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  1. I am a baby products consultant of 20 years experience who designs and advises major global brands and toy, baby and school retailers on product development and selection. I passionately share Dr Mallery-Bluthes view on EMR and wish to make contact. with a view to learning more and taking a proactive or preventative stand on this subject with a view to influencing product development and basic child wellbeing policies with major retailers. I am based in Tunbridge Wells , Kent. I would be grateful if Dr Mallery-Blythe could make contact by email initially to discuss changing current perceptions as more and more devices in the home and child’s bedroom rely on Wifi and Bluetooth . Graham

  2. Thank You so much for your informative talk. 2 questions.. what about sonograms for pregnant woman? does this also directly affect the fetus? and do you believe the emf protection devices are effective? I have ones from a company called GIA that are actually patented and use some of the same brain thermography charts you used. Than you again for your efforts, clarity and urgency – may we all and especially the children be protected and hopefully wake us up so we can turn this insanity around!
    many blessings to you, Layla

  3. It’s good that Erica has carried forward the work of Dr George Carlo and other pioneers in this field. Although ‘non-thermal’ effects are mentioned I feel there should be more emphasis on the biological relevance of the ‘pulsed’ nature of digital communication technology. Apart from mobile and cordless phones, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth there is increasing use of Smart meters.
    I recently discovered an outspoken physicist Dr Barrie Trower who suggests that many governments have deliberately limited safety regulations to EM thermal effects. He says they foresaw litigation problems 40 years ago! http://geopathology-za.wikidot.com/barrie-trower

  4. I have discovered the cause of most cancers and many other diseases.Its the trillions and trillions of caffeine and benzene molecules with their pi-bonding electrons that create the large magnetic current energy fields that can mutate your bodies cells, neurons, and glial cells. Let talk.

  5. My son presents all the symptoms of EMF radiation poisoning.
    He is suffering with these symptoms and doesn’t know what area of expertise he would contact for help. What specialty in the medical profession would he start with? We live in the US (Pennsylvania) and he is 50 years old. Thank you for any help or direction.

  6. Try the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) referral search for a doctor in your area. See left side bar. http://aaemonline.org/
    AAEM has taken a strong stand against smart meters. See the following posts:
    Print these out and bring with you to the doctor visit.

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