Survey results: wireless meters impact health and safety

The EMF Safety Network launched a survey in July to investigate the health and safety complaints of wireless utility meters and to determine if further study is warranted.  The survey results have been evaluated by Ed Halteman, phd statistics, of Survey Design and Analysis of Boulder Colorado.  The survey was circulated online through this website, email lists and other social media outlets.

443 people took the survey and 78% were from California, 68% were PG&E customers. 49% said they or a member of their household were EMF sensitive.

41% of respondents had one or more wireless meters installed on their home. 35% had increase billing charges, 26% experienced some type of interference and 8% experienced burnt out appliances or damaged electronics.

Top health issues since the wireless meters were installed on or near the home (318  people) included sleep problems (49%), stress (43%), headaches (40%), ringing in the ears (38%) and heart problems (26%).

Of 111 people who complained to their utility provider 96% were unsatisfied or very unsatisfied with ho they handled their complaint and the same is true for complaints to the utilities commission, 96% dissatisfaction.

94% of respondents want to retain or restore the analog meters and 92% do not believe they should pay more to do so.

Statistical testing shows the top health symptoms are positively associated with EMF Sensitivity and wireless meters on the home.

See Final Narrative Here:Wireless Utility Meter Safety Impacts Survey Results-Final

25 thoughts on “Survey results: wireless meters impact health and safety”

  1. August 2012: so cal ed. Smart meter installed
    June 2013: Gas co. Advanced Meter installed
    About 1-2 weeks after installations wound up in ER both times.
    October,2013-Current symptoms:
    Nauseous all day
    Very low blood pressure w/ side effects
    Horrible Asthma attack’s…
    I have fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue..However, I have never been this sick in my entire life until now!

  2. First learn more to understand the problem. You can start by perusing this website,and following links to more information.
    Next you can stay informed and updated on what’s current by signing up on the email list.
    Then you can reduce you own exposures (at a relaxed pace) more info here:

    And then be ready to take action by letting other people know about the problem and helping to advocate for change.

  3. yes they jump fences, even cut locks…and they are using our homes for the commercial microwave antenna system- without informed consent and by way of lies about how the meters work.

  4. I was never advised nor asked if the smart meter could be installed at a house I own in Oroville, Ca. Also, I rent a duplex in Sacramento….again, the smart meter is there and I was not advised or asked if it could be installed. This is just weird. I thought people need to get consent to enter property. I have locked gates also. They must have jumped the fence I guess. I just know that I feel like my personal rights were violated when I was not asked by the power company if they could enter my property and if I could be given the choice to opt out.

  5. The constant ringing in my head is getting worse and becoming harder to ignore. An inability to focus on one thing at a time has creeped into my life. I work in the mountains on my gold claim. When im there i have no ringing in my head and my presence of mind seems to become more noticable the longer i am there. In my opinion the “smart meters” and chemtrail air poisoning are connected. We breathe a coctail of abraded metals from chemtrails..these metals accumulate in our bodies due to our inability to flush them out…..ever accidentally placed a metal utensil in the microwave? Regardless of wether or not this process and its effects on us are intentional, they are happening and we are being slow cooked. This is genocide dressed up in “Eco sustainable implements”. I couldnt care less about a heaven just as long as there’s a hell for those responsible to burn in.

  6. Complain to TXU and demand removal of the meter. Complain to Texas public utility commission. Sleep in another area of you home if possible, away form the meter. eliminate other wireless use, remove cordless phones, wi-fi and use corded and wired alternatives. See how you feel and if symptoms improve.

  7. Since TXU had installed the smart meter soon after I encountered some urinary tract problems, and some joint pains, and sinus problems… TXU installed the smart meter a while back, and it’s been a while. It is installed at the rear end of our home. My Bedroom is at the fear end of my home, my bed that I sleep in daily and nightly sits on this very wall… ‘Perhaps’ and I say this loosely, I need to move te bedroom around, do you think this will have an effect on our health? However My Mate Is also experiencing sone unusual symptoms as well… His Sinus has been giving him some problems, and joint pains, we Both are now and have been for a while having problems, unregular in the bathroom as well low sex drive and WE NEED YOUR HELP….

  8. SILKE – Suggest you have your doctor write a letter on on medical issues and send it and a request to your utility provider to opt out of the meter due to isses noted by your DR. Title II and III can be cited and formal complaint submitted if required.

    Use a Faraday cage until you get satisfaction. Cage is easy to build from foil, alum screen wire, a metal can and tape. check as well.

    Good Luck.

  9. All of a sudden I have Thyroid issues…Insomnia, headaches, heart palpitations, have to go this week for thyroid biopsy on a mass, I am very concerned about having a smart meter, what can I do? please anybody with any info. please share.

  10. There is NO WAY I could pay extra for an opt-out for the smart meter. I’m very concerned about health problems if one is installed, which would be right outside my bedroom wall with my head near the other side. This is outrageous!

  11. My neighbors were gracious enough to deny PiGE the opportunity to install SmartMeters on their homes, due to my sensitivities to EMF’s, with our families promise to pay for any monies demanded by PGE. With Peevey’s decision for $90 plus $15 a month, I guess my family will have to do without food to pay for the health advantage, or I will have to move back into my metal faraday cage. Another case of corporations owning government. OCCUPY.







  13. I do not have a Smart Meter on my townhouse, but the neighbors on either side of me do. My health is being severally inpacted by these meters. Lack of sleep, nausea, lack of concentration, heart problems, ringing in ears, headaches, stress, etc. Also I have had bird feeders for 25 years on my deck and the birds have disappeared !

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