal screen thing was kindof crazy, we went out and bought rolls of the stuff and put it up on the inside of our fence where the other meters may be intersecting with one another.
    SINCE EARLY JULY I HAVE HAD 3 NOSEBLEEDS (it is now Oct 31) I wouldn’t have believed it until this was very convincing the microwave theory seems valid.
    Also, I went to an Ear Nose and Throat specialist to talk about this and have it put in my chart. He laughed at me and said there was no proof to warrant him writing that down. I insisted and he just put me off.
    We are convinced these meters are extremely hazardous to ones health, whether or not a physician wants to chart my 20 months experience with bloody noses.

  40. In your area is there an alternative to Oncor,(TXU?) if so will they allow you to keep an analog meter at no extra cost?

  41. We are very concerned as our family members and also visitors that come into our home are hearing a high pitch frequency/noise. This coincides with our smart meter installation. The noise at times sounds almost like crickets chattering only a higher pitch noise, but no crickets are outside. We now hear the noise all the time in our home. I knew something was up and started searching on line and found this site. I had heard about complaints of the SM on the accuracy issue, but was shocked to see all the health issues that can be associated with the smart meter and I am especially worried since our son that lives with us is a survivor of Cancer. We live in Plano TX. I am contacting PG&E and my energy company. What else can we do?

  42. I have been fighting this for some years now, and until recently got more aggressive. Now, how is it fair that I have to pay to not get the meter? Does that mean those of you who have it installed own the meters and I have to pay to not unknown it. You mean, I have to pay to not get something? How does that work in this capitalistic mess?

  43. In response to the query about interference with AM radio reception. My mother’s senior living center received smart meters and since then nobody in the building has been able to listen to their AM radios. Of course, Balto. Gas Electric claim it is not their smart meters.

  44. “Has anyone else noticed perisistent interference with their AM radio reception? ”

    Yes, Milton, I’ve very definitely noticed AM interference — which sharply increased shortly after the smart meters were emplaced at most of the units in our complex, and which has never abated ever since.

  45. I have a major concern about these smart meters and my privacy being invaded .I am hearing people behind these meters the people no whats going on inside of my home it is invasion of privacy .I have recordings about whats going on and its very unprofessional whats going on.

  46. First time on this site and first time to check out info on smart meter’s. Just heard from a someone who the house next door got a smart meter and he thought people were just being crazy with all the bad hype about the meters until this one was installed. His wife started having flu like feelings but never getting better. There bedroom was right in line with the smart meter so he lined the bedroom wall with foil. She has gotten better. It does make one worry.

  47. Those smart meters are nothing but a scam.

    * There’s the health risks as many have mentioned on this site.

    * There’s risk to your electronic equipment.

    * There’s the economic cost. If supply goes up, prices go down. If they use smart meters to reduce supply in accordance with demand, they are actually making sure prices don’t go down. So their whole argument that smart meters will help you reduce costs doesn’t add up.

  48. Since the sm went in I get a rhythmic beating (like a heart beat) in my ear. Other than a tin hat any ideas how to stop it?

  49. I have three smart meters outside my kitchen door. I have a child who is at risk and on the spectrum, and I am concerned about this. When I complained to PG&E they sent a message that I could opt out for 150.00 plus a monthly fee. I live in a triplex and even if I came up with my money, my neighbors cannot. And my neighbor told PG&E not to install, but they came back when no one was home and did it anyway. I feel they are holding us hostage to this technology, and don’t care about the health/environmental impact because they put profits first before anything else.

  50. yeah,PG&E are crooks ,this companys a monopoly,back in the day with big corperation got to push people around they had to break off,they need competion,there pushen this smart meter on us and we refused it ,but its like they keep raising are bill because we dont have it,this is a rachet…

  51. smart meter was installed in one of my rental trailers and all of a sudden the bill jumped from an average of between sixty to one hunderd dollars to one hundred and fifty. The trailer has no washer or dryer but does have hot water heater, stove, furnace, tv and lights. The electric company when complained to said they checked the meter in march which would have been to old meter which i never seen them check but regardless the new meter was installed around August of last year and the trailer had been vacant for two years before this nov. They said it must be the water heater which just got installed last summer in preperation for a renter. They refused to come check new meter so whats up with that and has anyone else had this kind of problem?

