Dr. Martin Pall: EMF’s are the major cause of autism

Dr. Martin Pall states EMF’s are the major cause of autism.  In addition, chemicals and EMF’s combined produce autism.  In this lecture he presents the scientific evidence. Dr. Pall is a professor emeritus of biochemistry and basic medical sciences at Washington State University.

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  1. Thanks the notion that more studies needs to done denies the fact that the media controls the appearance of a responsible science. You are committed to a science which acts without the consent of the governd. Our leaders are pus opaque who are spiritual bankrupt! They exempt themselves from the damage they are inflicting on the general population and the. Postulate ” your mother probably gave you a bad pair of genes!” The operant condition of socialization does not rely on science but projecting guilt onto us. Thus the science succeeds because it avoids stereotyping you as a victim. Better yet they pander to “guilt for gelt” conciousness. Thus can not expect a science to reform itself when it subliminally blames its victims, ie psychopathic projection of responsibility unto the victim . This is the spiritual core of conciousness that binds them. The society at large is experiencing an exponential rise in victimization and plausible denial ability. This trend is purely spiritual in nature. Not only are the victims left to rot but the individuals who claim to be responsible do not act proactively to protect the innocent. This is not karma, Christian but purely predatory behavior. The science is not tempered by conscience! Indeed the. Cumulative effect is to deny responsibility. Profits are made off of victimization.
    Unwittingly men are devoid of free will. They can only use the conciousness that is available to them. The conciousness used determines the behavior.
    Vi ctimization is the end result of projecting responsibility unto the victim. The projector has no inner sense of responsibility and is essentially spiritualy dead!
    There is no need to gain power, to worship evil because the individual is ensnared by that conciousness.
    The world has long survived using the same strand of conciousness. We are kind of like radios who are attuned to Am instead of Fm. Rational discussion will not succeed in changing our behavior. One should disconnect from am which I consder to be a alienation conciousness to one of fm which shifts one perception to unconditional love.
    The damage being done to children is just a microcosm of the product of the individuals who control our tecnology. The issue is not about forgiveness but a fundamental shift in conciousness itself which is the great engine of creation.
    Guilt is a form of conciousness which binds us to those who would victimize us. This in itself creates a pattern of dependency which must be cast off. It can be done. Conciousness is the foundation of experience. Getting rid of the guilt does it mean one will become more irresponsible. Indeed that is the desire of victimization. Clear the energy sever the cords and connect to fm.(ie,unconditional conciousness). Pray for others to be liberated from this perpetual conciousness of victima action and denial. Awareness is the first step but a shift in conciousness is essential, otherwise we tune into collective and keep playing the same tunes over and over!

  2. I keep hearing, “we need more studying of RF,” but I have done the “research” and FOUND, 3000 PLUS “scientific medical, peer reviewed “studies” dating back to when “radio” TV, radiation was being studied in early 70s. Anyone who “needs” more studies, really “needs” to learn how to use a “search engine” and “allow” themselves to find at least 10,000 STUDIES have been “studied.”
    Step one. type in “NMRI 1972 PDF” and see the 2300 “medical reviewed PDF that proved 122 dangerous “side” effects of RF/EMF RADIATION. And NO they didn’t need “cell” phones or WIFI they HAD 100MHz to 5GHz spectrum to TEST, back then. Same RF, different devices.

  3. EMFs could certainly be a major fact in the development of autism, but that would not explain why it is only the vaccinated who regress dramatically after a vaccination.

    Although some unvaccinated are autistic from birth, and some regress slowly, it seems only the vaccinated regress into autism, dramatically and inexplicably, after a normal infancy.

    No case meeting the following specifications has shown up so far.

    I would also be particularly interested to learn of any documented cases of completely unvaccinated children who have later dramatically and inexplicably regressed into autism after a normal infancy.

    To date, no such case has ever been identified to me.




  4. Inverters can emit high levels of EMF and should be placed away from living and sleeping areas at a minimum.

  5. Thank you for all the info you share!

    We find ourselves torn between energy responsibility and EMF concerns. We are installing solar panels on our home and part of the package is an inverter, and a “net meter” that allows the utility company to credit us for excess electricity generated during periods that our home does not use it all. What do you think of the electricity quality output of the inverter, and the EMF from the net meter?

  6. A very tragic recent case of 4 y.o. twins born 2 months premature that nearly died, diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Autism. Conception was in a master bedroom with 2.0+ uT @ 2m and child bedroom at 1.8+ uT @2m. These are magnetic fields, and not the RF as per Dr. Paul but low frequency 50-69 Hz oscillating fields. The role of VGCC for these magnetic fields alone or in combination of the presence of WIFI RF may have been a factor in this case. More study is required.

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