Call for Smart Meter Declarations

We are collecting declarations from California utility customers who’ve been impacted by Smart Meters.  These declarations will be included in CPUC proceedings, and/or future civil lawsuits.  This is a legal document, that you believe is true to the best of your knowledge and you will testify to.

  1. Copy and paste the declaration template (below) into a word document, or download in word.
  2. Follow the prompts in the template. Click here for an example.
  3. Email completed form to
  4. You will receive a confirmation by email and further instructions.

Please circulate this call for declarations to others who have been impacted by Smart Meters.

Thank you for your help!

*     *     *    declaration template     *     *     *     *

Declaration of <insert full name>

I, <insert full name>, have personal knowledge of all facts set forth in this declaration and am competent to testify thereto if called upon to testify in a court of law.  I hereby declare:

1.             My name is <insert full name>, and I reside at <insert address, city state and zip>

2.             I am a utility customer of <insert name of gas and or electric company>

3.           <Continue using a numbered List- write out point by point your situation and complaint against the utility, the Smart Meters, or any aspect of the program, or deployment that impacted you.  This is a legally binding document. You must be truthful to the best of your knowledge. End your declaration with the following wording:>

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of <insert state> that the facts set forth above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.   This declaration was executed this <insert date> day of <insert month>, <insert year> at <insert city>, <insert state>.


                                                                                                                     <insert full name here>

14 thoughts on “Call for Smart Meter Declarations”

  1. Here is the latest from Georgia Power, and there’s bad news and good news:

    [From my friend] “The guys from Metadigm have been in Valdosta all week. Some folks received the phone message about the installation, others did not. We did not receive any phone call and it did not seem to be just those of us who sent in protest letters that were ignored.

    “We saw the truck on the next block and my husband spoke with the installer. The guy was nice and said that GP had not given them any instructions about what to do about meters with the do not install stickers on them. However, this guy said that he had already driven by our house and saw our protest sign in the front yard and would not install a meter on our property. The same was true for our other rebellious neighbors next door.

    “I was glued to the front of the house, just waiting. The guy drove up, wrote something down while seated in his truck, waved “hi” to me and then drove on to the other homes. So, for now, we are safe.

    “I think another neighbor nearby might have started the rebellion for us by standing with a baseball bat and telling the guy to remove the smart meter and put the analog meter back. The installer had ignored the sticker on the meter, so I am not sure if the sticker alone will save anyone. My suggestion is to also put up a yard sign that gives a clear message. Ours says ‘Refuse Installation of a Smart Meter.”

    That is the first time I’ve heard that Georgia Power put back an analog meter, with or without some “persuasion.” At any rate, I will be crafting a yard sign ASAP, and I encourage others to do the same!

  2. The template is good, but pay close attention to the part that says to be truthful to the best of your knowledge.
    Avoid repeating other bloggers, many of their posts are false.
    Some typical false statements are the the SmartMeters use microwave communications, and that the SmartMeters use Wi-Fi communications.
    If one puts known false information into a letter to the utility and then declares it to be true, chances are that your letter will get tossed, but it could possibly open you up to a lawsuit.

  3. Redi, I have asked an RF engineer, member of IEEE, about whether or not it’s inaccurate or misleading to call Smart Meter radiation “microwaves”. His answer: NO

  4. So where would one look for that fact? If an RF engineer, an IEEE member says so, … but you disagree, who would be the final authority? Is there a final authority? And who would be the judge?

  5. If you believe the info is true, to the best of your knowledge that’s what matters. You won’t end up getting sued for calling the RF emissions microwaves.

