Activists confront FCC’s new chair Thomas Wheeler

EMF activists confronted the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) new head chairman, Thomas Wheeler in Mountain View and Oakland yesterday.  The FCC sets the standards on wireless safety. Wheeler is a wireless industry leader and has buried the science on wireless health impacts. With Wheeler at the head of the FCC, there’s little chance for safe oversight.

In Oakland, Wheeler was greeted by grim reapers.  “At one point, he [Wheeler] wandered the wrong way after being followed and questioned by an activist, and found himself surrounded by protesters shouting, “Wheeler buried the truth now we bury the dead.” He quickly scurried away, knowing that the truth was out there. He looked like a frightened animal and you could see the pain in his eyes. It can’t be easy to sacrifice people’s lives for profit.” Read the full story about the protests at Stop Smart Meters!

Photo taken by Stop Smart Meters!
Photo taken by Stop Smart Meters!


4 thoughts on “Activists confront FCC’s new chair Thomas Wheeler”

  1. Can we get support from fiber optic companies? In other words, let it be known that we want fiber optics as opposed to health destroying technologies.

  2. Let’s not in-fight. We need to support each other in confronting the clever lies of ‘Tobacco Science’ in the wireless industry and the aggressive roll out of wireless devices and meters. Boycotting all wireless devices: cordless home phones, cell phones, smart meters, ipads, wireless tablets etc. is what we should all do ideally (I have, due to extreme health affects, not because I knew to) but let’s not beat anyone up that is having a hard time or severely ill, and trying to find a solution. (Throwing away one’s cell phone is actually a good idea but it alone will not stop the onslaught of this world wide wireless proliferation now so tied to the economy.) In fact we would even need to work with the wireless industry itself, at some point, to solve this complex, humongous problem by developing economic incentives for industry to develop a hard wired or wireless free industry to avoid economic collapse when this thing reaches epidemic proportions and lawsuits are ubiquitous. Italy is not the only country in which an executive suffering from a cell phone-induced brain tumor has taken his case to the supreme court and won. People are being forced into taking legal action all over the world and we’ve hardly even seen the tip of the iceberg. Industry would be wise to take note and start making alternative plans for making money. Even a person like Wheeler could have his Road to Damascus moment and become a hero instead of a villain if his eyes were opened to what’s going on, and he understood what side of history he will go down on. Our purpose is not to antagonize but to refuse to be poisoned any longer; therefore, lets not poison each other each other with words.
    PS: High speed fiber optic (wired) internet is safer and often faster than wireless systems, not as easy to hack into & very long cords exist for land line phones that are still in existence (but won’t be unless people keep buying them.)

  3. Before you make the statements you have above first tell us what the levels are.
    Second too your statement of moving towers far away from people make sure you areready to throw away your cell phone.

  4. Wheeler is a criminal and Obama, the Bush family puppet should be impeached!
    I was swindled and lied to by the NYC gov’t.

    Obama is a two faced liar who takes money from the CTIA and then appoints their top lobbyist to head the FCC!

    Entrapped by the massive base stations and antennas above my top floor “penthouse” apt. in Queens NYC, after 5 and a half years I developed cancer, thyroid disease and host of other health related issues that is costing me dearly a year later…

    One night I passed out and the paramedics came to my apt and said I had an irregular heartbeat, which somehow disappears when I left the apt. My mother’s heart exploded on the floor second to the top floor and she faced ten antennas 500 feet away! People were dying and getting sick and/or leaving that top floor!

    I suffered from constant noise pollution of the massive construction sites, and , nausea, tinnitus and a host of other things you don’t want to get!

    when I questioned it I got harassment by my building who threatened me on a regular basis

    Remove all towers and stations on apartment buildings now!!
    demand that cell towers be built as far away from people as possible!!
    take back our government now!
    demand that these lying special interest pols get out of bed with lobbyists!!

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