Take Back Your Power film screenings in CA, NY and Iowa

Take Back Your Power, an eye-opening documentary film which  investigates the “smart” meter program currently being implemented worldwide by most of the major utility companies, is set to tour California next week and a screening is planned for New York! Many of these presentations will be followed by an *expert panel discussion.

Special Pre-Release Screenings of Take Back Your Power in California:

*BERKELEY: Tuesday April 16 @7:30pm
BFUU Fellowship Hall
1924 Cedar St, Berkeley, CA

Sebastopol Center for the Arts (Veteran’s building)
282 S. High St, Sebastopol, CA

MALIBU FRIDAY, 19 APRIL 2013 @ 7:30pm
Olandar (near Zuma beach)
Malibu, CA

Just Cause Motion Capture Studio
4130 Del Ray Ave,
Marina Del Ray, CA

SACRAMENTO  Thursday May 16 @7:00pm
Sierra2-24th Street Theater
2791 24th Street, Sacramento CA

Special Pre-Release Screenings of Take Back Your Power in NEW YORK

*WOODSTOCK FRIDAY, April 19th 7:00pm
Woodstock Community Center
56 Rock City Road
Woodstock, New York

Special Pre-Release Screenings of Take Back Your Power in Fairfield IOWA

Fairfield Public Library
TUESDAY April 23rd—7:15 pm

Maharishi School Auditoriam
WEDNESDAY, April 24th—7:15 pm

About the film Take Back Your Power:
“Over the past eighteen months in shooting and developing this film, it became clear that the issue of “smart” meters is of critical importance at this time in our world. We’ve been largely kept in the dark about it – aside from the information from a growing number of concerned and aware groups have helped bring to light. It’s time this subject matter is brought out for public discussion and properly understood, so we can decide if this is a direction we’d like society to take.

“Our project started out as me and my cameraman friend doing several interviews with people experiencing health symptoms following the installation of an electricity meter. Over 70 interviews from 4 countries later, it’s now evolved into a full-length feature film about 90 minutes in length, with a Tom Clancy-esque plot.

“It’s our intention, with this film, that the rest of the world could have access to understand what’s at stake in this issue, as it relates to the direction that the people would like our society to take, at this time.“

What to expect in the film:
“We decided to go a direction that stays ‘on-track’ and focused on the ‘smart’ grid and metering issue, and the areas of our lives for which there are profound implications. This topic is also quite complex. While we did vast amounts of research leading to a discussion of the larger context of and history behind the “smart” grid, we decided not to go too far in this direction in the film. So the film stays highly accessible to all ages and backgrounds, and as many people as possible can benefit from the discussion and be empowered to participate.

“I feel that it’s time to have this topic properly covered in an accurate and entertaining film – one which connects the dots and asks important questions of the audience – and I’m very glad to be getting the film released and publicly available.”

Josh del Sol, Director & Producer, Take Back Your Power

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  1. A group forming in Port Townsend, WA to stop Smart Meters would like to show this film. How can that be accomplished?

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