New documentary film: “Desperately Seeking White Zone”

A new French documentary, with English subtitles, about electromagnetic injuries.

Synopsis: “Thanks to the current explosion of artificial electromagnetic waves, some people are seeing their lives seriously affected – both socially and as far as their health is concerned. They are known as “electrohypersensitive”. They have to protect themselves against mobile phone technology but where can they go? Marc Khanne, the film’s creator, spent 3 years researching this issue and interviewed over 60 people affected. Before we question the validity of what they have to say, what if we took the time to really listen to them?”

To learn more about the film, order a DVD, or arrange a screening, go to:

3 thoughts on “New documentary film: “Desperately Seeking White Zone””

  1. In response to Miri, my research indicates that MS often results from exposure to Mercury. A hair analysis and detox using chlorella, coriander tincture and other supplements would help.
    I have a serious suspicion that EHS can be helped considerably using good quality cannabis tincture, but no evidence yet – because EHS is inflammation of the brain.

  2. (I responded to your comments in another post. Here it is again.)
    I think the MCS community is aware of EHS, and there is some education (Dr.Magda Havas) on EMF’s/dirty electricity and MS.

    I am very skeptical of far-infrared. I don’t know, but considering its electromagnetic frequencies…maybe if it’s used very carefully therapeutically? They are finally issuing black box warnings on tanning beds… As for me, I’m avoiding the far infrared. Sandi

  3. Hi, do you know if anything is being done to enlighten those with MS that the possible roots of their conditions were EMFs?

    Ditto for other AI sufferers such as Lupus, FM, CFS, Lyme, Eczema, ad nauseum.
    Instead they’re all neatly labelled & compartmentalized, like the story of blind men & elephant, and yes, the vast majority have been falling for it.

    Also, have any of those with EHS and/or Lyme (etc) tried this:

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