  6. admin,
    you are right, I seriously doubt that anyone can be sued for calling radio frequency microwave, but knowing the utility companies, they might try anything.
    I have a good friend who was a broadcast engineer, he worked for KCBS and the VOA.
    In addition to me questioning him, I have done research on my own.
    What I found was that microwave communications are very high powered line of sight communications used for trunking and radar, not mobile phones , smart meters and all the other wireless devices in common use today that are for the most part mobile, and need to broadcast signals in all directions.
    But there is an exception , recently, a new kind of Wi-Fi uses “scattered microwave” to interconnect computers on a network. This new Wi-Fi operates in the 5 gigahertz band, it has to be operated up at higher frequencies so it won’t interfere with all the other wireless devices which operate at lower frequencies. Scattered microwave has to be extremely low powered, and only send the signals about 9 feet.
    I am not sure if this new 5 GHz microwave Wi-Fi has been approved for use by the general public yet or is actually on the market. I don’t see any advantage to using the extremely low powered microwave system being developed.
    The microwave communications currently in use are specific to a purpose, very powerful and dangerous to humans. Microwaves cook things in their path, and would never work for mass use like the SmartMeter’s radio revenue reporting systems being installed on buildings (what they call a smart radio grid). The smart radio grid is much more powerful and needs to transmit signals in all directions, and uses the 900 MHz band, as do many other devices like mobile phones, 2 way radiophones for business, amateur radio and public safety radios.
    Anyone interested should do an internet search of the HAARP project in Alaska. You will see many articles, but some of them are marketing brochures which are mostly propaganda. The HAARP project is really scary to me, but see for yourself and form your own opinions.

  7. Let’s clarify something: Microwaves are just electromagnetic waves of a specific frequency range, on the high-frequency end of the radio spectrum. The definition of “microwave” has nothing to do with power, modulation/content, or directionality/line of sight — These simply represent variations in the application of the wave frequency for each specific purpose, whether that purpose is to heat food or to access a website.

  8. I live in Warren, MI and was told by the Water & Sewer Dept that if I don’t let them install the new Smart Meter they will shut off my water. I have an ICD implanted in my chest and I am worried about this meter. Any lawyer out there that can advise me on this matter?

  9. 3813 Huron Avenue #5
    Culver City, California 90232

    Friday, February 22, 2013

    c/o V.I.P. Corporate Executive
    505 Van Ness Avenue
    San Francisco, California 94102-3214

    Regarding: Very Serious Complaint Against Southern California Edison For Their Illegal And/Or Fraudulent Business Practices

    Dear California Public Utilities Commission:

    Good Morning or Good Afternoon to You!

    How is your day today in sunny San Francisco, California?

    My day is going fine, thank you, except due to the FACT that back on and/or around October to November 2012, Southern California Edison Installed their
    New Replacement Smart Meters into and/or around my home Without My Legal Permission, Nor Consent!

    Ever since this happened, my Southern California Edison Electrical Bills Have Illegally and/or Fraudulently Skyrocketed to more than DOUBLE for the bill dated on January 4, 2013 in the amount of $82.09 and for the next bill dated on February 5, 2013, the bill basically doubled as well to the amount of $59.78 and I know that this is going to continue getting Worse, NOT just only for ME, but for the rest of their customers as well who are also suffering because of the change in their meter.

    Please NOTE: I have already contacted their Consumer Affairs Department and spoke to Ms. Kari Gardner about it who Refused to Give ME Any Credit For The Overcharges and all that she did was send over somebody to the home to test out their New Smart Meter (which is NOT that smart of course!) and naturally their representative who came over claimed that he found Nothing Wrong With It!

    The only thing that he did for me was to shut off a switch from the left side of the metal interior circuit breaker box in my hallway and claimed that it would save me money on the heat which he claims was being generated from my ceiling in which I do NOT believe, but What is very strange is the sole FACT that we do NOT even have a heater in our one bedroom apartment, nor has the thermostat in my home ever worked.

    In fact, my thermostat has NEVER worked ever since I moved in here about seven years ago and we never even bothered to have it working since we never use the heat.

