Nerve disrupting frequencies radiating from “smart” meters

Warren Woodward:  Everyone knows that wireless “smart” meters communicate via microwaves. What was unknown until now is that additional frequencies are transmitted in the 2 to 50 kilohertz range. Numerous studies have shown repeatedly that those very same frequencies disrupt the human nervous system. Indeed, “nerve block” is the phrase used in the studies to describe what occurs.

The studies are not controversial. In others words, there are no studies that show otherwise. Nerve block induced by frequencies in the 2 to 50 kilohertz range is an established fact. The studies that show this nerve block are all from reputable sources including the epitome of “establishment” science when it comes to electricity, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

So the demonstration you will see in the video is groundbreaking, or more accurately, “smart” meter breaking.

Unless they cease, desist, and bring down the wireless “smart” grid at once, “smart” meter manufacturers and the utilities that use them are going to be facing massive liability and personal injury lawsuits because, unlike the microwave radiation that anti-“smart” meter advocates have been calling attention to for years, there is no scientific dispute regarding the biological effects of 2 to 50 kilohertz frequencies.

Additionally, state utility regulators and public health departments will need to actually do their jobs which always used to include protecting the public and promoting public health and safety.

Lastly, the U.S. Department of Energy will have to bring an immediate halt to the promotion and subsidization of the wireless “smart” grid.

Every day of delay will bring greater liability for the aforementioned corporations and agencies and the individuals involved. It’s one thing to act in ignorance, quite another not to act once knowledge is received.

To everyone reading, send this video to your utilities, your state utility regulators, your state health departments, and to hungry lawyers everywhere. Links to studies



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  1. Darlene Schmidt… I agree whole heartedly about the dangers of smart meters, RF frequencies etc. but please, if you’re going to blame Trump for something instituted since 1996 ie. The FCC read this law and claims it forbids them to regulate radiation poisoning:

    The Law:
    Forbearance Authority. (New Sec. 10)


    Blame the right president, Bill Clinton.

  2. Is there are organization working to remove smart meters using your knowledge and the PubMed published IEEE studies?

    I wrote Orin Hatch asking that he include this protection in Obama care’s replacement.

    2016, I was having daily heart attacks. I heard Dr. Jay Davidson’s interview on EMF dangers the day before Thanksgiving urging us to do something to protect ourselves from them. I wrapped my meter with aluminum screen and forgot about it. On Thanksgiving I awakened around 7 am instead of 2 am without terrible heart pain. I could get out of bed without weeping. I was shocked and could not remember why until I was coming back into my house and saw my meter. I knew why I had many diseases at once: early Alzheimer, headaches, dizziness and falling, burning itching skin without a rash, fast heart rate, ringing in my ears, thinning hair, thyroid and adrenal problems, auto immune disease, daily heart attacks, and on and on. This is human torture ending in death. I had resigned to being dead before Christmas.

    Aluminum screen does not cut off all radiation poisoning. I put screen behind my plug cover. I purchased off Amazon ‘quantum science product’ Cristal disks and put them on my computer. I do not know if the disks work. I don’t know how to test.

    My bed is between 25-30 feet from my digital meter. EMF/radiation poisoning does not fall off at 6 feet. It goes likely for a 100 feet. Antenna search found about 400 antenna around my home in a 4 mile radius that are heating the water around and in our cells, slowly roasting us to death.

    I cannot afford the special protective pain, plug covers, rewiring my house to turn off electricity when not using it in a room, window/attic/door…covering. Why is it my burden to protect myself from the money changer’s covert murders of Americans? They are the murderers. Our land is full of murderers.

    Medicare cannot sustain the many diseases radiation poisoning causes in one person. EMF does not respect race, age, education, career, culture, wisdom… We need someone skilled in computers to contact groups and collect signatures for congress that we want the murder of Americans contest stopped.

    -abortion murders 61+ million unborn Americans
    -Drugs have likely murdered billions of born and unborn Americans over the last 98 years
    -Vaccines murder and disable millions of Americans
    –Pesticides murder and disable millions of Americans
    –poison grade fluoride in our water murders, disables and lowers our IQs of millions of Americans
    –Pets and animals are tortured and murdered with all of the above.
    –Ground current from power companies electrocute cattle and Americans who touch metal in sidewalks and metal fences.
    –MD errors murder millions of Americans and give them infections each year.

    I am sure I have missed some.

    No one will be able to keep up with emf harm. They cause so many diseases at one time survival is unlikely. How many die from Alzheimer, dementia, Parkinson, ms…and other brain diseases. Radiation poisoning hits the whole body.

    List the diseases disrupted nerves cause in the different organs. Only non GMO, organic, pesticide food can save us and Trump is forcing toxic water, good, meats…upon us.

    I have even asked God to give us a symbol to look upon that will heal all diseases like was done by Moses with the snake on a pole. I do not care it will wipe out the medical and health care professions. They can get real jobs.

    The FCC read this law and claims it forbids them to regulate radiation poisoning:

    The Law:
    Forbearance Authority. (New Sec. 10)


    This will enable the FCC to forbear from, and/or streamline, regulation, e.g., be eliminating the tariff filing requirement for non-dominant long distance carriers such as MCI and Sprint. This will save resources, reduce paperwork, increase efficiency, and promote competition. (See S. 652, Sec. 401, p. 76.)

    When did you answer your power corporations telecommunication carrier meter?

    When did you call your friend on your power corporations telecommunication carrier meter?

    When did you use your power corporations telecommunication carrier meter’s long distance service?

    When did disease become a nonpublic interest?

    Someone in the FCC is a schizophrenic lying thru his teeth. The public does not know of this danger or they would rise up against the power corp covert murderers.

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