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  1. Geovital – World Leaders in EMF shielding – 34 years experience – about 500,000 home surveys – about 200,000 protected homes.

    Best solutions – Don’t have man made electronic technology – Switch it off – Live in a low to zero frequency area – Shield your home

    Geovital products have far greater shielding value than any other product of similar type we are aware of in the World.

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  2. The best solution is to restore an analog meter, rather than shield the smart meter, because the smart meter emits RF onto the wiring which is a health threat, is more vulnerable to arcing which leads to fires,is a privacy and security risk and can cause billing errors which lead to overcharges. However… I think your product appears to be the simplest, least expensive shield which can be best used in temporary situations to mitigate the wireless pulses.

  3. In an effort to protect consumers from radiation emitted by smart meters, this new innovative patent pending device is designed to inexpensively help shield consumers from the radiation emitted by their smart meters.

    Now consumers have one more level of protection from the potentially harmful radiation emitted by smart meters. The RF Meter Shield is a new patent pending design that is woven with a special blend of metallic materials which provide flexibility for easy installation on all smart meters. These proprietary materials aid in the containment and absorption of potentially harmful RF radiation & EMF radiation. The remaining RF radiation & EMF radiation in contained by the smart meter’s existing metal enclosure.

    Up until now there were only 2-choices if you wanted to avoid smart meter radiation: Opting Out (the utilities charge an extra service fee amounting to over $90.00 annually), or purchasing a cumbersome, custom fit, metal enclosure (difficult to install and often costing over $120.00).

    With the RF Meter Shield, protection from potentially harmful RF radiation & EMF radiation emitted by smart meters is only $21.95. The RF Meter Shield reduces RF & EMF radiation by up to 99 %. It has a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and a 5-Year Parts and Labor Warranty.

    The RF Meter Shield is easy to install: Slip the RF Meter Shield over the smart meter’s glass cover. Internal elastic securely holds the RF Meter Shield in place. RF Meter Shield Model: SX1000418 fits all smart meter glass covers up to a 6.5″ diameter X 6.0″ long (all the smart meters currently manufactured). The elastic end of the RF Meter Shield can be rolled-up to snuggly fit shorter glass covers. The RF Meter Shield has been designed to stay secure in wind gusts up to 110 MPH, .

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