We don’t have plastic heads

Everything wireless is tested on a plastic head
Designed by engineers back in 1996
They put salty fluid in it – set their timers for six minutes and if at six minutes
The temperature hasn’t risen more than 2 degrees
They declare the product safe for you and for me
Who don’t have plastic heads – We don’t have plastic heads.

“For all these technologies we’re actually further apart, you know what I’m saying… Hello?

“Excuse me sir could you please put your phone down. You’re not walkin’ straight, your stumblin’ around. You’re in public man, you’re being kind of rude. Your text messages are not that important dude!”

“Excuse me lady, could you put your phone down. Your talking too loud like nobody’s around. I’m sure your friend can wait to hear what you have to say. I don’t want to know that much about your day…”

From the creators of “Whole Foods Parking Lot” and “Yoga Girl”. DJ Dave “goes dumb” on smart phones in this public service announcement to those among us who are emotionally, physically or surgically tied to our “pieces”. In today’s world of technology driven hyper-communication, its good to exercise your interpersonal skills, lest they atrophy. Here’s Put Your Phone Down: