Smart Meter: heros and bullies in Oklahoma

Joe EspositoJoe Esposito lives in Tulsa County on the fence line next to the City of Owasso, Oklahoma, which was a pilot for the State of Oklahomaʼs Smart Meter program. Joe called the Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO) and told them he did not want a Smart Meter. He came home one day from work and discovered that PSO had installed a Smart Meter on his home without his consent.

Joe and his wife watched Dr. Dietrich Klinghardtʼs video “Smart Meter and EMR: The Health Crisis Of Our Time”. After watching the video Joe took Dr. Klinghardtʼs advice and nailed a sheet of lead (30”x30”) between the smart meter and his house and later that night he woke up to discover the two major health problems he had been having were gone. He then built a faraday cage to sleep in which helped him even more.

Joe says, “The important issue to understand is that I did not need any pharmaceuticals, I just needed to get the radiation stopped.”

Joe then worked with Jerry Day, who helped him obtain an analog meter and legal paperwork. Then he talked with a licensed electrician who suggested he apply to the City of Tulsa for a permit to replace his Smart Meter with an analog meter, due to health problems. Joe did just that and the inspector came out said all was fine and he would call PSO to have them put their security lock on the new analog meter.

Within days he received an over-night letter from PSOʼs attorney saying put back the Smart Meter or we will cut your power off.  Joe refused and he and his wife were forced to live without power for over two months.

Joe’s attorney and PSO’s attorney finally worked out an agreement to place a ‘plug’ instead of a meter on his house and gave Joe two months to resolve this issue or PSO will cut his power off again.

While Joe was learning about radiation he purchased a GIGAHERTZ SOLUTIONS Meter HFE 35C, so he could read the amount of radiation from all these electrical devices. He found where his wife would lay her head on their bed his meter would peg.

Once the electrician put the analog meter on Joeʼs home, Joe believed all would be normal inside his home. But the reading at their bed stayed the same. So now they tried no meter on the home, no power to the home, and yet the reading was the same on their bed.

The next day he nailed aluminum window screen wire to the whole south side of his home, which helped lower the readings. What he learned was the hospital approximately 700 ft. to his south was pulsing radiation every 30 seconds, and a cell tower about a half mile to the south was transmitting constantly.

Joe says, “If a person breaks into my home to do harm, I can protect my family. What is the difference if microwave radiation is breaking into my home and doing harm to my family?”

Joe founded the website Stop Smart Meters in Oaklahoma. You can read more about his story in his own words here: Joe Esposito.

Recently Oklahoma TV news station ran a story on the health impacts of smart meters including Joe Esposito and Monique Smith who is suffering from headaches, dizziness and nosebleeds from the smart meter.  She has a note from her doctor saying it’s “medically necessary that the smart meter be removed from the home.”  Still their utility company refuses to remove it, forcing them out of their home.  Here’s the first of three excellent videos. The second and third can be watched here:

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  1. You can leave my email, tired of games while PSO gets lazyer and keeps getting raisees on meters that is aradiating it’s been on people

  2. I live at Western pines in Tulsa ok , PSO has just switched intire complexe from regular meters to smart meters and it is playing hell on me and my family’s health,please help # 918-286-9510 , iv called pso more than 20 times, keep say it’s obove there pay grade and switch to yet another person

  3. Thank you for this website. I wanted to let everyone know my recent (9/30/1016) experience with PSO Oklahoma.
    I chose to opt-out of the “Smart? Meter”. Cost: $71. (non refundable) upfront, and $28. a month. Upfront cost goes way up if I wait until 1/1/2017. Also, if someone is not there to allow the meter reader in the gate, you are subject to fees, and…lose the ability to retain the non-standard meter. Plus, if they do not receive the $71. check and required form by 10/3/2016 my request to opt-out will be canceled So I sent the $71. check and required form by certified mail on 9/27/2016. Post office said it should arrive by 9/29/2016. Tracking # said it did, but status showed: “Notice Left (No Authorized Recipient Available)” So much for getting there by 10/3/2016. So I called the contact person for opt-out. Turns out they extended the deadline until end of October…interesting. Also, she said she gets certified mail, but not the knid you sign for. She said someone from the downtown office will get the “Notice” left in her box and get my letter at the post office for her. So…if anyone sends anything to 5223 S.Garnett Rd. Tulsa, make sure it’s not the kind you sign for. I will be calling the appropriate state officials (if will do any good) to lodge a protest about so-called “Smart” meters.

  4. I moved out of a rural area of Texas after they installed smart meters there and there were also many towers. Relocated to a VERY rural area of Hughes County, Oklahoma. Sadly, they installed smart meters at this location yesterday. Symptoms already started, but not as bad as in Texas. If they get worse I may need to build a bunker to sleep in.

    They know how dangerous these meters are. That is why they refuse to remove them even when their own rules say we can opt out and someone experiences acute symptoms. There is no logical reason any meter needs to transmit more than once a month or at the very most once a day. Any frequency higher than that can only be to intentionally destroy our health.

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