  52. Sources: I didn’t know if I could name businesses, so here goes…
    50 watt TV – Costco
    10 watt DVD player – Costco
    French press coffee maker – Starbucks
    Amish washer (and many other non-electric items) Lehman’s hardware
    7 watt L.E.D. screw in light bulbs – Lowes
    energy star refrigerators – just read the labels
    small solar panels – northern tools
    off grid solar systems – backwoods solar, Idaho
    coleman camping stove –

  53. Thanks so much for sharing your story- very inspiring. We also reduced our electric usage several years ago, and keep most of the circuit breakers off to the home, to reduce the EMF from indoor wiring. I also have lived without electricity for months and know its very doable. If you have resources, for alternative appliances, like the Amish clothes washer, please post!

  54. I set out on my own private war against the power company. Nothing illegal, but how to best hurt them in my own way was to hit them in the wallet. So with a smaller (18 cu. ft. energy star) very low useage refrigerator, a 50 watt 23 inch flatscreen TV ($250), a 10 watt DVD player ($50) (which is what the TV is only used for watching a movie), and some 7 watt L.E.D. standard screw in light bulbs ($11) used sparingly, I end up using less than a kilowatt a day. The water heater (propane), freestanding fireplace (propane) heats this smaller house (1300 square feet), and a propane (only) kitchen range do not tap into the electricity. We are down to less that 60 KwH per month. (60 KwH X .122 cents per KwH = $7.32 monthly electric bills) I have a small solar panel ($50) and a 12 V deep cycle boat battery that I use to recharge this laptop. The sewing machine was converted to treadle 45 years ago, the coffee pot is French press ($40) using only boiling water from the propane range. The floors are wood so I use a dust mop. I have monitored our electric useage daily for the last 2 years since the SM was installed. We use an Amish type of hand clothes washer and a clothes line to dry the wash. There are many things we have learned to “do without” and have managed just fine. Anything with a plug on the end of a cord (other than the items mentioned above) was donated or given away. The air conditioner was turned off at the circuit breaker and I had PG&E come get their little computer off of it. In the summer here in the Central valley of CA we super insulated the attic (39 R) of the house and garage, do the “window thing” – open in early morning and close before it warms up and close the drapes on the sunny sides of the house, and use the ceiling fan in whatever room we are in. I have a Coleman camping stovetop oven ($39) that sits on a burner and bake in it rather than fire up the large oven. So here is a list of what we get along just fine without: vacuum cleaner, electric coffee pot, hair dryer, clothes dryer, electric washer, freezer in the garage – gave it away, giant TV – that went too, small kitchen appliances, and anything else that plugs in. The work shop is mostly non-electric tools, hand saws, hand drill, brace and bit, breast drill – a large hand drill, and the usual squares, planes, levels, hammers, pullers, etc. Most of our hand tools were found at yard sales or cast offs from others who no longer use hand tools.
    Just to show that we have gotten PG&E’s attention we have received 3 letters from them charting our electric useage and asking if “they are comparing us correnctly.” The next step now that our electric useage is minimal was to go offgrid solar. Well it is up and running and we have an appointment next week for them to come and collecct the SM!
    Even without going off grid, it felt great just to cut the useage down to the absolute minimun. I installed some foil behind a large picture and hung it over the inside wall where the SM was hung on the outside of the house and cut down the radiation into the house. It can be tested inexpensively (without a testing type of meter) with a battery powered portable radio. Just listen to the interference static and for a real eyeopener try running the radio outside the SM! Yikes! Hope this helps.

