Doctors weigh in on dangers of Wi-Fi

This is one of the best TV news coverage on wireless risks for children. I apologize for the ad, but the video is worth waiting for. The commentary by the newscasters is great. Watch till the end, and hopefully the video won’t be changed or removed. Already the script has a disclaimer by the school system. This video from FOX5 Vegas KVVU is no longer available.

4 thoughts on “Doctors weigh in on dangers of Wi-Fi”

  1. So while I’m not trying to discount an expert opinion, the fact is that this news report did not provide any scientific evidence to back up their claims. I’m definitely not on anyone’s side here but there needs to be more evidence available before we can determine the dangers.

  2. This isn’t the only source of news to provide this information, I seen a story on the discovery channel last week proving the death of human sperm, plant death and inactivity of ants. It’s scary and I think we’re all naive to think this invisible power can’t hurt us. I’m definitely going to get a shield for our router and disabling it at night. That’s the least I can do and it’s better than nothing.

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