Shady smart meter cop-out

Another great video from Jerry Day, who offers his current advice on tackling utility smart meter problems. His advice- continue to refuse the meters, refuse the fee opt outs and keep detailed records of your health since installation. He encourages people to enforce the truth and stand up for our rights to safety in an environment of criminality.

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  1. Customers are ALREADY PAYING ABOUT $300 each FOR THE SMART METER hidden within their utility bill over many months, so WHY do they have to pay an additional opt-out fee for something they already paid for but aren’t getting?

    Shouldn’t the opt-out customers instead be getting a refund or credit for $300 since PG$E saves the $300 not putting a new smart meter on their home.

  2. There is an emergency “smart” meter situation in Georgia I hope you will help with. I just learned that the Senate Bill 459, to allow a PAY TO PROTECT YOURSELF from smeters option, is going to be whisked into the Regulated Industries and Utilities Committee at 3:00 this afternoon! As you know, we should not have to pay to have an untested-for-human-safety meter on the sides of our homes, radiating us night and day.

    I’d like to request that Georgians call the three senators who sponsored the bill (so happens, one heads up the Regulated Industries and Utilities Committee, and another sponsor is on it!), and let them know that public hearings should be held, before this bill goes any further. Tell them we should not have to pay to protect ourselves – that’s blackmail!

    Here are the numbers (the first three people are the bill’s sponsors):

    Senator David Shafer: 404-656-0048 (Senator Shafer is also the chairman of the Regulated Industries & Utilities Committee.)

    Senator Buddy Carter: 404-656-5109 (Senator Carter is also on the Regulated Industries & Utilities Committee.)

    Senator Greg Goggans: 404-463-5263

    Here is the rest of the Committee. Please let as many of them as you can know your opinion – they will be deciding your fate, and the fate of your family, and wallet! We’re already paying to have a safe, analog meter. Why should we be charged more for what we already have?

    Senator Renee Unterman: 404.463.1368

    Senator Ed Harbison: 404-656-0074

    Senator William T. Ligon: 404.656.0045

    Senator Barry Loudermilk: 404.656.0034

    Senator Joshua McKoon: 404-463-3931

    Senator Gloria Butler: 404-656-0075

    Senator Frank Ginn: 404-656-4700

    Senator Steve Henson: 404-656-0085;

    Senator Jack Hill: 404-656-5038

    Senator George Hooks: 404-656-0065

    Senator Rick Jeffares: 404-656-0503

    Thank you so much! People like you and Jerry Day are front line heroes!

  3. I just got an update from Jackie at the office of Georgia Senator Buddy Carter. She says that Senate Bill 459 is still sitting in committee!

    A little refresher on what that means (except ours is on the state level): Schoolhouse Rock, “I’m only a Bill”:

    This is good news, as it will give us more time to call/email the Regulated Industries and Utilities Committee and demand a free opt-out option>an opt-in option>get these things off ALL of our homes and businesses! Keep up with the latest Georgia “smart” meter opt out news at (:

  4. Thank you so much for letting me post this here. Your site is so helpful!!

    I need to ask all Georgians to call Senator Don Balfour, chairman of the Georgia Senate Rules Committee. He has an opt out bill before him, Senate Bill 459. He needs to send it along to be voted on by Wednesday, or there will be no chance of an opt out bill until next January. His phone number is 404-656-0095, and his email is Thank you so much, and please visit for more information.

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