  55. I have many physical symptoms I have never had before the Smart meter was
    installed, such as being dizzy, tingling in arms&legs, feel way off balance when walking,
    pressure in my head, agitated, feel like I am in a fog, do no sleep well, etc.

  56. i hate alabama power !!!!!!!!i joined the hate group for alabama power and now its gone! go figure!but i will start one of my own!!!! ALABAMA POWER S*#KS AND A BIG FAT RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Why am I paying for this new meter? I didn’t buy it!! I didn’t authorize it!!! I want My old meter back. You know why!!!

  58. All you people having problems…………go to UN Agenda 21 on the web and on You Tube, type in Rosa Koire and listen to what she has to tell you. These meters are just the beginning of a diabolical plan to exterminate 90% of the population, take over our land, put us in “Sustainable Communities”, so the elite people in the world can live a more prosperous, healthy lifestyle. It is real, it’s here now and we all must educate ourselves about it. There is hope for us, if we ban together & fight it. I’m not a crazy person………I’m as normal as anyone. Find out for yourself, PLEASE!

  59. Florida here. We have a solar pool heater, and next installed a solar hot water heater. We were thrilled to see our FP&L bill drop substantially after installing the solar water heater. THEN THEY INSTALLED THE SMART METER. Now our elec bills are even higher than they were BEFORE we changed the pool and hot water over to solar, and we are not big AC users. We use ceiling fans and even when we use the AC, we keep it set to 78 degrees. I know this “smart meter” is inflating my bill but how can we prove it? How can we fight it? And by the way, we were never offered the option to opt-out. If that had been a viable option, there should be some penalty to FPL for deliberately notbtelling people they had that option!

  60. Well thank God FPL came and reinstalled our old analog meter. They put a smart meter on while we were away on vacation and we came home to:
    no phone, no TV, no home alarm system, dead/dying/agressive bees, no birds on that side of the house (or weeds either!) and our normally quiet neighbor dogs – barking incessantly day and night. I won’t even go into the heart palpitations at night (meter is on our bedroom wall) and the terrible quality of sleep. The meter was taken off yesterday and it’s been peacefully quiet again. A switch was literally turned off and not a peep out of the dogs, the birds are back, no bees bombing my head or dying on the ground (we are organic in every way and it is disturbing to think a utility co. can pollute your and your neighbors living space). The only lingering problem is trying to troubleshoot the phone line – of course it’s our responsibility to fix, even though we didn’t break it. Any helpful tips would be appreciated. The line outside is good but all interior phone lines show a “short” on the voltmeter. FPL still plans on reinstalling this thing in the next few years and I’m wondering how to stop this??? They’re not even UL approved?

  61. Hi Ray, Good to know you are working in Hawaii against the meters. We have not investigated wiretapping as a potential basis for a lawsuit. The best of my understanding is we have to exhaust our remedies at the Public Utilities Commission before we can sure the utilities. Sandi

  62. to administrators… I am smart meter activist in Hawaii. you can ad to your blog roll if you would like.

    I need to know if anyone has used the opt out form stating that smart meters are wiretapping devices in a lawsuit? If they are indeed wiretapping devices, why hasn’t such a lawsuit happened?


    Shield transmitting water, gas, and electric utility meters. The following aluminum foil shielding technique was developed by a woman with radiofrequency sickness, using an HF35C radiofrequency meter to verify shielding effectiveness. It is not perfect, however it should substantially reduce exposure to radiofrequency radiation from the meter while you work on educating public officials and getting the meter removed. You may need to have someone who does not have radiofrequency sickness do the shielding.
    Caution: Pregnant women should NOT perform the shielding and should avoid being near the transmitting meter(s)!
    Caution: Before attempting the shielding, verify that the shielding material (aluminum foil, copper mesh, etc.) will not contact a bare wire or wires and pose an electrocution hazard. DO NOT CONTINUE SHIELDING IF IT WILL.
    Disclaimer: The webmaster is providing information on shielding of transmitting utility meters to assist people who are experiencing serious health problems resulting from forced installation of transmitting utility meters, but cannot possibly verify the safety of the technique in each individual situation. Thus, PROCEED WITH CAUTION AND AT YOUR OWN RISK.

