Smart Meter Harm in Port St. Lucie Florida

Shari Anker begins her comments to the Port St. Lucie Florida city council by stating,  “In the book, Diary of Anne Frank, is Anne’s famous entry that reads, Despite everything I still believe that people are good in their hearts.”  Not long after that she was killed in a concentration camp.  Anne Frank was right that at least some people have good hearts.  But for her, at that time and in that place there weren’t enough good people in her life.”

Shari states, “The pulsed modulated radiation emissions from the Neptune R900 water meters the city is installing causes injuries to my health. I need a zone of safety around my home where I am free of these emissions.”  Sheri’s letters and requests to the city are ignored. She asks,  “WHY NO RESPONSE?”

Lisa Lacoparra had a seizure 3 weeks after the “smart” water meter was installed by the City of Port St Lucie Utility Dept this year.  She also had a seizure last year one week after Florida Power and Light (FPL) installed smart meters on her neighbors homes.  Although FPL removed the smart meters from Lisa neighbors’ homes the Cities “smart” water meters for neighbors, at the end of her driveway are making her very ill.

Lisa’s doctor is requesting for all transmitting meters to be removed within a 300-600 m radius of her home. The City and the utility dept are refusing — even though it is a life threatening situation.

Call to demand that the city remove the transmitting radiation meters and provide a zone of safety for Lisa, and Sheri and everyone who requests it!

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  1. Margaret melendy and I’m also trying to get ahold of Deanna Munson I have read the articles and I am in agreement with everything you have mention and I need to find a way to approach the city with this problem that we have and it is a great problem. as far as getting sick the problem is even greater. could you please call me at your convenience 772-882-0953

  2. I would like to speak with Shari Anker. My name is Margaret melendy and my number is 772-882-0953 I would like to talk to her some more as far as he’s Electric magnetic radiation and some other stuff thank you

  3. Good evening my name is Margaret and I live in Port St Lucie I’ve been here a year and a half and I’ve been totally getting sick with all the Electric magnetic waves around here and the radiation I did have my smart meter removed but something’s still not right I have a sound at my house that just doesn’t go away and sometimes it’s so loud it’s a sound but it’s so loud it is just very very disturbing can someone help me I have been writing letters complaining and I’m getting nowhere

  4. and now in 2018 we have glioblastoma brain cancers clustered in this same area…as someone from oregon still suffering the ost insidious torture ever from these smartmeters ,7 + years now ,i would be surprised if i didnt have brain cancer at this point .no resources to “move ” anywhere these nefarious devices dont exist ,no chance of ever “earning” my way out of apartment rental existence with thousands of these radiating on every block …while they may draw some other conclusion from these brain cancers ,i can feel the attacks on brain and heart all night every night .these smartmeters need criminalized .the latency period of cancer is anywhere from 8-20 years . dont know if links will show up here ,but google “Florida Department of Health in St. Lucie Co. taking further action to address glioblastoma concerns” this type of cancer only comes from Electro Magnetic Radiation ,smartmeters radiate dirty electricity from every wall from the high voltage transients they put on the household wiring from the switching mode power supplies in each and every one .the radio frequency emmissions also destroy dna and cause a host of other illnesses and damage ,and when lying down ,it is whole body exposure .they say only 6% react in such an immediate fashion ,but i got gifted with the smartmeter hub ,the meter is visibly different that all the others here ,a different mode;l all together ,yet PGE deny’s it is any different than anyone elses .wondering if 6% of us reacting so harshly all got this particular meter slapped on our homes ,not to say they all arent bad ,but some are worse than others .the need a hub/data transmitter meter every 500-1000 meters ive read .too EHS now to survive an MRI PET or CAT scan ,if i even qualify on medicaid insurance .wish everyone could write down their model numbers ,see if theres a connection with these brain cancers .sorry my thoughts are so scattered

  5. Neptune Technology Group that makes the Neptune R900 completely denies that there are any health hazards associated with this water meter. It also says that the Neptune R900 is absolutely safe. The Neptune R900 is being installed not only in Florida, but it’s being installed in California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and in many other states. What the hell is going on? Why are there YouTube complaints about this device but no recorded complaints by the company, by the cities or the states in which they’re being installed?

  6. For the record, Anne Frank wasn’t killed in a concentration camp. Far from it. She died from typhoid in a concentration camp, as did many, many others since they all were cut off from food and medical supplies by the Allies.

  7. We must support one another as we understand the historical context in which we live. This is the civil rights issue of our time. We, as the canaries in the RF minefields, must shout that we refuse to be the collateral damage of this technology. We have a right to live safely in our homes, free from forced exposure to 2nd-hand radiation. I can not move as I have severe chemical sensitivity. It was nearly impossible for me to find a safe home before smart meter technology and widespread cell towers. Why should we have to leave our homes? It is an outrageous injustice. We have a lot of work ahead of us — but let us put everything we have in securing our right to be safe in our homes.

  8. I wish for such a safety zone from my neighbors’ smart meters and 4g phones and countywide wireless broadband. ..
    My prayers for her and all like us.

  9. Shari, thank you for speaking up. People have been forced out of their homes and into being refugees because of “smart” meters. Its a horrific injustice. Sandi

  10. Thank you for posting this video! Lisa’s courage and determination inspired me to also make public my appeal for a zone of safety free from injurious pulsed rf radiation. My symptoms are dramatic in their own way, and it is unfortunate that the City has so far refused to accommodate us in our requests. It would be such a simple thing. And it is the right thing. No one in their right mind wants to injure another. How can we appeal to people with good hearts to stop harming us?

  11. Although I cannot prove I am having increased attacks of Multiple Sclerosis due to the installation of Smart Meters in my area, I believe there is a direct cause. At the current time, I do not have a Smart Meter, (at my request), but, residents near me do. If in the event a Smart Meter is put in at my house, I worry about increased MS attacks that will make my life more difficult. Currently my attacks prevent me from walking or lifting my feet over a welcome mat when they occur. If it’s in both legs, I will be unable to drive a car, because I can’t lift my foot to the brake peddle. There is overwhelming fatigue as well. Currently, I am fighting the effects of Smart Meters, but feel I will lose the fight and my Relapse Remitting MS will slide into Progressive MS where the effects will be permanent. Annette Funicello died from her MS problems. I am a mother and grandmother and I would like a quality of life to be able to be there in a functioning capacity. Those who are the “canaries” and directly affected by this intermittent transmission will be affected first and I am one of them. Please take this and their cause for alarm seriously. Thank you.

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