Replacing your smart meter

Jerry Day, a media expert and producer from Burbank California, whose video “Spy Meters” skyrocketed to 1.4 million views has just released a new video called, “Replacing A Smart Meter With A Safe Analog Meter”.  In this video Jerry details with clarity and humor how to take back your power, by replacing the wireless meter with the analog meter.  He says, “Will the power company like you replacing their meter? Well, if the only way they can be happy is to try to give you a meter that pollutes your home with carcinogenic electrotoxins and violates federal wiretapping laws, I guess they won’t be happy because a lot of people are not going to sit still for that.” He directs people to, where you can buy a kit that includes the analog meter, and a legal letter to send to the utility.

“Today, it may seem radical to refuse or reject a Smart Meter on your home.  Soon, most of us will have difficulty understanding how a program as unwise and offensive the Smart Meter program could have been contemplated in the first place.”  Jerry Day, Burbank CA.

Help is on the Way! Submit Your Complaint Today at SmartMeterHelp.Com

Today, the EMF Safety Network and Stop Smart Meters! are excited to announce the official launch of our new joint project: SmartMeterHelp.Com . This is a website designed with the sole purpose of burying our elected officials, utilities commissions, and health departments with complaints about the debacle that has resulted from the poorly planned, undemocratic, and ill-advised rollout of ‘smart’ meters into our communities.

Even if you have already submitted a complaint, please take 5 minutes now to fill out the form and tell your story.  This will make it that much easier for advocates working to put a stop to this program to demonstrate that these meters are having a detrimental effect on thousands, if not millions of people.

Were you forced to have a Smart Meter when you didn’t want one?  Have you been overcharged? Were you on the “delay” list and they installed anyway? Have Smart Meters caused you headaches, sleep problems, tinnitus or other health problems? Have you had interference problems or burned out appliances, since a new meter was installed? A meter catch on fire? Have the utilities lied to you, or made false claims about their service? Did you feel threatened or intimated by installers?  Did they assault you or your pets? Do you think it’s wrong to have to pay to not have one?  We’ve heard complaints about all of the above happening to members of the public.

We are fed up, and we’re not going to take it anymore!    Spread the word about this new website to your friends, family, and co-workers.  Post on social media and encourage others to take action.

Together, we can put a stop to ‘smart’ meter abuse!

Opt-out OUTRAGE!

Today the President of the California the Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), Michael Peevey issued a Proposed Decision on what to do with the thousands of complaints against the (dumb, too smart, not smart, spy, murder, dirty, hazardous, merd, smeter)  microwave computer utility meters that companies are stealthily installing with support from government and environmentalists.

The CPUC, whose mission is to provide safe and reliable utility service at reasonable rates, and regulate the utilities has once again rubber stamped PG&E’s demands. Peevey’s proposed decision says we must pay $90 upfront and $15 a month for a “radio off” meter. Analog meters are not included.  The fees are an obvious punishment, and likely illegal.

What can we do about this outrage in California?  Here’s an idea: We can REFUSE to pay. Deduct it from the utility bill in protest.

Here’s what others think about the concept of opt-out:

“We should not have to pay for NO CHANGE in electric service. We don’t pay for not getting cable. We don’t pay for not getting satellite. We don’t pay for gas if we don’t use gas appliances. What the heck is going on when we have to pay MORE for something we don’t want, don’t need, won’t use and can’t get out of. When the vacuum salesman comes to the door, and I don’t want to buy a vacuum, I don’t buy it and he doesn’t get into my wallet.” Anonymous survey comment

Just removing the meter from our home I don’t think will restore the peace and freedom from harm. As you know with all the homes having the meters on them, the amount of radiation is substantial. I don’t think I am overstating this. I am beginning to think they are trying to do a slow kill, so we don’t wake up to it. It is interesting that some of us have a super sensitivity to the radiation while others no less being slowly harmed by it are clueless because they don’t sense anything. CMC, Riverside County CA

“These folks are way better organized than the power industry, they are creating converts every day and they’re not going to stop with a puny opt-out option.” Phil Carson, Editor-in-chief, Intelligent Utility Daily

What do you think?

Maine utility admits smart meters cause interference

Utility meters are breaking the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rule not to interfere with other radio frequency devices.

The Portland Press Herald reports the Maine Public Advocate’s office released a statement this week saying:

“Smart Meters are interfering with a wide range of household electronic devices, from garage door openers and WiFi devices to security systems.”

