Wireless Kills!

PastedGraphic-1-9Utility smart meters, wi-fi, cell and cordless phones, and other common devices emit wireless radiation.  The World Health Organization has classified wireless radiation as a 2B carcinogen, same as DDT and lead, based on studies linking wireless to brain tumors.

Wireless can also cause headaches, tinnitus, anxiety, insomnia, cognitive and heart problems, and more. Children are especially at risk.

The BioInitiative Report is a compilation of evidence by international doctors and scientists who evaluated thousands of studies.  They warn about cancer and other health risks from wireless technology and recognize children are especially at risk, because their brains absorb more radiation than adults.

Click on the following links for more reasons to take precautions to protect yourself and your family.

If you  have developed symptoms of electrical sensitivity (ES) learn how to reduce your overall exposure.  See videos and learn more about ES.

The “wireless kills” card can be downloaded and printed out. http://emfsafetynetwork.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Wireless-kills.pdf

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7 thoughts on “Wireless Kills!”

  1. We have spent yrs wondering what the hell was (is) going on , three (3) yrs after the smart meter(s) where installed in our naghborhood …
    I’v lost my job and currently having sever “humming” that makes our lives hell ; As I look back , I remember not being able to sleep , having sever headacks while finishing up my AS degree which was work related …
    After loosing our TV , we brought in Electricians to inspect our home regarding Voltage/Current surges without success … That is to say that the Electrecians never found a problem with our home wireing ; Once again , as I now look dack , we can pinpoint setuations/behavior which at the time was unexplined , finally , when there’s nothing else to enspect , I started doing research on Smart Meters and we ARE BLOWN AWAY AT WHAT WE FOUND …
    Resently I told my wife that “I feel as if EMF/RF are going through my body , where I go days/weeks without sleeping and where my wife is constently having headacks and where my kids are now complaining of headacks now as well and we have most if not all of the noted “smart meters side effects” match us word for word … Seems that we have a Civil issue here as our Constitutional Rights to Life, Liberty and Freedom have been violated as these effects have rob us of these noted Rights … I mean , what Life, Liberty and Freedom , We are always in some sort of pain or with mental inability to function normally , personally , I have not been out of my home due to “pravicy concerns” and where high probability of wire tapping , violation of Pravacy have been breached … I have had our smart meter removed but have noticed the humming especially has increased as the feeling of electromagnitic/radiation waves going through my body and where my body feels exteremly hot from inside out , pressure in head/eyes , nose , sever fatigue , mental disfunction , painic attacks , heart palpitations , sever anxiety , depression , man , the list goes on … please help …

  2. I have the same issue just like what Jules said, we use many wireless technologies, I have a black short-hair Turkish angora male cat, he does exactly what you’ve mentioned.

  3. Got a web tv unit in 2000. Whenever I was using the wireless keyboard & my cat was sitting by me, her head would jerk side to side, up & down, as if she was watching some sort of invisible light that was flashing in different places close to us.
    Within a week she started having a seizure after 15-30 seconds of my using the infrared wireless keyboard supplied.
    She had never had one before & ONLY had them when I was using that keyboard. My vet insisted cats can NOT see infrared light. But she was seeing SOMETHING that was *appearing* within a 10 sq ft area (I have LOW slanted ceilings as my place used to be an attic) After she’d had a bunch of seizures I stopped using the webtv so I didn’t cause her harm. Sadly, she died soon after, & was NOT an ‘older’ cat’ & WAS perfectly healthy until I got that darn webtv! I feel like I killed her & I REFUSE to use ANY infrared device if my new kitty is near. I’ll cover hear eyes or get her to look elsewhere while I QUICKLY change channels or such like.
    But the webtv keyboard seemed to be the item that caused the BIGGEST reaction from my precious Gabby.
    Anyone else ever see ANY animal react to an (invisible?) infrared light like I described?? It was *spooky* that my Gabby would SEE those lights & be affected like THAT!!

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