Injured by smart meters? Class action lawsuit forming

9/2015 UPDATE to this post. The video has been removed. The lawsuit was unsuccessful.


In this video Jerry Day interviews Liz Barris about the upcoming class action lawsuit she’s coordinating against California utilities SCE and PG&E for health damages from smart meters. This lawsuit may be extended to other CA utility companies soon.

“Those industries, businesses and individuals who profit from wireless technologies, such as your power company, are suppressing information about the hazards of wireless technologies. They are attacking proponents of responsible wireless management and they are knowingly exposing the public to harm and damage hoping that the general public and the media will refuse to believe the obvious and proven connection between electromagnetic radiation and biological damage. Because of the wireless industry’s irresponsibility and wrongdoing, unfortunately, legal actions have become necessary.”

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  1. I live in a large condominium complex and there are 8 smart meters placed on the wall where I sleep.

    I haven’t been feeling well, tiered, depressed, ringing in my ears, not sleeping through the night.

    I would like to join this class action suit! There are other people in my complex who have been noticing symtoms.

    Karin K. Ashby

  2. Smart Meter was installed and within a month… my cat had a tumor that killed it within 2 months…and now my wife is dying from skin cancer… the cancer bills are probably going to liquidate all our assets and probably make us homeless….. she may die…

  3. My name is Julie Rodriguez. I live in Sarasota Florida. I started becoming Ill after I moved into a condo. I started feeling like I was dyeing. Heart Palpitations, pulse rate high, anxiety, extreme fatigue , dizziness, worse is breathlessness and legs hurts!!.
    (((I was researching signs of Cancer.,, possible leukemia!!))
    I come to knowledge of smart meters only two weeks ago. I have been ill for 4 months. I have 12 outside the window I sleep!!! There is 12 more on the opposite wall.
    Will this class action help me in florida. FLORDIA POWER AND LIGHT also my landlord is keeping my monies for trying to break lease!!

  4. I live in tulare ca we have had our smart meter for 1 year, I have the same as Julie, Heart Palpitations, pulse rate high, anxiety, extreme fatigue , dizziness, breathlessness and legs hurt also. Would like to join your class action lawsuit!

  5. Me & my mother have been driven from our apartment due to the smart meters (Mom has EHS) and have had to sleep in our car in a bad neighborhood (there are fights outside, sometimes lewd activity) for nearly 2 months now, as we have no other place to go.
    Our only income is my mother’s disability, and I am her full-time caregiver and have no funds. If Mom goes into the apartment, she suffers excruciating pain due to smart meters recently installed in the back of our apartment complex. She can only run in her apartment to use the bathroom. She cannot stay in hotels or most people’s houses because they have wifi or wireless devices. And sleeping in the car really exacerbates her fibromyalgia.

    It is hard when you’re watching someone you love and who raised you suffer so much. Wireless is intensifying, and her inability to form a barrier between it & herself is worsening her situation.

    When Mom’s exposed, she suffers intense, throbbing pain down to her bones that lasts for weeks. At another time, she suffered spinal pain she describes as feeling like an open lesion bleeding under her skin, going down her spine. She gets burns on her skin, cracking sensation in her head, body numbness just being in the same car/auditorium with those who have their cellphones with them. She cannot sleep to recover. She can’t even go into stores because of people there with cellphones. I do all of the shopping, cooking, and most other things, and she cannot even visit her doctor’s office because of the wifi there; I must come in her place. Once she had to be taken to the emergency room due to complications from her EHS, however, she emerged sicker than before due to the extensive wifi used in the ER.

    Our apartment used to be a haven for her. But over the last year, due to neighbors moving in around and below us with wifi, and now just recently several smart meters being added and boosters being put on them to up their microwave emissions, she went from feeling comfortable in the apartment, to having to only stay on one side, to having to move her bed 4 times away from the wall where the neighbor had wifi, to having to finally put her mattress in the living room because she couldn’t sleep in the back bedrooms, to finally moaning on the floor one day almost a month ago, with pain she describes as feeling like “bones throbbing” and having to lay down on our balcony, to not being able to come in the house at all except to run in to use the bathroom, and that still hurts.

    I feel so helpless. We’re only two women on the streets. It’s been nearly 2 months.