On Central Maine Power’s FAQ, in answer to the question: “Will the smart meter interfere with my other household appliances such as computer routers, television signal, cordless phones, etc.?” they respond: “Separating interfering devices usually reduces interference, so make sure the wireless device is located as far from the smart meter as possible. Also, adjust the position of the antenna on the device, if possible, and move the wireless device away from any walls that may absorb the signal.”

According to the FCC Electronic Code of Federal Regulations: the meters are not supposed to cause interference, and if they do the FCC states,

“The operator of a radio frequency device shall be required to cease operating the device upon notification by a Commission representative  that the device is causing harmful interference.”

Anyone experiencing interference please file a complaint with the FCC!

How to remove the dumb meter

Dumb Meters are costing us money, privacy and our health and safety.  People are getting sick from exposure to the microwave pulses dumb meters transmit.  Experts are warning against them.

Many people have asked how to get rid of one, once it’s on their house. Some people took matters in their own hands, including Caitlyn Phillips.

Caitlyn Phillips, a Santa Cruz resident recently had an analog meter successfully restored by PG&E. Caitlyn complained in person to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). She told them how she was deceived, threatened, had anxiety and headaches from the new meter and had subsequently changed back to the analog meter herself. Within a week PG&E made the switch to their own analog.

“The CPUC announced at its last public meeting that PG&E would provide an analog meter to this customer and we have worked closely with the customer to address their concerns,” said PG&E’s Greg Snapper.

If you want a dumb meter removed and your requests to the utility have failed, you may need to purchase an analog (707) 472-2407, hire an electrician and restore the meter, then follow up by attending a CPUC meeting. Here’s another source for analog meters:  

The next CPUC meetings are scheduled for November 10, December 1 and December 15. Unless otherwise noted, meetings begin at 9 a.m. and are held in the CPUC Auditorium at 505 Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco. Arrive by 8:45 to sign up to speak to the Commission, or sign up online before the meeting.  You will be given between 1-3 minutes depending on how many people want to speak. Public comments start at the beginning of each meeting.  Request the return of the analog meter, do not accept the “radio off” meter.  Check the CPUC calendar for possible meeting changes.

For people outside of the bay area call the Public Advisor’s office at 866-849-8390 or 415-703-2074 and ask for accommodations to participate in the CPUC meeting by phone during public comments. Call at least three days prior to the meeting.

More on Caitlyn’s story from Stop Smart Meters!

Update: In the City of Glendale CA persistence pays off for a customer who was suffering heart palpitations and headaches after a “smart”meter was installed. Complaints to the local Glendale Water and Power Company brought relief as they restored the analog meter on her home.

Peevey OKs Analogs!

On Thursday September 22, at the California Public Utilities Commission business meeting, President Michael Peevey told Chandu Vyas, who’s been suffering from headaches, that he could talk to PG&E and they would provide that he “could go back to the analog meter”. President Peevey directed Mr. Vyas to contact Mr. Sidney Bob Dietz, whose number is: 415-973-5921.

If you want to remove your Smart Meter and have an analog restored, contact Mr. Dietz, or contact Thomas Bottorff,  415-973-3889.

President Peevey could not just allow Mr. Vyas his analog, without allowing others, right?

CPUC business meeting video here Mr. Vyas is the first to speak at public comments at the beginning of the video.

Survey results: wireless meters impact health and safety

The EMF Safety Network launched a survey in July to investigate the health and safety complaints of wireless utility meters and to determine if further study is warranted.  The survey results have been evaluated by Ed Halteman, phd statistics, of Survey Design and Analysis of Boulder Colorado.  The survey was circulated online through this website, email lists and other social media outlets.

443 people took the survey and 78% were from California, 68% were PG&E customers. 49% said they or a member of their household were EMF sensitive.

41% of respondents had one or more wireless meters installed on their home. 35% had increase billing charges, 26% experienced some type of interference and 8% experienced burnt out appliances or damaged electronics.

Top health issues since the wireless meters were installed on or near the home (318  people) included sleep problems (49%), stress (43%), headaches (40%), ringing in the ears (38%) and heart problems (26%).

Of 111 people who complained to their utility provider 96% were unsatisfied or very unsatisfied with ho they handled their complaint and the same is true for complaints to the utilities commission, 96% dissatisfaction.

94% of respondents want to retain or restore the analog meters and 92% do not believe they should pay more to do so.

Statistical testing shows the top health symptoms are positively associated with EMF Sensitivity and wireless meters on the home.

See Final Narrative Here:Wireless Utility Meter Safety Impacts Survey Results-Final