“What are EMFs?” brochures

“What are EMFs?” is an overview of EMF problems, science, solutions. These tri-fold brochures are a good primer to hand out to help others understand basic EMF problems and solutions.

We can mail you brochures upon request, or you can print them, or have them printed. EMFSN brochure 2019 update-hi-res

If you would like brochures mailed to you, send an email to emfsafe@sonic.net. Include how many brochures you want and your address. Donations to cover the cost of the brochures and postage is 25 cents each. You can mail a check to EMF Safety Network PO Box 1016, Sebastopol CA 95473. Or donate online- Paypal has a credit card option. https://goo.gl/7mXTkU

3 thoughts on ““What are EMFs?” brochures”

  1. hi
    In regard to the What are EMFs brochure, helpful if the 2nd page is reversed, as it is the 2nd page appears upside down so cannot be used as a tri fold brochure.
    Any chance of correcting that? saves the confusion of printing pg 1 then manually doing pg2. Thanks.

  2. Yes, if someone was to print it the second page needs to be reversed. I posted it this way (2nd page reversed) last time and people commented that they couldn’t read it upside-down!

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