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  1. I feel some in the industry,wifi, wireless stupidmeters, cellphone, tablet,etc. etc. are fully aware of the harm that is and can happen to humanity and all life forms on this planet and either they dont care or they want to reduce the population deliberately… Many elites feel there is far to many of us on this planet… and then there are some in these industries that are just looking at dollar signs… If you watch television at all you will see a wide variety of ads pushing the next best technology, the new smartphone , tablets, laptops , etc. they push this stuff like its CANDY,and the unsuspecting public sucks it up and wants the dumb devices… Watch the news or the weather reports and you see the news reporters or weather reporters just touching the screen and voila instant information on large screen just like on smart phones ,etc. you must admit it is enticing to see… But there should be a disclaimer of the possible harm being done to the user, just like the drug companies disclaimers of the possible harmful effects from new drugs on the market… There should be a law informing the unsuspecting purchasers and users of these devices of the possibility of harm to themselves and those around them… If all people knew of the possible harm , they may still use some of these products but in moderation… You see many think these products are harmless until its to late or they become informed by others, and they also think government would not allow these products on the market if they were known to be harmful… And B.C. hydro is using false advertising when they claim they are going green.. I for one jumped on the bandwagon, when i received hydros leaflet on going green in with my bill statement.. And B.C. HYDROS numerous going green commercials.. I was initially convinced into purchasing their so called energy smart bulbs, i even replaced several light fixtures in my home to accomadate the push in type of energy smart bulbs. But i had the new bulbs actually explode while still in their fixture, on two separate occasions, so i became very alarmed at this . I contacted B.C. hydro about this and that is when i found out they were full of mercury vapour. When i found this out i really freaked out at the thought of one of the bulbs possibly exploding over someone in my home. As it happened i didnt take any precaution when cleaning up after the two incidents.. I contacted hydro again in this reguard and spoke to one of the supervisors, i asked what i should do if this happens again, she informed me that i should open a window immediately and get everyone out of the home for 20 or so minutes. I asked what happens to the mercury vapour, and how do i clean that up, she stated that it just dissapears and i had nothing to be concerned about , i also asked how they could make a statement that these bulbs are a green alternative when they are full of mercury vapour , well she really couldnt answer that question. I also said that i felt this was rediculous, even tho on the package they state you should return the spent bulbs to place of purchase, or some other depo that would recycle them in a safe way, we know most people will just throw these bulbs directly in with their garbage and the mercury will leach in to the water supply over time, so how is that green.. Again i did not get a satisfactory answer from her… So there we have it Prime Minister Harper mandated that CANADA would no longer make the old fashioned SAFE filament bulbs that werent filled with mercury anymore, at 2012 end they were fazing them out.. HOW CONSIDERATE??? Needless to say i have replaced most of my bulbs with the SAFE filament bulbs… And it has become some what obvious to me that industry is now controling governments. The government is not protecting people from harm… Just over this past year A&W, TIM HORTONS, McDONALDS and many other establishments have wifi on or in their places for OUR benifit, it is just so hipocritical of government that this is being pushed on all of us, and i believe SOME are aware of the harm that is being perpetrated on all life on this planet… We get the feeling that we are being somewhat protected, because they -GOVERNMENT initially forced establishments to have smoking and non smoking sections at OWNERS expense… This i thought was reasonable, but a few years later there is an outright ban of SMOKING in any public establishment .. This to me seems rediculous, and unfair, no matter what your view on smoking.. And many buisnesses lost customers because of this… This does not seem very democratic to me…And if we are paying attention to what is going on just in our own countries , we soon see we are not being protected from harm -GMO foods and seeds, Chemtrail spraying, Strong push for vacinations etc. these things are definitly HARMFUL …. IT is like our freedom of any choice is being stripped away.. The U.S. PRESIDENT OBAMA just passed a law protecting MONSANTO- and GMO from being sued or stopped reguardless of provable harm to people or crops. ARE WE GETTING THE PICTURE YET??? I enjoyed your information in your youtube video… You speak very calmly, but still get your point across… WE need to maintain our strong resolve to inform the public in mass…. Thankyou..

  2. Thank you, Vera, for your well thought out “rant”!

    I wear a button on my lapel that reads: “If You Are Not Outraged, You Are Not Paying

    The “win” by the Lieberals in the recent election, IMHO, puts ALL of us at great risk,
    and this includes our beautiful environment and all the wonderful living things within it.

    Why are Health Canada and our provincial and regional health officials NOT protecting us?

    And there is a lot of discussion about the loss of bees worldwide. Some suggest viruses, but there are published articles suggesting that EMR is the “smoking gun”.

    Here is one of a growing number of articles about this.


    Greg Shea (Lake Cowichan)

    P.S. Make sure you see “Full Signal” as soon as you can.

  3. 12. China’s the Soft Power IV

    Found China’s a satellite’s Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) its spotlight irradiation was as strong as “Fire Control Radar (FCR)”, January 2014, in Los Angeles.

    Japan claimed a Chinese warship turned its FCR irradiation on a Japanese warship when them met in the distance 3 km, but the Chinese warship’s fire-gun didn’t turned forward to the Japanese warship, showed up the Chinese warship didn’t use its FCR to irradiate the Japanese warship. So maybe, China’s the strong satellite SAR did the irradiation.

    The strong satellite SAR spotlight irradiation caused my TVs lost the signals and other evidences, led me believed it can caused the RQ-170 floated down from Afghan to Iran.

    When the strong satellite SAR spotlight irradiation caused headache, chest pain, bone ache, respiratory distress, visual blurred and ears ring to me on the highway I was driving to LAX, it was danger. But the good thing, I used “Om Mani Padme Hum” to protect myself and my family in the running car, led me found the incantation means:
    (OM – “The world of the gods”) – Brain
    (MA – “The demigod world”) – Thyroid & Parathyroid
    (NI – “The human realm”) – Thymus
    (PAD – “The animal world”) – Semi-nerve (Refer “eurekainla 03” from Google)
    (ME – “The hungry ghost world”) – Lymph
    (HUM – “The hell worlds”) – Death-informatin-zone (Refer “eurekainla 03”)
    They all jointed with autoimmune.

    I understood why its life of “Om Mani Padme Hum” has been thousands year in Hindu. Why that’s helpful to the people to reduce the autoimmune attack caused by the weak cosmic ray and the natural infrasound exposures on Tibet the highest land in the world.

    Many satellites turned their radars irradiation on the fight field during Gulf War. While U.S. Army claimed “1990-1991 Gulf War veterans have been shown to be twice as likely to develop ALS as the general population”.

    After spending $7 million over eight years, Drs. Raymond Neutra, Vincent DelPizzo and Geraldine Lee reported that electromagnetic fields are a cause of Miscarriage, Childhood Leukemia, Adult Brain Cancer, and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), August 2002.

    We could check out which China’s satellite has the strong SAR irradiation. But after MH 370 missed, no found China’s the strong satellite SAR irradiation to turn on to me again, only there were the satellites weak radar irradiation turned on me.

    Maybe, China’s the strong satellite SAR irradiation (“It can penetrate 30 km structure of rock mass”) was a cause of “…that exacerbated inmates’ mental distress. …suicides more than doubled, from four in 2002 to 10 in the following year, …” in LASD.

    (Update at “eurekainla 12” from Google)

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