“I’m shouting, but no-one is listening!” How to talk to people about wireless radiation.

Rachel Gaunt has an extensive 20 year background in advertising, marketing and social activism. Rachel has written this article, “I’m shouting, but no-one is listening! How to talk to people about wireless radiation so they can hear…and care” to help EMF activists.

She writes, “Why is it that our earnest explanations about the dangers of wireless radiation so often fall on deaf ears? Why in the face of so much science are people not rushing to protect themselves?

I have long been an observer of humans and how they behave, and have spent a long time puzzling the resistance and denial that conversations about wireless radiation can generate.  Recently, a meeting with behavior expert, Matthew Wilcox, author of The Business of Choice, helped to provide the final pieces of the puzzle.

When you look at the way humans make decisions, it turns out that there are three major factors working against us when it comes to shifting beliefs about wireless radiation.

Three factors working against us

First and foremost there is the “It will never happen to me,” response to anything bad that may happen to us in the future. This is especially true among young people.

“It will never happen to me. I am never going to die. It might happen to someone else but not to me.”…

Read Rachel Gaunt’s full article here: I’m shouting but no-one is listening!”

One thought on ““I’m shouting, but no-one is listening!” How to talk to people about wireless radiation.”

  1. Thank You, Rachel! I have shared this article with our followers and supporters. Very poignant message today on Internatinal Womens Day as the divine feminine rises around the GLOBE. We are also a 501c3 Non profit corporation educating parents on the dangers of WiFi radiation and providing a solution with our products. Our mission is to get Shungite to the masses. http://www.cosmicrealityshungite.com/
    In Solidarity,

    Stephanie Dietz

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