Buyer Beware, RF Appliance Warning

Dear Friends,

This is a personal story.  We just purchased a new Bosch washer and dryer – for delivery next week.
Sam Milham [author, MD,MPH, “Dirty Electricity”] happened to call this morning and said the following:

“I’ve just tested a home with an oven and dishwasher that had continuously radiating RF from internal power transmitters”.  He could verify the RF signal was continuous, and only stopped when he threw the circuit breakers for those appliances (turned off the electricity to them).  He could say with certainty the RF signal came from the appliances, because the signal was strongest at the appliance and attenuated with distance.

We have been told that these power transmitters will – in the future – be placed on appliances to monitor and report their energy usage to a wireless smart meter. Further, they should only be giving off RF pulses (the signal) very infrequently.

According to Richard Tell, an electrical engineer formerly with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) — in a 2008 report on Smart Grids for Hydro One Networks, Inc./Toronto — antennas on appliances may transmit at a density of .18watts, each at ballpark 4.5 seconds per hour.

Well, these appliance power transmitters are, in at least some cases, transmitting CONTINUOUSLY.  This puts them into a category more like wireless routers and WI-FI.  No one is going to tolerate 12-15 such power transmitters inside their homes that radiate
full time.  These are appliances you come into close contact with while you cook and move around your kitchen.  Multiple, continuously transmitting RF sources are absolutely unacceptable to people with EHS and some ADA people with medical implants.

Bosch customer service confirmed that both the washer and dryer we have on order contain power transmitters.  They cannot be ‘deactivated’. We cancelled our order this morning.

[Cindy Sage, MA is the Science and Public Policy Advisor for the EMF Safety Network, Co-Editor Bioinitiative Report 

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  1. Dear Readers,
    Firstly padlock your Electric Meter Box/s as I and now thousands and thousands of people here in Victoria Australia have done if you still have the Safe and Passive Analogue Electric Meter. Make sure you also get up your Legal Anti-Trespass Signs as well. Both the Padlock and the notices need to be up at the same time. Firmly stick the Legal Anti-Trespass Notice n the Electric Meter Box Lid and the other notice/s on your front fence and or pillar. Also place in your lounge or any other room’s window the same type of Legal Anti-Trespass Sign so that the Smart Meter Installer Man can easily read this notice if you are out shopping or away from home or for any other reason. Also send a Registered Letter to the C.E.O of the Electric Power Company for your area denying them permission to install a Smart Meter on your property. Send this letter to them by Registered Post and a copy of same to the Minister for Power in your STATE. Please keep copies of these same notices for Legal Reasons, you could need them for a Court appearance.

    These dopey and now proving to be Type 2B Carcinogen Causing so-called Smart Meters are proving to be the causes of many medical complaints soon after the Analogue Safe meters have been stolen or coerced from customers. Here in Victoria the number of medical complaints are reaching alarming numbers with people suffering from Tinnitus or ringing in the ears to chronic sleeplessness to dizzy spells they never suffered when they still had their Analogue Electric Meters some people get blood noses after these so-called Smart Meters have been installed to other medical complaints to severe headaches and or buzzing in the teeth after these dopey Smart Meters have been installed on their homes and or small business premises.

    Apart from the real health problems these Electric not-so Smart Meters are causing, a large number of fridges are suffering fusion, which is the electric motors burning out and or computers and or computer screens burning out and or Electric Ovens burning out and or Computers and or Printers burning out etc.
    These so-called Smart Meters are only designed to maximise the Electric Power Companies Monetary Profits. These Ghoulish C.E.O’s of these Electric Power Companies and the Government are in Collusion with one another to bring about total control of the masses and will be able to cut off your electric power at any time they want, and or cut off vital services like air conditioners and electric heaters etc when you most need these services.

  2. You could get someone with electronics knowledge to cut the voltage to the RF chip, thats if it’s not integrated as a system on a chip, which is not common. The wifi chips are usually separate.

    If you research the chip datasheets you could also cut other cirucit tracks to stop data or lines going high to trigger communicaitons, for example. If you remove any internal antanna then it could damage the chip, depending on the wattage used to transmit.

    Maybe this can become common to all that don’t want a Carbon-Commmunist-Regime nor health issues.

  3. No label No choice
    It is the Toxic Trojan horse ala 21 century.
    WE do not even have a choice to say no!
    Don’t buy it. CAll these companies and tell them why you
    “won’t buy it!”


    In the U.S. & UK and other countries where Wireless smart meters are being installed, energy use is NOT decreasing, customer UTILITY BILLS ARE INCREASING, there are additional PROBLEMS & COSTS incurred from increased SECURITY & HACKING PROBLEMS and the Wireless meters are creating ELECTRICAL INTERFERENCE PROBLEMS.

    The utility information generated by Wireless smart meters is NOT real-time and it does NOT assist customers to use less energy or lower their utility bills. The information only assists the Utility Company to bill customers and shut off customer power remotely.

    Wireless smart meters are NOT mandated by the US Federal Energy Program, as California’s PG$E pretends.

    The Utility companies are salivating over eliminating the jobs of the full-time-with-benefit meter reader employees and replacing them with phone operators in India and the Philippines who read scripts to customers over the phone for $4 per day with NO Benefits.

    42 Cities & Counties in California have taken positions AGAINST Wireless smart meters and 13 have passed Ordinances prohibiting the Wireless meters.

    The monetary transfers from customers to utility companies are huge, the problems are real and severe, but the advertised benefits are NOT occurring.

    Video Interview: Nuclear Scientist, Daniel Hirsch, (5 minutes: 38 seconds).

    Video Interview: Dr. Carpenter, New York Public Health Department, Dean of Public Health, (2 minutes: 23 seconds).

    2-page Press Release:

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