People vs. PG$E

Today a Wellington installers truck was effectively blocked and rendered incapable of deploying PG&E Smart Meters for several hours by a local Anchor Bay woman, Annie M.

Annie has been instrumental in educating her area about the hazards of the new PG&E wireless utility meters.  She is in recovery from severe EMF sensitivity, and moved to Mendocino County this year to take refuge in a lower EMF environment.  Talking about the incident she said,  “I don’t want anyone else to feel like I did. While I am still feeling good, I want to do what I can to help people. I didn’t know what else to do.”

Mendocino County has banned Smart Meters by ordinance, however PG&E is disrespecting the law and deploying meters throughout the county.

The homeowner, who’s driveway the truck was blocked into called on the Sheriff to report the illegal meter installations and they were told to file a written complaint online. However, later the Sheriff warned Annie M. that blocking the truck was considered entrapment, although PG$E and Wellington declined to press charges.

The CPUC could prevent these confrontations by ordering a moratorium on the installation of the unpopular meters.  45 cities and counties in California have called for a moratorium and a dozen have banned them.  At what point will the CPUC honor their mission to ensure safe utility service and regulate the utilities?  For now, it’s the people vs. PG$E.  This is a shameful situation.

3 thoughts on “People vs. PG$E”

  1. Democracy in action. We have now got a genuine police state determined to kill us.

  2. Entrapment? Isn’t that what happens to our homes, businesses, and families when these monster meters are installed? The important question is not whether PG&E or Wellington pressed charges. Of more interest is whether Mendocino County pressed charges against them for violating its ordinance. Where is law & order when we need it? Why won’t law enforcement do their jobs? Oh, for the day when we’re no longer on the defensive.

    Stay strong, Annie


    The only things wrong with smart meters are the Health problems, the security risks, the electrical interference problems, the electrical fire problems, the huge $$$ costs to customers, the false promises that energy will be saved, the time and money wasted not moving towards valid improvements in energy usage and conservation and the violations of people’s privacy in their own homes.

    The good things about smart meters are the huge number of jobs that will be lost and the extra $Billions paid to PG$E and other utility companies.

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