    Furthermore, just to let you know, I have NOT made any changes to any of my appliances, nor to the amount of electricity that I have used during the past seven years that I have been their customer and it is so strange that all of a sudden, out of nowhere, ever since they changed their previous meters to the NEW FRAUDULENT SMART METERS, the Bills have NEVER been the SAME which is FRAUD!

    I believe that this Poor Business Practice was done to Illegally and/or Intentionally to purposely Defraud their Customers so their Top Executives Can Pocket the Extra Money and Legal Action needs to be taken against them for their wrongdoings.

    Please NOTE: I was also recently contacted by one of Southern California Edison’s other customers named Mr. Lyle De Vore who informed me about the New Smart Meters Overcharging their Customers in which I was NOT aware of at first since I was acting quite naive about it and in an email, he even provided with with a link through the Southern California Edison company that allows their customers to OPT OUT, but at another Illegal and/or Fraudulent Price that goes with it and even comes with a CATCH!

    Furthermore, Mr. Lyle De Vore is considering Filing A Class Action Lawsuit against the utility company for what they are doing to their customers and you can see Why he wants to do it and I have NO problem in helping him to get started with the process.

    Here is the Southern California Edison’s Url Link To Opt Out From Continuing To Use The New Smart Meter:

    As I had stated to you, Opting Out comes with a PRICE TAG which is another scam and another good reason for Mr. Lyle De Vore to File A Class Action Lawsuit against Southern California Edison.

    It Costs the Innocent Southern California Edison Customer an Extra $75.00 to Opt Out and Cancel from Continuing to Use the New Smart Meter and Go Back To Using The Previous One.

    Why should the Customer be Responsible for paying This Hefty, Illegal Fee since they NEVER even Authorized Southern California Edison to Change The Meter in the First Place?

    This is Totally a Scam and an Illegal Business Practice coming from Southern California Edison!

    Please Even NOTE: To make matters even more Worse and Severe, Southern California Edison has also attached an Additional $10.00/Month Fee For Life as a Punishment for Reversing Back (Opting Out) to go back to using the previous meter and a $5.00/Month Fee if you are in the C.A.R.E. Program.


    Is this How you allow Southern California Edison to operate as a Professional Utility Company?

    I would hope NOT, but the FACTS are the FACTS and you are supposed to be doing your job by Regulating and Monitoring them since you are from the
    California Public Utilities Commission and so far, YOU have allowed them to walk over their customers get away with this so far, however, this is about to CHANGE once the Class Action Lawsuits are filed by many of your customers, including Mr. Lyle De Vore. (who is currently working on getting thousands of signatures, names, addresses and email addresses right now ) and he is far from the ONLY person who is angry with their wrongdoings.

    There have been many other Complaints filed against Southern California Edison for the EXACT same and/or similar thing and in this next url link, you will find several complaints filed for your review.

    Enclosed, below, please also find another Complaint filed by one of their customers on for your review as well for the Exact, Same Thing that I have been describing in my letter as well for your further review.

    I am NOT sure of What You are Willing to do in order to Correct and/or Reverse the Problem from escalating into a Major Class Action Lawsuit, including many Small Claims and/or Civil Lawsuits Filed against Southern California Edison for what they are currently doing to their customers, however, if you would like to contact me directly in order to discuss my Very Serious Letter Of Complaint in further detail, then please use one of the following methods:

    1) cellular phone number: 323-514-2779
    2) computer phone number: 323-786-2779
    4) regular mail: c/o Mr. Howard Paul Shore, 3813 Huron Avenue #5, Culver City, California 90232

    I am more than looking forward to hearing back from You with a Positive Response some time in the very near future.

    Thank you.

    Sincerely yours,

    Howard Paul Shore
    Angry and Upset Southern California Edison Customer

    Enclosure: please see below for a copy of another complaint filed by another one of Southern California Edison’s Angry Customers For Your Review.

    PS: Now I must file and publish a Complaint to be Posted on the website as well!

