Fundraiser: March 26, 7 pm Sebastopol

On Monday, March 26 we have a fundraiser event planned in Sebastopol CA.  We are raising funds for a lawsuit against Verizon who is trying to add 3G and 4G antennas to an already contentious cell tower in the heart of downtown Sebastopol.  We filed an appeal of the Sebastopol planning commission decision to allow the expansion, and the city council split 2-2 on the appeal which allowed Verizon to move ahead.  The only way to stop them was to file a lawsuit.

Theresa Melia, a Sebastopol Waldorf kindergarten teacher, is spearheading the campaign to raise the funds and she gave $1,000 towards the lawsuit.  She says, ” It is unconstitutional to be subjected against our will to constant radio frequency radiation.  This technology is a convenience that undermines everyone’s health.”

Verizon and other wireless carriers are bullies, who use the inadequate FCC radio frequency (RF) guidelines as proof of safety and intimidate local planners with the unconstitutional section 704 of the Telecommunications Act which prohibits cell tower placement decisions based on health impacts.

We need your help!  You can help us immediately by donating online, and please join us on Monday March 26, at 7 pm at the Sebastopol Vets Hall, in the Fireside Room, 282 High Street.  Documentary film “Public Exposure”, followed by Q and A with Sandi Maurer and Michael Neuert, plus a plant and art sale.  There is no cost to attend, but donations are encouraged to fund the lawsuit.

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  1. Good luck with your fundraiser! That is quite a worthy cause. I shudder to think what kind of situation it will take to make these people sit up and take notice of the havoc they’re wreaking on humanity for the sake of a few bucks.

    There is some good news, and I’m happy to update you: The Georgia State Senate passed Senate Bill 459, which is for a “smart” meter opt out option! Not only that, but the Secretary of the Senate (Senator Chip Rogers) and the Majority Whip (Senator Cecil Staton) proposed that the opt out be free, and that amendment passed unopposed! This all happened in about five minutes total. It went, as I’ve said to many, “like buttah!” (-:

    There’s an article covering the opt out bill’s progess through the Senate and to the House in the Savannah Morning News. If any of you have a second or two, perhaps you could visit and leave a comment and a five star rating for the article. There are, not to be mean, but quite uninformed naysayers over there, that obviously do not realize the gravity of the situation. A little friendly schooling would not be out of order!

    Thanks in advance for your help, and a special thank you to our dear friends in California, who were there for all of us around the world, with information and support, since this debacle began, and are still lighting the way. You all rock!

  2. Great for people in Sebastopol to stand up against more wireless in their area.
    A bit off topic, but I saw a bumper sticker on a friends car 2 years ago that read “Keep Cotati Wired “. I never asked her what that was about, but does anyone in the area know what that meant ?
    I am thinking that it was against wireless proliferation, and supporting wired communications like broadband cable/fiber optics and traditional land line telephone service.

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