Free smart meter opt out for North Carolina

Great big thanks to activists in North Carolina who won a free utility smart meter opt out provided they submit a simple note from a doctor to the utility.

The North Carolina Utilities Commission (NCUC) decision states, “…the Commission believes it is inappropriate to require customers who maintain that they need to avoid exposure to RF emissions to the extent possible to protect their health to pay [Duke Energy Carolinas] DEC’s proposed smart meter opt-out charges.

Andrew McAfee, an activist leader in this case said: “The removal of Duke’s opt-out fees stops that added insult to injury for many who suffer debilitating electrosensitivity conditions and their associated health costs,”  “Most importantly, the NCUC order recognizes our medical doctor’s proper role in determining what is healthy, not the FCC.”

The note from the doctor does not need to explain any diagnosis or symptoms, but would need to be signed and notarized and simply state:

“I am a medical physician licensed by the North Carolina Medical Board. ______________(Name of Duke Energy Customer) must avoid exposure to RF emissions to the extent possible to protect ______ (his or her) health.”

In California, and in other states, utilities charge extortion fees to avoid smart meters. This case in North Carolina sets an important precedent.

More: Landmark NCUC decision

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  1. Watch Jerry Day’s you tube presentations.

    Download the legal documents from:

    The correct name for the “analog” meter is:
    Make sure you include that phrase in the letter you write, that you will give to your doctor to sign.

    I also posted the legal documents on my front door, as well as on the meter behind the house.

    Don’t be intimidated by any rude or critical comments the power company employees might make on the phone or in person.

    They are not told the truth about these meters they are hired to install.

    Educate yourself, then inform others!!! You have a mission on this planet!
    See how many people you can alert and inform, and educate each and every day! Show them photographs of the different types of meters so they can understand better what you are trying to share with them. 80% of learning is visual!
    Consider yourself a “health evangelist!!!”

    Be well aware that these “advanced smart meters” typically do not have surge protectors, and they can “blow out” appliances in your home, or even cause house fires.

    Alert your local fire and police and sheriffs’ departments…..
    Buy copies of Generation Zapped, and Take Back Your Power, and give them to all First Responders, Your city council members, the mayor, governor, representatives, etc.
    YOU will be helping to save people’s lives!!

    Also, ( is now showing free…. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch it! Order copies to share with others, too!

    The only thing necessary for evil to prevail, is for the good people to remain silent.

  2. The first generation of smart meters pinged a signal so the “meter-reader’ could gather customers KW usage by just driving down your street and NOT walking up to every meter and manually making eye contact with the numbers. Plus, that microwave was NOT the 5G signal. With the new smart meters…they don’t have to even drive down your street…..and they can do a LOT more with it.

  3. Best Buy sells a $15.00 set of headphones with small attached mic. Even Ingles used to sell them… do the dollar stores. Never hold a cell phone up against your head. If you don’t have a cheap headphone set yet….use your “speaker-phone” option. Microwaves cause cancer!!! Europe and the rest of the world has done the research, but it’s swept under the rug in this country. But hey….cancer is big business now. They’re killing two birds with one stone.

  4. I read on another site that if they are installing an “opt-out meter,” it is just a smart meter with the transmission capability turned off. It produces so much dirty electricity that it is nearly as bad as a regular smart meter! Don’t be fooled! Insist on an analog meter!

  5. Do none of you use mobile phones? Why have smart meters been singled out? These devices actually communicate using very similar tech to a mobile phone, but for only a small fraction of the time our phones connect to mobile networks. By that logic alone, it would follow they should be less of a concern.

    Do any of you have WIFI? Or use a microwave?

    How about when you leave the house? Do you avoid going near other people to avoid being ‘polluted’ by the EMF signals coming from other people’s phones?

    And most importantly .. do any of you have an example of peer backed research publication that actively cites this a real risk to health?

    The world is a confusing place, and the speed of progress has a lot of negative effects. Even so, I sincerely think it’s worth picking your battles sensible. There’s a great deal of MISS-information about there.

    Above all, don’t be a fool.

