Email Tag Lines- A Quiet Revolution


the lines you remember

A tag line is an automated saying at the end of an email. What started as a spoof on the familiar email tag line, “Sent from my iPhone” has become very creative way to educate about EMF safety.  Some examples below:

  • Sent from my wired computer
  • Sent from my hardwired computer with all wireless functions turned OFF
  • This email sent from my wired, non-bee-killing, computer
  • Body pollution. Reduce yours. Consider 1st-hand and 2nd-hand exposure before generating wireless radiation.
  • #PracticeSafeTech do it WITH wires
  • Sent from my hard-wired computer (with Ethernet cable and DSL modem), and airport card disabled.
  • “Sent from my iPhone – a cancer-causing device! Practice Safer celling. Text or email instead! Or just break free. Your brain and body will thank you.”
  • Sent while sitting in front of my old land line phone, next to my incandescent light bulb pole lamp, inside my no dish antenna, non microwave, WiFi free, analog powered home, loving every minute of my RF-free life style.
  • Sent from my iPhone synched with my iPad connected to Ultra-wi-fi via DAS and the smart meter on YOUR home, while snuggled under my cruelty live-plucked down comforter resting upon my endangered white tiger laptop case sipping panda milk and eating chocolate covered monarch butterflies

2 thoughts on “Email Tag Lines- A Quiet Revolution”

  1. Am I too biased to say, “Super post”? I’m thrilled that so many people are using these now. I never thought I’d lead a revolution!

    And it’s great to sometimes have fun with them. Here are 5 more to enjoy and spread. The last 2 aren’t directly related to wireless radiation … they encourage good habits that would also have the side-effect of reducing firsthand and secondhand wireless (and other EM) radiation exposure.

    Consider the environment before generating wireless radiation

    master of my digital domain
    do it … with wires

    Sent from my fast safer WIRED internet connection
    Resistance is not futile

    LAL (Lal, lal) means “Look At Later”
    Use at beginning of subject and text messages when not urgent.
    For everyone …
    Less stress. Fewer interruptions.

    ~ step away from the glowing rectangle more often

    Thank you Everyone for everything you do!

  2. Sometimes it’s really fun reading member’s tag lines in the forum.
    Thanks for your examples, I might steal some lala 🙂

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