Sebastopol stand up against PG&E Smart Meters! Come to the City Council meeting on Tuesday 2/19

Sebastopol has asked for a moratorium on Smart Meters twice.  The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is currently evaluating a Smart Meter opt-out program that includes communities.  However, recently PG&E has been installing Smart Meters in Sebastopol.

Do you want to see the City Council take a stronger stand against PG&E and ban Smart Meters Sebastopol, like they’ve been banned by a dozen other California communities including Fairfax, Santa Cruz, and Ojai?

Come to the Sebastopol city council meeting on Tuesday February 19 at the Teen center. *Arrive around 8 pm.  The Sebastopol City Council needs to see new faces and hear from more people on this issue!

The council has been asked to take the following three actions which are recommended by Fairfax councilman Larry Bragman.  Fairfax has had more success in keeping PG&E Smart Meters out of Fairfax.

  1. Have the city attorney send a strong message to CPUC President Michael Peevey, ALJ Amy Yip-Kikugawa, and PG&E regarding stopping Smart Meter installation is Sebastopol.
  2. Adopt an emergency ordinance, banning Smart Meters.
  3. Adopt a community opt-out resolution.

Smart Meter wavesSmart Meters are costing us money, privacy and our health and safety!

Smart Meter complaints include: skyrocketing utility bills, privacy invasion, vulnerable to cyber attack, interference with security systems and other wireless devices, burned out appliances, explosions, fires, health problems including headaches, tinnitus, sleep and heart problems, anxiety, nausea, and other health symptoms following installation.

Smart Meters monitor the details of your electric usage and transmit that data from meter to meter in a mesh network, using wireless radiation, classified as a possible carcinogen by the World Health Organization (same as DDT and lead).  Smart Meters don’t save energy and they are not good for the environment!


 You have a choice. If you still have analog meters, you can attach this Smart Meter Do Not Consent Sign to your meters.  You can also sign up with PG&E to opt-out, however at this time they’re charging extortion fees. The “costs” are under evaluation at the CPUC, and many are calling for a no fees.  If you have Smart Meters you can call PG&E 1-866-743-0263 to have them removed.

You can also let others know about Smart Meter problems, by circulating this flyer in Sebastopol:  FRONT: SmartMeters flyer  BACK:  Smart Meter Do Not Consent Sign

Smart Meter installers tend to leave when questioned. They drive white Ford Ranger trucks with a green “Wellington Energy” logo on the driver’s door.  It also could be a PG&E truck. Call if you see installers in Sebastopol:  824-0824

* The City council meeting starts at 6pm, so 8pm is an estimated time, based on it’s agenda item #8. It could be later, not likely earlier.