  64. Join the (SMR) Smart Meter Resistance and foil every meter you see. Take a red felt marker and mark the meter panel “SMR” then photograph the meters and send the photos to every news organization. Make youtube videos with ski masks on talking about the dangers, do everything you can to get attention to spread the word. but don’t break any laws. Save your bail money for tin foil!!!!!!!

  65. David Hamilton – can you please contact me? I am in Santa Cruz, and have been working on the SM issue for a while. I work with and other local people trying to stop the SM installations. I would like to speak with you if possible. is my non-private email address – please give your contact info, and we can go from there.

  66. I was privately mentored in neuro chemistry and have an adept knowledge of brain functioning. I confronted an employee of the wellington energy services who was contracted to install the smart meters in Santa Cruz, Ca. I explained the peak audible frequency of human ears is 1-3hz. Smart meters running at 2.5hz obviously effects hearing. She gave me a horrified look and informed me that for the last 2 months she cannot hear (like her ears had been popped and wont stop ringing). She told me that there are other installers experiencing the same effects and made me promise I was not recording her as she could not afford to lose her job for what she was telling me. My ears feel pressure now and I am tingly and itchy all over my body after smart meter installation. Got all the way to PG&E top supervisor for smart meters and they could not answer any of my questions about frequency, hearing and the brain. Said there’s nothing I can do to stop the installation. HOW TO WE STOP THE METERS OURSELVES!?? THERE HAS GOT TO BE A DEVICE WE CAN BUY TO BLOCK THEM OR DISABLE THEM!? very upset neuro chemist and freedom stricken American! lets band together and stop this!

  67. ““It is clear there was no concern for the health or well-being of the general public prior to rolling out the smart meter. ”
    I would go one further and add that it is clear there was no concern for the requirements of law prior to rolling out the smart meter and the entire smart grid, including the other technical question of Canadian Federally mandated requirement for CRTC licensing of any RF unit with potential to interfere with any other RF unit, as is the case with each and every component of the smart grid.
    There is one other electrical item with which aggressive smart frequencies cause illegal frequency conflict. It is called a human being. The frequencies co-opt and couple w/ human bodies, turning all biological creatures into involuntary conductors.
    Frequency conflict is illegal.
    Any electrician would be thrown in jail for doing so to the power grid.
    Has no one thought to question the fact that the long missing causal link for frequency induced cancer, heart disease, any disease involving nerves or muscles, has been found as of September 24, 2010?
    It is electrical induction of humans, which is against the law.
    Mass disease and disablement are being generated illegally right under our noses by power utility corporations guilty of criminal negligence.
    These frequencies slow cook you by converting your dwelling into the equivalent of a microwave oven.
    The thermal heat effect is forbidden under all international EMF safety codes. Industry agencies such as Industry Canada are obliged to uphold and act as the enforcement arm of such codified laws. Electrical induction, nerve & muscle depolarization, gradual electrical failure of the human grid (not to mention the biosphere grid) is against the law. ILLEGAL. the application of the law has been for nearly one year now changed by the weight of evidence of thermal heat effect. Smart meters are illegal under existing Canadian Federal Law Safety Code Six pages 1 to 9. This EMF Safety Code is no different in its essential terms in Canada than it is for any other country. The Codes are internationally applicable in all countries. Defend you family from corporate criminal actions before you are frequency disabled permanently in the privacy of your own home.

  68. The scope of problems from transmitting utility meters is staggering, from appliance burn-outs to higher bills to health problems and poor radio reception. But one thing bothersome here in these comments is when people call those who are protesting these meters to be “old hippies” or try to distance themselves from those “tin-foil hat” people (which stands for nutso, apparently).

