Free smart meter opt out for North Carolina

Great big thanks to activists in North Carolina who won a free utility smart meter opt out provided they submit a simple note from a doctor to the utility.

The North Carolina Utilities Commission (NCUC) decision states, “…the Commission believes it is inappropriate to require customers who maintain that they need to avoid exposure to RF emissions to the extent possible to protect their health to pay [Duke Energy Carolinas] DEC’s proposed smart meter opt-out charges.

Andrew McAfee, an activist leader in this case said: “The removal of Duke’s opt-out fees stops that added insult to injury for many who suffer debilitating electrosensitivity conditions and their associated health costs,”  “Most importantly, the NCUC order recognizes our medical doctor’s proper role in determining what is healthy, not the FCC.”

The note from the doctor does not need to explain any diagnosis or symptoms, but would need to be signed and notarized and simply state:

“I am a medical physician licensed by the North Carolina Medical Board. ______________(Name of Duke Energy Customer) must avoid exposure to RF emissions to the extent possible to protect ______ (his or her) health.”

In California, and in other states, utilities charge extortion fees to avoid smart meters. This case in North Carolina sets an important precedent.

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11 thoughts on “Free smart meter opt out for North Carolina”

  1. I have had sensitivities to RF can barely use my cell phone anymore. I’m buying a house that has a smart meter on the other side of the bedroom close to the bed. I called Progress just last week to ask about the Opt out and they said this is only available in SC not NC. Can you give me more information? It’s very important to me to not have this meter be a barrier in buying this house.

  2. Duke Energy had contractors installing smart meters in my neighborhood. They rang my doorbell but I was not home and not able to talk to them via Ring because of spotty signals at work. I would have told them I do not want it. They were called Grid One Solutions. I will check today but I am pretty sure they installed a smart meter and I do not want that junk on my house. What can I do now? Call duke and have them come remove it? I bet they wont now that they did the installs when no one was home…. during the work day.

  3. I have a smart meter and it’s causing health problems. How can I have Duke remove it and if they do, what kind of meter would they replace it with? Thank you for your time.

  4. Opting-out to cut off radio transmission takes care of one
    problem. The dirty electricity created by the new digital
    meters is equally if not more harmful for electromagnetic
    sensitive customers. All of your wiring in your home and
    office is affected by the switching type of power supply in
    the new meters. The old analog meters do not create dirty electricity.

  5. The public service comission in my state says that they did not know about any health dangers from smart meters. We have no opt out , no meter change notice, no warning that the meter gives off high frequency radio waves, even the man that came to install mine but did not because of my refusal , told me the meter – communication device was dangerous and not have it pointed toward your house or body. Then they sent three men out to either change the meter or turn the power off, they say that we agreed to use the meter that the power co. provided, maybee so but not a meter – communication device combination that violates the forth amendment and we probably can not read to get our power usage. I can not believe this is happening in America .

  6. I had the power company come today. I am started the process with a letter from my dr. With Duke Emergy, you call customer service and ask for an opt out application. Also, I’ve order filters for my outlets to help with the dirty electricity. I’ve seen 6 doctors and have had an mri. No answers.

  7. I am with Rutherford emc, when I asked about opting out of the smart meter, I was told that was only for Duke customers, they only had these digital meter (which look exactly like the smart meters) . I have been having issues lately with heart PVCs and believe it is a result of this meter . Does any one have any into to help me with this?

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