Reduce radiation risk from wi-fi, cell phones, and ipads

The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) published  a Fact Sheet on how to reduce exposure to wireless radiation devices.

This video by Wifi in Schools Australia reviews ARPANSA’s advice, explains SAR values, tests iPads vs. iPhones, and tells how to reduce exposure from mobile and other wireless devices. Inc. Internet Provider CEO: “I Hate Wireless.”

* Inc, CEO Dane Jasper writes, on his blog:

“Wireless is magic. You point two antennas at each other over a span of miles, and broadband comes out the other end. Most of the time.

I hate wireless.

Today, we sold our wireless network.”

Several years ago, Sonic had hoped to install a free public wi-fi network in Sebastopol.  But after months of campaigning against Sonic’s wi-fi, the Sebastopol city council decided to terminate their contract based on health and safety risks of wireless.  Sonic now states it is retiring all of their public wi-fi projects!

CEO Jasper contends the wireless is difficult and their focus is changing to wireline services, which include fiber optics!

*About Inc:, founded in 1994, provides broadband access to consumers and wholesale ISP partners in a thirteen state region.’s flagship product is “Fusion”, which combines unlimited broadband and local and long distance home telephone service. For $39.95, every Fusion customer gets the maximum Internet speed possible at their location — up to 20Mbps — plus a traditional phone line with U.S. and Canadian calling included.