    You will find the “tin-foil set” to include people of all ages, from the left, right and middle, from every walk of life – artists, musicians, teachers, administrators, farmers, veterinarians, etc. Traditional medicine is behind the curve on this growing health disaster, and lumps people into other categories, mental and physical. This is just another form of environmental illness, and in time, will be accepted as such. In the meantime, please be kind and respectful of people with the condition. They are isolated enough without being labelled as “tin-foil nuts.”
    Thanks, folks.

  69. I live in Dallas, Texas. Our bills will be higher because WE are paying for every aspect of the “Smart” Meters, their production to installation, etc. They will raise the rates during peak hours and lower them in non-peak hours. They’ve probably jiggered the readings in their favor also-how could we know. In the future it will be used to control the amount of energy we can use. I see lots of lawsuits being filed over this because there are some illnesses in which the avoidance of heat is very important, also the elderly cannot tolerate the heat. It’s dirty energy that will destroy our health. They have tried three times to install one at my home and I have told them I did not want it. They tried to come onto my property without my knowledge or permission and my dogs (2 german shepherds and a pit bull) stopped them. The last one was very belligerent and told me he would call the police. I told him to go ahead and I would file charges against him and his company for trespassing and harassment. He then said I could do it the easy way, or the hard way and stretch it out as long as possible, but by God I was getting that meter. I told him I would just stretch it out as long as possible. He was really pissed. His face was read and the veins in his neck were bulging. I have watched them go in neighbor’s yards while they are away at work. I wonder how many of them would have refused permission if they were home. It’s a miracle one of them hasn’t been shot for trespassing. This is not going to end well. I would also like to point out that outlaw bankster Goldman Sachs is part owner of Oncor.

  70. I am very disappointed with the Smart meter. The day it was installed at our home, all of the plug in in our garage wnet out. I have a large upright freezer that is located in the garage and all of my foood was spoiled. I contacted the company that did the installation and received a letter yesterday stating that there was no neglience. I beg the differ, because I didn’t have a problem until the smartmeter was installed. Also I have a friend, after the smartmeter was installed on her parents home, it caught fire and they lost everything even a car that was parked beside the house. There are too many complaints about this smartmeter for it to be something helpful.

  71. AC capacitor burnt, replaced that, now AC compressor is not gone not working , Smart Meter to blame! I was told by AEP that after I filed a complaint they would be back in touch within a week, what I did not realize their week acutally meant they were not callling me back it has been 4 weeks and counting, no return call from them to me. So, I think a lawyer is on my agenda now…this is wrong.

  72. I am not a well person, 86 yrs., and am concerned re these smart meters on a person’s health, and wish to have “so called” smart meter removed from my cabin.

  73. Has anyone else noticed perisistent interference with their AM radio reception? Since my smartmeter was installed, the entire AM band has nothing but a high-pitched RFI tone. This is 24-7, and it started around the time my smart meter was installed, though I don’t know specifically what day the meter was installed. The utility, Delmarva Power in Delaware, said they would look into this, then never got back to me.

  74. Hum and noise are nothing new at all, and have been around for many decades.
    In my business, we do power quality analysis.
    We get complaints from banks about currency counters miscounting batches of money. My clients that sold them the currency counters said the bank was claiming that their counters were defective
    When we put our wave form analyzer on the circuit for a few days, we saw voltage sags every night at 3:am. That is when they were doing their counting of currency. It was PG&E that was reducing voltage in the middle of the night when demand is lower that was causing the bank to miscount the cash.
    Another case we investigated was at the College of Marin. Their HVAC telemetry was malfunctioning, and we found that dirty power was the culprit.
    There are many things that cause power quality problems, and I don’t think any of them are from microwaves. The new smart meters do not transmit microwaves, but they do transmit radio frequency (RF).
    One of the biggest causes of harmonic distortion was the early electronic ballasts for fluorescent and HID lighting systems, but a few years ago they improved the circuitry and the problem has been solved with the ballasts.
    There are many other causes of what we call hum and noise on electrical lines. One such problem has to do with grounding. For many reasons, the NEC states that the ground and the neutral conductor must be bonded ONLY in the main panel, and all other sub panels must not have the neutral bonded with the grounding conductor.
    Also, in older buildings, they used to use knob and tube wiring, often sharing a neutral between 2 phases, and usually no ground. Those wires are separated by a few inches, and in modern systems the neutral and the hots are all in one cable. By having the wires in cable, that helps eliminate the high emf’s that exist in older buildings.
    But as far as audible and physical hum goes, I used to live on the Bolinas mesa when the RCA antenna farm was going at full bore. I could here it and feel it all the time.

