Wireless protest at FCC Senate hearing

A Los Angeles CA teacher, dressed in a bright yellow T shirt and carrying a bullhorn, disrupted a FCC Senate hearing to tell Chairman Wheeler and others that wireless radiation is harmful. CSPAN made a special video excerpt of the protest.

4 thoughts on “Wireless protest at FCC Senate hearing”

  1. I am leading a fight against a tower proposed for our residential neighborhood that would place a 60 foot tower 10 feet from a property line — about 30 feet from a home. 75 feet from my home. We had to hire a lawyer to fight this. I have done a lot of research and know this is a nationwide problem. If there is anything I can do to help this fight, please let me know.

    BTW: did you see the Wall Street Journal article that showed 1 in 10 of these towers is not complying with the FCC guidelines?? Who is policing this?? They want more and more towers, but they aren’t managing the ones they have properly and in compliance with regulations.

  2. Going on Today for Us in Santa Margarita Ca.An appeal by Verizon..to the board of supervisors in San Luis Obispo county (after a denial from the planning commission). for a Verizon Tower. Right in thw middle of Our small town where cell reception is Fine.
    So many People are uninformed to the Dangers with cell towers radiation and cancer causing effects.Decrease in property value..and ultimately death.

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