Updated: Los Angeles firefighters stop cell towers!

LA County firefighters called for support in stopping 86 cell towers on fire stations.   County supervisors voted to suspend the construction at the hearing on Tuesday.

Firefighters used social media, radio and video to get their message out to the community. This radio ad ran for three days:

“This is fire captain Lew Currier. Los Angeles County is installing cell towers on 86 fire stations near you. The radiation generated by these seven story eye sores can cause debilitating health effects. Studies suggest nearby families could get sick too, yet the board of supervisors is erecting these toxic towers without public hearings or required studies. This time, be there for us, your firefighters. Call the Board of Supervisors at 213-974-1411. Tell them to stop the cell towers, NOW. This message is brought to you by Los Angeles County firefighters local 1014.”

Los Angeles County firefighters are in immediate danger of having their fire stations used as cell tower sites.  You can help them by calling, and attending the hearing which will be held on Tuesday, March 24; 9:30 am at the LA County Board of Supervisors Hearing Room, 500 West Temple Street, Los Angeles.


3/24/2015: UPDATE: County suspends decision to construct the towers! Congratulations local 1014!


14 thoughts on “Updated: Los Angeles firefighters stop cell towers!”

  1. Aluminum foil, aluminum screen. Not sure about copper or steel but I would think so. Does anyone know?

  2. Please stop the cell towers. We have known for years that cell towers can not only cause cancer, but also IMMEDIATE health concerns including insomnia, heart palpitations and headaches. PLEASE don’t allow this.

  3. To all who may concern, please stop installing cell towers at the forestations. Many Firefighters will get sick. I got sick when I live next to one, I had to sell my house and moved, now I have to move again as more cell towers have been installed close to where I live. The radiation symptoms are very painful. Headaches, Burning sensations, ringing in the ears, insomnia , fatigue, numbness, and unable to function on a day to day basis. Stress in the family. Please think about all the impact on the firefighters and their families.

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