What is that smartphone really costing you and your family?

By Amy O’Hair

Lovers☠ It’s costing you irreplaceable, meaningful time with your kids—or your date—or your lover—or even with yourself. LA Times

☠ It’s costing you relaxation and rest: now your boss expects more from you, 24/7. Business Week

☠ It’s costing you the real pleasures of travel and adventure. Huffington Post

☠ It’s costing your health in the long term. You wouldn’t volunteer to suck on a tailpipe or lick lead paint or drink pesticide, but those are all in the same cancer-making category as the RF radiation from your phone. “Five Ways Your Cell Phone is Harming You”

☠ It’s costing your brain: 4G cellphone radiation alters your brain activity in clearly measurable ways. There was never any long-term testing on the safety of your phone or the cell network. Radiation affects brain activity

☠ It’s costing your health in so many ways: you’re at risk for future cognitive impairment, immune disorders, neurological damage, stress response, disrupted sleep, fertility and reproductive problems, DNA damage, and finally tumors and cancers. New York Open Center

☠ It’s costing you high-quality, health-giving sleep—even hours after you get away from the screen.  Huffington Post

☠ It’s costing your child’s normal mental development. ” Washington Times: Parents be smart”

☠ It’s costing your child his health, now and into the future: Huffington Post and  Electromagnetic Radiation Safety

☠ It’s costing your teen her well-being. Environmental Health Journal

☠ It’s costing your baby a normal neurological development during pregnancy. Dr. Mercola and Electromagnetic Health

☠ It’s costing your fertility—or that of your child, in the future. There are many studies showing how RF radiation damages sperm and testicles, and fetuses during pregnancy. Here’s just one. Read the science

☠ It’s costing you and your child a sense of empathy and connection. Bill Moyers interviews Sherry Turkle on being alone together

☠ It’s costing you your common sense: Are you one of the many who “couldn’t live without their phone”? Do you like that? Business Week

☠ It’s costing all of us the environment: that vaunted “cloud” is a greenhouse-gaseous energy-sucking behemoth. Electronics News

☠ It’s costing all of us basic public safety and awareness: a whole train full of device-entranced people don’t even notice a man waving a gun—till he shoots someone. SF Gate

☠ It can cost you the phone itself. Half of all robberies include a smartphone … thieves take phones like taking candy from a stupefied baby. A candidate, returning from meeting about community crime, distracted by a call, is robbed of his phone at gunpoint, in front of his own home. East Bay Express


How you can make your phone less costly to your health and to your life:

  • Use it less. Turn it off. Can’t get simpler than that.
  • [Better yet, use it for emergencies only!- admin]
  • Need more? Environmental Working Group: Speakerphone or earpiece. Text, text, text. Hold it away from body during use. Only when signal is strong. NOT in your pocket, not under your pillow, ever.