Cell tower collapses near San Ramon California

A 20-30 foot cell tower laden with radio, cellular and microwave antennas has toppled. KTVU news reports that “supporting wires holding up a large radio tower were cut, possibly with bolt cutters, causing it to collapse”.  The tower was located on Rocky Ridge near San Ramon and Danville.  The police suspect vandalism.

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8 thoughts on “Cell tower collapses near San Ramon California”

  1. Woohoo!!!! I pray MORE people will WAKE UP and SHAKE UP our local officials to stand up to the big telecom companies! We do not want 5G or these poison spewing towers in our cites and towns!
    THANK YOU to who or what toppled that monster!

  2. I’ve dreamed of this! Way to go- this is what will happen to more cell towers as the wireless signals drive more and more people into health crises.
    I live in my basement since the signals have gotten too strong for me, and No- I do not use any wireless technology.

  3. Jeff, I know who you feel: I used to feel the same way. Then my Mom got cancer twice and died. My Dad came down with ALS and lost his mental abilities. The I got some meters and measured their house: it was off the high end of the scale.

    Just because this energy is invisible does not mean that it has no damage. The Naval Medical Research Institute did a published a study in 1972 and they know that RF causes all the same symptoms that Cell Towers and Smart Meters cause.

    Here is the link the NMRI publication. I invite you to discover what they knew over 40 years ago. Tell me what you found out when you browse this link.


    So why is wireless so prevalent? Money, convenience and the capture of government regulators by corporations.

    By the way I do not “text” and I keep my flip phone 20 feet away except when I go for a drive.

  4. I’ll bet you call and text using your cell phones every day.

    Self-righteous hypocritical bastards.

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