Warren Woodward refutes utility lies and deceptions

Warren Woodward has written over a dozen letters to the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) over the last two years about the hazards of, and falsely presumed safety of so-called Smart Meters.  As a specialist in Smart Meter microwave transmission power Warren spent several weeks measuring the peak power output of Smart Meters around Sedona and he found it is much higher that he was lead to believe.

Recently Warren joined forces with Nancy Baer and Monnie Ramsell of Sedona Smart Meter Awareness in a two hour presentation at Sedona City Council.  This resulted in the Mayor of Sedona sending the ACC a request for a city wide option for residents to retain the analog utility meters without any opt-out extortion fees.  See also Warren’s letter to the editor.  (Open Letter to the Arizona Corporation Commission: APS = more deception, lies and misinformation).

The video is an interview with Steve Devol of Sedona.biz with Warren Woodward responding to a critical “Letter to the Editor” about his presentation before the Sedona City Council about Smart Meters.

4 thoughts on “Warren Woodward refutes utility lies and deceptions”

  1. Thank you for this article! I loved his comparison between the emissions coming out of a “smart” meter and getting hit on the head with a hammer. Very apropos!

    On a related note: I’ve come up with a message for those who are going to vote on HR 2685, the “Smart Grid Advancement Act of 2013.” Thought I’d share it here, and invite people to send a similar message – or this message – to those on the Energy and Commerce Committee. Some are on Facebook, and they can, of course, be emailed, too and this is something that would, I hope, help get out the message that this bill needs to be stopped:


    I would like to request that you please, in your capacity as a representative of the people, vote against HR 2685, the “Smart Grid Advancement Act of 2013.”

    The reason is because an essential part of the smart grid, i. e., “smart” meters, have been starting fires in homes all across America (see http://stopsmartmeters.org/ for more info). They are extremely hackable, according to the University of South Carolina. Ex-CIA chief James Woolsey calls the smart grid a “stupid grid” because it can be hacked so easily, and that’s because of “smart” meters.

    They also emit radiofrequency radiation (RF), which we’re seeing in the news can cause cancers of the brain, eye, and ear via cell phone use. “Smart” meters emit over FORTY TIMES as much RF as a cell phone, and these digital meters are on all the time, whereas you can turn your cell phone off. One electric company admitted that some “smart” meters can shoot RF through a home and its occupants up to 190,000 times per day!

    So you can see, and easily verify, that these “Spy and Fry” meters are a disaster. The “Smart Grid Advancement Act of 2013” would try and push even more of these dangerous devices on the American people, who are pushing back against them with all their might, in many areas. They are fighting for “opt outs.” In truth, they shouldn’t have to fight, because the federal Energy Policy Act of 2005 says only that if you request a “smart” meter – which no one who knows any of the foregoing would do – you can have one.

    Please vote a resounding “no” on HR 2685. We don’t need more “smart” meters, and we also don’t need the not-so-smart appliances discussed in the bill that would cause even more radiofrequency radiation to shoot through our homes and families 24/7. Thank you in advance for your attention to this important matter, and for standing up for the health and welfare of the American public.


    Here’s a link to their names: http://energycommerce.house.gov/about/membership. Based on past experience, I’d say many do not know how bad “smart” meters are.

    Thank you so much for passing this along, and taking the time to make contact. Not sure how long we have to defeat 2685, and every effort to reach out to these folks will help!

  2. Does anyone know how I can get in touch with Warren? I know it’s a long shot posting here but basically I live in Denmark and no one knows anything about smart meters (or isn’t open to hearing they are dangerous)!

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