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  1. Great video!
    For commenter Donna Avent, please know that there are various ways to shield the Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) from the “stupid” meters. Not that this toxic, surveillance technology shouldn’t be banned……

  2. This is a poem I have been working on for some time. I will be performing it at the next poetry night I am at

    (A prose poem)

    You communicate…
    But your message is…
    Not wanted.
    Twenty four hours a day you,
    Urgently, powerfully
    Through my brain
    Through my body
    When I read
    And when I sleep.
    I believe that you harm me
    That you cause cancer.
    But no one listens to me,
    So I lie awake
    So I cry.
    I cannot communicate
    As strongly
    As you

  3. Love the video . Thank you for pointing out in a humorous way the of use of cell phones in lieu of direct communication to the person or persons you are with. Nothing I can
    think of is more ludicrous than a life based on smart phones. I call them dumb phones
    because they rob you of being in the moment.
    Worse, they should never be held next to your ear for more than two minutes, or you have electromagnetic waves causing a tsunami in your brain. They also are linked to
    brain tumors.
    So, is a cell phone necessary for life? I say a flat, no. Fed up with selfies. Anything from
    Anthony Weiner and now Pope Francis.
    Give us back phone booths and cameras that won’t give us brain tumors. And yes, landlines for those of us planning to communicate without EMF Dangers,
    Never keep a smartphone in your slacks turned on. Shut it off.
    Pregnant women..stop laying cellphones on your bumps. You are harming your baby.
    Better you should have a glass of wine with a friend, best in health to all.
    I pray this madness ends. No cell phones for kids under 12.. You don’t let them play with fire do you? Teach your little ones by not being a cell phone junkie, yourself.

  4. I have trouble with sleep because of next house have smart meters that too close my house about 8 feet. After PGE removed smart meter and put analog back but same things because of neighbors have smart meters.

  5. I’ve been living more or less “off the grid” or in areas with weak cellphone reception for almost 9 years now — this includes living in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Sonoma County, and Mill Valley. In each of these places, cell phone reception was weak (or nil) and in two of them we had Satellite Internet.

    In Spring of 2013 I moved into a house on the Peninsula, near San Francisco, CA. My first room was in the front of the house, next to the garage — I could not sleep a wink from the first night in this house. There was a horrible ringing in my ears — so loud I thought I was going insane. Then the headaches started — a piercing headache that stabbed me in the eyes. It was the longest migraine of my life — 7 continuous days. When I went to sleep, it felt like there was an electrical current swirling through my body, energizing me so I was forced to stay awake. I was consumed with nightmares. Then the bleeding started — double nosebleeds from both nostrils — and my menstrual period came on (two weeks early) and I was stuck with debilitating pains in my abdomen, gushing bleeding and dizziness. The bleeding was sometimes so bad I could not make it to the bathroom. I truly thought I was going to die. I had no energy to leave the house — no energy to walk to the store, no energy to even make a phone call. The weirdest thing is that I was constantly thirsty and it seemed that water would not stay in my body — if I drank water I would immediately urinate it out.

    I discovered that the wifi router was on the wall directly behind the headboard — and on the other side of the room, where the garage was, was a PG&E SmartMeter! This sent me down the “rabbit hole” of reading about EMF and SmartMeters. I was surprised to find others complaining of the EXACT symptoms.

    Frankly, I thought people complaining about these meters were nut jobs until I experienced this nightmare of being “trapped in the matrix” myself! I requested to move to a different room in the house, downstairs one floor, and while I slept a little better in this room (at least I could focus on my work) I still had the constant Tinnitius and the bleeding. (My period has been almost non stop since living in this house–twice a month.) I won’t even begin to describe what the other residents of this house are like — but let’s just say that anger, depression and addiction are the prevailing vibe in the house and I would suspect this “depression meter” has something to do with it. (My guess is the only reason these other people can sleep is because they are either heavy pot smokers or they drink a lot–I’m clean and sober and do neither.)

    I went to a friend’s house and immediately fell asleep on the couch at 9 pm and slept 12 solid hours! (She doesn’t have a smart meter.)

    After 7 months of exhaustion, dehydration, incontinence, blurred vision, brain fog, depression, lack of focus, menstrual irregularities, joint pains, insomnia and this constant sense of agitation and lack of serenity… I’ve moved out! I’m back off the grid in a house with no smart meter (we do have WiFi). I sleep like a rock here and vivid dreams are returning. People say I look better. The headaches and bleeding have disappeared and my mind is clear and focused (no brain fog.)

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