    Shelley D.
    Los Angeles, CA
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    My husband and I moved into our apartment in early November. When we received our first bill from Southern California Edison, it was $290. Being new to Orange county, we thought this was normal. We figured it was due to running the AC so we turned it off. The next bill in December, despite no air conditioning, running only the HVac fan, very few lights and a non working refrigerator for 3 days was $191.00. SO we thought it must be the Hvac fan and we turned that off! Even with that Southern California Edison was still projecting our bill to be $185 for January!
    We live in a 1153 sq ft apartment with our cat. That’s it. We don’t use a lot of electricity. The stove, dryer, dishwasher ( i never use the auto dry , I dry the dishes myself)are all gas. Most of the lights we use have energy efficient bulbs. The ones that don’t are rarely used.
    After we settled in to our new place, we started hanging out with some of our new neighbors and my husband happened to bring up the subject of our power bill being very high and several neighbors, living in similar apartments to ours all claimed to be paying $50-$60 despite running the Ac, the heat, and leaving the big screen tv on all day. So, we called Southern California Edison to complain and they sent out a representative to check things out.

    The representative arrived 30 minutes early, which annoyed me because I work from home and had just finished putting on my street clothes and was getting ready to vacuum- something I like to do before a stranger enters my home.
    He immediately started into things we were doing wrong such as we needed to close the blinds to block the heat, (which I do everyday around 10:30, it was 9 am when he arrived). He then suggested we unplug the refrigerator- which I was a little shocked at. But , realizing it was only for 30 minutes just to test the power usage I decided to give it a go. He and my husband then went to the meter room and called me to turn things on and off in our apartment to see how the meter spikes when we turn on the ac and the hvac fan (things we had stopped running the prior month anyway). He then proceeded to walk through our apartment, telling us to unplug the tv (we only watch it at night) unplug the small desktop computer (which stays in sleep mode. I thought sleep mode uses less energy?!) turn off bathroom lights( which are off all day anyway!) fill the freezer with jugs of water so that they will freeze and keep the refrigerator running efficiently.
    He said our apartments were not built to be energy efficient and that the location of our apartment wasn’t ideal. He also told us we were going to be dying in the summer heat and suggested we get another apartment on the back corner of the property that’s not in direct sunlight as well as a few oscillating fans from Wal Mart. He also explained the Southern California Edison is one of the most expensive power companies in the country.
    Over all he seemed nice enough and after he left we thought, WELL, he’s probably right. We just need to turn every single thing off in the apartment except whats necessary and maybe we will get our power bill down. So we unplugged everything except the kitty fountain and alarm clock, turned the refrigerator back on for food safety sake and turned off all lights.

    Thinking this was a little bit too log cabin for us we went to our apartment resident services to talk about getting out of our lease and moving somewhere where Southern California Edison is not. When asked why, we explained the situation and the apartment manager who lives in similar square footage claimed he was running his AC his Heat His Tv , lights and was paying $40-$60 maybe $100 during the summer. So we decided to schedule a maintenance visit.

    Maintenance came out a few days later tested all appliances to make sure nothing was spiking. After checking everything he determined everything was normal. He also said the refrigerator was energy efficient and we didn’t need to fill it with jugs of water. He suggested that the Hvac fan, (which we had turned back on for 24 hours because it was a warm few days) be turned off and the Ac set to 74 because it would be more energy efficient than running a big Hvac motor. So we did this. But he also said he found it hard to believe our power bill would be as high as it is.
    The next day, when we weren’t home from 10:15-5:30 , we left 3 energy efficient lights on for the cat, the clock radio, the refrigerator, a kitty fountain, and the AC set to 74 and nothing else . When we checked our Southern California Edison bill usage online the following day it was showing spikes at times we weren’t around, So unless the cat is turning things off and on it makes absolutely no sense at all.

    So now we are left with having to schedule another SCE visit to do a hard read on the meter, I honestly believe the smart meters aren’t telling the truth and now a lot of unsuspecting people are getting taken for a ride..

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