  75. I would appreciate you taking the time to view our blog where we posted documents proving dirty electricity and noise pollution coming from the utility side.

    We also have expert audio analysis of a constant noise confirmed modulating pulse, manmade. We have posted the fingerprint.

  76. I commend the EMF Safety Network and the people in the greater SF Bay area and Marin County for their dogged persistence in challenging Smart Meters, a grave menace to public health, our liberties, freedoms, and privacy. If this precedent is allowed to exist, we shall lose far more. Even with just this outrageous device, the following can (and likely will) happen:
    1. the health of Americans will be destroyed. I have all but one symptom named in a report of health effects from RF radiation – and that includes a new, disturbing, virulent form of skin cancer on my face (smart meter located by head of my bed).
    2. hackers, government, or private companies could choose who to sicken with radiation exposure – no one would be safe. They would have a device on our homes and buildings that can be dialed up to sicken or even kill the occupants. This is not science fiction, this is a reality, now.
    3. privacy destroyed – our indoor air space permeated with radiation emissions, where once, we had the choice to have a healthy home
    4. privacy destroyed – data gathered on our activities and how often we are there, this can be hacked into or misused by government or private companies
    5. security issues
    6. interference with other devices, including medical devices and technologies in the home. This can be deadly. A man in my Smart Meter-blanketed-neighborhood with pacemaker and defribrillator dropped dead suddenly, unexpectedly. His device stopped working, I was told.
    7. Power given over to government, corporations (often owned by international interests), terrorists/hackers who can now harm us in our homes from a great distance.

    This is outrageous and must not be tolerated. I hope the National Tea Party and any others who are seeing the extreme dangers of Smart Meters and the entire plan will step up and raise the issue up to the highest levels in all our states and in Congress.

  77. Folks, I hate to break this to you but smart meters are in use to monitor people growing marijuana. No other reason. That is why Barack Obama says he will fight California on legalization. His campaign promise was to not prosecute. But he is no pressured by the Mexican drug cartels.

  78. Socal edison installed the new smart meter and my bill went up even after turning off everything for 1 month, I purchased a Blask and Decket EM100B meter reader and walla I see spikes to 33.6 KW or 300 amps at 110 volts with everything shut off, they came out and checked the meter and stated it was ok. I disagree with this, I do not have an a/c unit or electric water heater nor a pool, with everything turned on my usage is 2.6 kw.
    Running normal I use 900 to 1100 watts, then with no changes I get spikes all day from 1.0 kw tio 33.6 so far, an electrician was present this weekend when the 300 amp came in and we had a meter on top and a meter on the bottom of the smart meter and no changes to the watts or amps changed for my draw to the house but the meter ran for 2 min at 300 amps, turned off the breaker and it stayed running for 2 min then as it stopped we turned the breaker to the house back on to see the 300 come back … it did this 4 times.
    I had a edison HV maint. trouble shooter here and he was changeing a ground on my roof, well he cut the line and the breaker to the entire house, well the meter ran at 400 watts for 2 min then dropped to 100 watts for 1 min, he looked at me nd stated hmmm, I think we have a problem. To be continued after more contact with edison this week I hope.

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