Smart meter health problems compared

SMARTeffects-v2-100Thanks to Ronald Powell Ph,D for placing two reviews of smart meter health impacts side by side.  He compares the EMF Safety Network Survey results (USA 2011 ) to an Australian peer reviewed study by Dr. Frederica Lamech (AUS 2014).  The results are astoundingly similar, especially when you account for the different methods for gathering the raw data. Network’s survey was distributed online with boxes of symptoms to check off, and Dr. Lamech’s study tallied written responses.

Symptoms after Exposure to Smart Meter Radiation

2 thoughts on “Smart meter health problems compared”

  1. No regulations governing the state of Alaska we Alaskans feel the effects were of smart meters and selling our home to move off grid seems to be are only choice to net be sick all the time from the genocide meters. Treasonous acts against the people and utilities companies are corrupt criminals not caring that these meters hurting people making them ill. People have no rights to happiness here in Alaska no opt out of something we never opt into.

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