  6. OMG!
    While reading about the smart meter opt out programs, I discovered the smart meters have been around since 2012.
    I am an athlete, health care counselor, and eat cleaner foods than most people I know. I was strong and healthy until 2013, I began showing signs of heart disease. I felt devastated ! Since 2013, I have had 3 episodes, regardless of any preventative measures I incorporate.
    Now, I am realizing the weakened heart must be caused from EMF poisoning. This is the only thing that makes sense … the one thing in my environment that cannot control. My house is small; the smart meter is located behind my bedroom.
    I am hoping to begin feeling better when the smart meters are removed, reducing the electronic waves filtrating my home on a non stop basis.
    I have already began making drastic changes with regard to wi-fi, cell phone usage and habits. Now, I unplug all appliances when not in use, turn my computer off when not in use and turn the wi-fi off at night.

  7. Are there any organized groups in NC fighting Smart Meters and 5G? I have searched Google and FB and can’t find any . . . Thanks!

  8. Are there active groups in NC that are fighting 5G, smart meters, etc??? I can’t find anything after searching Google and FB . . .

  9. Anybody know any Doctors in NC that will sign off on this Smart Meter opt-out? Mine said he would, but now he’s spinning his wheels and not doing anything.

  10. INPOWER movement uses Common Law, Law Merchant and Spiritual Law, which supersede US, Inc., law, which is what is practiced in court. Your best odds of CLAIMING your right to your electromechanical (analogue) meter are to become a member of INPOWER, which is free. The knowledge INPOWER freely offers places all liability on those responsible. You will have access to the most knowledgeable people on this issue, videos from the creator of a template of the “Notice of Liability,” which gives you the power to say No in legal terms. There is a video that specifically explains every page of the NoL and how to fill in the blank spaces, which are very few. If for some reason you still need guidance, representatives are available by email.



    Copy and paste the links at the end of this post to your personal journal.
    Then write them on Index cards and give them to everyone you know…
    including your family, friends, neighbors, relatives…
    your doctors…. your spiritual leaders,
    the school teachers in your area, the postal clerks who deliver your mail, the folks who serve you via the grocery stores and restaurants….and yes, even the politicians need to hear from you!

    Only 80 letters, to my knowledge, were ever received by the Utilities Commission regarding citizen’s concerns about the danger of Duke Energy installing smart meters on houses and businesses in N.C. and S.C.

    There are approximately 20 million people who live in
    NC and SC who will be affected by this overwhelming radiation…

    AND ONLY 80 people wrote letters to the Commission???? Hellooooooo…. What is everybody else out there doing?????

    This “TROJAN HORSE” is now in the midst of our cities,
    state, as well as country….

    If you’re reading this web site, you probably are “awake”
    or at least in the process of “waking up”….

    This is YOUR opportunity to “Love Thy Neighbor” and share this web site with them! People seriously need your help!!!!

    2/3’s of America’s population are currently dying prematurely from heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.
    (all of which are preventable as well as reversible)

    How many more people will be next in line to suffer, for years and years, when the mitochondria of their cell system switches to “chronic disease mode”???

    Approximately 50 % of our people are already in full time roles of “caregiver”…. who will be left to care for the caregivers when they become chronically ill???



    “We” are still the majority.
    “WE” do not have to have smart meters on our houses, or neighborhoods, or businesses, at all, and certainly we do not ever need the consequences of 5 G either.

    Other countries already are using Li Fi, which so far, doesn’t appear to be harmful in any way to either humans or the environment. (Light Technology)

    It only took a young David with one slingshot aimed at just the right place, to bring the Goliath down in his day and time. He helped save a lot of people’s lives – by utilizing what he had available – his slingshot!

    We happen to have a new and different “Goliath” in our midst today…

    And our current “slingshot” can be:
    our voice, our compassion, our passion, our activism, and our letters and phone calls.

    In times past the “giant Goliath” was tobacco, asbestos, lead, uranium, etc.

    This is just one more “battle” for our freedom, folks.
    “Freedom” is never “free”.
    It must be “won” by each and every generation.

    Light just one tiny candle in a very dark room.

    No matter how small it is, it begins to SHINE, and permeate the darkness.

    Add another candle, and another candle, and another candle, and soon there will be no darkness.

    The darkness will have dissipated thanks to; The Power of the Light!

    “WE” are all in this together. You are not alone!

    Take the challenge, folks!
    Learn about these issues.

    Download the pamphlets, posters, brochures available on these topics.

    Buy a copier and a ream of paper – and go to work!

    Consider it your daily exercise!
    Going door to door, helping to inform!

    People usually “HATE” to do fundraising, or public speaking.
    You’re not doing either. So, no “fear” there, ok????

