3 thoughts on “Kids at risk for cancer on wireless iPads in schools”

  1. At 00:16 into the sound-bite, the anchorperson states: “Make your decisions based on your belief’.” In other words: Even though there are literally tens of thousands of pages of scientific research, and over 50 years of empirical evidence, we should continue to irradiate our children and our planet, due to some vague “belief” that all related scientific facts are false. This is the kind of cognitive disconnect I see over and over again in the media.
    Obviously the above person is so astute that they are not aware that electromagnetic induction of biological cells; cause single and double strand breaks in DNA, cause calcium ion leakage to occur across the cell membrane, causes significant shifts in behavior such as ADHD and lowing of IQ test scores, has been implicated in major neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s disease, impairs auto-immune functions, causes a significant reduction in male sperm counts and motility, and can cause permanent damage to female ovum. Just to mention a few facts.

    At 00:20 this same anchorperson states that ‘more research is needed’. Please mention that deep insight to your Autistic and sterile children, won’t you?

    By the time the FCC and corporate ghouls we pay homage to get done with “studying” the obvious, the entire human genome will long since have expired of intellectual vacuity…

  2. It is great that this debate is now being talked about on FOX news. Once the parents of school aged kids understand what is being blasted on their kids all day long. Once they get the TRUTH, so they can make an educated VOTE. This is what is most important. Today all the parents are being lied to.


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