  6. We definitely want to be part of this lawsuit action. I myself don’t feel pain, but my heart races, and my body is tense & irritable around this…

  7. I ended up in ER unable to balance myself. Had headqkes and heart palpitation, stress and adrenal fatigue since, seems problems myltiplying by day.


  8. In San Diego and after just moving into a home that is horribly infected by smart meters pointing directly at my front windows. I’m writing this from a hotel room. It took hours to find a hotel/motel that was free of wi-fi and a safe enough distance from cell towers thanks to Have major episodes of heart palpitations and pulse slowing down, glands and/or thyroid swelling, extreme fatigue, intense headaches, ears ringing badly and effecting my hearing, pressure behind the eyes and having vision problems(floaters), eyes also very dry and twitching, and as of a month ago, spitting up blood first thing every morning. Definitely want to be part of this. The home that we bought was supposed to be checked from RF/MW, and obviously wasn’t. Had a Building Biologist check and found it was toxic.

  9. I’m still suffering 10 months later. Still no help in Indiana. People here just aren’t ablet o get together and fight htis. I’m still fighting but getting nowhere. Has the class action law suit beeb expanded t oinclude people from other states yet? Ther are a few people here who would like to get involved in a law suit. Please let me know if it is still only for Californians. Thanks, Veronica

  10. I am in Marin, San Francisco Bay Area. As a small business owner, I have no problem with free enterprise or a corporation’s desire to be more efficient. However, the Smartmeter is dangerous to humans and animals and should be stopped altogether. Not everyone can hear it. Unfortunately, I can.
    For over a year, when I am at my house in San Rafael, CA, I hear a constant throbbing, humming sound, on the left side of my head. Some days it is louder than others. I assume this has to do with their transmitter output settings. I hear it when I come up the driveway. It is airborne. I wake up out of bed with migraines, and burning on the top of my head. My ears are ringing, I am not sleeping. I constantly wake up to a 60Hz hum being transmitted. Earplugs don’t work because it is being induced into the body via a Radio Frequency carrier wave. I have also had friends’ dogs react violently, shaking their ears as they enter the house. The sound starts in the Christie Box, where I assume the transmitter is on my driveway. I called PG&E Summer 2013, they came out and said would do a “test”. Walla! I had my quiet house back. This lasted 3 weeks. Now hum levels have crept back up and are really unbearable. I would like to point out that I don’t hear it at my office, or at friends’ houses. There is something wrong, they need to solve it. This is not healthy. I would like to join the suit.

  11. Please document your experience, and have them restore the analog meter to see if the sound goes away. Many people hear high pitched ringing with smart meters. It could be a sign of a hazardous condition,so please have PG&E restore the analog. Contact me if you need help. Sandi emfsafe at

  12. Have major episodes of heart palpitations and pulse slowing down, glands and/or thyroid swelling, extreme fatigue, intense headaches, ears ringing badly and effecting my hearing, pressure behind the eyes and having vision problems(floaters) – and you wrote this in the same order with others sites describing symptoms ?

  13. SMART meters installed in May, 2014,by June BODY was over-heating, hands began in swell, muscles in legs became affected. KNOTS began growing on left hand.severe headaches, EYES ITCH, burn and discharge of EYES. Radio supposedly turned off OCTOBER 11, October 13,KNOTS began growing in right hand, can hear signal even though supposedly turned off.earaches, headaches fevers, wrists and legs WEAKENED. Feels signals going through my body, skin itches and burns and nerves HURTS. TOLD DETROIT UTILITIES I am allergic to their meter and needed ANALOG back in my home. Was ignored and told no. Now WATER COMPANY is planning AMI HARD-WIRED WATER METERS INSTALLATION, PUBLIC SERVICE SAID NO OPT-OUT ON WATER METER. I SAID METER NOT ALLOWED. I AM A DIAGNOSED ALLERGY PRONE, AND METERS ARE CRIPPLING AND KILLING ME.

  14. Hi my name is dale.   Nothing but problems sience  meter has been put in. . now year later I have now brain damage. Retina disease bad headaches fatigue problems sleeping . 3 dogs have died within that year  and now doctors are trying to find the problem ..  I have weak muscles legs hurt all time too many symptoms all at once.  I would like to join the lawsuit . I will attach proof of doctoring

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