    You can “see” that their house is “on fire”,
    and they are inside their house and can’t yet “see” the flames.

    They need YOUR perspective and knowledge on this matter, A.S.A.P.!

    They need to know what is really happening INSIDE their walls – with the dirty electricity and EMF, etc. occurring
    due to the smart meters being installed on their property.

    Most people are not aware that their safe analog meter has been changed to a very dangerous “smart” meter…

    You will be absolutely shocked how few people even know what a smart meters is!

    Do you recall how you first learned about this?

    Do you remember:

    the initial flimsy “postcard” from Duke Energy that said,
    “We will be upgrading the meters in your neighborhood soon”?

    That tiny flimsy postcard (great marketing strategy)
    arrived in a pile of “junk mail” in your mailbox!

    How many people actually look through that pile daily? Before tossing most of it, if not all of it, in the garbage can?

    (I just happen to be one of the few people, I guess, that sorts my “junk mail” daily, and I saw that tiny postcard in the midst of it! )

    Chances are, as you go door to door and meet all your neighbors and ask them,

    “Hello, I was just wondering, do you have a smart meter yet?”

    you may be surprised at how very very few even know what you are talking about!

    YOU can help save their health, the health of their children, their elderly parents living with them, and the health of their beloved pets!

    JUST – by caring enough to knock on their door and give them literature they desperately need at this time in their lives.

    Choose to “BE” the male or female “Paul Revere” for this generation!
    The cry may not be “The British are Coming!”
    but it certainly is, “The Smart Meters are Here!”

    All of our lives and freedom are currently very much at stake.

    PLEASE COPY AND PRINT THIS LIST and Begin to do your own homework! Educate Yourself, and then Tell Others!!!




    E BOOK – Free: – Download the E book

    Pamphlets, flyers and brochures are available
    to download from:

    This is a long report, but one very necessary to read:


    TYPE IN:
    Cell phones
    Cell phone radiation
    Cell phone towers
    Dirty Electricity
    Microwave radiation
    Smart meters
    5 G technology


    THANK YOU for joining with me on the streets of our neighborhoods, our city, our state, and our country!

    I NEED YOUR HELP, in order to HELP OTHERS!!!!
    I Can’t do this alone!

  12. I am with Rutherford emc, when I asked about opting out of the smart meter, I was told that was only for Duke customers, they only had these digital meter (which look exactly like the smart meters) . I have been having issues lately with heart PVCs and believe it is a result of this meter . Does any one have any into to help me with this?

  13. I had the power company come today. I am started the process with a letter from my dr. With Duke Emergy, you call customer service and ask for an opt out application. Also, I’ve order filters for my outlets to help with the dirty electricity. I’ve seen 6 doctors and have had an mri. No answers.

  14. The public service comission in my state says that they did not know about any health dangers from smart meters. We have no opt out , no meter change notice, no warning that the meter gives off high frequency radio waves, even the man that came to install mine but did not because of my refusal , told me the meter – communication device was dangerous and not have it pointed toward your house or body. Then they sent three men out to either change the meter or turn the power off, they say that we agreed to use the meter that the power co. provided, maybee so but not a meter – communication device combination that violates the forth amendment and we probably can not read to get our power usage. I can not believe this is happening in America .

  15. Opting-out to cut off radio transmission takes care of one
    problem. The dirty electricity created by the new digital
    meters is equally if not more harmful for electromagnetic
    sensitive customers. All of your wiring in your home and
    office is affected by the switching type of power supply in
    the new meters. The old analog meters do not create dirty electricity.

  16. I have a smart meter and it’s causing health problems. How can I have Duke remove it and if they do, what kind of meter would they replace it with? Thank you for your time.

  17. Duke Energy had contractors installing smart meters in my neighborhood. They rang my doorbell but I was not home and not able to talk to them via Ring because of spotty signals at work. I would have told them I do not want it. They were called Grid One Solutions. I will check today but I am pretty sure they installed a smart meter and I do not want that junk on my house. What can I do now? Call duke and have them come remove it? I bet they wont now that they did the installs when no one was home…. during the work day.

  18. I have had sensitivities to RF can barely use my cell phone anymore. I’m buying a house that has a smart meter on the other side of the bedroom close to the bed. I called Progress just last week to ask about the Opt out and they said this is only available in SC not NC. Can you give me more information? It’s very important to me to not have this meter be a barrier in buying this house.

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